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If you don’t want to wear a mask on a flight, don’t fly. I’m flying back to #Houston #Texas from #Chicago for work and all passengers had to sign this contract. The airline requires face coverings be worn over both mouth AND nose. Let’s see how many comply. #MaskUp #CovidIsReal
2/ In #Wisconsin I’ve noticed folks not wearing masks in Subway with their kids, at hotels and restaurants where elderly people crowd around groups of small tables outside. Eating outside doesn’t protect you - ask @BillPlaschke…
3/ I’ve seen people this trip with masks under their noses. I’ve heard complaints that masks are uncomfortable; that they have trouble breathing. If that’s true, see a doctor. If it’s not, you need to see a ventilator. I saw a man placed on one. The next day, he died. #COVID19
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Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Nationwide

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica

States Below 👇🏻👇🏻🚗🇺🇸🚗🇺🇸🚗🇺🇸
Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Alaska

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica
Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Arizona

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica
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This is what @Pct1Constable wants you to see: where the US #covid economy and policy has brought us to today. It’s an awful scenario where so many need help, from jobs to housing and our thanks to the Constables for allowing the public to see the raw truth
The @Pct1Constable you see in this story has personally driven people to homeless shelters, above and beyond his duties. Here’s more from @Pct1Constable on why #Houston needs comprehensive help, from rent relief to jobs help:…
The man hired to move out an evicted woman really got to me. He cried, saying “Today it’s her, tomorrow it’s me.” That’s true. It’s all so fragile and #COVID19 is pulling back the veil
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A few pointers for those of you hundreds of miles away.

1. The weather channel is not your best source of info. Especially, for Louisiana but also for some areas of SE Texas. They can't even pronounce the names of Parishes, towns, rivers, bayous etc Some can't even say Bayou.
2. Get local feeds. Baton Rouge, NOLA, Houston, Dallas all have boots on the ground in those areas. NOLA is also covering Biloxi. NOAA and Local NWS have feeds and emergency sheets.
3. Landfall is expected around 1AM or so might happen a bit later
4. Areas are dealing with storm surge
5. Outer bands are creating tornadoes, water sprouts.
6. Wind will pick up tonight across LA coast
6 Heavy rain east of landfall expected to continue thru Thursday/Friday
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Kicking off #darecapitaldialogs a bit late with @keystonebankng’s fearless leader, Jeff Wilkinson. We’re talking about community banks’ role in #covid19 recovery - come join on the livestream

My notes below.....⬇️
Customers want to work with a local bank, but they want the heavyweight expertise. @keystonebankng excels at punching above their weight class 🤜🏻 #darecapitaldialogs
Good bank culture is about openness - what can we do to solve customers’ problems? Positive mindset key. All ideas welcome. @keystonebankng #darecapitaldialogs
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Calling all Texas Patriots!

Rolling Flag Parade

Caravans leaving from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Waco, East TX and Marble Fall to Austin

SATURDAY Aug 1, 2020

Pass it on & get in touch if you want to participate!

#FlagsOut #TexasStrong #MAGA
👇🏻👇🏻 Image
#SanAntonio Patriots!
Rolling Oaks Mall
6906 N Loop 1604E
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Leave at 9 AM
August 1, 2020

1604 E to IH35 S
35 S to I410W
410W to IH-10 E
IH-10E to I 35 N

Leaving SA 10:15

Passing Buccees (NB) 10:35-40

San Marcos 11:00 am

Austin: Noon
@truthserum4all Image
Meet: 7:00 AM
Depart: 7:30 AM
2020 Mangum Rd
Houston, TX 77092
610 South and loop all the way around back to 290.

290W to Austin
#MAGADragTheInterstate #TexasStrong

Get your flags and let’s roll like thunder down the Texas highways!! Image
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Pourquoi le compte de D. Trump Jr a-t-il été suspendu ?

A cause de l'#Hydroxychloroquine ... et d'une vidéo qu'il a partagée (retirée) en la tweetant directement et non en la RT, comme le fait plus pernicieusement et subtilement papa, qu'il l'avait RT... aussi. #StellaImmanuel
Cette vidéo décrivait en substance l'inutilité du confinement et des masques. Et l'intérêt suprême de l'#Hydroxychloroquine (14 M de vues sur FB)

Melissa Tate, grande complotiste, qui assure le SAV trumpiste l'a évidemment RT (video initiale sur Breitbart News @BreibartNews)
Qui est donc #StellaImmanuel qui est au centre de cette vidéo ?

Un médecin de Houston qui affirme avoir utilisé l'#Hydroxychloroquine pour soigner 350 de ses patients #COVID19
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#THREAD: This is #China's Houston Consul General Cai Wei, who is reportedly refusing to close the consulate

He and two other #Chinese diplomats were recently caught using fake identification to escort Chinese travelers to the gate area of George Bush Airport in Houston
2) According to the New York Times, investigations into the Houston consulate have included examining attempts to illegally transfer medical research and other sensitive information from institutions in the area.
3) He is accused of plans to persuade over 50 researchers, professors & academics in the area to turn over tightly held research or information to Chinese institutions & of coercing Chinese citizens in the US, whom the Chinese Government has deemed fugitives, to return to China.
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1/ Dispatch from an oncologist/surgeon in #Houston. Sharing with permission.

Eight counties are challenging Gov. Abbott as being TOO HARSH in his approach to fighting #COVID19 in TX. (Yes, really.) Montgomery County is one of them, just north of Houston.
2/ “This is madness. There are no words.

“This past weekend I went briefly into a restaurant to pick up a take out order. I was wearing an N95 with a surgical mask over it and gloves. While I was there, I saw 8 people unmasked at a bar, chatting away.
3/ “Last week three educated families (2 with **physician parents**) asked if my kids could have play dates (not indoors or distanced). They seemed offended when I said no and shocked when I said that 30 year olds are dying in the hospital.
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On a reporting trip to #Texas, and during the quarantine that followed, I had a lot of time to think about #COVID19 testing.

It took me seven days to get the result of my PCR test.

That isn't acceptable.
In the United States, #COVID19 testing capacity has improved, but it hasn't kept up with demand.

I keep hearing the labs are overwhelmed.
I was tested at an urgent care clinic in Brooklyn, eight hours after my flight landed at LaGuardia.

It was Independence Day, and I arrived shortly after the office opened.

There was a line down the block, and I waited an hour.
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THREAD: There were so many subjects & stories you need to read & watch from a corporate-free perspective - all found at @ProgNewsDaily…
Terrifying news about how unprepared we really were for COVID (cont.)

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Americans running over peaceful protestors with their cars, exposing corruption, DAPL not stopping despite court order to stop in today's @ProgNewsDaily…

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Top Articles:
* Confessions of a #TrumpSupporter’s Daughter - #DeborahHandover @nosanityallowed via Medium

* #EugeneScalia Is A Comic-Book Villain Targeting Your Savings - T.M.I. by @davidsirota…

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How does a city's trauma system come together to both prepare for the expected surge of the #COVIDー19 #pandemic & manage the ongoing #epidemic of #gunviolence & other trauma?

Through a great collaborative effort, we published the #Philadelphia experience in @JTraumAcuteSurg

The full paper is published ahead of print here:…

It represents the importance of #teamwork in ensuring a robust, rapid, coordinated effort to manage an evolving threat

Our publication timing coincides with a brutal #July4th weekend where #Philadelphia saw over 30 people shot including several children

But how did the #pandemic and #socialdistancing mandate affect trauma volume in our centers?
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🧵A very close friend of mine is a psychiatric resident physician in #Houston, #Texas and being forced to manage psychiatric patients WITHOUT proper #PPE, in-person in a psych hospital where #COVID patients do not wear masks @GovAbbott 1/5
There is a known #COVID outbreak in the facility and leadership is NOT providing N95 masks because then “they would have to provide N95 masks to all healthcare providers.” Instead they gave him a surgical mask and face-shield. 2/5
As a resident you are in a vulnerable position because you cannot become board certified without graduating residency, so it’s difficult to just quit and begin somewhere else. 3/5
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Thread 1/4: So tonight @BBCWorld @bbcworldservice I'm a bit freer to express my concerns for #Texas, and less time-constrained than US where everything so heavily scripted:
Thread 2/4: #COVID19 numbers going up precipitously, 1,000 new cases daily in #Houston, with @PolicyLabCHOP estimates indicating 4,000 new cases by July 4th weekend without intervention
Thread 3/4: We have a depth and breadth of poverty in #Houston and the US Gulf Coast that few understand and mostly unseen. Social distancing impossible, and high rates of diabetes HTN renal disease = toxic mix accounting for big rise in hospitalizations/ICU admissions
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Tell full picture.

@SETRAC_TX shows Harris County, includes #Houston, has had increased #COVID19 patients in ICU beds

BUT ICU beds in use remain essentially same with continued availability.

Capacity isn't static. Patients can be transported like after Harvey. @SquawkCNBC
Here's what's going on with plenty of availability of general beds, too.

#Texas has 2nd most recoveries in nation & 2nd lowest case fatality rate. @DavidBalatHC

#Texas is responsibly phasing out shutdown, but some are spreading fear & wanting people locked down. #txlege
What about in the Southeast #Texas Region? @SETRAC_TX

Charts show #COVID cases are up & COVID hospital bed uses are up.

BUT plenty of bed availability & deaths remain subdued--key metrics.

For sake of Texans' lives & livelihoods, consider full picture.
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1/6 Thread: In time to mess with your weekend and (my) Father's Day: Latest #COVID19 numbers for Harris County (#Houston) #Texas (@HoustonChron @bcmhouston @TXMedCenter) show numbers climbing rapidly in terms of cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions. Let's start with #Texas:
2/6 Thread: Harris County #COVID19 Cases
3/6 Thread: #COVID19 hospitalizations in our @TXMedCenter (world's largest medical center where I work)
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Thread 1/5: Harris County #Houston #Texas #COVID19 numbers continue to rise sharply (from @HoustonChron)
2/5: And it's not only cases but paralleled by an increase in hospitalizations in our @TXMedCenter
3/5: And the models from @PolicyLabCHOP for Harris County #Houston #Texas looking a bit apocalyptic
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1/In sanctuary for #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral due to start in about an hour. Family and friends are wearing black and white, filing past the open, gold-plated casket. Everyone wearing masks. @AP and @HoustonChron posting photo.
2/Family and guests taking seats #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral. @JJWatt and @channingtatum spotted. @tylerperry Jamie Fox and @FloydMayweather expected.
3/ The latest from #GeorgeFloyd family and funeral in #Houston…
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Thread: #GeorgeFloyd murals in the US & around the world (Barron's)
“This wall is part of a large mural that’s on the other side that has a picture of Martin Luther King facing Malcom X, trying to show the struggle, the social struggle & racial struggle that’s been happening for so long"-- artist Octavio Logo (KNWA Fayettville).
Syrian artists Aziz Asmar & Anis Hamdoun painted their #GeorgeFloyd mural “to call for peace and love.” Asmar said Floyd’s death “by suffocation” reminded him of Syrian civilians “killed by suffocation after the Syrian regime hit them with chemical weapons" (Fox5DC).
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Hey ya’ll! As we support Black companies and creatives and more using #BuyBlack, I want to highlight Black museums who could use our $$$ support because we know now more than ever, we need to invest in the institutions that sustain & educate us on OUR history.

Keep in mind, because of COVID, it’s been predicted that 13% of museums won’t open back up. Due to a lack of funding, a large number of those museums may be Black museums. We can’t afford to lose our history and our story. #BuyBlack ⬇️
When your allies reach out to ask questions about Black history and culture, tell them to #PullUp by donating to a Black historical site or museum in appreciation of doing the work of telling our story. Here’s a SHORT list:
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Well, here we go.

I’ll be live-tweeting as possible from this thread.

Houston Police Department HQ

Folks handing out free water and food to protesters

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Rain is pouring down hard in Houston but it is not stopping this group of a few hundred people to unite in prayer this Sunday in honor of #GeorgeFloyd. The crowd is extremely diverse & currently taking turns coming to the center to pray for peace & unity @FOX26Houston
At one point, Trey 9 the “praytest” organizer & founder of the non-profit ‘Eyes On Me’ split the crowd in half by race. Then, he & the white parishioners on one side knelt to the black parishioners on the other & apologized for the wrongdoings & injustice the community’s faced
Powerful & emotional moment when the crowd split in half by race - the white parishioners got on one knee & apologized for the generations of racism & injustice the black community’s had to face. The black community responded by kneeling down as well & uniting in prayer
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*loads Twitter to see what’s happening in the US*
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