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Индијанци су оставили кодекс од 20 правила по којима ће човечанство живети

1. Устани са сунцем да се помолиш.

2. Будите толерантни према људима који су изгубљени на свом путу.

3. Тражите за себе, сами.
4. Обуците своје госте у свом дому с пажњом.

5. Не узимајте оно што није ваше од особе, заједнице или културе.

6. Поштуј сваку ситницу постављену на земљу.

7. Поштуј мисли, жеље и речи других људи.

8. Никада не оговарајте друге.

9. Сви људи праве грешке
10. Негативне мисли изазивају болест ума, тела и душе.

11. Природа није ЗА НАС, већ ДЕО нас.

12. Деца су семе наше будућности.

13. Избегавајте повреду срца других људи.

14. Будите искрени у сваком тренутку.

15. Одржавајте равнотежу.
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🕐Join us at 11am PST today for a deep dive into the status of #NativeAmerican voters as we head toward #Midterms2022. Watch the livestream here 👉… @TrahantReports @NDNrights @IMediaFreedom
Welcome to today's briefing, Impact of Redistricting and Voter Suppression on Indian Country/Native American Voters. Reminder that you can watch the livestream here 👉…
Our moderator today is Indian Country Today editor emeritus @TrahantReports.
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La maternidad en la época prehispánica
*Pieza para concurso: Galardón Jalisco a la Artesanía 2022*…

#NativeAmerican #orfebrería #mexicanjewlery
Este año quise materializar la esencia de mis últimos años, la tradición familiar en orfebrería, la maternidad, nuestra pasión por la investigación de la época prehispánica donde es un homenajear a nuestro occidente prehispánico. #maternity #prehispanic
Este pectoral está inspirado en una figurilla prehispánica que fue recolectada y actualmente esta expuesta en el Museo Regional de Guadalajara @mrg_inah corresponde a una mujer de alto rango que está amamantando a su bebé, típica de la Fase El Grillo (450-900 d.C.) #westernmexico
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"If belonging to a social group yields an essential survival advantage, cooperative breeding may evolve. This is shown in our study using computer simulations." -- Irene Garcia Ruiz…
Monkeypox is a new global threat. African scientists know what the world is up against | Science…
#monkeypox, #AfricanOutbreak, #ScientificStudies
Is 'stare decisis' dead? How the Supreme Court view of precedent is evolving - ABC News…
#SCOTUS, #StareDecisis, #ConstitutionalRight, #OverturnPrecedent
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During today's US Senate HELP hearing on #retirementsavings and #emergencysavings, we'll hear testimony from @AspenFSP’s @idarademacher, @WISERwomen’s Cindy Hounsell, @GROUPIRA’s Petros Koumantaros and @TIAA’s Doug Chittenden.…
The US House is also scheduled today to vote and pass on bipartisan HR 2954 - Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021 - also known at #SECURE2.0 - sponsored by Reps Neal (D-MA) and Brady (R-TX).…
#SECURE2.0 builds on the 2019 SECURE Act - which enabled (a) pooled employer plans #PEPs that enable smallbiz to pool their purchasing power for workers retirement and (b) lifetime income solutions.
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On this #Truthsgiving, I'm sharing resources that highlight #NativeAmerican & #Indigenous voices, lived experiences, knowledge systems, histories & futures. Here's a 🧵 of materials for you to share with your relatives today that resist colonial narratives of #Thanksgiving...
The "All My Relations" podcast (@NativeApprops, @matikawilbur) talks about Indigenous relationships "to land, our creatural relatives, & to one another"
The "This Land" podcast by @rebeccanagle is about the implications of Indigenous land rights & sovereignty in the present day
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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The new #SAT report is out.

- Every racial group had a large participation decline
- Every racial group had a composite SAT score rise, except Hispanics (who are categorized as a separate racial group) & those who did not respond on race
- Natives rose 24 points
- Asians rose 23 Image
Men dropped their #SAT participation 30%; their composite score rose 13 points.

Women dropped their participation 32%; their composite score rose 6 points. ImageImage
Here are the graphs for racial averages on the verbal portion of the SAT and the mathematics portion. These are raw scores, in the sense that there are no corrections for reforms that change the points scale. ImageImage
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@RickSantorum 1. Your views re: #NativeAmericans are from the perspective of the #EuropeanColonizers who believe that just bc others are different they are inferior! Educate yourself on #NativeAmerican cultures....…
@RickSantorum 2. & how the Europeans butchered #IndigenousPeoples around the world! Here's another article to improve your knowledge. You need to read lots more & you can begin w/books by Howard Zinn & @CharlesCMann!…
@RickSantorum @CharlesCMann 3. @CNN why do you continue to employ @RickSantorum? Even before this incident, I change the channel whenever he starts to speak!
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"I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn't much Native American culture in American culture"
#Republicans idiocy is real.. here's why.
#NativeAmerican #language & #culture named half our states.

@SmithsonianNMAI walk, it's close #ricksantorum

Alabama: Alibamu for “clears the thicket.”
Alaska:“Alakshak’ which means peninsula.
Connecticut: “quinnitukg-ut” which means “at the long tidal river.”
Hawaii:“Havaiki” or “Hawaiki,”
Idaho: Comanche “Idahi”, Shoshone “ee-dah-how” “Good Morning”

Educate yourself #ricksantorum
Illinois: “ilhiniwek” or “illiniwek”. “Illini”
Iowa: Ioway Indians.
Kansas: Kansa Indians.
Kentucky: meadow lands, cane and turkey lands, or dark and bloody ground.
Massachusetts: “about the big hill.”
Michigan: Chippewa for “Michigama” meaning “large lake.”
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no para dar crédito a la posibilidad de k el US Empire y sus infantería STDistas logren su objetivo genocida, pero incluso si logran finalmente anexar la tierra de la k han robado tanto, no se desesperen. #PatriaNueva #PRFree #PuertoRicoLibre #PRLibre #PatriaYVida #FreePuertoRico
los borinqueños somos fuertes—siempre lo hemos sido. ¡descanse bien sabiendo k lucha por la voluntad de los espíritus de sus antepasados! ✊🏽🇵🇷💚

tambien, tenga en cuenta una serie de hechos: (1/
1) tanto la isla, como la diásporiqueños, han mantenido durante mucho tiempo la creencia sagrada en la independencia (592,671 votos en their beloved rEFereNDuM)—así k incluso si roban nuestra tierra, ¡nunca podrán robar nuestra historia! #PRStrong #PatriaNueva #PuertoRicoLibre 💚
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1/ #GivingTuesday #COVID19 Thread
The global pandemic has been devastating and we can help on Giving Tuesday. One way to help is to give to a COVID charity that is giving grants to an array of communities impacted - such as #GlobalGiving.…
2/ If your goal is to assist those on the front lines, Americares has provided more than 34 tons of PPE to health care workers on the front lines of the outbreak to facilities in 40 states. #GivingTuesday #COVID19 #Americares…
3/ In the United States, #COVID19 has disproportionately impacted #NativeAmerican communities. The First Nations Development Institute has distributed over $2.5M in grants and provided food, PPE and water.… #FNDI303 #GivingTuesday
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The reason why we even have federal prisons or a federal justice system at all today is because that was the way the US government was able to criminalize Native people/territories and begin weakening tribal sovereignty. The “feds” are actually a fairly recent invention.
And federal prisons and incarceration were literally invented as a way to control and criminalize not only Indigenous individual people but Indigenous sovereign nations as well. Leavenworth Federal Prison was the first ever federal prison and was opened in 1896.
With the introduction of the Major Crimes Act of 1885, US criminal laws expanded to all Native peoples on and off the reservations, increasing the federal government’s reach into Indian crime in Indian Territory, policing people for behaviors that may have been perfectly legal.
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Deb Haaland co-sponsored a bill that removed protections for Black descendants of enslaved people owned by members of the Five Slaveholding Tribes in 2019. In four of these tribes, there are active Jim Crow policies. We must hold her accountable.…
As she is being considered for Secretary of the Interior, it is important to ensure that she supports Freedmen of the Five Tribes BEFORE entering office and that she will implement a plan for equality and integration while in office. Native representation is great but it should
not come at the cost of Black Native people’s tribal, civil, and human rights. Please sign and share the petition. She must stand against the immoral policies of the Five Tribes if she is to be considered for Secretary of the Interior.
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Holiday shopping from home? Support #Maine #Wabanaki businesses. The Wabanaki are the Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Mi'kmaq, and Abenki People of the Dawn. #mepolitics #indigenous <thread>

#Passamaquoddy handmade moccasins…
Who doesn't love a little syrup in their stockings? #Passamaquoddy maple syrup from #Maine.…
Meherrin Outpost is owned & operated by a Mi'kmaq (#Maine) & #Mehrrin (NC) couple. They make jewelry & sell a wide range of products from sage & sweetgrass to hand drums and (aw!) baby moccasins.
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There is modern-day Jim Crow in Indian Territory against Black descendants of slaves owned by Native masters. @RepDebHaaland has supported policies that will allow these policies to continue.

“We are being discriminated against by our own Nation because we are Black.”
“Not because we’re Indians, but because we are Black, we have Black blood. We are counted every year for the money that they get for ALL the government programs and they vote us out every year of those programs.”
“Investigate our nation for the problem that they’re having right now with the Blackness of our skin and the crook in our hair. We ARE Seminoles and we will always be Seminoles. We were born Seminoles. We will die Seminoles and we stand with Seminole Nation.”
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Ending Violence Against Women
Only one party has a specific plan to end the scourge of violence affecting women & non-binary individuals.This strategy includes reauthorizing #VAWA & fully enacting it’s protections. 1/11
#Democrats are committed to ending sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other violence against women. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #ViolenceAgainstWomen #VAWA
#Democrats will act swiftly to overcome #Republican #obstructionism and reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #VAWA
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This official Choctaw Nation supplemental guide for teaching about the McGirt v. Oklahoma decision is full of misinterpretations of the history, omits histories of Black people and Freedmen, and erases the Choctaw Nation’s clear history of anti-Blackness. (Thread)
First of all, in the official guide, the authors state that “If people who were not Choctaw tribal members respected Choctaw laws, they could visit the Choctaw Nation, work there, or even become Choctaw citizens,” in post-Removal Indian Territory. Image
This statement holds true if the individual in question was white or non-Black from another Indigenous tribe. However, Black people (both of Choctaw heritage and devoid of Choctaw heritage) were specifically barred from living in the Choctaw Nation boundaries if they were free.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Native American Health & Protecting and Promoting Maternal Health
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to have high quality, affordable healthcare options.1/15
Native American tribes have for too long been forced to cope with insufficient access to health care and mental health services, nutrition services, and modern infrastructure. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #Dreamcatcher
#Democrats are committed to pursuing environmental justice and climate justice, including for Indigenous peoples and communities 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #NativeAmerican
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#FreedmenHistorySpotlightSaturday: Sarah Rector

Did you know that the richest Black person in the world in 1915 was a 10-11 year old Creek Freedgirl? By 1915, Sarah Rector was worth over $25.5 million dollars in today’s dollars. Image
She made an income twice as high as President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Her income and wealth got to be so high that the state of Oklahoma’s white-dominated legislature attempted to pass a law reclassifying Sarah Rector as white. Image
Further, following her acquisition of wealth, she received marriage proposals from white men in the United States and around the world, at a time when interracial marriage was illegal, and at a pre-pubescent age.

Where did her wealth come from? Image
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Is Ivanka Trump The New Face Of Privilege And Global Suffering, In Places Like The U.S. And India?…

#IvankaTrump #Trump* #India #UnitedStates #World

"This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has used “cheap stunts” to improve her image and brand. ..
.. She recently pledged to bring justice for #NativeAmerican families afflicted by higher rates of violence, homicide, and human trafficking by opening the nation’s first Indian Affairs task force office dedicated to solving cold cases of missing and murdered American Indians...
... and #Alaska Natives. #NativeAmerican women and tribal leaders however remain skeptical towards her commitment to resolving the root causes of violence against #Indigenous women and providing adequate federal resources. (2) They point to a lack of concern during the last...
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Just in case anyone was unaware: the Choctaw Nation chose to legalize chattel slavery within the tribe. Tribal members owned slaves of African descent and many enslaved people walked the Trail of Tears with their masters during Indian Removal.
Once in Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma, Choctaws continued owning slaves and slaves built much of the infrastructure in Indian Territory. Slaves rebelled. For example, many Choctaw slaves participated in the 1840 Slave Rebellion in the Cherokee Nation to escape bondage.
Slaves performed difficult labor under the threat of and with actual violence. The Choctaw Nation had slave patrols as well.

Correction: the Cherokee Slave Rebellion took place in 1842.
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