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The #FTC and #Microsoft & #Activision submitted their witness lists. Highlights include Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella @satyanadella, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, Xbox chief Phil Spencer @XboxP3, Sony PlayStation chief Jim Ryan (that one by video). and more.

Details in order of……
had to edit the tweet because the 1st version (written in a hurry at an altitude of well over 30K ft.) missed Phil Spencer and the part about witnesses named by both sides didn't list all the ones mentioned further above
Topics for Jim Ryan to testify on (plaintiff = FTC, defendants = Microsoft & ABK):

James “Jim” Ryan (CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment). Plaintiff is calling Mr. Ryan by video deposition designation to testify about competition in the relevant antitrust markets, the video……
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Saturday (6/17) at 12 noon Eastern Time / 9 AM Pacific Time / 5 PM UK Time / 6 PM Central European Time: analysis of #Microsoft and #Activision's opposition to the @FTC's motion for preliminary injunction. Their filings are due today (Friday) by midnight.…
I will write a blog post about the same subject prior to that Twitter Space, but my blog's audience overwhelmingly has a professional background in this field. The purpose of the Twitter Space is to explain it in basic terms and make the whole topic more accessible.

Recording has been activated this time around.

I activated it last time, too, but then accidentally started a new Twitter Space instead of entering the one I had already created. Shouldn't happen tomorrow.
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#Microsoft #Activision - refresher thread for those who may not be familiar with the legal jargon here.

To win a preliminary injunction blocking a deal, FTC does *not* have to show it's anticompetitive.
Instead, the judge assessing the case has to do three things:

1 - Decide if the market definition makes sense

2 - Determine whether there's a "likelihood of success on the merits"

3 - Balance the equities
So what does that all mean?

First, market definition. A lot of antitrust cases sink at this point, and it gets very complicated.

Judge will look at FTC's case and decide whether high-performance consoles (PS5/Xbox) are a market. Don't they compete with PC, for example?
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#Microsoft #Activision: thoughts on Judge Corley, who will decide the fate of the deal.

I spend a lot of time covering the federal judges out here. First point - she's nice.

Never loses her temper with lawyers and I've never seen her in a bad mood. Not true of all judges.
She's also very patient and encouraging with young lawyers arguing for the first time.

I've seen her get into some lively debates with lawyers. But tone is important. Expect some good-natured quips at next week's hearing (which make for good copy - some judges just listen).
2 - she's no stranger to antitrust.

In addition to the video gamers' case against the deal, she's handled Qualcomm patent case, California gas markets case, FINA swimming league case.
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1/7 🎙️ Exciting news from the tech world! Microsoft has launched a new 'voice chat' feature for its AI-powered Bing Chat on desktop. Now, you can talk to the AI chatbot just by clicking on the microphone icon in the Bing Chatbox. #Microsoft #AI #BingChat Image
2/7 🌍 The voice chat feature currently supports five languages: English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin. But don't worry if your language isn't on the list yet – Microsoft plans to add more languages soon. #MultilingualAI
3/7 🗣️ But that's not all! Bing Chat also supports text-to-speech answers. This means the AI chatbot will respond to your questions in its voice. Imagine having a conversation with an AI! #TextToSpeech #AIConversations
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Microsoft just got slapped with a $20m fine for spying on kids.

Here’s what you need to know: (Thread)

#Microsoft #Xbox #Privacy 1/6
Microsoft violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting data on children who had started Xbox accounts without parental consent. They also shared the data with third parties. #COPPA #FTC 2/6
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a settlement with Microsoft on Monday, which also includes increased protections for child gamers. Microsoft admitted that it did not meet customer expectations and said it was committed to improving its safety measures. #Safety 3/6
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🔥 AI is changing the world faster than ever. Here are some of the most mind-blowing AI news from last week that you don't want to miss:

🧵 A thread
1/ AI Builder: a new app by Microsoft that lets you create and train AI models without coding. Use them for image recognition, text analysis, and more.…

#microsoft #aibuilder #windows #programming #artificialintelligence
2/ Neural Filters: a new feature by Adobe that adds generative AI to Photoshop. Apply realistic effects to your photos, such as changing facial expressions, hair styles, age, and lighting.…

#adobe #photoshop #neuralfilters #generativeai #photography
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✱ Bill Gates' UK chief served on NSPCC Full Stop Appeal's Board and its Steering Group

✱ This was a vehicle by which Mandelson groomed Prince Andrew for the Epstein/Ghislaine honeytrap

❗❓ Svendsen ABRUPTLY quit Microsoft in 2000 due to age concerns .. age 51 Image
Bill Gates' mysterious Microsoft/NSPCC chief DAVID SVENDSEN

"Microsoft's UK chief is quitting because he says he is too old for the job.

At 51, David Svendsen is stepping down from the post of UK chair just as it launches its flagship operating system."… Image
Bill Gates' Microsoft/NSPCC chief:

"SVENDSEN—Microsoft UK chair for 20 months & before that UK MD for 10 yrs—will continue as chair of corporate development on the NSPCC board"

Can you see what it is yet?

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#Microsoft and the @CMAgovUK will clash in the @CATribunal on Tuesday, May 30, for the first time: for a case management conference.

The CAT has just published a summary of Microsoft's grounds of appeal. Note that #ActivisionBlizzard also appealed, just not published yet.

🧵1/X Image
The court's summary is here:…

I will now discuss the grounds of appeal. Most of them are exactly as others and I had also expected. Some are interesting and were not foreseen in that particular form.

Ground 1 attacks the part about Microsoft's "current position in cloud gaming services", starting with market definition, which is almost always the "holy grail" of antitrust cases. Think of Epic Games v. Apple (all mobile game distribution v. iOS-only app distribution).

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Title: Google's Response to Market Pressures: Unveiling AI Plans at Google I/O…
Resume: In this episode, we delve into Google's long-awaited response to market pressures from Microsoft and OpenAI. We explore how Google revealed its AI plans during the Google I/O developer conference.
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#Microsoft and #Activision will file their UK appeal of the @CMAgovUK blocking decision with the @CATribunal in the next approx. 90 minutes.

It can take a few days or a week--or could even take more than a week--before the CAT will publish the summaries of those appeals.

There are major misconceptions out there concerning the likelihood of that appeal (I'll refer it as one, though technically they're two) succeeding.

Linklaters, one of the largest UK law firms, says the CMA has won 67%--i.e., NOT WON 33%--of all merger appeals since 2010.

It's wrong to say that the CMA can simply reach the same conclusions again upon remand, thereby creating an endless loop.…

"refer the matter back ... with a direction to reconsider and make a new decision in accordance with the ruling of the [CAT]"

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@KristaKiuru #Tedros Adhanom: #WHO chief may face #genocide charges | Dec 14
- David #Steinman accused Tedros, 55, who took over at the WHO three years ago, of being one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security services from 2013 to 2015.
@KristaKiuru 27 years, the #TPLF dominated and controlled every walk of life in every corner of #Ethiopia.
- #HumanRights abuses were rampant, independent media and journalists were non-existent and arrest and intimidation of opposition politicians was commonplace.
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Investment bank Macquarie says #Microsoft should close the #Activision deal:

“...would result in a legal battle with the @CMAgovUK but one we think worth fighting as it is precedent-setting for an acquisitive company to allow one country to block a $75 billion deal"

So here you have one of the world's largest investment banks (among other things, the worlds largest infrastructure asset manager) saying that it would be a viable and commercially prudent strategy to just close the ABK deal over the CMA's objection and duke it out in court.……
In my opinion, anyone in favor of the ABK deal should unfollow and ignore Gazondaily now that @Perlrulez tweeted a segment of that laughable interview with the small-island (not talking about the big island that is Britain) M&A lawyer.
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Hey Twitterverse! 🐦 I've got some fresh-out-of-the-oven ai news for you. Get ready to feel like an expert in all things AI! Stay tuned till the end – you won't believe the jaw-dropping news I've got. Trust me, it's worth the wait. 👇 #technews
1. First up: AI isn't just a business tool anymore. Get this, there's an AI-powered virtual girlfriend now. She learns about you, talks with you and even has her own personality! 🥳 It's just like a sci-fi movie plot, but it's real! #virtualbeings
2. OpenAI has been making some waves 🌊. They've been invited to speak at Capitol Hill, making a case for ethical AI. Think of it as like an AI diplomat, talking to the bigwigs about responsible AI usage. Politics meets technology! #openai #aiethics
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This is a thread about what was right and what was wrong in the recent Senate hearings on AI harms featuring @OpenAI CEO @sama, as well as @IBM's @_ChristinaMont and @GaryMarcus (one of the researchers in this field I respect most).
Altman’s call for regulation and openness about large language models (LLMs) are obviously to be commended. So far as I can understand, there was a true effort to make the technology understandable to lawmakers.
The best part was Altman’s emphasis on the potential labor market harms and issues related to control of data. These remain my most important concerns about the rollout of new AI tech.

But there are also things that worry me about the hearings and the surrounding discussions.
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The public part of the UK parliamentary oversight hearing on CMA's work has finally started.

Chair says "we're gonna ask about some topical cases ... most widely covered news is Microsoft-ActivisionBlizzard, please give us a quick summary"

Sarah Cardell says decisions are taken by "independent" inquiry groups. But it is well-known that she very much pushed for the blockind decision. Also, "independent" doesn't necessarily mean that they make the right call.

Mentions remedy proposed by Microsoft and now explains UK position: legislation required remedy to be comprehensive and effective. Well, same basically in the EU, but the Commission is not as unreasonable as the CMA, more pragmatic and consumer-focused.

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The @CMAgovUK's chairman and CEO have to testify tomorrow before the Business and Trade Committee of the UK Parliament on "the work of the Competition and Markets Authority".

UK lawmakers will ask questions, hopefully also related to #Microsoft-#ActivisionBlizzard!
#UnblockABK Image
I haven't talked to him in a while, but I actually know the Chief Whip of the Conservative Party in the UK Parliament personally. We worked together in 2007 on an EU competition policy issue related to soccer broadcasting rights, and won a parliamentary majority for an amendment.
Richard Corbett (Labour) accused Chris Heaton-Harris in an EP debate of having proposed the amendment at my "behest", which was wrong. We just had a meeting about an EU Parliament resolution on sports policy and realized we shared the same perspective on how to confront an issue.
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Just watching the motion-to-dismiss preliminary injunction hearing in San Francisco. One of the class-action lawyers is now trying to address Judge Corley's doubts that there is irreparable harm to gamers if they need to play (in theory) CoD on Xbox instead of PlayStation.

The judge described #Microsoft's argument against the PI as follows: those gamers won't suffer harm now. By the time the harm occurs and they need to switch from Xbox to PS, they may have kids and no longer find time to play CoD.

Judge Corley says the record does not support the notion of CoD being made exclusive to Microsoft's platforms in six months or so. Maybe further down the road, but she asks the class-action lawyer what he thinks the relevant period for a preliminary injunction is.

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#AI isn't going to take your data science job.

But the #recession might.

Here's how this trend is unfolding from Big #Tech to the broader job market (and how to prepare)...

#datascience #career Image
For the better part of a decade, Big #Tech was on a hiring spree.

Companies like #Amazon, #Microsoft, and #Meta overhired. And that's OK when things are going well.

But then 2022 hit and Big Tech had its worst decline since 2008.
And in January 2023, with CEOs seeking to protect their stock prices, companies like:

PayPal, and

...all announced deep cuts to employees.
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Auditors lubricate capitalism, keeping finance's gears smoothly a-whirl, so investors can move money in and out of companies without poring over their books or walking their facilities. Without auditors, capitalism's gears would grind to dust:…

1/ Two business-suited male fi...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Unfortunately for capitalism, auditing is irredeemably broken. The Big Four auditors (#PWC, #EY, #Deloitte and #KPMG) have merged to monopoly, becoming #TooBigToFail and #TooBigToJail.

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1/ Elon Musk on ollut merkittävä vaikuttaja Big Datan hyödyntämisessä. Hänen investointinsa Twitteriin ja Teslaan ovat auttaneet keräämään ja käyttämään valtavia määriä dataa. #ElonMusk #Tesla #Twitter #BigData
2/ Microsoft on toinen Big Datan kerääjä ja hyödyntäjä. He ovat keränneet dataa tuotteidensa, kuten Windowsin, Officen ja Androidin, sekä palveluidensa, kuten Bingin, Azuren ja LinkedInin, kautta. #Microsoft #BigData
3/ OpenAI, jonka Elon Musk perusti, keskittyy yleisen tekoälyn (AGI) kehittämiseen. Vaikuttavia tekoälymalleja, kuten ChatGPT, on kehitetty tätä tarkoitusta varten. #OpenAI #ChatGPT #AGI
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Massive developments in the world of AI today from OpenAI, HuggingFace, the White House, Microsoft, and AMD

Here's the AI news brief on everything you need to know:
ChatGPT Code Interpreter: a powerhouse for data analysis and visualization. Upload datasets, images, and more to uncover trends, create stunning visuals, and even generate business strategies. Plus, it can create GIFs and do basic video editing. #DataScience #Visualization #AI Image
Hugging Face and ServiceNow Research have launched StarCoder, a free AI model for code generation trained on over 80 programming languages and text from GitHub repositories. #AI #CodeGeneration #BigCodeProject…
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With the #IRSFiles, @propublica ripped away the veil of performative complexity disguising the scams that the ultra-rich use to amass billions and billions (and billions and billions) of dollars, paying next to no tax, or even no tax at all.

1/ A dilapidated shack. A sign...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Each scam is its own little shell game, a set of semantic and accounting tricks used to gussy up otherwise banal rip-offs. The finance sector has a cute name for this kind of complexity: #MEGO, which stands for "#MyEyesGlazeOver."

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How I prompt engineered BARD to predict future stock prices.
1). First Prompt: "You are Finance Bard the advanced AI model that can predict future stock movements based on technical analysis indicators."… Image
2). Second Prompt - Understand what the model has said and prepare it to predict by asking it the closing price of the asset you want to use. "Understood now what did the SPX close at today?"… Image
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