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1/6: Often in discussions around Scripture, we encounter what’s known as a ‘false dilemma’ or ‘false dichotomy.’ This logical fallacy presents only two options when there are, in fact, more. #BibleStudy #LogicalFallacy
2/6: A ‘false dilemma’ assumes that only one of two alternatives can be true. This binary thinking neglects the possibility of additional options, or that a spectrum of possibilities might exist. #FalseDilemma #CriticalThinking
3/6: Reconsider the glorification of God. Some might argue we should only glorify the Father and not Yeshua, His Son. This sets up a false dichotomy. Why? Because according to Scripture, both are glorified. See 2 Peter 3:18 for definitive proof. #GlorifyGod #PeterGlorifiesYeshua
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(1/7) Have you ever heard of the "Committee of 300"? 🤔 Let's dive into this intriguing web of power and influence. 🕸️ Hold on tight as we unravel the secrets behind this shadowy group. #Committeeof300 #ConspiracyTheory
(2/7) The Committee of 300 is believed to be a secretive organization comprising influential figures from various sectors: politics, finance, industry, and more. Some claim it to be a global elite cabal orchestrating events behind the scenes. 🌐💼 #GlobalElite #ShadowPower
(3/7) Allegedly, the origins of the Committee of 300 can be traced back to the British East India Company and later to Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman and politician. It's said to operate as a network of interconnected individuals with shared objectives. 🌍🔗 #PowerNetwork
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🔥 1/11: Ready to hack your learning and become a master of any skill? This thread uncovers 10 mind-blowing ChatGPT prompts designed to supercharge your learning experience. Let's unlock our full potential! #learning #ChatGPT

🎯 2/11: Prompt: Leverage the Pareto Principle for learning: Identify the 20% of [topic or skill] that will yield 80% of the desired results and provide a focused learning plan to master it. #ParetoPrinciple #80/20Rule
🔬 3/11: Prompt: Utilize the Feynman Technique for deeper understanding: Explain [topic or skill] in the simplest terms possible as if teaching it to a complete beginner. Identify gaps in understanding and suggest resources to fill them. #FeynmanTechnique #simplicity
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🚨 False beliefs

Those tricky little lies we tell ourselves that keep us from living our best lives. It's time to expose them, kick them out, and unlock our true potential. Let's dive in! 🌊 #FalseBeliefs #Thread 1/15
2/ 🎭 So, what are false beliefs? They're distorted thoughts that make us believe things about ourselves, others, or the world that simply aren't true. They hold us back, but fear not! We've got some killer strategies to banish them for good. #MindsetShift
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1: Identify them. First up, you need to know your enemy. Keep a journal, reflect on your thoughts, and pinpoint those pesky false beliefs. Bring them into the light, and they'll start to lose their grip. #SelfAwareness
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In 1502, painter Vironymus Boschman created a masterpiece in a small European town. It was called 'The Con Men.'

The painting shows a group of healers, alchemists, and a town crier blaming the outbreak of a new disease on a bat, when they were actually the culprits. 1/4
People from far and wide came to see the painting, captivated by its lifelike details and meaningful message.

The painting warned of false information and the importance of critical thinking, and became a source of inspiration and reflection. 2/4
Over the years, 'The Con Men' only grew in fame and continued to awaken minds and sharpen senses.

Vironymus became known as a master of his craft, and his painting a symbol of truth and a reminder of deception. 3/4
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Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that a very talented artist whose work is beloved by many zoos and furries has used their influence and platform to unintentionally spread harmful misinformation. Despite the good intentions of @Elicitie, this must be corrected.
This is a position @Elicitie, I, zoos, and many animal advocates share. Indeed sexual contact between homosapiens and other taxalogical families should be consensual. The term 'zoophilia' has been superseded by 'zoosexuality' in the literature.

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"#ALEC’s proposed Free Speech in Higher Education Act debated by members this week would ban public universities from using bias reporting systems to prevent or punish “offensive” or “unwanted” speech by students, faculty, staff, or guests."… #HigherEd Image
#ALEC’s FORUM Act "has passed in multiple states with the help of the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, aims to address the manufactured free speech “crisis” being hyped by the Right, often by sending extremist provocateurs to speak at colleges and universities." #HigherEd Image
The real reason for the attack on libraries… This "has always been about keeping people uneducated and ignorant. Suppressing diverse ideas has always been the hallmark of conservatism, and free libraries stand in the way of their goal."
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Republicans Want Teachers to Leave Public Education… Republicans are literally running a political platform on weakening teachers, schools and education because they need the poorly educated to make up their voting base.
1/ DeSantis, conservatives score more Florida school board wins Moms for Liberty endorsed 12 for Florida school board and donated to campaigns. The 1776 PAC, which opposes critical race theory in schools, endorsed 49 candidates throughout 21 counties.
2/ Parental rights have been a key battle cry for DeSantis who pushed Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, aka “Parental Rights in Education”.
Together with "School Choice" laws promoting charter schools, DeSantis is dictating what kids can learn, and where they can learn it. Image
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Okay. So I haven't slept for 2 days, I'm running on Adderall, Coffee and Cheeeeeescake, Gromit.

Now that I set the stage, I need to document some stuff here before I crash. Because: I'm seeing things 'from my archives matching realtime' that I need to save before, 'smoked'. Image
Awhile back...

...I did a thing on top of a lot of other things and then more things since those things.

What FOLLOWS is a #MindDump jumbled out-of-sequence set of affinities around 'a Theme'

THEME : '#Memeplex and #Q' Image
Dan killed his 'name' account (Known-Known) and created a completely new one (Identical User ID).

It hasn't changed, externally, from immediately after it was created. '3/0' Zero Tweets. Behind the curtain? Who knows. Image
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THREAD “#Cottarelli sarà una punta di diamante della nostra campagna, capolista del PD che vuol far tornare la fiducia nella politica”: così @enricoletta. Ma @CottarelliCPI è davvero una “punta di diamante”? Rispolveriamo un #factchecking del 2020. 1/n

18.6.2020: @CottarelliCPI addita incompetenza digitale degli insegnanti italiani, citando “#OcsePisa”: “Italia è al 72° posto (su 79) per le competenze tecnico-digitali degli insegnanti”. Un tweet apparentemente basato su dati certificati … 2/N

Ma la “competenza” è solo apparente: solo chi frequenta i social network alla maniera di #Napalm51, compulsando Google e condividendo link senza averli letti, poteva dare credito alla classifica #OCSE. 3/N…
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@MauryCountyDems took the holiday to not tweet out it’s @AndyOgles list of self inflicted wounds on his course to a higher office. But I want to focus on 2 things he says that demonstrates our ability to use critical thinking. @ 1st glance these 2 areas Andy & I seem to agree
1. It matters who leads. That’s his slogan, & those words are correct, but the guy that over ruled the Mayor of Columbia @chazmolder working to protect his constituents caused @MauryRegional to have a mobile morgue. He stiffed @Columbia_TN on his idiotic #MuleFest to score points
He flatly demonstrated that he puts Andy above #MauryCounty. It does matter who leads & it’s why we need to rally around electing @Campbell4TN over Andy, Parks trying to get elected to skip sentencing, @BethHarwellTN who sold her perceived values from her bid for Governor out
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The Q&A with @TomChatfield is about to start!

We'll be sharing your questions with Tom and discussing all things criticality and 'Critical Thinking 2e'.

To join the chat and ask any last minute questions, use #TalkCriticalThinking #CriticalThinking
@TomChatfield Make sure you follow us and @TomChatfield and keep an eye on this thread to read all the answers. #TalkCriticalThinking
@TomChatfield Question #1 We hear a lot about #CriticalThinking, but why is it so important? #TalkCriticalThinking @TomChatfield
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"One thing I learned early how many people with large audiences are just bullshitting in a confident tone of voice. It's very easy to make a name for yourself that way. The path of integrity takes more work, and not many take it." -- @caitoz…
Crop harvests for direct food use insufficient to meet the UN’s food security goal…
#GlobalFoodSystem, #FoodSecurity, #UnitedNationsGoals, #HarvestCalories, #DirectFood
Life Cycle of Strawberry Plants: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2022)…
#LifeCycle, #StrawberryPlants, #DefinitiveGuide
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"No matter how outrageous a claim may initially seem, we all need to consider the possibility that it might actually be true – just consider how many things that you never thought would be possible are now reality." -- Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi…
Sustaining Antimicrobial Stewardship in a High–Antibiotic Resistance Setting | Clinical Decision Support…
#AntibioticResistance, #AntimicrobialStewardship, #ClinicalDecisionSupport, #CohortStudy
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/25/2022
Chaotic death recording during the pandemic could mean thousands were WRONGLY blamed on Covid | Daily Mail Online…
#COVID19, #CauseOfDeath, #TerminallyIll
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Over the past 5 years I've read 120+ books.

Here's 10 key lessons I've picked up from the following #books 👇:
1. In The Biggest Bluff, @mkonnikova shares the secret sauce to #learning:

“Less certainty. More inquiry.”

Question everything. Whittle down each subject to first principles.

That and having skin in the game by betting.

When we have a stake in the outcome, we learn more.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/18/2022…
Protein tweak makes CRISPR gene editing 4,000 times less error-prone…
#CRISPR, #GeneEditing, #Cas9Protein, #ErrorCorrection
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#Civil and intelligent conversation That involves #criticalthinking skills,self-regulation, #reflection, mutual respect respectful debate, direct conversation are #socialskills all research based Scientific evidence is highly encouraged here. I encourage this on my
Twitter feed to engage in civil #discourse
To #question everything, to be self-aware and insightful,
to allow open #transparent #ooen conversations & discourse free of denial, not listening, talking over others, not letting them finish their sentences, being angry and rageful.
These #behaviors do nothing to advance any cause. #Safeguarders & mediators are very important to the well-being of children miners and disabled adults. when it comes to #childsafety anyone who mocks child safety needs to seriously reflect and/or take A child safety course.
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This is what targeted racial harassment looks like: nitpicking things like “smiled” or “wore clothes like a celebrity, as a celebrity” or “bought cookware.” It is part of the “gold digger” narrative.
This is common in #healthcare#professionalism” where there is hazing & bullying by racist &/or classist made up non-rules lacking standards…yet people are called “breaking the rules.”

It’s exactly how bullies operate: double standards, mislabel/smear, exclude, marginalize.
In the U.K., “BAME” includes the formerly colonized, thus making race constructs or power different from U.S. as latter had race-based chattel slavery.

Thing is, those formerly colonized have many who have internalized self hate & racism.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/25/2021…
Millions of crabs shut down the streets on Australia's Christmas Island…

#RedCrabs #australia #ChristmasIsland
The impact of flowering plants on the evolution of life on Earth…

#evolution #FloweringPlants #impact #ResearchResults
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"USAReally is a news website with apparent ties to the Internet Research Agency, the Russian "troll factory" that received indictments from Robert Mueller." Russian Oligarch, Putin Chef, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the 'Federal News Agency', 'launched it'.…
'USAReally' :: It Begs to be Mapped

I started long ago but never really dug in. It smells like 'Cognitive Warfare' and reads like 'Propaganda' with links to sites pumping the usual swill...

Let's begin. Image
25 September 2018: The New York Times reports that the Moscow-based news website "USAReally Com" appears to be a continuation of the IRA's fake news propaganda efforts targeting Americans.

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I was asked recently to provide some examples of health and fitness marketing that makes false claims and/or exploits human biases. I came up with a billion examples. Here are just 6:

#science #skepticism #criticalthinking #exercise #health
1/6. All-natural #wheyprotein. It exploits the irrational cognitive bias towards natural products.
2/6. L-carnitine sold for decades as a ‘fat burner’ despite research which failed to show consistent and reliable outcomes.
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