. @SecBlinken, @JosepBorrellF, you insisted Ethiopia pursue a path of peace in Tigray to enable humanitarian assistance to to millions experiencing famine.

The TPLF rejected a ceasefire and continues its offensive against the legally recognised Govt.
In recent days TPLF mounted attacks across the border into Afar Region, reportedly killing locals and allegedly using child soldiers as part of their army. These statements from @reda_getachew are very clear, he claims he is fighting and winning a war.
And yet you remain completely silent. Daring not to criticise the TPLF who are are now, transparently the aggressor in this conflict.

Reda is a constant liar and propagandist. It seems odd that the two great western superpowers wish to align themselves with such a man.
Meanwhile other westerners such as @martinplaut and alleged peace professor @KjetilTronvoll also cheer on the slaughter as if there is something noble in starving millions, illegally deploying child soldiers and rebelling against your Govt.
While nobody believes for a moment that the TPLF really are about to seriously challenge the Ethiopian Defence forces in the field, this conflict is raging out of control thanks to two things, the maniacal words and actions of the TPLF, and the silence of Western Powers.
It is long gone time for the United States and the European Union to actively support a path to peace in the #HornOfAfrica. This is the claimed objective, but words and actions are very clearly not backing this outcome.

This is completely disgraceful.
At stake here is the future of a ancient country of 115 million souls which has just become a true democracy. A country over flowing with you and brimming with hope but a suffering under a long legacy of under development and authoritarian rule.
It simply beggars belief that an international community that couldn't stop itself slinging rocks at the Ethiopian Govt. for pursuing a law and order action in their own country is now standing by and watching a madman, aka @reda_getachew trying to set the entire region on fire.
May God show you, the people of Tigray who are abroad, that you have put these children to war while keeping your children in your warm house.
The peace loving people of Ethiopia are crying out against Western indifference, both official at a Govt. level and to media who appear to have also lost their understanding of the reality and dangers of ethnic conflict.
After being attacked viciously on the day after their election by the TPLF. The Ethiopian Govt. did what was asked of them by the international community. They withdrew and announced a unilateral ceasefire.
The Ethiopian Govt. opened humanitarian corridors to deliver aid, and even opened an air service to Tigray to facilitate humanitarian agency access.

Meanwhile they are subjected to economic sanctions from the U.S. To which, thus far, no relief has been granted.
The silence of senior western diplomats and leaders on this who made a great show of demanding these actions from Ethiopia during @JoeBiden's visit to Europe for the G7 is simply deafening now.
And it is clearly emboldening the actions of the TPLF. As evidenced in this absurd tweets from @reda_getachew.

Continued silence risks unimaginable horrors to come, and a stain on the reputation of the UN and multilateral efforts to maintain peace and security around the world.
P.S. This statement was issued today by the Ethiopian Govt. in relation to the plight of Eritrean refugees inside Tigray.

Perhaps @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @StateDept @StateDeptSpox @PowerUSAID and @USAmbUN could make a request to facilitate safe passage of those imperilled.
And another statement, from yesterday, that is directly on point. The humanitarian aid effort is being obstructed by the TPLF.

• • •

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