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History is laughing at #BlueMAGA poseurs already, as much as it is at team #MAGA #GQP.

The evil you make excuses for, the evil you rush to defend, the evil you sanction… you refuse to countenance the harm done by your cul… ahem… team: white western empire & capitalism.
The best part is it enrages them when anyone points out that despite the theater and different roles being played, both teams are pro: US imperialism, capitalism, corporatism, white supremacy, eugenics, global hegemony, creating poverty then punishing the poor. Sadistic stuff.
#BlueMAGA like Red MAGA is 💯 % disinterested in accountability… for their team. They will shamelessly point towards the ill deeds of their political enemies EVERY SINGLE TIME they are challenged to account for the harm their team is directly responsible for. Always deflecting.
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1 - On Ronald Reagan’s birthday, it’s fun to remember how he called African delegates to UN “monkeys uncomfortable wearing shoes.”

2 - On Ronald Reagan’s birthday, it’s fun to remember how he took my dead father’s social security survivor benefits away from my struggling single mom, taxed social security to pay for massive tax cuts on the rich, & how Republicans are pushing for more!
3 - On Ronald Reagan’s birthday, it’s fun to remember how he reclassified KETCHUP as a vegetable to cut funding for school lunches while he transferred billions to the top, exploded deficits, and widened income inequality with his trickle down idiocy.…
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1.The @GOP Sow doubt about all US elections they don’t/may not win, past & future
1.1.@Trump was way ahead of his time, he's been pushing the same baseless ‘election fraud’ conspiracies since 2012, he then rehashed his 2012 tweets for 2020 when he was the #GQP candidate Image
1.2.The #GQP continue to sow doubt about any potential Democrat win
1.3.@TuckerCarlson continues to push ‘election fraud’ ….. only if the #GQP lose obviously
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Nochmal ein paar "Fun Facts" zu #Trump und seinen geklauten Dokumenten

1. #Trump ruft nach der Veröffentlichung des Durchsuchungsbefehls, dann stellt das Justizministerium den Antrag auf Veröffentlichung, dann wird Trump auf einmal SEHR leise.


Weil Trump eine Kopie

des Dokuments erhalten hat. Er hätte es jederzeit veröffentlichen können. Er wollte mit dem "Legt es offen!" nur mal wieder die Märtyrer Bongos bearbeiten. Durchschaubar.

2. Das Bild im ersten Tweet ist die Gesetzesänderung, die #Trump 2018 mitgetragen hat, um eine höhere
Gefängnisstrafe für #HillaryClinton zu erreichen, Ihr erinnert euch: "But her emails"... Nun wird ihm das evtl. selbst zum Verhängnis. Gerüchteweise handelt es sich um 20+ Dokumente, die er widerrechtlich geklaut hat. Von einer "einfachen" Strafe von maximal 1 Jahr wurde der
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Does #ARKANSAS need a #GQP extremist as governor? Sarah accepted the endorsement of CPAC. Yeah - the same CPAC that just had nationalist fascist Victor Orban speak, as well as well-known white nationalists, US election deniers. #WhereIsSarah…
@JonesForAR is walking the whole state TWICE to meet and learn from actual Arkansans. He’s not a national figure phoning it in. Sara has not visited the state except the homes of wealthy donors. Arkansas needs an actual PLAN. Jones has that plan. Get registered, ready to #VOTE🗳
#Arkansas needs a governor that will hold the GOP majority Legislators’ feet to the fire. He’s pro-choice, pro-justice, pro-teacher. He has an infrastructure plan to bring AR into the 21st C… not the Race To The Bottom we are now in. Look at @JonesForAR and get ready to #VOTE🗳
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🧵 When Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna Romney McDaniel took over the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2017, the Republican Party was in crisis.... (1/x) Image
The election of the notorious pervert, pussygrabber, and pornstar-hush-money-paying Donald Trump had destroyed the party’s reputation as a protector of “family values.” (2/x)
Trump was a known associate of child rapists like Jeffrey Epstein and John Casablancas.

Even before the 2016 election, Trump was revealed to have hosted “wild parties with sex, cocaine and underage models” in which girls as young as 15 were "introduced" to older men. (3/x)
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Where are all the 2nd Amndt Hero's that want to fight for freedom - when an actual attack is imminent against a fellow Democracy? Why are they not jamming planes for the Ukraine to volunteer? Are they actually big talking cowards? #ProudBoys #OathKeepers @FoxNews @OANN @newsmax
The Fascists in Spain battled the Republic in the Spanish Civil War, Many brave Americans went to join the fight. Where are this generations #HEMINGWAY - All the big talking gun nuts bunkered down with food and multiple guns - none want to go FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY. #GQP cowards
So my #MondayMorning thought is this: IF you talk a big game about Democracy - but then do not STEP up and volunteer to protect it - you are a FAKE. #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy Are there any real men of Warrior age ready to answer freedoms bell? @TuckerCarlson Ha! @JesseBWatters?
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1. I fully realize that the coming dystopian electoral nightmare being predicted on @MSNBC in coming elections is a real danger. But I have to fall back to basic political science that says it will depress traditional GOP turnout. If @TheDemocrats & @harrisonjaime are smart it
2. could result in a #GQP rout. Let’s suppose that the crazies do dominate the GQP primaries. They will be getting the support of #45’s hate centered ideologues but that group is a very loud minority. What will traditional suburban #GOP do? Will they join the army
3. of anti-Democratic zombies? The traditional view says they just won’t vote. And as the #GQP has generally taken away the mail-in voting that was largely responsible for the GOP turning out a majority on Election Day these older conservatives are being told they must join
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FACTS I have learned over the last year:
* two bipartisan Senate Intel reports state that Trump is a counterintelligence threat and there is much evidence that he was/IS a Russian asset
* Putin used troll farms that spread lies on social media to help get Trump elected, and
also to spread lies to incite the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers
*Zuckerberg helped Trump use Facebook to spread his lies to get elected
* former CIA officials, Senators, and Pres. Carter believe that Trump stole the 2016 election with help from Russia;  Russia also tried to
help him win the 2020 election
* the Insurrection/coup attempt was planned and incited by Trump, White House officials, GOP elected officials and domestic terrorists such as the Proud Boys
* Repug/#GQP officials throughout the country have now passed laws in their states to
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1. I get why @TheDemocrats don't want to engage in a propaganda war, but by leaving the field to the #GQP, the disinformation will only get worse. Responding, to counter GQP falsehoods with truth is one tool that is being employed, but more subtle weapons can be employed that can
2. have a real impact on the propagandists.

Why is the #KochNetwork #propaganda machine attacking #Covid19 #vaccines when they're a product of TFG's one major achievement? Remember "#WarpSpeed?" TFG should be getting credit for vaccines, but the GQP #KochNetwort made vaccines
3. the boogieman. #TFG needs #KochNetwork cash, so he won't say anything, especially after being booed for suggesting people get vaccinated.

It's been apparent to me for many years that #Koch and #Putin are working together in many areas with the shared goal of retaining power.
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America is on life support. While POTUS is doing an admirable job, the #GQP are running roughshod over our Democracy! Sedition and Insurrection have gone unpunished! Seditionists in Congress and the Senate and formerly in the White House! Where is the justice?? Where?! When?! 👇
We all wanted to believe the @TheJusticeDept and @FBI have this. We want to believe those who incited the #TrumpCoupAttempt will be indicted and imprisoned! But it's 10 mo. later and NOT ONE of those seditionists in our government have been indicted! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
I hope the DOJ and FBI ARE preparing to issue indictments to Trump, Stone, Flynn, Lindell, Alexander, Jones, Don Jr, et al! But time is running out! Our Democracy is dying due to Fox News and FB lies and #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy and #GQPDomesticTerrorists and brainwashed Trumpers!
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Important: I have recently become aware of the #GQP technique of keeping everybody in a state of outrage. In that way, controlling the news cycle. Trump did it. And the other technique is gas-lighting. By making you feel that you are in a crazy world. Making you think what you..
...saw and heard is not what you saw and heard. This is a psychological technique to create chaos and confusion, which is what the #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy want. Trumpers buy every lie...
Take the vaccine for instance: we all know it is safe, but the GQP gaslights them into ...
...believing Invermectin, a dangerous animal medication, is better. This is "gaslighting". It is the only platform of the GQP as they try to appeal to Trump's base of gullible dummies. And dominate the news cycle.#Cult45 #TrumpCult #PutinsPuppets #GQPGaslighters #GQPOutrage #Fox ImageImageImageImage
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@Trump gave the Taliban 14 months’ notice to prepare for this takeover, it was inevitable, he had already gutted the US presence

He got impatient because he was no longer in control
They got impatient after he was no longer around to hand it over to them on May 1st as promised ImageImage
The @Trump deal with the Taliban (1), what was given away, whilst also unilaterally committing “its allies and the Coalition”… ImageImageImageImage
The @Trump deal with the Taliban (2), what was to be given by the Taliban……… if ever… Image
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I’m convinced the problem at @TheJusticeDept is Merrick Garland. For all the accolades he’s received about being an “institutionalist” restoring the DOJ, it is those qualities that make him woefully inadequate to face the Trump GQP white supremacist fascist threat we face now.
The only people who should have been considered for @TheJusticeDept AG are @SallyQYates @glennkirschner2 or @PreetBharara. We need someone in charge unencumbered by DOJ “norms” or fearful of indicting prominent politicians for crimes committed. @SDNYnews has been neutered. (2)
If Trump, Gosar, or Brooks were regular citizens, they would have been indicted by now. Yet they’re out planning another terrorist insurrection on the #BigLie. And they’re giving fuel to GOP legislators to attack democracy through voter suppression. Where is @TheJusticeDept? (3)
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Trump was a formula … not a force, a tool … not a tyrant.

If your focus remains on that puffy little can of Orange Blush, you are missing the core of the challenge we face in defending our forefathers Tree of Liberty.

You are no longer contributing to the fight. Image
Worse than this, you encourage others to be distracted by this fool (whom we all wish punished for his treasonous actions against this great nation and its people).

Thinking him the target, the threat, the finish line … you hold in your blind spot the next to step up. Image
The infrastructure is there for any and all willing to use it.

An entire base, fully extracted from reality and inserted into a fabrication authored by a @GOP hell bent on oligarchy … minority rule set in stone. Image
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This collapse, and its location, and timing is just too bizarre to ignore. This is just down the coast from Mar-a-Largo. 10 days ago was Trump's 75th birthday. I and others were tweeting a video of the controlled demolition of the Trump Atlantic City casino. Pay very...
close attention that I was also talking about how it requires controlled demolition to get a building to collapse neatly into its own footprint. It is clear I'm watched closely by Trump, Cheney, and the #GQP and made them desperate to #Coverup...
their roles in events of the past two decades, and before. Pay close attention to the two tweets I used to respond to this Casino collapse video. Now you have proof some are simply too arrogant and afraid to know when to stop doing such things.
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1. There is an interesting, painful, necessary conversation/debate happening among principled Conservatives whom I admire. Some say the #Republican Party was always inherently deeply flawed and that today’s #Trumpist #GQP is simply a natural progression of this process.
2. Others say the #Republican Party was not always a haven for conspiracy theorists, racists, populist nationalists, theocrats; that it once was a party that valued the Constitution, competence, character, and integrity, in addition to Conservative policies.
3. May I say, both perspectives have merit? For decades, a profound tension has existed within the #Republican Party — the Conservative statesmanship vs the angry populism; appeals to aspiration vs appeals to fear and grievance. John Birch Society called Ike a “Communist!”
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When the @GOP sends their people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
This is Trump posing with close friend George Nader, a known sex offender who had previously served a prison term for abusing young boys. After selling access to the Trump White House, he is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex.
In 2017, then-President Trump enthusiastically endorsed known sex predator Roy Moore in his losing campaign to become a Senator from Alabama. Moore had a long history of preying on teens. A well-known pervert, Moore had even been banned from one local mall.
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@jemelehill is right.
This is the #GQP playbook.
Fox pushing false narratives about immigrants - ✅
Voter Suppression efforts to disenfranchise black/brown voters - ✅
Guns/shootings enmasse w/no chance of gun control - ✅
Violence Against Women increases w/no help from #GQP -✅ Image
All of these narratives are being pushed HARD right now, and know why?
Because we had an Insurrection and arrests are happening.
To ensure Joe gets nowhere with Congress and looks weak.
To continue to ride the donor support train for dollars while every #GQP congressperson
worries that they will be swept up in new indictments or crimes.
To make us RAGE.
It's their PLAYBOOK. Mitch helped build it.
RAGE is what they love.
#GQP has had control of the Senate more than Democrats. -gerrymandering and voter suppression works for them.
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.@RepBoebert will be the first member of the #GQP Congress to be arrested. Multiple witnesses will testify that she gave these “tours” of the Capitol to Trump’s terrorists on Jan 5th when tours were not being given at the Capitol. It wasn’t a tour. It was a reconnaissance mission
Yes, members of Congress can be arrested even though they are provided additional protections. In Boebert’s case, she is not exempt from arrest as stated in Article 1 section 6 because it does not apply to cases of treason, bribery, or breach of the peace. Check, check, and check
On top of that, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military...[who have] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.”
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1. @MSNBC is likely to go through a week of uninformed talking-heads attacking the House Managers. I'm shutting it off. Trump can be charged. Anyone who is selling the idea that he won't be, without any basis, is pushing their own big lie.
2. Prosecutors swear to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic and Donald J. Trump and his @SenateGOP & @HouseGOP January 6th conspirators are DOMESTIC ENEMIES who must be brought to justice. We must not accept any outcome where Trump is not charged.
3. He and the insurrectionist #GQP Congress represent a clear and present danger to the survival of the Republic. Over 30 states can charge Trump with levying war Treason. In the meantime, those of the public who want to do something constructive rather than engage in cable
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The craven anti-Americanism of @marcorubio @HawleyMO @LeaderMcConnell et al has long-term consequences. By arguing John Quincy Adams didn't understand the Constitution, & that impeachment after holding office - which applies to ALL impeachable, from cabinet members to jurists..1
...any Senate-confirmed official who swears to abide by the constitution can engage in ANY anti-constitutional act, can violate their oath with impunity at any time in office, immediately resign if caught, then run for elected office later. Sure, the #GQP will immediately flip..2 the opposite argument in those instances where they find it convenient, but anyone being subjected to impeachment could insist that they have no authority over them, impeachment is unconstitutional, and try even to take it to court, citing @marcorubio @HawleyMO and all.../3
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1. I am obviously not in Walter Dellinger's league but I need to comment on one thing he missed about the second Trump impeachment trial.

The Constitution provides two remedies for a sitting president's high crimes and misdemeanors.
2. The first and threshold remedy occurs upon the conviction by 2/3 of the Senate members present. Upon reaching that number and the announcement by the presiding CJ, the defendant becomes a "former president" as a matter of law. Notice is rushed to the @StateDept.
3. You don't get to the second remedy unless and until you reach and establish the first. So, as a matter of law and logic the @SenateGOP position means you can never act to bar a president from future office and strip them of the benefits of being Potus, because at the time
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