1. I get why @TheDemocrats don't want to engage in a propaganda war, but by leaving the field to the #GQP, the disinformation will only get worse. Responding, to counter GQP falsehoods with truth is one tool that is being employed, but more subtle weapons can be employed that can
2. have a real impact on the propagandists.

Why is the #KochNetwork #propaganda machine attacking #Covid19 #vaccines when they're a product of TFG's one major achievement? Remember "#WarpSpeed?" TFG should be getting credit for vaccines, but the GQP #KochNetwort made vaccines
3. the boogieman. #TFG needs #KochNetwork cash, so he won't say anything, especially after being booed for suggesting people get vaccinated.

It's been apparent to me for many years that #Koch and #Putin are working together in many areas with the shared goal of retaining power.
4. IMO, the anti-vax movement was a #Soviet, and is now a Russian, direct action operation. Russian agents like @Rupertmurdoch are willing to advance these attacks as part of efforts to keep the #KochMachine in power and to advance US domestic chaos that the Russian state
5. requires. So how could "propaganda" be used to counter that? First, all propaganda is not lies. When I began studying it starting in the 1970's, propaganda was generally termed in admittedly troubling terms of White-Gray-Black. White propaganda is propaganda that is true but
6. but seeks to move the public consciousness in a direction sought by the propagandist. Public service announcements are typical examples of White propaganda. At the other extreme is Black Propaganda that is comprised of lies. In the middle is the very vast
7. range of Gray Propaganda that is where much of the action is. This form generally takes true statements and manipulates the message in ways to confuse the truth and cause the target to believe a falsehood over truth by linking a little fact in a larger lie.
8. The anti-vaccine Russian direct action is gray propaganda. All vaccines have risks. We accept the risks as a society because the benefits far-outweigh the risk, especially when our scientists and medical professionals work hard to limit those risks.
9. Few of the arguments against the #Covid19 vaccines are based on any rational fear of the risks. The arguments are being pushed as part of #Koch malign libertarianism that attacks anything our government does to help the average American as an attack on our freedom.
10. So how can a little propaganda defense change the trajectory of the Koch-Putin attack on our public health?

Remember when they booed TFG? Make him a victim. I know most will say doing anything other than to revile the monster would be insanity but in a war, and this is a
11. war, you sometimes have to bomb your own position. So by making #45 a victim of the #KochNetwork fronted by @LeaderMcConnell, the @SenateGOP and @HouseGOP, the anti-vax foot soldiers will find themselves having to justify being
12. unwilling to give TFG the credit for Warp Speed. If done right, part of the real threat in 2022 and 2024, the #MAGA base, can be severed from the Anti-Vax direct action operation. TFG is facing criminal charges. Will he want to join a public nuisance that may kill thousands
13. when he may be facing a sentencing in the coming months? Also, he's easily manipulated when the manipulation involves praising him. I think he can be manipulated to get on board or at least keep quiet while we cut McConnell's election base and
14. destroy their cult like fervor for the Koch-Putin anti-vax direct action operation. If done right, we could see the anger that is becoming a serious threat to civil order begin to be directed by TFG #MAGA supporters against the Anti-vaxxers.

• • •

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9 Oct
1. The reports of a meeting between #Taliban and US govt officials in Doha, are troubling. First, I've not seen an official US statement confirming the meeting. I first saw it reported yesterday by @Reuters claiming an undisclosed US Govt source.
2. I get a copy of every @StateDept and @DOD press statement. I checked for other sources. I can't confirm this meeting from any US Got source. That brings me to the second reason it's troubling. Allowing this reporting to bounce around the internet without either owning it or
3. denying it, causes the US Govt to potential advance disinformation in an already overtaxed information space. The Taliban have every reason to distract. Maybe we are meeting with them. If we are, it's obviously not being kept secret. If we aren't, why allow them to change the
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9 Oct
1. IMO Xi's sweet and sour speech was a significant event. Not so much for what he said, but the staging.

China-Taiwan tensions over island heighten thetaiwantimes.com/china-taiwan-t… via @TheTaiwanTimes
2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this was a historical first. Does it mean a CCP shift towards democracy? I doubt it. Likely just branding. But that's also significant.

And fun facts. He went to my kid's high school, & his daughter hated my dad. Had him declared PNG.😎
3. This was in my dad's negatives from 1947-9. I've always wondered if they were nationalists or communists. Now I think they were communists. No nationalist flag or iconography. Just Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
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9 Oct
1. Okay @JusticeATR, there's no reason why enforcing the Antitrust laws can't also have the benefit of tamping down propaganda that carries the real risk of destroying our society and Republic. Free legal advice: Just use your enforcement power to force cable companies to sell
2. their product (electrons sent to your home) à la carte. No more bundles that force people to buy Fox News electrons. These companies all have either a monopoly or near monopoly in their market. They thus have sufficient "market power" to force a tie-in.
3. When they make purchase of @FoxNews electrons (tied product) as condition of being able to purchase other cable TV electrons (tying product) they violate Section 1 and likely Section 2 of the Sherman Act and can be subject to injunctive relief and damages. Just do it
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9 Oct
The session being held under the image of Dr. Sun Yat Sen is a significant gesture in my opinion.
The session begins with a representative of the KMT from Taiwan. 中國國民黨. The KMT is very pro unification, so he's singing to the choir.
Sun Yat-sen lived in Honolulu. Went to high school at Iolani and for a time at Punahou, @BarackObama and my son's high school.
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8 Oct
1. Shortly after Janet Reno was confirmed as AG, she appointed my late brother to investigate the Reagan and Bush administration regarding allegations of justice department complicity in a number of alleged crimes. I was three years out of law school & kept up as best I could.
2. My brother was also the AG designee to review OPR findings and make binding recommendations on discipline. OPR is a like a state bar disciplinary counsel. As the name states, it deals with "professional responsibility" that is another way to say professional ethics. It can
3. issue disciplinary findings that can be used by state bar associations under reciprocity, that can result in suspension or disbarment. The IG is an investigative branch that can investigate fraud and refer it to the appropriate Criminal Division component for prosecution.
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7 Oct
1. Like @neal_katyal, I'm docket watching the 5th Circuit and I just looked again and nothing has been filed. I think the reason may be simply, contrary to the panel on @MSNBC, that this is a disaster for the @TexasGOP. Sure, some will raise money of it but IMO application of
2. well-established political theory says that this is going to torch the GOP, not advance it. They did it because the Texas legislature was willing, but it does not reflect the vast majority of Texas' electorate. A corrupt election financing system created a Texas legislature
3. Frankenstein, but that monster does not reflect the electorate. So now, the GOP, nationally, has to decide if it wants to go all in. #KochNetwork is funding all of this. They do it to create chaos. Keep the base calling for blood.
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