Let’s talk about populism.
Populists pretend complex problems have simple answers.
They like things so simple they become stupid.
They adore binary choices.
They demand you ‘take sides’.
#populism #populists #propaganda #Johnson #woke #antiwoke
Populists like division.
They like an enemy.
If no enemy’s handy, they’ll make one.
They like to act the victim, no matter how rich, powerful or privileged they are.
But, by creating ‘an enemy’, victims are precisely what they tend to produce.
#populism #populist #division
Populism appeals to our worse instincts.
It appeals to emotions of hatred, resentment, a tribal ‘us’ and ‘them’.
In today's world we need our better instincts:
Populism doesn’t care about caring. Compassion isn’t on its agenda.
Populism ignores facts. So, predictably, populists dislike experts.
Experts know stuff.
People who know stuff are a nuisance if you want to manipulate others instead of inform.
Populists exaggerate, hype up, overblow.
To them, it’s all useful. It makes the news.
“Forget facts!” populists say. “Just enjoy the show.”
Soon we’re mesmerised. We can’t see their hands on our voting cards or their fingers scrabbling away at the grey matter in our skulls.
While we’re distracted populists get on with achieving what they want to achieve.
Populists like to smear, slander, denigrate, accuse.
They love to lie. They’ll say anything to make themselves popular.
And the tribalism they encourage forgives lies.
Being part of the tribe becomes more important than integrity.
The tribalised forget their own morality.
For populists the lie’s not the thing.
They don’t care about lying – in fact, they like it.
The lie's not the thing. The objective’s the thing:
- Ambition
- Greed
- Pretending to serve others while serving only themselves.
Why let truth interfere with objectives like these?
And yet.... would you be happy if your brother, sister, father or mother were a liar?
Is lying the example we want to set our children or our friends?
So you have to ask, “Is it acceptable–if you think about it for just a moment–for a Prime Minister to be a liar?”
Populism is immoral.
Populists are serially dishonest, serially unreliable, serially self-serving, serially in it for number one.
They deny equality, kindness, our shared humanity, our compassionate human nature.
They create dissension, division, hatred, bloodshed, even war.
How do we resist populism?
Through morality.
Morality is hard to attack.
How do you condemn someone for being moral?

And morality’s message is simple:
Morality 1st
Integrity 1st
Honesty 1st
Make Humanity Great Again


#populism #populist #dishonesty #morality

• • •

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30 Jul
You may think some people are loud, angry & uneducated.
You may think it's because god or nature made them that way.
To the extent they ARE loud, angry & uneducated, it's not because of nature or god.
It's because of how we run our society.
It's because of stuff we can change.
The people with the least power over their lives in our society would like even just A LITTLE power over their lives....
Just the beginnings of power....
Just a taster of self-determination....

It's not much to ask, is it?
It's something the Brexiteer nationalist populist billionaires and toffs have promised ordinary people.
But they were lying, weren't they?
All they wanted was to monetise or gain power from what ordinary people deserve and never get.
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8 Jul
Let’s talk about the Socrates Bomb.
“That sounds unpleasant.”
More than unpleasant. It’s lethal.
“Is ‘lethal’ moral?”
It’s not lethal for people.
It’s lethal for lies.

The Socrates Bomb is an anti-propaganda incendiary device for use in cognitive conflict. It’s a frontline armament in our battle against the 21st Century pandemic of lies. It’s a cluster munition for deployment against disinformation and deceit.

As the Socrates Bomb explodes it shatters into fragments of different shapes and sizes. It’s shrapnel includes:
– The evidence shard
– The logic sliver
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– The motivation particle
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3 Jul
Morrisons supermarket is the latest UK company to be bought out by US corporate raiders, taking advantage of low valuations due to Brexit....



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UK is 60,000 haulage drivers short–as a direct result of drivers going home due to the pandemic & finding out conditions & pay are better in France & Germany, post Brexit.

Shortages & price rises are sure to follow.


The Brexit effect on food supplies and costs is beginning to hit - and restaurants and takeaways struggle....



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7 Jun
Everyone’s trying to sell you something, or take something off you, or get you to do something.
Everyone’s out for themselves.
No one can be trusted.
People are greedy.
People are lazy.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

That’s how I sometimes feel.

But it’s far from the truth, isn’t it?

These are just the lies we’re being told – or it’s people behaving that way because of the lies they’ve been told.

Our media is our enemy – and much of our schooling too.
We’re victims of cognitive imperialism – and the invading empire has established its outposts in the hinterlands of our minds.

#media #Enemy #shieldofvalues
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6 May
“Violence,” you say, “is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
I can only agree. It’s a great saying. Whose is it?
“Isaac Asimov, I think. I’m not sure.”
The science fiction writer?
I love the guy. He said a lot of great stuff. Have spacesuit. Will travel.

“No, that was Heinlein.”
Ah. Right-wing libertarian Heinlein. I loved a lot of his stuff, too. Starship Troopers. Stranger In A Strange Land. Shame he was a right-wing libertarian.

“He was probably ok with violence, too.”
Shifting back to the topic of violence….
“Shall we?”
Why not? I agree with you.
“With me or Isaac Asimov?”
Either. Both.

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