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Our 1st #LGBTQI #Youth News Bulletin is out. Here's a recap of some of the major news & policy developments that happened in the Council of Europe Region in June 2022 from an LGBTQI Youth perspective. [1/9]

📰 Read our full Bulletin down this thread or on Image
🏳️‍⚧️ #Cycling, #Swimming and #Rugby’s International Governing Bodies Impose New Anti-#Trans Rulings [2/9] Image
🇷🇴 #Romania to Potentially Prohibit the Dissemination of Information on #LGBTQI Issues [3/9] Image
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Very interesting meeting today organized by @RivoltiB in #Zugliano, discussing #Eu externalization of migration policies. #Pushbacks, role of #Frontex and role of states along the #Balkan route. @AdrianaTdn @IcsOnlus @CoordEuropa @BalkansCaucasus @pfmajorino
@annalisacamilli explains the double standard recently applied by the #Eu vis-a-vis European and non-European refugees and how more humane #migration and #refugee policies are possible.
@roargh Milena explains the pattern and practice of #pushback with #Croatia being number 1 in #Europe in terms of violations
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I don't want to quote tweet - I don't want to initiate any negative responses but I have seen many tweets & RTs today celebrating the intimidation & bullying of a #woman at today's #NWCI #Dublin rally for #InternationalWomensDay. I find this wholly unacceptable.
It was an #IWD2022 rally, supposedly for, by & about women, but obviously only for some women, only for women who agree with certain concepts, ideas & who share certain opinions. #Women are not a homogenous group, nor should we be, we have varying opinions & beliefs. 2/8
A #woman, entitled to be there with her placard, was surrounded, shouted at & intimated until she left - this is, without a shadow of doubt, bullying. Many people who attend such rallies talk about being #inclusive, but what that inclusivity actually refers to is 'agreement'. 3/8
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❗️Thread « Quel #islam pour l’Europe? Les institutions de formation des Frères Musulmans»
▶️ Documentaire exceptionnel de @KellerSaida sur la façon dont les Frères Musulmans forment des imams en Europe, diffusé au festival de film de #Carthage
Plusieurs fins connaisseurs expliquent les méthodes de l’entrisme des Frères Musulmans:
@BestandjiNaem décrit leur ciblage de la gauche via la stratégie de victimisation et le militantisme islamiste autour du voile;
@djemilaben décrit leur capacité à séduire les européens
.@Maaroufi9 décrit la #Turquie comme une théocratie qui, à l’initiative d’#Erdogan, cherche à influencer par le biais d’organisations et d’instituts de formation, à la fois la classe politique européenne et les musulmans de notre continent
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¡Diez cosas que siempre quisiste saber sobre los #vikingos y nunca te atreviste a preguntar!
¡Adentro 🧵!
#Arqueologia #Arte e #Historia de este pueblo de la #EdadMedia escandinava. ¿Salvajes guerreros, intrépidos exploradores o refinados comerciantes?
1⃣ Es posible que os baile la cronología vikinga. Tradicionalmente se usan como inicio y final del periodo dos fechas:
793-Saqueo del monasterio de Lindisfarne (Inglaterra)
1066-Derrota de Harold el Despiadado en la batalla de Stamford
Por tanto, se ubican entre los s.VIII y XI
2⃣ No constituyeron un estado unificado, sino que les unían la lengua (noruego antiguo), la cultura y las creencias religiosas. Suele hablarse de #vikingos daneses, suecos y noruegos, según su ubicación original.
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A major #COP26 climate change protest is about to get underway in #Dublin

Environmental groups, political parties, student unions and teaching unions are among the organisations here.

A boat reading “our planet is burning” will also be carried through the city.
“When the planet’s on the line, no more workers left behind”

Hundreds of people are making their way up O’Connell St calling for urgent climate justice.

More on @VirginMediaNews at 5.30
“Free frequent public transport” is one of the asks of protesters at a huge climate change protest in Dublin, coinciding with #COP26
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland, a long aul’ thread (but pix and vids!) to wrap up

In 1994 indigenous peasants in the mountains of SE Mexico rose up against #neoliberal capitalism, their latest struggle in 500 years of resisting colonialism…

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN Zapatista women at La Realidad
If you need a backgrounder, here's Mick McCaughan, ex-Latin American correspondent for the Irish Times and Guardian introducing why the #Zapatistas matter:

27 years later, they hold liberated territory the size of Munster –

governing themselves from below

with a powerful #womxn’s movement

practicing #AgroEcology

and with their own culture, education system, community media...

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1.#Author #Writer #WritingCommunity #Gaspers #AMagdaleneRose

I'm very pleased to have finally joined the ranks, beginning with my first #Consumer book on #CabinAirQuality; what every #Passenger needs to know!…
2. #Author #Writer #WritingCommunity #Gaspers #AMagdaleneRose

I'm also very pleased to report that my second book is now very close to conclusion and looking to early 2022 for publication

It's abt #HumanRights failures in #Ireland & the impacts on my GM/Dad/Family & #Justice! Image
3. #Author #Writer #WritingCommunity #Gaspers #AMagdaleneRose

I have other projects in the pipeline and going forward I will talk abt my writing activities by updating this thread.

#Publishers #Filmmakers #Podcasters who wish to discuss or feature my work can DM me directly Image
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Inspired by @MonicaK2511 to share photos taken my ME, God has been so wonderful to me that my work has taken me to so many places & I share some pictures from my travels. Maybe I will add to this like a series but this is just a beginning. #Amritsar #Dhaka #Dublin #Mysore
To these I add #Holland #Qatar #Norway and #California There many pictures but these are just a few, representative...
The next in line are #Paris #NewYork #Switzerland and #Kolkatta... Each place has a beauty, charm, culture, that must be experienced.
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Activity levels in #Ireland are fast approaching pre-pandemic levels, with Google Community Mobility levels of Parks, Residential, Grocery & pharmacy, and Workplace into above-average, non-lockdown levels of mobility.
TomTom is registering levels of congestion close to pre-pandemic 2019 traffic in #Dublin and #Cork, with congestion in #Cork now HIGHER than pre-pandemic 2019 traffic over the weekends.
Mobility and congestion returned towards pre-pandemic levels from the full school return on Monday 12 April, with high levels rising over the preceding weekend.…
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Lockheed U-2S

DRAGN86 80-1066

Dragged out of mothballs, it's nearly as old as I am

Times must be getting desperate? It's shown as a fighter jet, it's probably far less useful and they aren't very useful at all…

Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy

RCH436 85-0004

troops and kit transport from Ramstein #Germany probably going back to US

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH661 01-0189

Troops and kit shifter from Moron, #Sevelle, #Spain

5 logs since March (these planes usually go into Qatar)
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106 years ago, one of #Ireland's giants of #Astronomy, Margaret Lindsay Murray Huggins (1848 - 1915), passed #OnThisDay

#HERstory #STEM #GLobalIrishNation #OTD Margaret Lindsay Huggins
2) Margaret Lindsay Murray was born in #Dublin in 1848 and lost her mother her mother, Helen Lindsay, while still a child. In the absence of her mother, she seems to have developed a shared interest in Astronomy with her paternal #Scottish banker grandfather Robert Murray
3) Margaret seems to have been self educated, delving into #astronomy and developing photographic skills which became important for her future research in astronomical spectrography which involves the examination of light spectrums emitted by planets, stars and nebulae
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#Irish artist, Sarah Purser (1848 - 1943) was born #OnThisDay 173 years ago. Her family was prosperous with a background in brewing. Shortly after her birth, her father Benjamin decided to move the family from #Dublin south to Dungarvan in #Waterford

#OTD #BOTD #HERstory Image
2) Sarah would go to finishing school in #Switzerland where she learned to speak French and began painting. On her return to #Ireland she enrolled in the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and would go on to attend the Académie Julian in #Paris Image
3) In the early 1870s Benjamin’s businesses collapsed and Sarah now had to rely on her ability to generate income from art commissions. While she did some landscape and genre painting, portraiture appeared to be her metier

#MaudGonne #WBYeats ImageImage
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I discovered something new about humans: how parents name their children reveals info on how many kids they’re planning to have.

Thread on forthcoming paper in #Demography on kids’ names & sexual/fertility norms among #Irish #Catholics

Preprint:… Image
The map shows where Catholic parents chose distinctly Catholic names (Catholic Index) or traditional names (Traditional Name Score) for kids + their total surviving children as of 1911 (Net fertility). Family size highly correlated with Catholic and traditional names.
In 1860, a woman in an industrializing nation like Britain could expect to give birth to 6 children.
By 1940, that number had dropped to 2.
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#Ireland #Dublin #Coronavirus

Despite a holiday ban due to the corona pandemic, according to media reports, thousands of Irish have recently flown abroad. To do this, they use a loophole in the legislation:
Travel is permitted if it is necessary for health reasons. Numerous people have now booked dental appointments in Spain, for example, reported the Internet portal "Politico".
A dental assistant on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife told RTÉ Radio that her practice received five to seven appointment requests a day from Irish people, often young couples. Usually the patients are elderly European travelers, she said.
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Bringing #Ireland's History to Life. 🇮🇪👮⛪️
My restored and colourised 1915 photo of Doyle's Corner featuring a Dublin Metropolitan policeman on North Circular Road in Phibsborough, #Dublin City with the Bohemian Bar on the right and Saint Peter's Church in the background.
In my self-funded history project, I am endeavouring to faithfully restore these historical photos by removing blemishes such as tears, scratches, and any other signs of photographic ageing for future generations to enjoy.
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Bringing #Ireland's History to Life. 🇮🇪👁️🔬
My restored and colourised photo of Molesworth Street in #Dublin City featuring the Masonic Hall and the Royal Dublin Society (Leinster House). In 1815 the RDS purchased Leinster House the former residence of the Duke of Leinster. Image
In my self-funded history project, I am endeavouring to faithfully restore these historical photos by removing blemishes such as tears, scratches, and any other signs of photographic ageing for future generations to enjoy.
Patreon:… ImageImageImage
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Sıradan bir kitapseverin #JamesJoyce’un #Ulysses’i ile 24 senelik imtihanı (1996-2020)... Bu thread benim gibi #Ulysses’e başlayıp başlayıp sonunda bitireceklere adanmıştır. @enisbatur @MeltemGurle @armaganekici
1996’da lise son sınıfta iken @YKYHaber 'in başında @enisbatur vardı ve ilk #Ulysses çevirisini #NevzatErkmen yapmıştı. Kitabın dil oyunlar ile başa çıkabilecek en iyi aday deniyordu. Çünkü hem eşi #Joyce ’un ülkesi #İrlanda ’dandı hem de Zeka Oyunları Takımı’nın başındaydı.
Heyecanla ilk baskıyı satın aldım. Fakat herkes #Ulysses 'in rehber kitap olmadan okunamayacağı görüşündeydi. Nitekim benim de denemelerim başarısız oldu ve anahtar kitabı beklemeye başladım. O esnada üniversite bitti ve İngiltere’ye taşındım.
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As #Obama A Promised Land no 1 bestseller #Dublin #bookshops ,timely piece by @bassamva to remind us of his Syria policy&urgent appeal to US president elect @JoeBiden for change .@ABlinken Thread… via @TheNationalNews
“The incoming administration certainly needs a different approach to the Syrian crisis”- #Obama "red line"threat did little to deter President Bashar Al Assad,who used chemical weapons against his own civilians. Mr Al Assad's military operations went on to displace millions /2
of ordinary Syrians–thereby creating one of the largest humanitarian crises since the Second World War–and his regime destroyed much of the country..All this happened at a time when theObama administration was engaging with Iran and negotiating a deal over its nuclear programme/3
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In Dec19 & Jan20,I tweeted about possible shipment of weapons from #Turkey to #Libya by #AeroTransCargo.They ordered me to delete my tweets,I refused & then they threatened me & I ignored. Now they are threatening every media that publishes my articles to cut my financial income! ImageImage
PTISI & DIASTIMA is one of the magazines that they have sent letters to threaten its editor. In this magazine, I have articles about Air Forces of Iran, Israel, Greece, France & etc. Nothing about the shipment of weapons by AeroTransCargo but they are trying to scare them! ImageImage
Despite the fact my articles are about world's air forces in these magazines, but their lawyer,@Paul_Tweed has kept sending threatening letters to these magazines!His goal is to scare them &force them to stop their cooperations with me.They want to put me under financial pressure Image
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Who is fascist agitator Graham J Carey who called protest yest to shutdown #Dublin port?

NB. Today Carey called nxt protest for Sun 2pm O'Connell Bridge cos he can't make the fascist gathering at GPO on Saturday

All pics frm his fb page & vids of yest

Carey worked as a trucker & is a Yellow Vest fascist
He's been active a number of years & attends & supports all fascist groups events incl Yellow Vest Ireland / Irish Fteedom Party & he supports the National Party

He first called for protest to shutdown #Dublin Port few wks ago
Fascist Tan Turd aka Rowan Croft who supports Qanon & U.S. terrorist groups like Boogaloo Boys & incites hate & violence against minorities was 1st to promote & support Carey's call to protest yest
Tan Turd shared Carey's vid which was put out by anon fascist acc now suspended.
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Fascist Alert #Dublin #Ireland

Yellow Vest Ireland / Irish Freedom Party

Sat / Oct 24th / 2pm

They're also organising & co-ordinating fascist protests this Sat, same time in towns all over the country!


#StaySafe #NoPasaran #AltShite
#IrelandLockdown #Lockdown2 Image
I'm seeing fascists threatening 2 shut down #Dublin Port again, TOMORROW
Same day/time Yellow Vest Ireland / Irish Freedom Party advertised their big 72hr protest

I'm presuming @GardaTraffic already informed @DublinPortCo about this

Neo-nazis Tan Turd etc supporting
#AltShite ImageImage
Yellow Vest Ireland /Irish Freedom Party etc won't put their name/logo to their sm events now cos they don't want to be known as organisers & held responsible for calling on ppl 2 break all #Covid #Lockdown guidelines

This is where Port idea originated 👇
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#Ireland #Dublin #Coronavirus

According to a media report, health officials in Ireland are recommending that the government return to a complete "lockdown". The authority (NPHET) recommends raising restrictions to level 5, reports the broadcaster RTE.
Almost all districts are currently still at level 2. At level 5, citizens are asked to stay in their houses and apartments. You are then only allowed to move within a radius of 5 kilometers from there.
Gatherings are only allowed at funerals or weddings - and even there only with a few people.
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