1. Afghan resistance leaders, long backed by CIA, have fled following Taliban takeover interc.pt/3ECY74N by @matthewacole, @kenklippenstein
2. @theintercept is often wrong, but it's never in doubt. US prepared #Massoud and his force during the evacuation. I spotted it, but never reported it. The battle map was simple, and the options were limited. Massoud had to reach a friendly border, and so he fought a delay
3. action. Now the ethnic #Tajik #Afghan resistance force has reached the border with #Tajikistan and is preparing the #AfghanResistance. @theintercept's myopic view of the battle space is matched by its inability to comprehend the political playing field.
4. Putin no longer has anything to gain from leveraging the American withdrawal that he found shockingly hasty. Now he's facing a humanitarian and a security disaster on his southern flank with the five Stans Russian satellite states. But just today,
5. the @StateDept reported its successful C5+1 with the Stans. state.gov/joint-statemen…
6. For the first time in decades, Russia and the US are singing from the same hymnal. A consummate diplomat was given the task to put this nascent coalition together. Someone well known to the Russians and the C5. While the world and the US and apparently the Intercept were
7. watching the reports of a tiny resistance force being driven from towns in Panjshir into the mountains, Bill Burns put the band together and today US @StateDept made clear that the Taliban were only forming an "interim government."
8. At the same time, there were calls today to give the #Taliban credentials at #UNGA. The US is on the committee and the way it was addressed that may happen. But the Taliban may be surprised to find somebody else is in their seat. Image
9. IMO quick formation of federal Afghanistan that leaves the Taliban in control of mostly Pashtun areas would stop the disaster that's certain to come. Afghanistan's rugged terrain is actually a blessing because it creates internal borders that can form the borders of ethnically
10. defined states. With Pakistan's motives exposed, the long game is over for the Taliban. They can survive in a Pashtun region or prepare to be the foreign invader's occupying force. @LindseyGrahamSC @WHNSC

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25 Sep
This sounds like a #KochNetwork affiliated person was just checking to report to the boss on Jan 6 and then vanished from the usual sources of data to identify him. Good detective work by the @FBI. Stick a pin in this one. @maddow @MaddowBlog
He was released on personal recognizance. Reading the criminal complaint and based on my experience in working with FBI on criminal referrals in Bankruptcy cases, this guy was a big deal for them.NB He was present when Ashli Babbit was loaded in the ambulance. And if the Image
#KochNetwork had organized some part of the Capitol attack, this is the kind of #KochNetwork person who might have been involved as an "organizer." Could he have recruited Babbit? And his Twitter account started in April. Who thinks he deleted an old one?
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24 Sep
1. Federal systems are inherently more stable in nation states made up of diverse ethnic and religious groups. #Afghanistan is a clear example of a nation state that would benefit from a federal system.
2. In the weeks preceding @JoeBiden's April 14 announcement of our withdrawal, I spent time trying to examine whether there's a way to end the #Afghan civil war. I was in full agreement that we should get out, but I was also aware the #Taliban would attack and so without US
3. support, a rout was predictable. Now that we're out, the other actors on Afghanistan's borders are facing the predictable results of a barbaric, inhuman Taliban slaughter of ethnic and religious groups. It has to be stopped. Therefore, I propose creation of separate
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23 Sep
1. @JamaalBowmanNY says these @HouseDemocrats support removing US forces from #Syria. IMO that will let #Turkey murder #Kurds, #Christians & #Yazidi & install al-Qaeda terror zone. @RepRoKhanna @RepPeterDeFazio @Janshakowsky @RashidaTlaib @RepAndyLevin @RepCohen @RepRitchie
2. These members may be misguided. Lied to by #Turkey's lobbyists. Let them know, their support for Bowman's misguided #NDAA amendment could end their careers. Support all secular, democratic and gender equal Syria. Reject the enslavement of women.
3. The Syrians have done the fighting. We are in a purely advise and assist role. There have been almost no US force combat casualties in Syria. This was the one war we fought smart with local support who died by the thousands while we lost almost zero combat casualties.
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14 Sep
1. US Tax policy will be future historian's Rosetta Stone for tracing the cause of the end of the American experiment. From 1940 to 1964 US income tax rates on incomes ranging from over 200k to 400k were over 80%. Most of the time over 90%. The rates started to fall in 1964
2. that I presume was the deal that made the Civil Rights Acts pass. Then the decline increased with Nixon and finally the massive Reagan tax cuts turned American economic life on its head. That massive lowering of top tax rates was accomplished by in large part by a determined
3. group of conspiracy theorists who claimed the reds were going to take over and destroy us all the while the guy who ran the group made his money workding for the Reds. The big lie we are witnssing devour our society was and remains the stock and trade of the
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14 Sep
1. @MSNBC hosts like @NicolleDWallace keep saying things like they don't get why the GOP leaders and members don't speak out against the ongoing anti-democratic actions of #45 cultists, when the reason is the same they don't speak out. The GOP and @MSNBC are controlled by Koch
2. who will lose power if we have a democracy. Every @HouseGOP @SenateGOP is controlled by Koch. They don't have to raise money and they only have to give total obedience in exchange for financial support. If @maddow wants to save the world, she will cut it with @MSNBC.
3. Create a platform for news and comment that is not controlled by any anti-American cult/bribery conspiracy. And the Democrats are also to blame because they have yet to subpoena Koch and his minions like McGahn to an open hearing on their maligned influence in US politics.
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14 Sep
1. I don't think this is Baradar. Not even close. This is a younger voice. In addition, Baradar has a protruding right incisor that makes his speech distinct. Meter and breath is all wrong. This is not Baradar IMO. #Taliban #Haqqani #PanjshirGenocide #Panjshir
2. Here's the real one. I don't think it's even close. So IMO he's dead or severely injured. At least it's a reasonable conclusion. @DefenseIntel

Taliban leader Mullah Video Abdul Ghani Baradar's message to Afghans via @YouTube
3. If that assessment is accurate, then what are the Haqqani going to do now? The charade can't last. What's their plan? I would think that may be the reason that Zabiullah Mujahid flew to Mazar-e-Sharif. Designated survivor, while Haqqani and the Pak ISI complete the coup.
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