So the first thread I want to do is tech/applications that have made my science easier and more accessible. Some of them are paid (not always accessible), but I'll try to offer a free version that I've used that may not be as great but worked for me. 1/
I'm not paid by any of these companies and I am welcome to be corrected/supplemented on any of these resources from people in the community. Because we work together, not separately!! So LET'S GO! 2/
Science is hard. And trying to keep track of all the literature can be a pain so I have some resources for that. The trifecta: @RsrchRabbit, @zotero, and Excel Splicer worksheet. 3/
@RsrchRabbit helps you map papers to see how the work and authors are connected. It will give you papers leading up to your timeline and after your timeline and it suggests papers for you.
Price: free
Accessibility: unknown, but the team is great and open to suggestions! 4/
I'm also collaborating with them for some exciting #DEI stuff but have to keep that hush hush for now hehe. But I love the team and what they are doing. 5/
@Zotero is a #ReferenceManager where you can add all of your manuscripts & it builds bibliographies. It has thousands of reference templates so you can easily switch reference styles if needed.
Price: free (open source)
Accessible: unknown 6/
What's great is you can link your Zotero and Research Rabbit accounts so you only have to add stuff in one. Keep syncing until everything is the way you want it! 7/
The last one is the Excel splicers. I'm linking the original tweet I found about it, which also gives credit to the person who made the video. 8/
Since #aging and #SexDifferences are cornerstones of my work, I like being able to #organize the #data based on who and didn't use these models. Also, no one is doing what I'm doing in the brain so I need to organize that & my thoughts on the papers 9/
If you have Microsoft then,
Price: free
If not,
Price: $60/year student discount
Accessible: yes?
You customize how many splicers you need for your data 10/
Since we're talking Microsoft, did you know you can turn on captions for your PowerPoints? It's fairly easy to do and is mostly accurate (they are auto-captions). 11/…
Microsoft can also check the accessibility of your work to make sure your slides make sense and all of your images have alt-text. If you don't have auto-save make sure to save after you add the alt-text. 12/…
Get anxiety during presentations & want to practice? Maybe your autism gives you a flat voice & you need to practice inflections (that's me!) There's a rehearsal coach on PowerPoint too. It gives you speed of speech, inflections, and offensive language 13/…
Need help taking notes and want some captions/recording of your meeting? Try There is a free version, but I pay $12/month to get more minutes and how I generate captions for my videos. 14/
I've never been able to figure out captions for Zoom meetings, supposedly they are free, but we use for @BlackinImmuno. It's cheap and relatively accurate even with all the different accents we have. And you can download them from off the Zoom files 15/
Data visualization is super important for Higher Ed. And there are different ways of doing it so that not only are you being transparent with your data points but also have visual bars that people can see. Because red/green colorblindness is very common in men. 16/
I love using Prism Graphpad. If you are doing simple stats that don't need a lot of coding you can use this software to change data point shapes and bars/heatmaps to accessible colors or patterns.
Price: $114/yr
Accesible: Yes
Sometimes schools/departments will cover the cost 17/
Maybe you're one of those cool people that like to do coding stats. I know R is common. They have a package to select colorblind-friendly colors:… 18/
Want some HEX codes for when you make figures to make sure they're #ColorBlind-friendly? Here you go! 19/…
Already have a figure and what to know if it's #ColorBlind-accessible? Just upload a jpg to this site and go through the different filters: 20/…
Reading papers is essential but I don't always have the time or energy to read. So have the paper read to you. I pay for @Speechify_audio. It's not cheap $140/yr and I mainly used it for better voices, but you can do it for free but get less listening minutes. 21/
There is also Voice Dream Reader. It's $20 one-time fee with options to buy more voices. I haven't used it recently so I'm not sure if it's better than Speechify now, but it's a great alternative if you need it! It's Apple only though. 22/
This is all I can think of rn. What are some of other accessibility tools you like to use? 23/Fin
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28 Oct
Okay let's talk accommodations! I am grateful to have mine which include working from home during the pandemic and having a research assistant because my #RheumatoidArthritis has hit me fast and furious. But for me, they weren't easy to get... Mainly on the medical side 1/
I live in #Houston, Texas that has the WORLD'S largest medical center in the world. I was required to do a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) because my initial rheum said he wasn't qualified to say what my impairments were... 2/
We had several appointments where I described to him the things I could and could not do. He wouldn't even prescribe me a rollator to get around even though I needed one. I couldn't ambulate well and was in excruciating pain if I attempted 0.1mi walks. 3/
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Hi, my friends! Today is my (@AlexisSMobley / she/her/hers) takeover! I'm running on #SpoonieTime, but we're also going to #ReclaimOurTime talking about accessibility and accommodations! 1/ A picture of Alexis Mobley, a Black woman, outside of a red
A little bit about me, I'm a doctoral researcher at @MDA_UTHGrad in the @NeuroMDAUTH and Immunology Programs. You can learn more about my research here:
I love the #NeuroImmunology research I do! 2/
I'm also a co-founder, President, and Treasurer of @BlackInImmuno where we amplify, celebrate, and support Black voices in immunology. 3/
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28 Oct
The first of the named stories we're sharing comes from @ChrisMillsRD.

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[blog post]
#DEHEM21 #DisInHigherEd
I've been extremely fortunate to have had all my accommodation needs met in my undergrad studies, my master's, & now my doctoral studies.

​At all 3 universities, connecting with the accessibility office was easy, although getting the required paperwork did take time & money 2/
I'm fortunate to be supported by an amazing partner who has job security; so, I've been able to afford all the paperwork. All of my professors, except for one, have easily accepted my accommodations. 3/
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28 Oct
So I (@theADHDacademic) did a thing and made a website. It might be useful, it might very well not be. It's #ADHD centered, but I talk about accommodations and I've got more posts planned on #UDL and inclusion. My point is, if I've said anything helpful, it might be helpful too?
I cover things like how to register with the disability office:…
and how to talk to a professor who has denied your accommodation:…
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28 Oct
I have tweeted very little about #ADHD and accommodations during my time taking over this account. Maybe I should take some time to do that...
#ADHD is one of those conditions that a lot of people think they know about, but they really don't. They "know" one narrow experience of #ADHD and they still assume it's bad parenting or lack of effort or something we grow out of.
The stereotype of #ADHD hurts students. So many of them won't register for accommodations because they think it isn't serious, they don't know they can receive accommodations, they've internalized the ableist thought that they can work harder and tough it out.
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27 Oct
Let's crowdsource! What are some ways faculty, your dean, department chair, HR, or whoever else has supposedly granted an accommodation

without actually granting an accommodation?

Supposed accommodation: Yes, you can work remotely!
Reality: We need 2 months notice.
I can definitely think of a few from experience and what I often hear.

Supposed accommodation: Yes, you can work remotely!
Reality: You (and only you) need to give a detailed schedule of when you're on campus and you absolutely must adhere to it.
Supposed accommodation: Yes, you can attend part-time!

Reality: All of your funding depends on being full-time. You're not full time? Well then you're not funded.
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