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Google searches show no references in Western media to past service in neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine of #Belarusian opposition blogger, who was arrested by Belarus KGB after it diverted #Irish #Ryanair passenger #plane that was flying over #Belarus
#Ukrainian media reports that #Protasevich served in the press-service of the neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine during the war in #Donbas: "... украинскую страницу в биографии Протасевича: белорус одно время работал в пресс-службе «Азова»."…
Zelensky bans Ukrainian flights to #Belarus & over Belarus. Ukrainian secret services last year planned to divert Belarusian passenger #plane flying over #Ukraine to Turkey to arrest lured in false flag op #Russian mercenaries, who fought in #Donbas war.…
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My Irish grandmother used to respond in old-fashioned ways like "So says you!" and "Aye, that'll be the end of me." She also kept candy hidden around the house. 🍀
Of a neighbor with a two-story house (theirs was one-) she'd say "Rich as Croesus. Never a worry. From the mother's side, I think."
My Irish grandmother would beat me mercilessly at canasta, examine the table with her half-glasses down on the end of her nose, and say "You just have to do better, Aaron!"
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This article is 5 years old, most of those peddling this dangerous, banned #GcMaf #Quackery are in jail.
However it's being given to #Irish #Cancer patients via #Hope4Cancer #quack clinic in #Mexico…
Hope4cancer lie, call it #SUNIVERA to avoid authorities.
I contacted this #QUACK clinic, they told me on phone they call dangerous, banned #GcMaf another name 'SUNIVERA' to protect themselves from authorities.
They inject Irish patients with this lethal unregulated blood product, also give 3 months supply to take home to Ireland. ImageImageImageImage
They are also injecting #Cancer patients with white blood cells of a #Shark and Blue Scorpion venom.
#Irish #Cancer patients are ingesting this DANGEROUS UNPROVEN QUACKERY.
@IrishCancerSoc Image
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1/#Partition 1921-During the negotiations Lloyd George's private sec. civil servant Tom Jones, made some stunning revelations in his private diaries. Known as "T.J" he was Deputy Secretary to four Prime Ministers, he was known as the "keeper of a thousand secrets" he revealed
2/..some interesting unpublished comments during his vital roles as go between‘ between Lloyd George and the leaders of the Irish delegation then and later published in three volumes as Whitehall Diary between 1969 & 1971.
He said Lloyd Georgre had put it to James Craig that
3/ ..after pushing for the partition of the Ireland, he told Craig ..."sir, you have cut the natural circuits of commercial activity" of the economic unit of that small island. (Jones would later be an Economic's professor at Queens, Belfast) warning of economic folly?
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What's that gang? You say it is #FluorideFriday? Why yes, yes it is! -|- "#Fluoride is highly effective at preventing caries and its use over the last 50 years has transformed dental health.”…
Ireland again. -|- "In 2002, a ‘north-south’ survey showed a substantial decline from 1984 in dental caries in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in the Republic of Ireland, and in the non-fluoridated population of Northern Ireland."
"Reducing the underlying cause of disease through the restoration of normality, rather than adding a protective factor, is a more radical approach, and does not come with the risk of unwanted effects such as dental fluorosis.”
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165 years ago #OnThisDay, William Ferguson Massey (1856 - 1925), the 13th prime minister of #NewZealand was born in #Ireland to a small farming Protestant family

2) In 1862, Massey’s parents emigrated to #NewZealand leaving their 6 year old child behind to complete his education He was raised by his grandmother and uncle and at age 14 followed his parents in 1870 to #Auckland
3) By 1876 Massey settled in Mangere on the outskirts of #Auckland where he leased a 100 acre farm and bought a threshing machine to provide supplemental income.
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Michael Davitt, refugee, physically disadvantaged, revolutionary, agrarian agitator, parliamentarian, journalist, author and servant of his people was born #OnThisDay 175 years ago in Sraide, #Mayo

@davittmuseum @visitmayo @mayotourism @MayoTrails @MayoDotIE #GlobalIrishNation
2) Davitt was born during the #GreatFamine into a family of #Irish speaking tenant farmers who were evicted from their land when he was just 4 years old

3) Landless, Davitt’s family were now economic refugees and opted to leave their home first to #Liverpool and then onwards to Haslingden a cotton milling town in #Lancashire
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#Irish artist, Sarah Purser (1848 - 1943) was born #OnThisDay 173 years ago. Her family was prosperous with a background in brewing. Shortly after her birth, her father Benjamin decided to move the family from #Dublin south to Dungarvan in #Waterford

#OTD #BOTD #HERstory Image
2) Sarah would go to finishing school in #Switzerland where she learned to speak French and began painting. On her return to #Ireland she enrolled in the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and would go on to attend the Académie Julian in #Paris Image
3) In the early 1870s Benjamin’s businesses collapsed and Sarah now had to rely on her ability to generate income from art commissions. While she did some landscape and genre painting, portraiture appeared to be her metier

#MaudGonne #WBYeats ImageImage
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I want to ask the good people of #Irish Twitter to not share the article in today's Sunday @Independent_ie about the 'mother & baby home' investigation report. It's no scoop, the report will be publicly available from Tuesday. #RepealTheSeal #Stand4Truth
All today's article does is add to survivors trauma, yet again, by having our personal stories & information splashed across a national newspaper for clicks, likes & increased revenue before WE have read the report. There is zero empathy in the decision to publish.
Equally, there is zero empathy in the leak. The cynical part of me believes it to be a deliberate act to take the heat off the minister, @rodericogorman, by creating a distraction from the contents so that he, & others, are seen to be outraged. Good for PR.
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If you're a #Christian and you believe in #God and #Jesus #Christ then you should probably learn what this #wicked #satanic "holiday" is really about

If you're seeing this then God is warning you not to

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020 #Satanic #Evil #Demons

"There are children all over the world who are losing their lives on Halloween night and yet we as a society celebrate it"

Video interview with a "Generational Satanist"

LINK 👉 👈

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020
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On this day in 1745, the world (and Dublin) said farewell to Jonathan Swift, Anglo-Irish author & clergyman.

A mini THREAD of quotes:

"I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed."

#OTD #Irish #author

"May you live every day of your life."
- Jonathan Swift

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."
- Jonathan Swift
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St Fiacc lived about 415 - 520. A poet, chief bishop of Leinster, and founder of two churches. His father, MacDara, was prince of the Hy-Bairrche in the country around Carlow. His mother was sister of Dubhtach, the chief bard

#StFiacc #Ireland
2. and brehon of Erin, the first of St Patrick’s converts at Tara, and the apostle’s lifelong friend.

Fiacc was a pupil to his uncle in the bardic profession and soon embraced the Faith.

Subsequently, when Patrick came to Leinster, he sojourned at Dubhtach’s house
3. in Hy-Kinsellagh and selected Fiacc, on Dubhtach’s recommendation, to be consecrated bishop for the converts of Leinster. Fiacc was then a widower; his wife had recently died, leaving him one son named Fiacre.

Patrick gave him an alphabet written with his own hand, and Fiacc
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1️⃣ Members of an #Irish group arrested on terrorist charges after seeking arms from #Hezbollah met with officials at #Iran’s Dublin Embassy.
Former members of the Provisional #IRA reactivated Hezbollah contacts to obtain finance and weapons for the New IRA (#NIRA).
2️⃣ The #Irish terrorists have been seeking advanced bomb-making technology developed in #Iran and #Lebanon that would allow them to penetrate police armoured vehicles in Northern #Ireland, intelligence sources said.
3️⃣ Nine members of the #NIRA, including two women, were arrested last moth after a long-running undercover operation run by #MI5, the #British security service.
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Brian Metcalf
It’s almost like #starmer was brought in to ruin the Labour Party, isn’t it?

Margaret Bradley
I would agree with that, he resigned from the cabinet then went back in, in 2016, he is a puppet, not only for #Blair and his cronies but #Israel,
I don't know what is happening to the #UK lately, we have MI5 and other security services, doing nothing about #Cummings who was in the #Russian communist party, working in number 10 and making a lot of decisions about how this country is run,
and #Starmer signing a pledge to basically #Israel govt, WHO are representing the #UK #English, #Irish, #Scottish #Welsh in this country,
look's like we are going to look after our selves, which means.....All sticking together
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1 of 18:

The #WWII #Canadian Loan Program

An Operation Market Garden thread in 22 Tweets. #OMG
2 of 18:

Many people know about the #American and #British forces committed to Operation Market Garden. Some know about the #Irish Guards and the #Polish Brigade. But many don’t know about the #Canadians who fought during the operation.
3 of 18:

At the time of Market Garden, Canadian forces were advancing from #Belgium to the #Netherlands. While Canadian units were not involved in the Battle of #Arnhem, a number of Canadian Officers, like this one Ashton Kerr, were.
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1. St Oliver Plunket - Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland - was born at Loughcrew near Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, 1629; he died 11 July, 1681. Ordained to the priesthood in 1654,
#StOliverPlunket #Ireland #SaintofTheDay Image
2. St Oliver was deputed by the Irish bishops to act as their representative in Rome. He was appointed to the primatial see of Armagh, and was consecrated, 30 November 1669, at Ghent, in Belgium, by the Bishop of Ghent.

In March, 1670 he entered on his apostolate in Armagh.
3. From the very outset he was most zealous in the exercise of the sacred ministry. Within three months he had administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to about 10,000 of the faithful. He opened schools, held frequent ordinations, celebrated two Provincial Synods,
#Irish #saint
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With permission to appeal sought (@CBrogan_MedLaw @caoilfhionnanna @MaryRachel_McC) from the decision to deny a simple Irish inscription on Margaret Keane’s grave, an exhibit, below, from my ongoing research to assist the family @My_Mums_Voice: Welsh & German inscriptions. [1/4] Image
Welsh: “Gorffwys Mewn Hedd” (Rest in peace)

German: “Oma” (Grandma); “Opa” (Grandpa)

These are illustrative of linguistic variation in Church of England graveyard inscriptions; relevant to the appeal in Margaret Keane’s case (details below).
With the family’s permission, please DM me any others: ideally from Church of England graveyard(s), showing non-English inscription without translation. Please:

▫️ photo the entire gravestone, and

▫️ provide name & location of graveyard.

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Regarding the racist & xenophobic blood argument of people calling themselves #Irish patriots... You clearly don't know #Ireland's history at all. Not our perpetual exodus to other countries as #immigrants, our status as a people of the #diaspora or our history of blending.... 1/ Image
In roughly 12,500 BC the first inhabitants of Ireland arrived from overseas. They were hunter gatherers & they were later joined by a group in around 6000 BC. This second group brought agriculture & also high levels of CF amongst other hereditary genetic issues... They merged. 2/
Yes we are a Celtic people, but "Celticism" is an international culture which was imported & built on by the people who were already here. None of us have a right to claim that our blood & culture doesn't encourage immigration. Newcomers merged with the inhabitants to make us. 3/
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(1) #THREAD OKADA AIR: THAT WAS THE AIRLINE THAT WAS! #HistoryVille #Nigeria #Aviation #Travel #History #NaijaProud There can never be another Okada Air. That much is clear. The...…
(2)... circumstances which gave rise to its birth only happen once in a lifetime, and it's safe to say they can never happen again. Okada Air was set up by Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, a ranking chief of the Bini people, in late 1983. At that time, the...
(3)...boundary between #scheduled air services, the exclusive preserve of Nigeria Airways (WT), and charter flights, was distinct, but the pioneer outfit #Kabo Air was operating regular flights, and Igbinedion was determined to match him. The initial fleet...
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Here is today’s #CoronaCooking recipe. A healthier take on that #Irish takeaway classic - The Spice Bag. None of this is deep fried, so it’s much lower in fat and really tasty. #covidcooking #ColmCooks
8-10 chicken wings
180g raw king prawns
6 medium Potatoes
1 carrot
2 onions
1 red pepper
2 cloves garlic
1 egg
100g flour
1tsp Salt & some black pepper
1-2tsp Szechuan pepper or chilli powder
A few red chillis & spring onions to serve
For the spice mix:
3tsp flaky sea salt
1/2tsp chilli powder
1tsp white pepper
1tsp onion salt
1tsp Chinese 5 spice powder
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[THREAD] Delivery boxes in #Ireland right now; Order online, delivered to your door.

<will add to this as-we-go, but please go direct to those tagged for specifics & more info>

📦@BoyneValleyFlav Box by @GNLarder
📦#CashelFoodBox by @CashelBlue
📦@IndieFude around Co. Down
📦@BeechlawnFarm around Connacht
📦Organic Republic around Co. Cork
📦🍷@winelabireland (greater #Dublin area, for now)
📦🥛@TheVillageDairy (locally)
📦 @avocaireland locally around outlets
📦@FallonandByrne Groceries-to-go, Dub 1-8
📦 @NeighbourFoodIE around Cork
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A short thread on just *a few* of the amazing things ordinary people in @ireland are doing to support their neighbours and friends, as well as the frontline workers keeping us safe during the #coronavirus outbreak 1/6
First up is #selfisolationhelp which began as a tweet by @HelenORahilly and has now blossomed into a network of 7,000+ volunteers across the country with its own website ( and text messaging system — all built by more volunteers. 2/6
People are helping with everything from collecting shopping and medical supplies to walking dogs and just offering to just be on the end of a phone for someone who may not have anyone else to talk to. 3/6
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As we all settle into the next while in self-isolation, I thought it would be a good time to make and share a comic. So i decided on this one; Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". Page 1 of ??? #Treasureisland #comics #CreativeBursts Image
Page 2 of my adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island #TreasureIsland #Comics #CreativeBursts Image
Page 3 of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island for your kids and also for you! #treasureIsland #Comics #CreativeBursts Image
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Some 13,000 migrants flocked to the Greek-Turkish border following threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to let refugees out to Europe, says International Migration Organization.
Some migrants that are on the border of Greece and Turkey are throwing Molotov cocktails towards Greek riot police ! 😮

Over 76,000 migrants left #Turkey for #Europe, Interior Minister Soylu says… via @DailySabah Image
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