Black Bodies and White Newspapers
[#TPLF #ChildSoldiers #MSM]

1/ In July @nytimes described #TPLF #ChildSoldiers as "motivated young fighters" and now @guardian guardian has followed suit with their most recent coverage of the conflict in Ethiopia.
Many #Ethiopians and independent observers are enraged by the portrayal of #ChildSoldiers in the MSM. The refusal of the 'International Community' to unequivocally condemn this exploitation of Tigrayan children has been baffling for for many.
2/ The western world has been objectifiying black bodies for the past 500 years. Look at this pictures of black Africans naked and chained like wild animals or with hands chopped by the soldiers of their Belgian masters, taken by white photographers.
All to easily, you can imagine the voyeuristic complicity of Europeans at home looking at these pictures and marvelling at the 'misfortune' of these 'barbarians.'
3/ The now infamous picture known as 'the vulture and the little girl' depicts an emaciated black child in the grips of death & the vulture waiting patiently for its 'next meal'.
Behind the camera was a photographer, Kevin Carter,who took picture of the vulture & the vultures 'next meal.' @nytimes published the picture on March 26, 1993 and Carter won a Pulitzer for it. Four months later took his life.
Black bodies cannot be sold and bought (at least legally) as it was customary for 400 years, but as you can clearly see the objectification of black people is still well and alive.
4/ Child soldiers have been used in Yugoslavia & Northern Ireland, yet for the life of me I could not find a single newspaper article sporting a picture of gun toting white children or 'motivated young fighters' if you want to be euphemistic about it.
One can only imagine the public outcry, if the @nytimes or @guardian decide to run such stories with these kind of pictures. So the question is why are they taking such a risk? Are they not worried about their reputation?
5/ The short answer is: No they are not! They know their audience very well. They know that their white middle-class liberal audience does not flinch at the depiction of black children carrying guns.They actually expect it. It makes them feel good about themselves.
Afterall they contribute money to @hrw & @amnesty and the government they voted for is doing the best it could to save these black 'savages' from themselves. What more can they do?! #TheWhiteMansBurden
5/ The likes of Sergio Ramazzotti @parallelozero, @finbarroreilly & @declanwalsh are 'closeted racists' who hide behind the liberal values and freedom of press. They would gladly watch us butcher each other as long as they have their Pulitzers. They are Vultures!
6/ The @nytimes & @guardian want the world to believe that they epitomize liberal values. They want the world to believe that they stand for racial equality.
@nytimes, @guardian, if your #BLM righteousness only exists in the US or UK, it ultimately means you put little value on black lives.Your 'solidarity' is a mere posturing, a performative allyship!
@nyt and @guardian are #aDenOfVultures!


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@wdavison10 of @CrisisGroup:
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Their biggest nongovernmental donor is Soros' Open Society Foundation (nothing to look here)
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#TPLF & #Genocide, a love affair, 1991-2021

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The constitution that remade Ethiopia into an ethnic based state was ratified in 1994, while bodies were floating down Kagera River. While genocide was being facilitated by identification cards that advertise your ethnicity, #TPLF decided to enforce the same rules in Ethiopia.
2/ #TPLF institutionalized animosity between the Amhara & the Oromo which it tended to for three decades. #TPLF always portrayed itself as the only group that can avert imminent bloodshed between the two groups and the disintegration of #Ethiopia.
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Reintroducing #TheMasterplan in time for new year

Whenever the West plans to destabilise a certain region or regime, they mobilize the MSM, AO and HR groups in a concerted manner.

1/The media will start a campaign that prepares the ground for future interventions...
...while swaying public opinion towards the needed direction. They start labeling the government as #totalitarian if not elected, and #populist if elected. Terms such as #genocide #EthnicCleansing #famine would get bandied around. They cultivate a new "reality" on the ground.
2/ Aid organizations would join the chorus and paint a picture of impending humanitarian doom. From one day to the next the number of people facing famine grows in leaps and bounds. The talk shifts towards #unfettered humanitarian access and humanitarian corridors
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1/ On July 22 the GOE issued a statement warning, that the #TPLF is transporting dead bodies of its fighters from Afar towards Mekele to stage a fake massacre...
On the face of it this looks like quite a suspicious and rediculous allegation. To start with, how are the #TPLF going to get the body to Tekeze without decomp setting in?
We got the answer thanks to @nimaelbagir|s experts, "the bodies had all been exposed to some form of chemical agent after death, leading to a process which had effectively preserved them before entering the water."
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1/@telegraph is back with one of the most egregious hatchet jobs journalism has witnessed in recent time, courtesy of @berhe_lucy.…
2/ In the article @berhe_lucy tries to overwhelm the senses with gory but ultimately unsubstantiated details of limbs getting chopped off & eyes gouged, so that the reader's critical mind is temporarily offline & receptive of claims that can't pass even a cursory critical glance.
3/ I ask the esteemed readers of the Telegraph to bring their critical mind back online. After a few paragraphs filled with outrageous claims of 'atrocities' & 'concentration camps', @Telegraph itself admits that they "could not confirm these accounts" independently!....
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There are unbelievablly glaring gaps in @nimaelbagir latest piece for @CNN:

1/ According to the article the community leaders in Sudan are certain the bodies are of Tigrayans from Humera since they get the information from witnesses who.....
"saw people marched down to the river in one of the facilities and heard gunshots......We're told to look out for their bodies coming down the river."
After a few paragraphs @nimaelbagir quotes experts saying that the bodies had all been chemically preserved indicating...
"they had been stored in a similar environment, possibly a storage facility or a mass grave, before being dumped into the river, the experts said." ....
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