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May 22 13 tweets 7 min read

#PlausibleWorstCaseScenario #ClimateCrisis 2022
2019, 2020 and 2021 were ominous – but they barely touched the surface.
Expect more heatwaves, storms, floods, droughts. Watch as the Arctic and Antarctic continue to melt.

Coral Reef death escalates.

#PlausibleWorstCaseScenario #ClimateCrisis
Jan 16 17 tweets 9 min read
Under Keir Starmer's leadership Labour have been losing their vote share in council and by-elections across the country, making greater losses than in GE 2019, despite that year’s smearing of Labour and its leadership (now pretty much ‘on hold’).

#Starmer #KeirStarmer Is this poor voter performance and Starmer’s continuing unpopularity the result of strategic mistakes on the part of him and his team?

Let’s look at what appear to be Sir Keir Starmer’s top ten errors of judgement.

#Starmer #KeirStarmer #Labour #mistakes
Dec 19, 2021 8 tweets 1 min read
Here's why
Nov 14, 2021 32 tweets 10 min read
We’ve talked about the enemies of our civilisation and biological world:
– the corporations
– the growth economy
– the oligarch- or state-controlled media
– the greedy and power-hungry 0.1%

#epiphany “Enemies in terms of endangering social cohesion and environmental sustainability?”

Yes, in precisely those terms – the enemies who’re endangering us all.

But then we moved on.

Oct 30, 2021 27 tweets 18 min read
Be proud of who you are.

#environmentalist Anyone who calls a socialist an enemy of ordinary people is an enemy of ordinary people – because socialism is precisely about protecting ordinary people.

Lie about that and what else will you lie about?

Oct 13, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read

New edition of

FREE eBook 15–19 Oct…
#politics #power #propaganda Image
Oct 4, 2021 38 tweets 6 min read
“Anyone would think we had some sort of death wish.”
Me and you?
“No. Humanity. The human race.”
Perhaps we do.
“We’re waging chemical warfare against our own species.”
It’s a kind of madness, isn’t it?

1/36 Our self-harming chemical war:
– Particulates spewed out from our use of wood, diesel, coal and other fuels, particulates which we then breath
– The pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers we pour over pastures and farmlands, which then permeate our food chain

Aug 30, 2021 32 tweets 16 min read
Here’s a truth grenade:

You've been treated like garbage.
The establishment doesn't give a damn about you.
You deserve to be listened to.

#TruthGrenade #Truth Here’s another truth grenade:

You want hope.
You want safety and security for your children.
You want to feel part of something special.

#TruthGrenade #Truth
Aug 21, 2021 16 tweets 6 min read
A moral society puts people first.
Not wealth.
Not power.
Not nation states.
Not archaic forms of government or law.
Not royal families or venerable castes.
Ordinary people.

#Imagine Imagine, after Covid19, a moral world – a world where people matter.

Aug 13, 2021 17 tweets 10 min read
#53 small ACTS of resistance #53

avoid any products containing palm oil

or demand #DeforestationFree #PalmOil and #ChooseSustainable #PalmOil #SaveOrangutans

Thanks, @mettahapa & @orangulandtrust #54 small ACTS of resistance #54

1.Cancel your TV licence
2.Stop buying newspapers
3.Don't be reactive, be proactive
4.Be honest
5.Share your knowledge

Thanks, @societyatpeace
Aug 9, 2021 45 tweets 19 min read
It’s well known that our society is infected by concepts which make us unhappy, damage our communities and endanger the biological world. These concepts infect us, we become contagious, then we infect those around us.

#KatesGarrotte We know the sort of concepts they are. They look like this:
–You need more
–Take, don’t give
–Winner takes all
–Greed is good
–Appearances matter
–Those in power deserve their power
–Those with wealth deserve their wealth
–It’s your fault you’re poor

Aug 1, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
Let’s talk about populism.
Populists pretend complex problems have simple answers.
They like things so simple they become stupid.
They adore binary choices.
They demand you ‘take sides’.
#populism #populists #propaganda #Johnson #woke #antiwoke Populists like division.
They like an enemy.
If no enemy’s handy, they’ll make one.
They like to act the victim, no matter how rich, powerful or privileged they are.
But, by creating ‘an enemy’, victims are precisely what they tend to produce.
#populism #populist #division
Jul 30, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
You may think some people are loud, angry & uneducated.
You may think it's because god or nature made them that way.
To the extent they ARE loud, angry & uneducated, it's not because of nature or god.
It's because of how we run our society.
It's because of stuff we can change. The people with the least power over their lives in our society would like even just A LITTLE power over their lives....
Just the beginnings of power....
Just a taster of self-determination....

It's not much to ask, is it?
Jul 8, 2021 33 tweets 19 min read
Let’s talk about the Socrates Bomb.
“That sounds unpleasant.”
More than unpleasant. It’s lethal.
“Is ‘lethal’ moral?”
It’s not lethal for people.
It’s lethal for lies.

#lethal The Socrates Bomb is an anti-propaganda incendiary device for use in cognitive conflict. It’s a frontline armament in our battle against the 21st Century pandemic of lies. It’s a cluster munition for deployment against disinformation and deceit.

Jul 3, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
Morrisons supermarket is the latest UK company to be bought out by US corporate raiders, taking advantage of low valuations due to Brexit....


#BrexitShambles #Brexit #Morrisons
#LosingControl UK is 60,000 haulage drivers short–as a direct result of drivers going home due to the pandemic & finding out conditions & pay are better in France & Germany, post Brexit.

Shortages & price rises are sure to follow.

Jun 7, 2021 31 tweets 12 min read
Everyone’s trying to sell you something, or take something off you, or get you to do something.
Everyone’s out for themselves.
No one can be trusted.
People are greedy.
People are lazy.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

That’s how I sometimes feel.

#trust But it’s far from the truth, isn’t it?

These are just the lies we’re being told – or it’s people behaving that way because of the lies they’ve been told.

May 6, 2021 33 tweets 15 min read
“Violence,” you say, “is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
I can only agree. It’s a great saying. Whose is it?
“Isaac Asimov, I think. I’m not sure.”
The science fiction writer?
I love the guy. He said a lot of great stuff. Have spacesuit. Will travel.

#violence “No, that was Heinlein.”
Ah. Right-wing libertarian Heinlein. I loved a lot of his stuff, too. Starship Troopers. Stranger In A Strange Land. Shame he was a right-wing libertarian.

May 4, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Apr 23, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Occasionally we glimpse the foul cesspit of Johnson's mind.
How he must scorn climate activists if ‘bunnyhuggers’ is how he sees them....
How he must scorn gays if "tank topped bum boys" is his description of choice....

1/3 Image How he must scorn Africans if he can write of picaninnies with water melon smiles…
How he must scorn the British public if he feels able to so easily lie…
How he must scorn women if he thinks only “feeble” men can’t “take control of their women”….
Apr 18, 2021 37 tweets 23 min read
I don’t suppose you’ve ever made a mistake?
“Why would you ask that?”
Because I’ve just made one.
“Ah, I see… And you don’t like making mistakes, do you?”
“Want to tell me?”
“Are you sure?”
I’m sure.

#enemies It’s…
It’s something you said.
You made me realise something.
“I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have intended–”
You said, “Is it ethical to have so many enemies? Is it ethical to see so many people as ‘enemies of the people’?”
“I said that–but that doesn’t mean– ”
But you were right.
Apr 6, 2021 36 tweets 11 min read
I’d like to talk about the enemies of humanity. The people who brought us to the state we’re in. The people who run our economy, own our corporations and control our media. The 0.1%.

#TheNoughtPointOnePercent “The 0.1%?”
“Not the 1%?”
The 1% are disproportionately wealthy, disproportionately influential and disproportionately polluting, it’s true… But the 0.1%... They’re another ball game entirely.