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A thread on street art in Portugal.

Although there is a lot of regular graffiti, there is also some pretty cool street art.

This one was the side of a 4 level parking garage.

#StreetArt #Porto #Portugal
Some are small pieces like these on bricked up doors, walls, or on a power box.
Some are gigantic, covering entire walls of multi-story buildings and always make you appreciate the skill to be so accurate at such scale.
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According to the NYT, some European-Americans are non-White. In their analysis of the most powerful people in the U.S. today, the paper classifies Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula like Spaniards and Portuguese as non-White. @nytimes…
For example, it classifies both John Garamendi, whose last name is Basque (from Northern Spain), and Devin Nunes, a 3rd generation Portuguese American as “non-White.” @JohnGaramendi
The rule they seem to be following is to classify anyone whose last name sounds “Hispanic” as non-White regardless of this person’s actual ancestry. This would explain why Pablo Islas, the Madrid-born CEO of Indetex, was classified as non-White.
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Le statut de la #Corse au sein de la #Méditerranée est comparativement une véritable #anomalie politique.
Petit tour d'horizon des pays représentés pour ce Med7
#Thread ⤵️
La France au regard des autres pays méditerranéens européens fait figure de quasi-exception : conservatrice, jacobine, centraliste...
#Italie :
Statut spécial de la Vallée d'Aoste.
Art. 1
1) La Vallée d’Aoste est constituée en Région autonome, dotée de la personnalité juridique, dans le cadre de l’unité politique de la République italienne [...]
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O mercado desta época mostra que o futebol lusitano faliu e está na mão de um negreiro chamado Jorge Mendes.

Mendes aplica os métodos do colonialismo: incentivas que os locais se endividem e depois, por mais que trabalhes e entregues dinheiro...
... a tua dívida será sempre maior amanhã, atingindo valores que nunca conseguirás pagar.

E jornalismo desportivo português - salvo raríssimas excepções - é vulgar e prostitui-se por - literalmente - um prato de arroz, é completamente subserviente perante Mendes.
Aliás, todo o jornalismo. Quando foram notícias lá fora os esquema de branqueamento e desvio de capitais que tinham como elo de ligação Mendes, ninguém em Portugal ousou dar eco desses factos.

Quando um clube, #SportingCP, afrontou esse todo poderoso, muitos vaticinaram...
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Nix hat er gemacht, unser #Gesetzgeber. 26 Jahre lang gar nix! Und dafür verantwortlich sind 4 Parteien. @CDU @CSU @spdde und @fdp. Diese Parteien haben seit 1994 den Gesundheitsminister gestellt und hätten die Pflicht gehabt, der Auflage des @BVerfG nachzukommen.
Schon vor 8 Jahren hat der US-Bundesstaat Colorado #Cannabis legalisiert. Zehn weitere Bundesstaaten haben Cannabis legalisiert, dreizehn weitere entkriminalisiert. Mit #Kanada und #Urugay haben ganze Länder die Legalisierung durchgesetzt.
In #Portugal ist jeglicher Drogenbesitz entkriminalisiert. #Spanien und #Niederlande dulden den Verkauf, #Luxemburg legalisiert bis 2021. In #Italien ist homegrowing jetzt erlaubt. #Tschechien hat Eigenbedarf entkriminalisiert.
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"I’d like to begin today’s briefing with an update on the #Ebola outbreak in the Equateur province of the #DRC.
The outbreak continues to increase and to spread geographically. Yesterday the 100th case was reported, with 43 deaths in 11 health zones across the province"-@DrTedros
"There is currently a delay of about 5 days from the onset of symptoms to when an alert about a suspected #Ebola case is raised"-@DrTedros #DRC
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It was lunch time in #Brazil on a Saturday in 1990 when I decided it was time to be born! I grew up in a large city in #SãoPaulo called #Guarulhos, which in Tupi (native language) means “eaters” or “big-bellied people”. Here’s the proof I am “Guarulhense”:
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
Our #family was not wealthy, but my parents made sure I had good #education, even if that meant sacrificing part of their own life. For that I will be forever #grateful. They made sure I learned how to #appreciate everything I had that money could not buy.
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
I loved learning about #science in school. Not only because it is #fascinating, but also because my biology teacher, Diógenes (@spock_alvo), had great #enthusiasm when teaching it! His motivation would #inspire me to fall in 💜 with the 🧠! #teachinggoals
@IWS_Network #IWSVoices Image
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Solo España está forzando su uso al aire libre SIEMPRE. Otros paises solo obligan en espacios cerrados compartidos. Los nórdicos no la usan.
El resto de paises no tiene una epidemia descontrolada.
(2º img de 20/05 informe sanidad, algo desactualizada) ImageImage
Como vamos a ver multitud de paises no fuerzan esta medida al aire libre, y eso no se traduce en una epidemia descontrolada, a pesar que esos paises también reportan contagios diarios. Es de vital importancia que la ciencia no ignore estos hechos.
#Dinamarca #NoMask #coronavirus
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People Without Racial Prejudice Turned Out To Be Genetically Sick;

A Thread

Scientists have found that people who, in principle, have no racial prejudice, they turned out to be children with Williams syndrome.

Williams Syndrome;
Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. It occurs in one child in twenty thousand newborns.

It is caused by the deletion of genetic material from a specific region of chromosome 7. The deleted region includes 26 to 28 genes, And since the body is left without several genes at once, the effect of such a defect is complex.

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Le temps du debat : c’est parti ! L’amende forfaitaire est-elle efficace ? Notre porte parole @couteronjp présente notre point de vue, largement partagé en France et ailleurs. Discutons en ! ⤵️
@MarieRoustide « pourquoi devrait-on sanctionner les consommateurs ? L’usage cannabis, tant qu’il est régulé ne pose aucun problème au public » question légitime
Une amende au caractère discriminatoire « modalités de paiement différentes suivant les publics, mais aussi parce que cette mesure s’appliquera sans orienter vers le soin ceux qui en ont besoin. Les pays qui ont été efficaces ont choisi de ne pas sanctionner » @couteronjp
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I posted this way back on my Instagram account but thought it would be of interest here: an #Arabic #inscription on Sé Velha de Coimbra (Old Cathedral of #Coimbra, #Portugal). (Photo of inscription taken by me). 1/7
It reads كتبت وقد ابقيته لشكايتي ستفنا يدي يوما ويبقا كبر ('I wrote this as a permanent record of my suffering; my hand will perish one day, but greatness will remain'). This inscription and others from Portugal were published by A.R. Nykl (…). 2/7
This poetic lament is common to #scribal traditions in #manuscripts. Typically, the scribe reflects on the fleeting nature of this life and the enduring nature of the written word (cf. Verba volant, scripta manent!). Here are some examples (info in captions): 3/7 Syrian Catholic Archdiocese of Baghdad 57, p. 329 (https://wLeiden, Or. 584, fol. 2b (ī-script ms. from Nigeria (collection & shelfmark un
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@HelenClarkNZ @ @UNDP know #GhislaineMaxwell??
#Ghislaine spoke @ the @UN 20+ times.
[25 Jun 2013]#Ghislaine #Maxwell, Founder of the TerraMar Project and H.E. Mr. Stuart Beck, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Palau, Speak at @UN press conference…
How long was @HelenClarkNZ @ the @UNDP
(MINURSO), is not only accused of sexual harassment in a previous @UN post, but is about to benefit from a cover up by the UN boss “to protect another UN official”…
Dat:Fri,Jun 28, 2013 at9:38 AM
Sub:The TerraMar Project To: matthew.lee, It was a pleasure to meet you. As promised, here is some information on the TerraMar Project – you can see all the latest…
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Jesuit priests acted as informants for the British East India Company!👇
pg.638 botany, method of culture, and modes of manipulation were, however, little known here till about forty years ago.The Jesuit missionaries in China and Japan were our first informants of the virtues of tea. The Portuguese and the Dutch, who, long before our East India...👇
pg. 639 (top) "constantly of smaller dimensions as it approached China, thus supplying ground for the contention, which is further supported by the legends of China and Japan, that the tea plant was introduced there by a Buddhist missionary from India."👇
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As monuments are being torn down i am going to create one. The work started last week when i re-homed a tatty old rescue sword. All week i have been tinkering. Yesterday i started the research.

This will be an ongoing thread for a bit.
#sword Image
Time hadn't been kind. Must have been stored either completely damp or in a damp space. Active rust was having a go at the blade and guard leaving some quite deep pitting. Doubtful it was going to see another century. ImageImage
The 1897 pattern sword is very common and reasonably cheap. All antique swords are like time machines to me. They were present in momentous times and often carried by people in fear of their lives. I can't help travelling back and wondering at it all when holding one. Image
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1. 🚨 Oh boy. Here we go #QAnon #QArmy. The #mirror Ugh. This case. 😫 Oh the Timing...
Madeleine McCann prime suspect identified by police as German sex offender. 👉🏻43 yrs old.
Dropping all snapshots of article so it’s not changed.
2. Madeleine McCann suspect. #mirror
3. Madeleine McCann suspect. “43 yr old German sex offender”. #Portugal
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#PequeñosGrandesHeroes, Capítulo 3️⃣

En esta edición volvemos a cambiar de continente. Estamos en #Africa 🌍 para hablar de un seleccionado que hizo historia en el 2006, #Angola 🇦🇴. Este es un relato triunfal en medio de tantas desgracias. Image
Angola es una nación relativamente joven, ya que se independizó de #Portugal 🇵🇹 en 1975. Si bien es un país rico en yacimientos minerales y petrolíferos, no pudieron disfrutar de los beneficios de esto ya que la guerra civil los atrapó y los hundió en la miseria. Image
La guerra acabaría recién en el 2002, aunque sus secuelas quedarán por siempre en todos aquellos que la han vivido, sea por combatir como por haber perdido a algún ser querido. De hecho, los jugadores de esta historia no quedarían exentos de este dolor... Image
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From @cqe_lisboa in #Lisbon #Portugal to the #chemtwitter #AcademicTwitter world, our annual @cqedays #CQEDays2020 will unroll with the help of our tremendous theme moderators! Let's have a strong applause for them:
#CQECat Catalysis is one of our research areas, and we have @martandrade77 from @cqe_lisboa @istecnico moderating the poster discussion!
#CQECompChem Computational Chemistry is a key tool in all of chemical areas, and @kashimizu from @cqe_lisboa @istecnico will lead the way!
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Un golpe militar q derroca una dictadura y una junta q tutela el nuevo régimen y apoya a uno de los partidos legalizados como brazo político. En la nueva Constitución, esa junta se institucionaliza y se convierte en TC.
¿Bolivia?, ¿Nigeria?, ¿Irak? No, #25deabrilsempre #Portugal
La extrema izquierda española celebra la #RevolucionDeLosClaveles, porque estuvo a punto de repetirse el golpe de Lenin y sus bolcheviques de 1917.
Un régimen de aparente pluralismo en el q los comunistas (civiles y militares) controlaban el gobierno y eliminaban a la oposición.
El preámbulo de la Const. de 1976 habla de "abrir la senda hacia una sociedad socialista".
Art. 2: la república tiene como objetivo "asegurar la transición hacia el socialismo mediante la creación de condiciones para el ejercicio democrático del poder por las clases trabajadoras"
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THREAD. A week ago I wrote this on the contribution that #migrants and #refugees make to the response to #coronavirus. Since then I have been collecting information on HOW this happens in different countries to learn for the future.
#migration #COVID19…
At @ODIdev we will be tracking and analysing these actions/innovations, for now here is an overview

First up the #USA where #NY state takes action allowing qualified graduates of foreign medical schools to contribute to the #Covid_19 emergency response…
Still in the #USA, the State Department is on the lookout for medical professionals abroad willing to work in the #US. As long as they have a valid visa....mhh.....🙄

#COVID19 #migration #keyworkers #coronavirus

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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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A thread to cover some of the major - and I mean seriously, shockingly major - gaps, mistakes and problems with the #environmental impact assessment for Montijo airport in #Portugal.

First up: no #fieldwork. AT ALL. 1/
That's right – the EIA of a major international #airport proposed for the country’s most important #wetland site for #bird #conservation didn’t bother to actually count any #birds.

Instead, they depended on studies already published for other reasons.

How did that work out? 2/
Well, the data on birds feeding in the #intertidal- the largest and most important #habitat in the #SPA- was collected in 2002-3.

In the 17 years since, the #Tagus has changed a lot for birds. Improved #water treatment but drastic increase in #shellfish harvesting. 3/
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Revealing & important article in today’s @expresso on political interference in the approval of Montijo airport:
“Montijo airport was approved despite thumbs down from technical staff”

Thread to translate the main points 1/11…
Technical staff at #ICNF (Institute for Conservation of Nature & Forests, part of @govpt) told bosses to reject the application, early in the evaluation.

“The project will have significant, permanent & irreversible negative impacts on the avifauna of the estuary.” 2/11
Internal doc signed by techs and directors highlights that “affecting 20% of #birds’ feeding area risks the integrity of the whole SPA”

It concluded, considering #BirdsDirective of @EU_ENV, that their verdict “must be negative”, on pain of “possible future community litigation”
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1.Anthropology needs to shift how it tells stories. #digitalnatives do not read nor think as earlier generations. This is to be embraced, not feared. This is a Twitter Essay on one way to begin (1/16). @AmEthno @AmericanAnthro @ASnA_Editors @ASAUK_News @africanstudies
@AmEthno @AmericanAnthro @ASnA_Editors @ASAUK_News @africanstudies 2. My book From ‘Water to Wine’ is the first “ethnography of a digital native for digital natives”. Growing up in the last gasps of #apartheid #SouthAfrica we had dial-up, and change everywhere (2/16). 3.… @annebracken @TeachingCulture @abenaopp
@AmEthno @AmericanAnthro @ASnA_Editors @ASAUK_News @africanstudies @annebracken @TeachingCulture @abenaopp 3. I learned to think within #multilingualism and #changingdiscourses. My book tracks across #Brazil, #Angola, #Mauritius, #Portugal, #SA, the #USA . It is political. It is about change. It is about beauty in Angola and writing through whiteness (3/16). @StanfordAnthro @UCT_news
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Associar a estupidez ao fogo controlado é simplesmente uma estupidez 🤷
O problema de saúde resultante de emissões de gases nocivos não está no uso do fogo controlado, está sim na poluição provocada pelo tecido industrial e pelos meios de transporte. 🏭🚛 @ANEPC #ICNF
Defendo várias medidas para mitigar o impacto dos #Incendios rurais 🔥
▶️ Desmatação dos terrenos em redor das povoações criando zonas com vegetação resistente ao fogo 🌳
▶️ Criação de zonas de "terra viva" em redor das habitações, zonas livres de combustível vegetal🏠
▶️ Dar continuidade a projetos como as "cabras sapadoras" que naturalmente vão limpando os terrenos 🐏
▶️ Dar continuidade à sensibilização para a limpeza dos terrenos e consequente aplicação das coimas para os incumpridores da Lei em vigor. ☑️❎
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