@MakisHellas1 1) Thank you @MakisHellas1. I see the visit by Mitsotakis to Libya as hugely important. Greece's relations with the east of Libya and institutions such as the HoR and the LNA are very good and once the Consulate is open in Benghazi I believe these relations shall strengthen more.
@MakisHellas1 2) Diplomacy always take time and there are no instant miracles but depend on consistency and strength. The visit was the beginning of the process of altering the geo-political dynamics of Tripoli, which hitherto have been monopolised by Turkey for reasons we all know.
@MakisHellas1 3) The inroads that Turkey made in the western area governed by the GNA, was made possible by the ties it has to the Islamists and the commercial class in Tripoli and Misrata—many of whom are also close to Islamists. Both have benefitted from Turkish presence at Libya's expense.
@MakisHellas1 4) And this control was consolidated with the arrival of Turkish soldiers and their control of military bases in Western Libya, and then, with the help of Bashagha, it tightened control with the transfer of almost 16,000 Syrian mercenary-terrorists.
@MakisHellas1 5) Given this context, the process of removing Libya from the clutches of Erdogan is not an easy task. I believe therefore the efforts by Egypt and Greece in engaging with Dbaiba and reestablishing diplomatic ties and cooperation in all areas of mutual interests is the way to go.
@MakisHellas1 6) These efforts, together with the sustained efforts of the Arab League nations and those of France, UAE, KSA and the EU (if it gets its act together of course), and the Biden administration's more robust posture on Turkey—will lead to Tripoli lessening its ties to Turkey.
@MakisHellas1 7) I don't believe the interim Dbaiba government, which only has a mandate for 8 more months, is likey to be able to cancel the illegal MOU signed by Sarraj with Turkey; or even ask Turkey to pack up its soldiers and leave. But it can get the Syrian mercenaries out.
@MakisHellas1 8) Turkey has already shown signs that it is unlikely to comply with request to remove its soldiers from Libya, but that is something I believe, along with cancelling the Maritime demarcation MOU, will be possible once a government is elected in December. The elections are key.
@MakisHellas1 9) With the elections, the Islamists will lose their hold on the joints of the state, and along with it will also go the suffocating influence of Turkey, political and military. It's is therefore important to engage with the Dbaiba government and promote the right dynamics.
@MakisHellas1 10) So I see Mitsotakis's visit as a first step, and one which will be followed by many others, in joint cooperation with all our partners and that is the best way to push out Turkey. We hope that the EU member states act in unison and Germany, Italy and Spain do not go rogue.
@MakisHellas1 11) The constant appeasement of Turkey by the EU and certain key member states does not help Libya. If there is a more united approach and set of demands by the EU vis-à-vis Turkey in Libya, then I think we will see changes for the better.
@MakisHellas1 12) So how was it a fiasco? Greece must build on this new relationship, which will be even stronger with a new elected government in December. Reopening Greek diplomatic missions in Tripoli & Benghazi is the way forward to do diplomacy constructively and lessen Turkish influence.

• • •

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3 Mar
It didn't need #UAE, #Egypt, #Greece, #Russia, #France et al, to remind the #US that the policy unleashed by #Obama using Islamist proxies in MENA led to chaos, extremism and terrorism while bankrolled by #Qatar, with later logistics by #Turkey. In #Libya that was obvious to all.
If it were not for the countervailing efforts of allies then Libya right now would have been in a precarious position at the mercy of very violent and dangerous Islamist terrorists organisations—sadly all-well linked to both Qatar and Turkey.
To continue to throw equivalence in the geopolitical situation that Libya found itself in from 2011-2014 and then from the watershed 2014 period till now with military escalation by Turkey, using the same Islamist terrorist network in the country, is a blinkered perspective.
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30 Nov 20
@andreas_krieg has a sad habit of peddling third rate Qatari and Islamist propaganda. In this dismal essay he blames the UAE for “merging the narratives about ‘Islamism’ with ‘terrorism’.” I hate to break it to Krieg but #Islamism does indeed merge with #terrorism. I pity him.
After 30 years of experience with Islamist networks, I find it grotesque, distasteful, disingenuous, horrific that a whole cadre of superficially educated western scholars-for-hire continue to hold a candle for Islamist fascism and expect us Muslim to accept it. We will not.
The tactics and stunts of Islamist groups inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood are nothing new, so Krieg and his ilk need to stop pretending that all of us are oblivious to how Islamist networks function, support, interpenetrate, dovetail and coalesce with extremism and terrorism.
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25 Apr 19
@qdepim @burweila @tmafaisal 1) You are right Quentin to caution such an approach, whoever we cannot also dismiss it because the affinities & interlinkages in theology & political between the more violent purveyors of Islamism and the grandmaster of Islamism itself, the MB, are also present and discernible.
@qdepim @burweila @tmafaisal 2) There is also a discernible linkage between Wahhabism/Salafism with the MB, in that both share an underlying theological understanding of vital elements of what constitutes Islam, and this affinity at the theological level (setting aside politics for now) explains much.
@qdepim @burweila @tmafaisal 3) Here what I mean is that Salafi groups and MB groups at local and national levels have since the 70s been able to cooperate easily in multifaceted ways not just because of pragmatic reasons but because they shared certain theological view of what Islam constituted essentially.
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