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I have been waiting for this. Flynn is publicly separating from Trump. He’s doesn’t want electoral victory through the #GQP, he wants war.

He will start talking about Trump as a historical figure, and an imperfect martyr to the cause and start asserting control of the cult.
He is saying out loud that he will only support nazis like Nick Fuentes and that he wants people to carry out “action” that will have a “national impact.”

When the action is violence this is the definition of terrorism.

He is getting some pushback but not much really.
This article is on white supremacist website “amgreatness” and is pretty brutal tbh.

I’m not sure there’s any going back from this.
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I’m convinced the problem at @TheJusticeDept is Merrick Garland. For all the accolades he’s received about being an “institutionalist” restoring the DOJ, it is those qualities that make him woefully inadequate to face the Trump GQP white supremacist fascist threat we face now.
The only people who should have been considered for @TheJusticeDept AG are @SallyQYates @glennkirschner2 or @PreetBharara. We need someone in charge unencumbered by DOJ “norms” or fearful of indicting prominent politicians for crimes committed. @SDNYnews has been neutered. (2)
If Trump, Gosar, or Brooks were regular citizens, they would have been indicted by now. Yet they’re out planning another terrorist insurrection on the #BigLie. And they’re giving fuel to GOP legislators to attack democracy through voter suppression. Where is @TheJusticeDept? (3)
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Trump was a formula … not a force, a tool … not a tyrant.

If your focus remains on that puffy little can of Orange Blush, you are missing the core of the challenge we face in defending our forefathers Tree of Liberty.

You are no longer contributing to the fight. Image
Worse than this, you encourage others to be distracted by this fool (whom we all wish punished for his treasonous actions against this great nation and its people).

Thinking him the target, the threat, the finish line … you hold in your blind spot the next to step up. Image
The infrastructure is there for any and all willing to use it.

An entire base, fully extracted from reality and inserted into a fabrication authored by a @GOP hell bent on oligarchy … minority rule set in stone. Image
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This collapse, and its location, and timing is just too bizarre to ignore. This is just down the coast from Mar-a-Largo. 10 days ago was Trump's 75th birthday. I and others were tweeting a video of the controlled demolition of the Trump Atlantic City casino. Pay very...
close attention that I was also talking about how it requires controlled demolition to get a building to collapse neatly into its own footprint. It is clear I'm watched closely by Trump, Cheney, and the #GQP and made them desperate to #Coverup...
their roles in events of the past two decades, and before. Pay close attention to the two tweets I used to respond to this Casino collapse video. Now you have proof some are simply too arrogant and afraid to know when to stop doing such things.
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Tonight I discuss the #GQP & how we must remain unified to help drive the right wing extremists out in order to #SaveOurDemocracy

#TheResistance is fighting 3 fronts; those in Power struggling to maintain their stronghold, chaos agents online & rightwing propaganda outlets like fox news spreading misinfo, & weak minded Cult45 members who cant think for themselves.

So what do we do?
1st: weak minded cult45 members
Some of these sowers of discord dont realise they are agents of chaos

They mostly offer distractions while spreading misinfo & conspiracy theories.

My advice is to expose the misinfo & counter it with truth then move along.
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Sen. Joe Pennacchio blasted DR. Fauci on the New Jersey Senate floor yesterday because he's Trump's @GOP #QAnon Party.

Here's Pennacchio pushing hydroxychorloquine for #COVID in 2020. Joe cites doctor from Laura Ingraham show with fake credentials (Fox News issued a correction).
Trump plans to make Dr. Anthony Fauci a top target at upcoming rallies.

Trump's spineless @GOP lemmings are following him, jumping off a political cliff.

#GQP #QAnon…
Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme on @Instagram last night, threatening violence against Dr. Fauci. I have asked @Facebook to comment on what it is doing to contain threats of violence against Dr. Fauci posted on #Facebook and #Instagram. $FB #ESG
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SenSchumer has laid out the blueprint for the next ‘test vote’ for filibuster reform

It will be the paycheck equity act, which was filibustered by GOP during Obama’s turn

They will fail this next test as the current #GQP are way worse than the old GOP

I believe @SenSchumer knows they will filibuster this bill because they simply have to follow obama-era precedent

He will then let it go and focus on historic judicial nominations.After 2 partisan filibusters most of the Dem caucus should be calling for filibuster reform

Once S1 is brought up for a vote and again filibustered by the GQP, the it will literally be at 3 strikes. Then it will be time to reform the filibuster. Expect Pelosi, Schumer, Clyburn et al to be beating the filibuster reform drum at this point

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1. There is an interesting, painful, necessary conversation/debate happening among principled Conservatives whom I admire. Some say the #Republican Party was always inherently deeply flawed and that today’s #Trumpist #GQP is simply a natural progression of this process.
2. Others say the #Republican Party was not always a haven for conspiracy theorists, racists, populist nationalists, theocrats; that it once was a party that valued the Constitution, competence, character, and integrity, in addition to Conservative policies.
3. May I say, both perspectives have merit? For decades, a profound tension has existed within the #Republican Party — the Conservative statesmanship vs the angry populism; appeals to aspiration vs appeals to fear and grievance. John Birch Society called Ike a “Communist!”
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Schumer is playing the long game. He is going to let Manchin/Sinema suffer the consequences of defending the filibuster for a month, will probably let one more bill get filibustered, bring up the voting rights bill then aim to reform the filibuster 1/
To do our part we need to keep the pressure up on @Sen_JoeManchin @kyrstensinema @SenatorSinema and have faith in leadership

This is the play and the most calculated strategy. Its mostly theatre right now but once the 60 vote threshold is clear, ALL legislation gets passed 2/
I’m talking voting rights, infrastructure, policing, gun reform, immigration, climate change etc.

Its still early. Thanks to #GQP obstruction we are STILL confirming Bidens cabinet. But Schumer has set a June deadline for S1 voting. Equate this with filibuster reform 3/
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When the @GOP sends their people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.
This is Trump posing with close friend George Nader, a known sex offender who had previously served a prison term for abusing young boys. After selling access to the Trump White House, he is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex.
In 2017, then-President Trump enthusiastically endorsed known sex predator Roy Moore in his losing campaign to become a Senator from Alabama. Moore had a long history of preying on teens. A well-known pervert, Moore had even been banned from one local mall.
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1/There's much speculation surrounding #MattGaetz & Nestor Galban. Locals here know more about the story, but #DaddyGaetz keeps a tight lid on things.

The more interesting part is timing of the "son" announcement, June 18th 2020.

#JoelGreenberg initial arrest: June 23rd 2020. ImageImageImageImage
2/June 18th exchange with Cedric Richmond & Matt Gaetz where he drops the "Son" Bomb.
3/#MattGaetz comes out with this story June 18th 2020
The two-term Republican congressman surprised many with his Thursday announcement that he’s a parent, though he hasn’t adopted 19-year-old Nestor: “Our family’s defined by love”…
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Since Trump decided to run for president, right after his infamous night in the Moscow Ritz Carlton, most of the major influence ops to divide America can be traced to five white men. 🇷🇺

These ops overlap to create conflict.
Conflict leads to radicalization, which is the point. Image
PS: Comments more than welcome, but it’s a DRAFT chart. Don’t nitpick or concern troll me. The instadoink is available. 🤓

Also, if you follow me, you may have noticed my focus on these five specific men. This is why. I wanted to understand how this works. Getting there...
I’ve been looking at a LOT of material from 2014-17 lately. The patterns and players are mostly the same as the next four years.

Cells of people run these ops. Some of them know about each other and some don’t.

A lot of the participants have no idea they are being manipulated.
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🚀We could learn a lot from Star Trek

✨Star Trek reminds us the importance of diversity & how we should treat each other

They worked to better themselves & humanity with compassion & integrity, earning respect across the Galaxy
Greed had been mostly eradicated...
Hate was not tolerated
Though Ferengis painted a clear picture of monetary greed, Cardassians painted a better picture of the dangers of abuse of power & the horrors of slavery & trafficking
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@jemelehill is right.
This is the #GQP playbook.
Fox pushing false narratives about immigrants - ✅
Voter Suppression efforts to disenfranchise black/brown voters - ✅
Guns/shootings enmasse w/no chance of gun control - ✅
Violence Against Women increases w/no help from #GQP -✅ Image
All of these narratives are being pushed HARD right now, and know why?
Because we had an Insurrection and arrests are happening.
To ensure Joe gets nowhere with Congress and looks weak.
To continue to ride the donor support train for dollars while every #GQP congressperson
worries that they will be swept up in new indictments or crimes.
To make us RAGE.
It's their PLAYBOOK. Mitch helped build it.
RAGE is what they love.
#GQP has had control of the Senate more than Democrats. -gerrymandering and voter suppression works for them.
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The #OthalaRune #OdalRune was not an accident, oversight, unintentional design. It wasn't an oopsie daisy how'd this white power symbol get here. This was a celebration of a plan to rebrand the swastika and make it to mainstream politics. Don't ignore those who want you to #NSM88
On the day of the unite the rally, Fuentes wrote on Facebook that "a tidal wave of white identity is coming." #WhitePowerParty emboldened, embraced, endorsed by the #GWPP #GQP…
Curiously enough the next #NSM88 #HateRally will be in Gossar's backyard.

Wonder when that was decided? #GossarNSM88 #WhitePowerParty #QPAC2021
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.@RepBoebert will be the first member of the #GQP Congress to be arrested. Multiple witnesses will testify that she gave these “tours” of the Capitol to Trump’s terrorists on Jan 5th when tours were not being given at the Capitol. It wasn’t a tour. It was a reconnaissance mission
Yes, members of Congress can be arrested even though they are provided additional protections. In Boebert’s case, she is not exempt from arrest as stated in Article 1 section 6 because it does not apply to cases of treason, bribery, or breach of the peace. Check, check, and check
On top of that, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military...[who have] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.”
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1. @MSNBC is likely to go through a week of uninformed talking-heads attacking the House Managers. I'm shutting it off. Trump can be charged. Anyone who is selling the idea that he won't be, without any basis, is pushing their own big lie.
2. Prosecutors swear to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic and Donald J. Trump and his @SenateGOP & @HouseGOP January 6th conspirators are DOMESTIC ENEMIES who must be brought to justice. We must not accept any outcome where Trump is not charged.
3. He and the insurrectionist #GQP Congress represent a clear and present danger to the survival of the Republic. Over 30 states can charge Trump with levying war Treason. In the meantime, those of the public who want to do something constructive rather than engage in cable
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The craven anti-Americanism of @marcorubio @HawleyMO @LeaderMcConnell et al has long-term consequences. By arguing John Quincy Adams didn't understand the Constitution, & that impeachment after holding office - which applies to ALL impeachable, from cabinet members to jurists..1
...any Senate-confirmed official who swears to abide by the constitution can engage in ANY anti-constitutional act, can violate their oath with impunity at any time in office, immediately resign if caught, then run for elected office later. Sure, the #GQP will immediately flip..2 the opposite argument in those instances where they find it convenient, but anyone being subjected to impeachment could insist that they have no authority over them, impeachment is unconstitutional, and try even to take it to court, citing @marcorubio @HawleyMO and all.../3
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#ImpeachmentTrial Thread; here is my argument for the Senate floor:

1/ Fuck the evidence. Republicans know the evidence. They helped orchestrate the damn insurrection! They pushed the same lies that lead to the insurrection, and they still are pushing those lies!
2/ You Republicans don’t want to convict Trump? Then you have made the choice to set the precedent that a President can do whatever he wants at the end of his term. Even trying to overthrow the Republic.
3/ OK then that is how the Republic will function from now on. Say we have an election in 4 years. I mean, who knows since you guys don’t believe in elections anymore. But let’s say we have an election. Before that election, we will say the only way we lose is if it is rigged.
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1. I am obviously not in Walter Dellinger's league but I need to comment on one thing he missed about the second Trump impeachment trial.

The Constitution provides two remedies for a sitting president's high crimes and misdemeanors.
2. The first and threshold remedy occurs upon the conviction by 2/3 of the Senate members present. Upon reaching that number and the announcement by the presiding CJ, the defendant becomes a "former president" as a matter of law. Notice is rushed to the @StateDept.
3. You don't get to the second remedy unless and until you reach and establish the first. So, as a matter of law and logic the @SenateGOP position means you can never act to bar a president from future office and strip them of the benefits of being Potus, because at the time
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BREAKING: Here's a rundown of the latest developments in the Marjorie Taylor Greene scandal—which threats to permanently associate the Republican Party with QAnon, a domestic terror threat. I hope you'll read on, RETWEET, and consider subscribing to PROOF.…
(PS) If the GOP doesn't act sometime today, I'd be surprised if #GQP isn't trending by tomorrow. The GOP now faces *two* existential crisis: whether it permanently becomes the party of QAnon *this* week and whether it permanently becomes the party of insurrectionists *next* week.
(UPDATE) I've now updated the article above with the breaking news that House Republicans will attempt to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota from her committee assignments as retaliation for Democratic efforts to hold Greene responsible for supporting a domestic terror movement.
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