1/🧵 Billing for #LongCOVID💰

It Matters!

What does it mean that docs can now bill using ICD-10 code U09.9 “Post COVID-19 condition, unspecified”effective October 1, 2021?

Let me explain a tad bit why this is so key.

2/ I fully believe in #LongCOVID, and patients must be validated as the experts of their own narrative. BUT, absence of a billing code sent a terrible message to clinicians & pts.

This legitimizes the #PublicHealth catastrophe & facilitates pts being HEARD & SEEN 👁.
3/ Docs “believe” better when they can charge for testing & get pts covered, too. This also allows databases to track & analyze epidemiology of #LongCOVID. That means research can be carried out to answer questions, improve care & prepare for future pandemics. Read an anecdote👇
4/ There are other medical problems like #MECFS & #Delirium w a long history of being stifled by absence of billing codes. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that this ICD10 code is now live @CDCgov, #Medicare, and for private insurance plans.

One step at a time! #Believe
5/ How does it work? U09.0 - the new ICD-10 code - went live Oct 1, 2021. It’s for #LongCOVID or “Post-COVID Conditions.” We now code the primary condition 1st, eg, M35.81 for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, then put U09.9.

👇 See our long “EPIC” list of post-COVID Conditions
6/ People can be reinfected. What then? If a patient has a condition associated w previous COVID-19 infection & develops new active #COVID19, U09.9 may be assigned in conjunction w U07.1 COVID-19 to identify he/she also has a condition from previous COVID.
Conclusion: we now have evidence from millions of patients that they are suffering way beyond acute #covid (U07.1). Into the downstream years they trod (U09.9). We can bill for it. #LongCOVID is legitimized.
But do we care enough? Do we SEE them? We must.

• • •

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HOW? What is the philosophy?
2/ For patients it’s about magnifying their #dignity and self-worth by liberating them sooner from us (our treatments that put them through a depersonalization chamber). For HCWs, it’s about purity of service, avoiding hypocrisy, and better self-sacrifice for our patients.
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2/ When someone around us needs help, the only universally unifying response is #LOVE.

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1/🧵🎥 Tennessee has highest #COVID19 case rate IN THE WORLD 🌎‼️

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Dr. Jeff Balser, @VUMChealth President & CEO, explains our dire situation. Despite 375M doses of #Vaccine is US alone, we have ~50% overall #Vaxxed & need YOUR help.
2/ This surge is different. The children are disproportionately affected – 1 in 3 new cases. Overall, and this is hard to believe, but we are at our ALL TIME HIGH in admissions. Image
3/ 🎥 Except for immunocompromised patients, almost all in hospital are #unvaxxed. We are re-deploying OR personnel to the ICU and having to curb care for non-COVID pts. It’s just not fair to them. Not getting vaxxed means more suffering for everyone.
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Adding baricitinib to steroids will save 1,000s of hospitalized #COVID pts. Our @LancetRespirMed COV-Barrier study is FREE.

I explain👇why it’s such a great #Pandemic discovery story: a new way to ⬇️ COVID19 deaths.

2/ Early in COVID, computers predicted “Berry” (for Bari-citinib), an FDA-approved medication for rheumatoid arthritis, could be repurposed to stop SARS-CoV-2 from killing us. Now we proved it! Why did the computers think it would work?

3/ Bari has antiviral mechanism but mainly we thought it would work by interfering with the intense inflammation the virus 🦠 causes, which is what leads to so much lung, heart, blood vessel, & brain damage (#delirium).

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