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THREAD ON VACCINES: The National Governors Association -- representing all of them -- has serious questions about logistics of vaccination distribution. Trump answers only that "military" will do it. And gov guidelines issued earlier were not specific. 1/…
I advise some of these offices. Money, of course, is always an issue but it goes beyond money. Let's assume, first, there is a vaccine. An assumption: pray for it, but plan otherwise (i.e. #wearadamnmask). If there is one, supply chain and logistics criteria are essential. 2/
These include important factors such as vaccine viability, ultracold storage, and prioritization when supply is short (or comes in waves, which it will). It also includes what sort of leeway states will be granted to administer their own criteria. 3/
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So, ich möchte kurz meinen geballten Frust rauslassen. Wer das liest, ist gewarnt!

Der Mann hatte letztes Jahr Krebs. Die Kinder waren knapp 2 und knapp ein halbes Jahr alt. Monatelang bestand meine Welt aus unserem Haus, der Kita und dem Krankenhaus.

Nun muss unser Sohn

In ein paar Wochen operiert werden. Wieder werden wir uns einschränken müssen.

Letztes Jahr wurde bei meinem Papa nach ein paar Schlaganfällen ein Gehirntumor festgestellt. Es hieß, er wächst kaum. Gestern nach dem MRT war klar: Tut er doch.

Ich bin so wütend über all das

was meiner Familie aufgelastet wird.

Und dann kommt Corona noch oben drauf und all die Menschen, die sich nicht benehmen, als würden wir in einer Pandemie leben. Ist es echt so schwer, sich für einige Zeit einzuschränken? Auch in unserem LK steigen nun die Fallzahlen. Ich

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#WearAMask they say. #WearAMaskSaveALife the Democrats preach.

But really? Do they? Because that’s not what science says and they no it. No data that Masks save lives but they keep repeating it, only for you!

@MaxineWaters didn’t even have one on hand and was given a new one.
Masks for thee, not for me!
@CuomoPrimeTime caught again with no mask. Oh yeah, & he said he had #COVID19. Who knows though since he was out and about in PUBLIC, WITHOUT a mask while infected with #Coronavirus.
#WearADamnMask Chris!

#WearAMask @GovernorVA @RalphNortham said to all. Made it a law.

#Virginia you have been fooled.

Where is your mask Ralph?
#WearADamnMask but not just on camera. You too had #COVID, no?

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Well, received the email this morning. The golf club I play my games regularly has notified us that there has been an outbreak of COVID and that the restaurant and bar will be closed.
They have had it opened for outside seating only for 2 months.
Masks are required
My hubs provides the sanitation products that they use on hands and supposed to be using to clean the carts.
The thing is that masks are required, however, many of the Republican members won’t wear them. The club is open to the public and they’ve gotten slack
I wear a mask every time I go into this club. I use a hand sanitizer every time I touch anything.
I spray down the steering wheel of the golf cart to be sure. Our ladies group (70+) all wear masks and do the same thing.
Sadly, the men do not.
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Dear @realDonaldTrump
You act like a child. You just potentially sacrificed the lives of two secret service members for a joyride. #TrumpCovid

I had #COVID19. I would have done anything to get outside my house for a ride. But that would have been bad for others.
I sweated through my clothes.
I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle.
I was lucky enough to get a test.

But mine was a false negative. So, I couldn't get investigational therapies. Image
I too was on #dexamethasone . But unlike you, I was on it in March. It happened to be the only steroid I can handle.

I was irritable, and as tired as I was, I couldn't sleep. I didn't have my family here
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Next stop, Faith.

They're going to need lots. The #SturgisMotorcycleRally has now been dubbed a “superspreader event” causing $12.2 BILLION in healthcare costs across12 states. The rally has caused more Coronavirus cases than any other singular gathering in the US. Image
Facts Matter.

@ScottGottliebMD New analysis on Covid spread triggered by Sturgis event & implicated in the current epidemic in South Dakota. The estimates in this paper if confirmed would place Sturgis as the largest studied super spreading event in U.S.…
Science is real.

@SDSUCHEPS New paper by Dhaval Dave @FriedsonAndrew @Drew_McNichols
& Joe Sabia ("Contagion Externality of Super-spreader") finds Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was a local & nationwide spreader of COVID-19. Estimated public health cost: ~$12B
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The mask is the symbolic Rubicon of the global cabals control... #mask #maskup #WearADamnMask #uniteforfreedom #unmask #maskofthebeast ImageImageImageImage
2. The Mask: Remembering Slavery, Understanding Trauma… #TheMask #Masks #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Slavery Image
3. ImageImageImage
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good morning, y’all ... Image
I give economic policy advice, I stay in my lane. and I remember why we are fighting so hard #DammitKillCOVID #WearADamnMask Image
Arlington’s cases and deaths from COVID-19 still exceed Governor of Virginia threshold ... it’s September. THIS IS TRAGIC and avoidable Image
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The Fuck 2020 pop up is open with masks. I’ll be adding a few more things in today including some scarves and scrunchies. Limited stock! Image
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(Thread) Campus #COVID19 numbers in #SouthDakota
#BHSU – 12 students/1 staff positive; 58 people quarantined/isolated
@sdsmt – 36 students/2 staff positive; 80 people quarantined/isolated
@NorthernStateU – 22 students/2 staff positive; 24 people quarantined/isolated (1)
@SDState – 98 students/4 staff positive; 303 people quarantined/isolated
@DakotaState – 2 students positive; 17 people quarantined/isolated
@usd – 6 staff/229 students positive; 637 people quarantined/isolated (2)
There are 263 people who contracted #COVID19 as a direct result of the #sturgis2020 Rally.
105 people are from South Dakota and 158 people are from 11 other states. Remember these are the only confirmed and traced. There are more. Visitors traveled through 61% of US Counties (3)
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A 🧵 about the times I thought #Covid19 might have been trying to finish me off. At the time I played them down a bit - because I didn’t want folk to worry/panic. But now we’re through the worst, it’s worth candid sharing, to highlight that #LongCovid is not worth the risk. 1/
First was in Week 3/4 and it was about the lungs. One night just being unable to breathe, having to sleep prone, and it passing my mind (not as anxiety, just as pragmatism really) that I might not wake up. Obviously I did, so that was good. 2/
Second was Week 7
I think, and the first of a number of Covid-heart events. Resting pulse was 120 with palpitations - was sent to A&E. ECG fine (usual Covid story). Bit scary. But we now know (think) it’s just inflammation presenting as cardiac events. Didn’t know it then 😬 3/
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back home to Indiana ... daily calls to mom ain’t enough, so blessed to have such a supportive family ❤️ Image
weeks since my blog post have been a rollercoaster ... time to recenter. this Midwestern farm girl needed to break from DC
airport not too busy in Indy PS masks now required inside terminal, not case when brought kids out in June #WearADamnMask Image
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After 6 months of #lockdown and #lab shutdown I spent a full day 9 am-8 pm in lab doing experiments! New #grad students in #lifesciences: There is always light 💡 and #fluorescent images at the end of the tunnel! Filing a #patent on my #invention from #phd work soon @OrganOnAChip
This is an Organ on a Chip platform that enables mimicking #tissues and #organs in a high throughput manner! The main focus will be towards developing #mucosal organs with tissue resident #immune cells and lining #epithelial cells for #testing #COVID19 treatments #covidvaccines
I recently gave a talk at #oooc2020 organized by @GVNlab at @Columbia. In the talk I demonstrated the #ease of fabrication, #functionality, and #modularity of this platform.
We’re open to #collaborate with interested #researchers! Interested to learn more:
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kill this goddamn virus #WearADamnMask #GetMoneyOut #SaveThe600
me on March 27: “The only thing that is going to stop the economic plummet is killing this goddam virus”… FIVE MONTHS later and virus is NOT under control ... DC do your job!!!
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Thread. Masking! Biden calls on Govs to mandate masks. This is essential, as it is actually the norm; don't let the faux rage about taking away freedom make this seem like a real debate. 35 states already under masking orders, covering nearly 75% of the American population. 1/
Polls show vast majority, sometimes over 80%, want mandatory masking. States (as of last week) that remain outliers are: AZ, FL, GA, HI, ID, IA, MS, MO, NE, NH, ND, OK, SD, TN, WY. Some states -- like MS -- have at least county mandatory orders. SC abandoned Trump last week. 2/
The reason why you don't want to punish states that don't do masking with financial harm (i.e. holding back Covid relief funding) is that it hurts people in those states who you are trying to help. Instead, the federal government sets a baseline standard; Trump chose no masks. 3/
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As promised, the cats arrived today along with a photo of me hiding my face. I have enough photos for maybe a week or two.

Sometimes I put up a blurry, out of focus photo because I like the composition. That is the case of one I took of Aphrodite.
#photograph #photography #cat #Hemingwaycat #calicocat #OutOfFocus #cateyes #face
Joel Sax shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out:
Lynn was sick today and avoiding me by staying in the loft. I had issues of my own with dizziness that I remedied with a nap. Neither of us is wheezing, so it shouldn't be Covid.

I ran into a jerk on the IRC channel who annoyed that he had Covid. When I asked him questions...
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Every day my son, a doctor treating #Covid_19 patients at a major hospital in a large NE city, calls & tells us about his patients. And it’s not pretty. This is a wreckless, random, horrifying disease. It kills and it also cripples. Many who survive have lingering & maybe
...and maybe lifelong damage. Lung scarring. Blood clots. Stroke. Kidney damage. I lost an uncle, a former colleague, friends. One friend got sick in March and is still on O2. Another friend in a FL hospital for a month & lungs are still so bad he won’t be out for weeks &
...& will be on O2 for 6 months. Patients’ fingers, toes & limbs die and if they don’t fall off are amputated — or the patient dies. Drs, nurses, aides are living a nightmare. They want it to end. So when they see crowds partying & ppl refusing to wear masks &
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“If two large planes crashed every day in the US, killing everyone on board, the nation would be despondent.”…
“Remember, it's not just the deaths. It's this terrible, disabling ... long-lasting disabilities to the lung, to the vascular system, to the heart, to the brain," Hotez said. "We're seeing long-term cognitive deficits. This is a terrible illness."
“About 45,447 lives could be saved between July and November if 95% of Americans wore face masks in public, the IHME researchers said.
If everyone wore masks, that would drive down the projected death toll from 208,255 down to 162,808.” #WearADamnMask
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1/2 Yikes, an account that is almost certainly using AI generated profile pictures of her and her daughter to promote anti mask propaganda. Some of the tweets. #Disinformation #WearADamnMask ImageImageImageImage
2/2 Also some of the tweets appear purely nonsensical, like this one about parking (erm wth) and one about Abu Dhabi and moles...With the name Karen Houdini one has to wonder if it's a weird gag... ImageImage
Tells are quite obvious. Glitches on daughter's ears, cheek hair, uneven piercing for Karen, daughter has no piercings, is older than 2, car park photo is UK but also her parking is terrible 🤣
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139 people had their hair done by stylists who were symptomatic with COVID-19...this is the story of what happened:

It was a regular day at her job as a hairstylist when H.A. noticed she was feeling a bit off. 1/
It was just a mild cough. She went on with her day. Between clients H.A. took off the cloth mask she’d been consistently wearing & shared a funny story with her colleague, H.B. 2/
After the break they both masked up & got back to work. About 3 days later H.B. noticed she was also feeling off & had a mild cough. Because they both still felt okay-ish and bills needed to be paid, both women chose to continue seeing clients in the salon. 3/
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1. I have a couple of thoughts about this. The classification of "culturally appropriateness" in terms of attire, holding alcohol, and #MedBikini shows a single world-view can skew results and demonstrates the importance of diversity.
2. My main issue is the classification of physicians commenting on political and social issues as unprofessional. I disagree. It is exactly because physicians have remained silent for so long on topics such as abortion and gun control, that we are in this political battle
3. Our silence has created the space for non-science to occupy and drive the conversation. Our silence is the reason why a legislator in Ohio could bring forth a bill where an #obgyn would be liable for not re-implanting an ectopic gestation and could be prosecuted for murder.
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@petermbenglish I just heard you on @ShelaghFogarty ‘s @LBC show, you’re spot on. Johnson is playing down the pandemic in an increasingly Trumpian manner, the virus isn’t going away and we need to ensure as many people have their #flujab before ‘flu season hits.
If not enough people have a #flu jab, we’ll have a perfect storm of seasonal ‘flu and Covid-19, and if that doesn’t banjax the NHS, then I don’t know what will. As most of the #antimaskers are also #antivaxxers ,
how do we cut through the nonsense that they’re peddling and make them see sense? After all, we need them on board! I’m not sure that us calling them stupid or selfish is helping… it’s making the conspiracy-theory types dig their heels in even deeper. 😔
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - July 23, 2020

@UCSDHealth is now caring for 51 inpatients with #COVID19 including 21 on vents and 5 on ECMO. These individuals come from all over southern California, particularly @SanDiegoCounty and @ImperialCntyCA

2/ In a bit of bright news, with just 16 positive PCR results in the last 24 hours, the 7 day rolling average @UCSDHealth decreased to ~21 positive tests/day. This rate of ~2.3% is now the lowest across @UofCAHealth

3/ Unfortunately, @SanDiegoCounty hit two grim milestones yesterday with over 25k #COVID19 cases (+587) and over 500 deaths. San Diegans over 70 yo represent only 17% of the cases but 87% of the deaths, and nearly all had underlying medical conditions.…
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Thread: Review of "A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers," published in The BMJ in 2015. Do we #WearAMask? Do we #WearADamnMask? Read on! (1/9)…
This study was to evaluate the efficacy of cloth masks for hospital healthcare workers (HCWs), by looking at these outcomes: clinical respiratory illness (CRI), influenza-like illness (ILI), and laboratory-confirmed respiratory virus infection. (2/9)
The conclusion of the study was that the authors caution against the use of cloth masks, as they may *increase* risk of infection in the healthcare setting. They are therefore not recommended for HCWs. (3/9)
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