@propublica 1. @JeffBezos also gets tax breaks from local/state govts to encourage him to locate #Amazon's facilities in their states. Since he doesn't pay a #LivingWage, the #USTaxPayers subside his employees w/#FoodStamps & w/other assistance programs! This example:
@propublica @JeffBezos 2. @elonmusk's goal has been "to get unimaginably rich by maximally gaming the govt’s largesse." Last yr he tweeted against govt aid for individuals but he was fine w/#Tesla getting $ from the #CovidBailOut. Then there's his #Starlink. In 2020 he got @FCC
@propublica @JeffBezos @elonmusk @FCC 3. grants of about $885.5M to use satellites to help those who don't have access to broadband. Does he have to pay back a gov't grant? If not he'll be making more money off the #TaxPayer. There is a $500 initial....
@propublica @JeffBezos @elonmusk @FCC 4. payment w/a monthly cost of $99 plus taxes & fees. Who are the #WelfareQueens? The poor struggling to get by w/a little gov't help? Or the #Billionaires who don't pay taxes? Or the #Corporations that get tax breaks & grants subsidized by #USTaxPayer?


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13 May
@dylanmatt 1: Rest assured that this #Liberal from MA, a #DonorState, has no problem paying a little more in taxes to help those in need! What bothers me is that we in MA pay more in taxes to the #FedGov than we get back in funding! Is this fair?
@dylanmatt 2: Another thing that bothers me is that the #TakerStates' politicians are OK w/the #DonorStates subsidizing their states. But they aren't very generous when we in the #DonorStates need help!
@dylanmatt 3. Remember when the #TexasGOP delegation voted against helping the NE w/the #HurricaneSandy disaster? But @TedCruz, et al sure changed their tune when it came to #HurricaneHarvey! I don't recall the #LiberalPoliticians being #Petty like @TedCruz, et al!

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@RickSantorum 1. Your views re: #NativeAmericans are from the perspective of the #EuropeanColonizers who believe that just bc others are different they are inferior! Educate yourself on #NativeAmerican cultures.... nbcnews.com/news/us-news/r…
@RickSantorum 2. & how the Europeans butchered #IndigenousPeoples around the world! Here's another article to improve your knowledge. You need to read lots more & you can begin w/books by Howard Zinn & @CharlesCMann!
@RickSantorum @CharlesCMann 3. @CNN why do you continue to employ @RickSantorum? Even before this incident, I change the channel whenever he starts to speak!
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@naomirwolf 1. I'm glad that I don't shop at your market! I #WearADamMask bc I'm a #ResponsibleCitizen who cares about others! BTW I've gotten both #Pfizer shots & will continue to wear a mask bc of the #Careless #Behavior of people like you! And I doubt that lots of those who say they......
@naomirwolf 2. don't #WearADamnMask bc of a health reason really have a valid health issue! They feel that the rules don't apply to them! #Entitled! Kids need a note from a dr when they don't go to school! Adults should have a note from a dr to excuse them from wearing a mask!.....
@naomirwolf 3. Did it occur to you that perhaps the shoppers didn't comment on your lack of #Mask bc they were afraid of your reaction. I've been in 1 situation where a dad & his young dau didn't have a mask. I didn't say a word bc I didn't want to start WWIII. But I was seething!.....
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1.@wkamaubell @drdrew Unlike you I don’t have a @KeckMedUSC #MD but I’ve known that #Vaccines are needed to travel internationally since I was 4. In 1959 my father had several vaccines. These left scars which were noticeable until he died in 2009. I don’t have the records for...
2. these but I know how the #SalazarDictatorship worked. I’m sure that my father had to provide his vaccine records to leave #Portugal to go work in #Angola. His scars weren't enough proof. I’ve known about the #InternationalCertificateOfVaccination since I was 8 bc......
3. my parents, sister & I were each issued 1 to proof that we had gotten the #SmallpoxVaccine in order to immigrate here. We also had to have lung x-rays to proof we didn’t have TB. Here are pictures of mine from 1963:
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3 Apr
@secupp 1. It greatly bothers me when #Reporters say that #GOPLawmakers #Privately #Complained about @MattGertz...remember they did the same for the #FormerGuy......but no one talks publicly! Perhaps if the #Lawmakers & #Journalists hadn't covered.....
@secupp @MattGertz 2. for #MattGaetz, the #FormerGuy & others the #Scumbags wouldn't have done as much damage as they did. #Journalists have gotten too chummy w/the #Politicians they are suppose to report on! By hiding how #Incompetent the #FormerGuy & his staff were the #GOPLawmakers & the.....
@secupp @MattGertz 3. reporters are complicit in the deaths of 550,169 Americans! Allegations of #Gaetz's behavior while serving in FL's House first surfaced in 2013. Nothing was done then & it looks like #Gaetz's disgusting behavior only got worse.....
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28 Mar
@PeterHotez 1. Only #DrFauci from the #FormerGuy's Covid team tried to tell the truth from the beginning. Now #BrettGiroir #StephenHahn #RobertKadlec #DeborahBirx & #RobertRedfield are speaking out on @CNN on 3/28. They are a yr & 500+K lives #TooLate!.....
@PeterHotez @CNN 2. Had they cared they would have resigned in protest as soon as they knew what the #FormerGuy & his #BandOfIncompetents were up to! It was their #Duty to inform #Americans; not #Cover for the #Inept! They didn't honor their oath to the #Constiution nor this one: #FirstDoNoHarm!
@PeterHotez @CNN 3. I'll #Boycott any #TellAllBooks written by the #FormerGuysEnablers! Maybe if ALL had spoken up & honored #FirstDoNoHarm we wouldn't have #545273DeadAmericans today! I'm not interested in their excuses!

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