1/ This is the largest issue with #Cryptocurency as a whole. This psychology. Scary as an investor. Price going up doesn’t make U a better project, company, tech etc. $CEL (LOW BETA) as it refers to pricing. Market Mechanics effect price. The project, company effects VALUE. 👇🏼
2/ Celsius #CapitalStructure & #Moat #6PlusRevenueStreams & VERY HIGH BARRIER TO ENTRY @CelsiusNetwork pays 80% of revenue back to depositor (married w/equity holder, so no conflict of interest as is case w/traditional Bank capital structures). $CEL © competitor 30% PROFITS lol
3/ Celsius didn’t or hasn’t listed on MAJOR exchanges, price is determined based on short term supply & demand. #MarketMechanics This effects the PRICE not VALUE. Not listing on Exchange allows them to give it back to community. Exchanges manipulate link.medium.com/Hpe9C3jSmhb
4/ Celsius risk manages better than anyone. They only allow counter-party risk with highly flushed balanced sheets or audited & secured Protocols in #DeFi (8-10% MAX single party) Most diversified revenue streams for sustainable Yield LARGEST #BTC miner in North America.
5/ Celsius accomplished the hardest & highest Barrier to entry to generate #Yield & do it better than all competitors (Not close). FREE in APP Swaps soon. Understand that Coinbase, Voyager depend on 90%+ of Revenue from this. Now Celsius will disrupt this massive segment.
6/ The biggest failure & fallacy of investing is to generate a narrative based on price & believe it. This is how & why many get severely hurt in investing. VALUE > Price. The industry is nascent, easy & most are throwing money everywhere & w/ this being their first time
7/Participating in markets ever. Strategic importance is necessary for long term success & it has nothing to do with price. This is why people trying to create a narrative from price alone is a logical fallacy. Celsius has achieved #ProofOfCommunity full #transparency NO one else
8/has achieved this. They have the most AUM. This allows for a massive competitor Advantage as resources allow for operational leverage & growth. Alex has $300+ million of his own money sitting next to ours in $CEL token. Aligned incentives & interest. This is massive. No one
9/ else has done this. Also, have followed every legal & regulatory element. They have the best security & devote the most employees to this with over 50 of their 275 people to this. Powerful. Price will never determine whether a company will be around only VALUE & Execution.
10/ I realize this is most people’s first time participating in financial markets & investing but Celsius is doing everything the right way & creating VALUE that will be around for generations & those who are patient will be royally rewarded. *NFA
11/ Most of the competitive yields paid via other platforms if temporarily higher are not only not sustainable (Come from investor subsidizing rates to temporarily increase adoption) but mean nothing in the longer term success as not all #Yield has same risk profile, is it
12/ sustainable? Is it subsidized? And if so that’s like running a promotion instead of focusing on a sustainable business strategy. It looks great short term & everyone generates a narrative showing success but in the same way Viral Effects are not the same as Network Effects I
13/ would state the same here. Celsius unlike other projects are paying the #Yield not via #Inflation but via real revenue streams. As to #OpportunityCost I would state that anyone can make money but one is assuming massive risk to do so. Many gamble & make money & in these
14/ markets stupidity is royally rewarded because of the Monetary & Fiscal backdrop. So it may behoove some to diversify (small %) in more speculative #crypto but control ones position size. I am an investor & everything I see $CEL doing is what I want to see much of the slowness
15/ is due to the very high friction caused by following every regulatory element & prioritizing security & stability over speed. I think large investors agree with me. Despite’s ZERO marketing they are largest AUM in entire space. VALUE>price. Intelligence & patience will win
16/ but there will be many narratives driving by price that will appear to be the opposite. The personal question is are you an investor or a speculator. Celsius never moved w/ anything last time it exploded (Low Beta) is very good for #PortfolioManagement *NFA

• • •

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6 Sep
(1/10) Here is a Step by Step Video explaining how to participate in the #MaiarExchange as it pertains to the FARM ( $eGLD/ $MEX ) 🧑‍🌾 for highest APR % even if you have never downloaded the World Class Intuitive @getMaiar APP. Reference Sheet:🖼️ below & other resources #StudyHard
(2/10) Step-By-Step Flow Chart of FARM: $eGLD & $MEX Pair.
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1/ $eGLD is appealing to many:

1. It created the most equitable value sharing #Blockchain Design, Tech & Economic Model.

2. Promotes #Collaboration to secure a network vs #Compete #BTC

3. EU Certified Net Negative Blockchain 🌱

4. Solves the TRUST, CENSORSHIP & DATA problems

5. It allows for DAO’s organizational structures that promote Meritocracy & change in how one Values organizations.

6. It allows the USERS to be THE OWNERS so there is aligned interest to do what is best for the users not Exploit them in traditional Consumer experience

7. It allows the small and technology challenged individual to access & participate via This value sharing & LOW FEE COST on the Network.

8. Elrond is essentially a Public Utility DAO Philanthropic organic meant to Bank the Unbanked & Unbanked the Banked
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1/ Yes, #Academic reasoning of value proposition. I have over 11+ years as an academic & professor. Most academics are good at analyzing & assessing things, as to building #DisruptiveTechnology The hungriest & most talented #entrepreneurs who designed from 1st Principles $eGLD ⚡️
2/ They have sold public that somehow you can have #Academics analyze something that has NEVER been done before. The very premise of value proposition is faulty at its core. $eGLD & $ADA You don’t know what you don’t know in #DisruptiveTechnology that is what makes it disruptive
3/ Many people don’t even understand what the #DisruptiveTechnological cycle looks like, behaves like or that this is what they are investing in. #CriticalThinking has all been lost among some. The level of comfort & deception is powerful. $ADA will do well but any one believing
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1/ Please see this link: As to why I love 🔥 @CelsiusNetwork Also, I earn Yield on $CEL 4.8% & around a 11% on $MATIC if you want to know where the $CEL is token gets it’s value & Y it exists, please see below 👇🏼
2/ This is where the $CEL token derives it’s value from + via Network Effects. I will discuss below 👇🏼 Why the $CEL token exists based on my own understanding.
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1/ Rewards for protecting the network (staking to network) $eGLD are paid out daily. The Elrond Network Protocol design is dynamic not static. Due to how things are designed from a security standpoint & how Validators (who pay a distribution to delegators & charge a service fee)
2/ are rewarded in $eGLD for helping to secure the network, this is Y the % or yield paid not static. Let me explain. Nodes go into and out of (waiting) after rewards to promote meritocracy & additional security. Some are participating in consensus at times & others are not.
3/ Per Secure Proof of Stake (SPOS) design. This is why the APR % is dynamic not STATIC. It averages out over time though. Best to calculate over a month not a few days. $eGLD
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1/ I am happy you are starting to dig into the details now more @Crypt0Jed1 As to your question it requires a bit of an in depth response as it’s due to the Design & Implementation. As it relates to the developer: they don’t need to worry about this layer. $eGLD
2/ The Arwen Machine VM is designed for statelessness which is a KEY 🔑 design process as to allow instant execution PRIOR to writing ✍️ to Blockchain. It also adds an Out-Of-Process Execution to increase security by running its own process exchange, which adds more security 🔒
3/ Also, it’s important to understand how $eGLD & @ElrondNetwork designed the Merkle Tree & Cross Shard Transactions docs.elrond.com/technology/cro…
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