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#JohnKerry, chief negotiator of #Obama nuclear #IranDeal has uncomfortably close ongoing personal relationship with #Iranian Foreign Minister #JavadZarif, whose son was best man at Kerry's daughter's wedding.
Kerry's counterpart in 2015, Zarif was close to slain Gen #Soleimani
The 2009 wedding of #VanessaKerry to Dr. Brian Vala Nahed, of Iranian ancestry would be incidental were it not for dinner party hosted by #GeorgeSoros where #JohnKerry met best man #MahdiZarif, and father, #Iran's FM #JavadZarif…
#JohnKerry raised eyebrows again, flirting with #LoganAct prohibitions regarding unauthorized American citizens dealing with foreign governments.
Kerry met repeatedly with Iran FM #JavadZarif in 2019 to discuss ways to keep the #Iran nuclear deal intact.…
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🇺🇸 Trump 🇬🇧 Brexit, tho different in many ways; shared one clear thing in common: The fury they provoked in the establishment
👍 26:37

Politicians in Britain & America denounced their people the voters as: UNEDUCATED, RACIST, DEPLORABLE, SEXIST ...
🇺🇸 Trump, British PM Boris Johnson meet at the United Nations

🇬🇧 During the two leaders' bilateral meeting, Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the need to get on with #Brexit

🇺🇸 #PopulismTrumpsGlobalism #Populism = for #WeThePeople
🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump Speech to UN

hold on to your sovereignty, love your nation, wise leaders always put the good of their own ppl & country first. The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to #Patriots

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Regardless of the veracity of the terror threat in #Kashmir, that the government used it as subterfuge to prepare the ground for its dramatic steps is now beyond question.
Yet, among all the din of jubilation and paeans to the ‘making of history’, the fact that the government most probably misled the people over the nature of a terrorist threat is now almost an irrelevant aside. #Article370 #Article35A
As the ruling party rightly anticipated, people don’t seem to mind being deceived. This acceptance to lying with a “mixture of gullibility & cynicism” is reminiscent of d totalitarian societies Hannah Arendt described in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism. How #Fascism work
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Francois Villeroy de Galhau “we pay attention to market signals but we must not be market dependent. that includes not being overly sensitive to market based measures of inflation expectations”
Very grim diagnostic of the current state of global cooperation by @arvindsubraman Hard to disagree.
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TRUMP at White House social media event: “The crap you think of is unbelievable!”
Trump admits that he pardoned Scooter Libby after Liz Cheney advised him to do so. Scooter Libby was chief of staff for Liz’s father, Dick Cheney. #DrainTheSwamp
Here’s the president alleging that Twitter officials are engaged in a massive conspiracy to reduce his number of followers
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Putin has actively sought to destabilize the EU by supporting nationalist, populist parties like the League. In May, the Austrian gov’t fell after a video revealed the leader of Austria’s R wing discussing public contracts in exchange for RU campaign aid.…
“Funding to an Italian political party by a foreign state is illegal,” said Emanuele Fiano, member of Parliament who called on Mr. Salvini to appear before the Lower House to explain the financial negotiation heard on the tape.…
“It’s also dangerous to know that an Italian party has a contract of collaboration with a foreign state,” he added in an interview.

Two former prime ministers from the Democratic Party also called on Wednesday for an official inquiry.…
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Does fake news benefit populist parties?

My paper with @michele_ctrl & @afoxinspace is out! We propose quasi-experimental evidence from the 2018 Italian elections in Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol.


#FakeNews #FakeNewsMedia #populism 1/7
Fake news in Italy enjoyed large exposure in anticipation of the 2018 elections. A recent report from @sole24ore estimated @Mov5Stelle and @LegaSalvini voters believing (52% and 49%, respectively) and sharing (22% and 11%) of fake news. 2/7
Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol region is ideal to study fake news. German-speakers Italians vote in the same elections but are not exposed to fake news in Italian, making linguistic filter bubbles an ideal instrument. 3/7
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What we see in #Ukraine today is that people don't want to believe what they see with their own eyes, and what they hear directly from #Zelensky. The mix of people's hopefulness and Zelensky's #populism is blinding them to reality.
There is clear evidence that #Russia-connected #Yanukovych era power brokers have influence in #Zelensky's power vertical. Yet people pretend either that this isn't happening, or that it is not relevant, and will not impact Zelensky's presidency.
#Zelensky's inaugural speech echoed several RU propaganda narratives:
-#Kyiv is "responsible for continuation of war
-Kyiv "neglected RU speakers"
-Kyiv "abandoned people in occupied UA"
-"#Ukrainian is divisive factor in UA"
-"post-Maidan govt was the biggest problem in UA"
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Trump is about to deliver a campaign speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Follow along for a video thread.
There'a a sea of middle-aged white people behind Trump
We're one minute in and Trump has already blatantly lied about the Mueller report. (Mueller did not exonerate him of obstruction.)
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.@RepMarkMeadows begins CPAC with this rip-roarer: "You know, with this Green New Deal, they're trying to get rid of all the cows. But I've got good news -- Chick-fil-A stock will go way up because we gonna be eating more chicken!"
Meadows mischaracterizes Cohen's testimony, falsely says he said there's "no evidence of collusion" when in fact he just said he doesn't know of any.

These dudes are completely dishonest.
Mark Meadows does not have a future in comedy: "They may call you deplorable, but most people will call you adorable patriots, alright?
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#AfD’s lawsuit vs. #BfV still pending. Report examining AfD’s efforts against liberal-democratic basic order (FDGO) claims calling party ‘Test Case’ in public is justified b/c it refutes previous speculations about it as a ‘Suspected Case’. What else does it claim? THREAD 1/32
Report is based on 1,069 pages of publically accessible material from local, regional and federal level (party and election programmes, social media channels, websites, transcribed speeches); NO intelligence and parliamentary material. 2/32
Key principles for assessment: (1) Principle of ‘party freedom’ (Art. 21 Basic Law (‘Grundgesetz’, GG)) bound by the ‘militant democracy’ constituted by GG: FDGO does NOT necessarily assert itself through public opinion formation. (B II 1.1) 3/32
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@CanadianPatri15 @MaximeBernier @peoplespca @ethanerk @MarkFriesen08 @NicolaHanson9 @G_ozzy @LauraLynnTT @SupportersOfPPC @MusicFr53658595 @BBlue_Crab @DR_WDikshit @SPpc2019 @RaymondMDuchar1 @PPCVanKingsway @LaurieHoyda @bouchjr @boysha @Shemp_358 @AdelMaic @AHusamHussein @hodrob_rj @emlaughsallot88 @eastcoastcandau @stephencorrive5 If you follow a PPC'er & have liked my lists, add #PPC #PPC2019 #BernierNation #MadMax to your bio so you can be identified.

What I'm doing is randomly selecting a PPC follower, running thru their followers & if I don't follow them, I do + I copy and paste their name to my list.
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🔥 My first academic article about the populist radical right in the media in #Belgium #Netherlands & #Luxembourg is out now in the International Journal of Press/Politics. 🔥…
I interviewed 46 EICs in the Benelux & asked them how they deal with right-wing #populism. Turns out that there are huge differences:
In Wallonia & Luxembourg, journalists adhere to strict ostracism. In Flanders & Netherlands, they are more accommodating.

Layman summary:
Best way to end 2018! It’s been a loooooong journey.
Thanks to all the interviewees who took time to speak to me @ADnl @telegraaf @volkskrant @nrc @trouw @NOS @100komma7 @Wort_LU @tageblatt_lu @demorgen @RTBF @destandaard @letzjournal @lesoir @WOXXHEBDO etc.
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Populism: Rich politicians telling the people the economic bottom of society that the problem is other people at the economic bottom of society.
In other words, this:
You can watch the full conversation here:
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I still see so many people arguing that #populism "lacks a clear definition" and "is used for everyone you don't like". The first is no longer true, the second is unrelated to the first. #Thread
1. It is true that until beginning of 21st century #populism was truly an "essentially contested concept" (Gallie).
2. Scholars not only disagreed about its exact meaning, they disagreed about its essence (genius): movement, style, ideology, cross-class coalition, economic program, etc.
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Today More in Common is releasing a groundbreaking study of #Italy's attitudes towards #populism, national identity and #immigration, undertaken with @IpsosItalia. Some surprising findings: Italians are pro-migrant and anti-immigration. Here's my key takeouts: /1
We found 7 population segments in Italy: 27% with 'open' values, 24% with 'closed' values, and 48% in one of the 'middle' groups. Similar to other countries - but with more segments and more diversity of opinion in every group /2
Italy's populist wave is driven more by a rejection of political elites than by migration. 73% say traditional politicians don't care about people like them. Only 18% think globalisation has been good for Italy. 57% agree Italy needs a strong leader willing to break the rules /3
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Start @ min 1:0:15 💣💣 Must Hear Constance Cumbey
Intelligent ~ Sharp ~ Worth your time
#Populism, #Brexit + #TRUMP = Why They Need Global Governance NOW
Ramping Up
#MAGA #QAnon #Christians
Start @ 1:01:30 💣💣 💣 INCREDIBLE Pt 2 Constance Cumbey
Pysops of New Age in Military, Satanists, Churches, Evangelicals & More
Names You Know. Explosive Info ~ a MUST Hear!
Cutting through the Lies to Learn the Truth
#MAGA #QAnon #Christians
Is The Maurice Strong Davos Secret Society Out To Destroy Donald Trump’s Administration?
4/17/18 by Constance Cumbey
Trump & MUELLER were Davos attendees
Mueller’s was definitely more downplayed 🤔…
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Just got to Davos. Ready to fill the leadership vacuum with big ideas. My focus will be on privilege and women. Only going to #womanels #methree. Also, my alligator-skin boots got snow on them, anyone have a blow drier or an FT I can use to dry them off?
Thread 1/n: Small ideas feel big when I'm in my Gulfstream, so here it goes: We have to innovate on innovation. The 7th industrial revolution disrupts AND displaces. Artificial intelligence and blockchain can only solve resurgent populism with #compassion.
2/n We elites are critical to making this debate glocalized. Thought leadership also involves thought stewardship. Communities form the core of our economies. Blue collar workers must be re-conceived as #newcollar workers. Code is key.
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ALL articles that @EJPRjournal has published on #populism in past 10 years are now temporarily Open Access. #thread…
1. To my surprise and shock, ALL 19 (!) of the 9 articles are male. Every single one of them.
2. This is not by design! The virtual special issue is a collection of ALL articles, not a selection of SOME!
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