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I wasn't sure how #ungrading would go in #MCV4U, but at the halfway mark, it has been a rousing success. Here's what's working, how it happened and what's next! #thinkingclassroom #mtbos #udl #assessment #evaluation 1/13
1. It started w clear communication to families. A lot of the fear around going #markless is the fear of the unknown. Ss wonder "How will I get a mark?" & "How will I know how I'm doing?," & parents worry "Will my child get the marks they need to get into post-secondary?" 2/13
A lot of these worries are grounded in the belief that Ss are competing amongst and against each other to earn grades. The whole notion of "earning grades" speaks to a deeper problem, but our focus is on learning. When Ss learn, they will excel & they will achieve! 3/13
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So I (@theADHDacademic) did a thing and made a website. It might be useful, it might very well not be. It's #ADHD centered, but I talk about accommodations and I've got more posts planned on #UDL and inclusion. My point is, if I've said anything helpful, it might be helpful too?
I cover things like how to register with the disability office:…
and how to talk to a professor who has denied your accommodation:…
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Reducing the need for accommodations should always be a goal of educators. It might prove impossible to completely remove the need for all accommodations, but there is A LOT more most of us can do, and Twitter is an easy place to start. (1/4)

#AcademicTwitter #HigherEd
If you're an instructor or staff member in #HigherEd or are significantly involved with students and their education, there are a number of hashtags you can follow to keep track of ways to be accessible, inclusive, and informed (please add more!): (2/4)
For universal design for learning, there's #UDL and #UDLHE. There's the #UDLChat, there's #LectureBreakers podcast.
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Today I'm going to #LiveTweet my reading of "Anti-racism and Universal Design for Learning (building expressways to success)" by @FritzTesha

This book covers two very important topics all teachers should choose to bring into their classroom.

#EdChat #LitChat #UDL #Teaching Image
xi - oppressive systems of white supremacy are built into our school systems, which disadvantage the abilities for black students to learn and express themselves.
x - black students are asked to conform and comply by adhering to White standards of expression, identity, and beauty.

These systems prevent students from feeling safe and must be disrupted.
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Seeing the classroom laptop ban debate rear its head again, it's worth noting that somehow after a YEAR+ of remote teaching, we're still struggling to think creatively & inclusively about how tech is PART of a learning enviro, not separate from it. Some quick thoughts (1/6)
Given the ubiquity of mobile device ownership, (I often cite 2018 @educause data here that 97% of students use mobile phones for learning) ignoring or banning the presence of these devices is ignoring an opportunity that we can leverage for learning. (2/6)
Is there potential for distraction? Of course there is. But is there also potential to encourage directed, mindful usage of Web browsing, archivable/searchable/taggable note-taking, and back-channel chatting to enhance & create more channels for discussion? Yes! (3/6)
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To those institutions considering using #proctoring software for assessment - just don't. So many privacy, trust and #accessibility reasons why we shouldn't do this. Frankly, in my view it's bordering on being a human rights issue. #UDL
@IUAofficial @TheUSI @THEA_Irl Thread:
Proctoring is an unfair and inequitable tool to ensure academic integrity - the real solution lies in sound assessment design. Dont bring an inaccessible/unethical tech solution to a pedagogical problem.
Proctoring software that lock down aspects of the computer but do not require camera access gives an unfair disadvantage to students who can afford multiple devices – i.e. if you have added devices you can use them to access the internet undetected.
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I'm on my rant mode. Ts, if sending work work home via Google Docs, please do not use tables. Many parents are accessing these lessons with their mobile phones and tables are not mobile-friendly. #Thinkopen
Also don't introduce new tech & give an assignment at the same time. Familiarity w/ the tech IS the assignment. Day 1 Log in and share how you are doing. Day 2 Share how you are doing & Try new feature. Day 3 Share how you are doing & share if you understand this assignment...
If you are receiving a ton of questions or critical comments about something you assigned, assume that your instructions are too complicated, not that people aren't reading what you wrote. #DesignTeaching #UDL
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I’ve long been at odds with learning outcomes. As a practice, they assume: 1. That a student is missing knowledge or skills; 2. That a teacher knows what the student is missing; 3. The relationship between the teacher and student is one of depositor and receptacle. #digped
In the banking model of education “knowledge is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves knowledgeable upon those whom they consider to know nothing.” (Freire) This model makes learning outcomes not only desirable, but necessary.
Learning outcomes presume knowledge that can be defined, skills that have achievable levels of mastery (like rungs on a ladder), and too often also imply a route for reaching them that is predictable and stable enough for anyone to tread it.
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1/ #UDL is a framework to help us extend learning to all students which addresses learner variability. It's also important to consider that we as humans are feeling machines that think, not the other way around.
2/ We need to design learning environments that support all students, and further we need to understand who our students are, where our students are coming from, and what our students are going through
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Today I heard Dr. @jeffpreston of @kingsatwestern speak about #UDL, #HigherEd & the societal model for disability. With this model, focus interventions on society rather than on impairment - need policy, environment, and attitudinal change. Great talk Jeff! 1/5
Jeff asked us to consider the cause of disability
- is it impairment, illness, sickness? or
- is it inaccessibility and discrimination? 2/5
There ought to be more of a team effort around #UDL - students, faculty, & staff. If we work to incl. UDL principles, it will send msg to students, which is needed given the social aspects of uni & that a lot of learning happens outside of class (groupwork, extra-curriculars) 3/5
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