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1) Last week the #Yazidi community lost a true hero. Jameel Ghanem Chomer was a pivotal and constant figure of the humanitarian and advocacy response to the #YazidiGenocide.
2) This man’s life deserves a much greater tribute than I can offer, but I do want to share some comments and images about his story and his service.
3) Jameel was a schoolteacher from Borek on the north side of #Sinjar Mountain. His family fled from the Islamic State (IS) attack on the morning of the genocide (Aug. 3, 2014).
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1. I'm no #Assad fan. He is a brutal dictator who used chemical weapons on his own people. But we learned what happens if you destroy a nation's defense force after defeating dictators in #Germany and in #Iraq. What comes is either subjugation to a predator like the USSR or chaos
2. in the form of something like #Daesh. The #Turkish attack on the Syrian #Arab Republic forces near #Kobane is an act of an aggressor nation seeking to subjugate #Syria so it can commit genocide against #Yazidi, #Kurds and #Christians. @NATO cannot permit #Erdogan to hold
3. our collective morality and best interests hostage while he uses #Finland and #Sweden's accession as means to extort complicity in his crimes. Tell #Erdogan if he attacks Syria every member of @NATO will terminate their #Article5 obligations to #Turkey and cast the neo-
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1) This beautiful drawing of Salih Nasir Naso, a twelve-year-old #Yazidi boy murdered by #Turkey in #Sinjar on Wednesday, was done by @HishamHaji2:
2) The girl in the drawing is Salih’s sister, seen in a video captured moments after the bombings, screaming for help on the street, and saying "my brother is in there." At the end of the video she walks past a business named after Nadia Murad.
3) The U.S. is comfortable with Turkey murdering Yazidi children in the name of its “security.” Turkish bombings of Shingal are now in their sixth year. If the U.S. had a problem with it, it would have taken action by now.
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1) Two+ weeks of violence in #Shingal—following the Iraqi army mobilizing to force-implement the Sinjar Agreement—recently ended. Time for a THREAD on the reasons why the #Sinjar Agreement was unworkable from its inception, and why its implementation will harm the #Yazidi people.
2) Recap—In the past month: Masrour visited Erdogan; Turkey then subsequently launched a new anti-PKK campaign in Iraq ; Kadhimi simultaneously ordered the Iraqi army to mobilize against the #YBŞ, which produced two weeks of hostilities; thousands of #Yazidis were displaced; >
3) Iraq imprisoned two foreign journalists visiting Sinjar; Iran-aligned militias shelled the Turkish military base near Ba‘shiqa & Erbil-based oil installations; Kadhimi appointed Nineveh’s governor as acting head of Sinjar District and then reversed the appointment.
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Iraqi security forces shelling PKK terrorists in Sinjar northern #Iraq with mortars.
Iraqi army helicopter flying over #Sinjar northern #Iraq
Iraqi army units surround PKK terrorists in sinjar northern #Iraq with support from Tanks and armored vehicles.
PKK snipers using secondary school as a shield against Army.
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I have interviewed Nadia Murad @NadiaMuradBasee, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, on the tragedy of mass rapes in #Ukraine. She told me interesting things. Like, if we want to stop this appalling weapon of war against women, we also must change ourselves.…
1. @NadiaMuradBasee: "What is happening in Ukraine is appalling, but, unfortunately, not new. Women and girls in conflicts all over the world are subjected to sexual violence, just as Yazidis were. Women and girls will continue to be used as "weapons" of war until..."
2. "...the international community takes concrete, tangible action to address and prevent sexual violence in conflict. In the case of Ukraine, action can be taken right now to prevent any more Ukrainian women from enduring such horrific violence."
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Disturbing & disappointing developments in continued assaults by #Turkish military in #Syria + #Iraq , particularly Turkish claim that this has been coordinated with Iraq/KRG authorities, which has serious implications for #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar; and many others.

In this @washingtonpost article, it implies that cooperation exists among various authorities to green light #Turkey airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. This has serious implications for the so-called "Sinjar Agreement", which has failed to help Yezidis there.…
The situation is extremely grave. ALL authorities throughout #Iraq , including Iraq govt & KRG govt, have a solemn duty to protect citizens in their territories. The deliberate targeting of #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar is an abominable human rights violations that is ongoing.
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From Francis Gautier friend Anil Bahl. what do u think?
"Doom of Sanātani Hindu Civilisation?
1.#Hindus were almost same % in #Pakistan as were #Mujlims in #India during #Independence
How #Hindus r extinct in 70yrs in neighbouring Ijlamic nations where as they r twice in #India?
Hindus there did not fight against Mujlim #extermination of them, lost. #Loosing here too?
2. Any race that does not fight back for existence #looses our as did #Yazidi too in recent past. Being #peaceful does not mean to give in to #intruders & #tormentors. Only #strength
of a community keeps it secured, not wisdom. #Hindus ought to have learnt this tough #lesson by now.
3. World does not let you coexist if they do not fear you
#Hindus we’re expanding till we had strong #Kingdoms and our #knowledge was also safe. Once we were weakened by Ijlam &
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1. @JamaalBowmanNY says these @HouseDemocrats support removing US forces from #Syria. IMO that will let #Turkey murder #Kurds, #Christians & #Yazidi & install al-Qaeda terror zone. @RepRoKhanna @RepPeterDeFazio @Janshakowsky @RashidaTlaib @RepAndyLevin @RepCohen @RepRitchie
2. These members may be misguided. Lied to by #Turkey's lobbyists. Let them know, their support for Bowman's misguided #NDAA amendment could end their careers. Support all secular, democratic and gender equal Syria. Reject the enslavement of women.
3. The Syrians have done the fighting. We are in a purely advise and assist role. There have been almost no US force combat casualties in Syria. This was the one war we fought smart with local support who died by the thousands while we lost almost zero combat casualties.
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1. I have daily reported on the war against #Daesh fka #ISIS since the summer of 2014. I watched them on Turkish TV broadcasts interacting with Turkish TSK force members. They had near total control of Gaziantep reported that @CIA had to remove their people from there IMO
2. likely because Daesh was operating a #Yazidi child sex slave market in Gaziantep. IMO @CIA @StateDept @CENTCOM all know that Turkey is an ISIS al-Qaeda affiliate. We have even recently sanctioned persons connected with the al-Qaeda affiliate HTS in Idlib that is allied
3. with Turkey. Until we make an example of all nation states that support terrorism in all its forms, groups will continue to grow and be a threat the to US national security. Today as we watch this unfold Turkey's terrorists in Syria will attack our partnered force and we
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1. I think this was my first use of the term "rout" noting I reported on April 14, the day we announced it, that the Taliban would attack in force. How can I be better at intel than the Pentagon and the CIA? Let's put all this off and get our people out but we have to view an
2. operational decision like this from the point of view of fighters who are on the ground in a partnered force. 45 betrayed more than Afghans and our partners are still fighting terrorists in #Syria who we don't have to fight. Every time we say what great allies the #Turks are
3. while their al-Qaeda/Daesh mercenaries are shelling #Syrian children & their air force flies US supplied F-16s to bomb a #Yazidi hospital serving victims of #Daesh genocide we become less effective & risk Daesh & al-Qaeda spreading throughout the #Mideast to
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1) The first ever visit of an Iraqi prime minister to #Sinjar in the post-Saddam era is occurring now. In a telling gesture of dominance over Iraqi PM al-Kadhimi, Turkey has today assassinated a key #Yazidi leader inside Sinjar City who had arrived there as the PM was en-route.
2) Prime Minister al-Kadhimi is in Kocho at this moment. Yesterday was the anniversary of the #Kocho Massacre. As the PM was about to arrive in Sinjar, a Turkish airstrike inside Sinjar City killed Saeed Hasan Saeed, a #YBŞ leader who played a major role in the fight against IS.
3) Saeed Hasan was an Iraqi Yazidi who had no political agenda or activity inside Turkey. He is from Zumani on the south side of Sinjar Mountain, now the site of three large mass graves of Yazidis killed by jihadists.
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VIP escort arranged by #Netherlands govt for female #ISIS #Daesh terrorist's return home from #Syria. Female ISIS members committed horrific crimes and provided material support for genocide + terrorism. #Yezidi #Yazidi

video via @HaraldDoornbos

@telegraaf @ADnl @volkskrant
Some may wonder why female #ISIS #Daesh members are given protection by their home governments, considering the literal GENOCIDE the Islamic State perpetrated against #Yezidi #Yazidi . Partly, it is because European states wrongly assess female ISIS members as not culpable.
Meanwhile, as these #ISIS #Daesh member is being brought home through the funding and protection of the Netherlands government, more than 2800 #Yezidi #Yazidi women and children remain unaccounted for in aftermath of ISIS's brutality and genocide
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Today the United Nations @UN investigations @UNITAD_Iraq confirmed what we have all known: the #ISIS #Daesh attacks on #Yezidi #Yazidi was genocide.
As outlined by the @UNCoISyria in 2016, this was genocide in intent and execution.
Many individuals, organizations, and even countries from around the world have worked hard to make sure that this is shown to be true, including those inside and out of the #Yezidi #Yazidi community.
Even though it is a great achievement by the Yezidi community as a whole to see the world recognize this as genocide, there remains tremendous work to do. That includes the pursuit of justice in court cases, but it also includes tackling the root causes of Yezidi suffering.
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International concern and pity for the welfare and condition of #ISIS #Daesh members held in detention, from the reputable and esteemed @hrw @KenRoth @lettatayler , may have international legal weight but is missing the bigger picture.

It is admirable that crucial international rights organizations like @hrw and @amnesty work to improve adherence to justice, human rights, and the rule of law around the world. Rightly so and generally a force for good, as #Yezidi #Yazidi people know.
Those #ISIS #Daesh members, male and female, do in principle deserve fair trial, judicial processes, legal representation, and the robust legal system that most citizens enjoy in the West. That is ideal, and we #Yezidi #Yazidi would warmly welcome full trials of ISIS.
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Thread: Some initial comments, concerns, hopes on the new agreement between #Iraq and #KRG on #Shingal . Some aspects are positive, but some can prove problematic. #Yezidi #Yazidi Image
A primary source of concern is that the agreement and discussions were done without participation of #Yezidi #Yazidi community. We would like the intl community to call for local engagement in such negotiations.

Below is comment from @UNIraq . Image
We should empower and raise up the decision-making power exercised by the actual residents of Shingal. One positive development is attention from both governments to the reconstruction and better future for a neglected and destroyed part of the country.
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Thread. Since even before the #ISIS #Daesh genocide against #Yezidi #Yazidi #YazidiGenocide in 2014, the '@NATO member' #Turkey has been the #Jihad highway to #Syria and #Iraq .

These are items on sale in stores in Turkey for terrorist extremists like ISIS members.
It is no secret that foreign terrorists, including #ISIS but not only ISIS, use #Turkey as a gateway, with encouragement and facilitation of Turkish state + parts of Turkey's society. But it is revealing + appalling to see #ISIS clothing / literature openly on sale in the street.
For those who think these are only shirts and books, be sure that this is the tip of the iceberg that is based on destruction, murder, and sexual violence. The virtual (social media) and physical (Turkey) pathway is the door for individuals to join genocidal organizations.
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There are 1000s of stories of Yazidi woman's bravery. After being tortured, raped & sold as a sex shelves by Islamic States (ISIS) terrorists. But they shown their courage & managed to escape from ISIS.

It's been 6 years of #YazidiGenocide but still they're away from justice.1/n
3rd Aug marks 6th anniversary of #YazidiGenocide by Islamic State.

1000s killed. 1000s sexually enslaved. 1000s orphaned. 100s of 1000s exiled.

ISIS members brunt their families alive in front of them, brunt their houses, forcefully raped them and sold them as sex shelves. 2/n
Here I share some stories of brave #Yazidi girls who lost & everyone & everything but not lost the hope. They fought & escape from brutal tortured of ISIS.

But People who often share stories about Palestinian, Kashmir not uttar a single word for #Yazidis. 3/n
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1) Reports today of #KDP secret police preventing displaced #Yazidi families from returning to their homes in #Sinjar.…
#Iraq #Kurdistan #KRG
2) This is a sick game the KDP has played since Jan. 2016—a deliberate political strategy that prevents genocide survivors from recovering until KDP powers can unilaterally reassert control and regain hegemony in Sinjar.
3) There have been moments of temporary softening of this policy—during instances when Western pressure on the KDP to end this flagrant abuse of Yazidi human rights has occurred—but KRG allies are habitually quick to forget about the problem and the KDP always resumes the policy.
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A palpable revival of #UniversalJurisdiction is underway in Europe.
Here are 7 examples of recent important activities (trials, arrests, investigations) that have taken place only in the last few weeks.
There are certainly more that I am unaware of.
And certainly more to come.
1. #Sweden
>> Arrest of an Iranian national allegedly involved in the #1988Massacre of thousands of detainees. First ever #UniversalJurisdiction case on #Iran to go ahead.…
2. #Belgium
>> The trial of a #Rwandan man accused of having participated in the 1994 #genocide of the Tutsi minority is currently underway.…
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I met Shereen a few days ago as the #Yazidis mark five years since ISIL’s brutality began on #Sinjar. She tries to forget the pain, but it’s difficult because of her physical and emotional scars. ISIL fighters used her as a sex slave.
She’s among an estimated 7000 #Yezidi women and girls were taken from Sinjar province - many had to endure what Shireen went through.
"I miss my daughters so much, I would give my life if I could see them again" she says holding back tears.
She's found her sons after ISIL lost its last territory in Syria - but her two daughters are still missing.
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6. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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