95% of people are chasing meme coins

But few are looking at one of the biggest long-term opportunities in crypto...

A deep dive into how $XRP is building a frictionless decentralized liquidity pool for the world 🌍

(Not financial advice)

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1/ The problem:

“With today’s internet of information you can’t store, move, transact value without a powerful intermediary. And that’s what blockchains solve”

Quoted by @dontapscott a leader in the decentralized blockchain revolution Image
@dontapscott 2/ Before blockchain

The internet had a problem with transferring $ value peer to peer

The only 2 options for sending money were:

1. Send $ using a cross border payment via bank transfers
2. Use a 3rd party and trust a stranger with private information

Lets dive into those👇 Image
@dontapscott 3/ Sending money using the Swift system (ie. wire transfers) has huge flaws:

• No end to end tracking
• Takes 5-7 business days
• High fees - $50 USD to send 1 transfer
• After 10 years - payment records are destroyed
• Trillions of idle funds in Nostro/Vostro accounts Image
@dontapscott 4/ The other option to send value to someone is using a 3rd party like PayPal

But that also comes with downsides:

• A processing fee
• Trusting a centralized authority with your money
• Possible charge-backs from the stranger on the internet

The new innovative option👇
@dontapscott 5/ Blockchain Technology - a direct and trustless way of moving value by using the internet without the involvement of traditional banks, utility companies and governments.

This is the technology that XRP is built upon, lets dig into $XRP👇

#fintech #DLT #blockchain #SDGs ImageImage
@dontapscott 6/ The XRP ledger was created in 2012 by 3 engineers which then founded the US company Ripple

@Ripple has been building the Internet of Value by creating a decentralized liquid asset that anyone can build on

The differences between using Swift & $XRP are below👇

#XRP #IoV ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple 7/ $XRP is a decentralized currency used as a medium of exchange to eliminate middleman fees and transfer delays

• It's global
• Fees are fractions of a penny
• It saves billions in fees worldwide
• No more 6% fail rate on transactions (like the SWIFT system) ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple 8/ The XRPL operates by its Consensus Protocol between 150+ Validator nodes

Other Benefits of XRP:
•Deflationary tokenomics
•Carbon Neutral (no mining)
•Anyone can use & build on the XRPL
•0 downtime since its creation in 2012
•Working with regulators and 40 + Banks ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple 9/ XRP helps create an Internet of Value for the world.

Which is the ability to move monetary value on the internet just like an email does today.

The XRP ledger is like an electric engine for the global monetary system that runs 24/7 365.

Diagram made from @22002OSI_XX ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 10/ Picture This👇

Global cross-border payments are around $30 trillion / year

If $XRP ever gets 5% of the remittance market settled on the ledger that's 1.5 trillion dollars

Currently, the market cap of XRP is only $55 billion

We are early in where it could be years from now ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 11/ $XRP is also utilized in what is called "The Interledger Protocol"

Interledger is utilized to connect bank systems across borders where the XRP token functions as a standardized settlement layer between global banks

#ISO20022 #DLT #XRPTheStandard #ILP #interledger ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 12/ Now let's dive into some partnerships I have seen that use the Interledger Protocol

•Bank of England completed a Proof of Concept
•Bill & Melina Gates Foundation - Mojaloop
•FNA - Central Banks, FI's & National Security Organizations

That is just some for now.

$XRP #ILP ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 13/ FNA allows central banks and financial institutions to see all data and payment points
It allows them to simulate their network before making the switch to their digital systems.

#fintech #blockchain #DLT #sustainablefinance #banking #FNA #CBDCs #finance ImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 14/ Ripple has created federated sidechains for CBDC's on the $XRP ledger

This allows banks to easily create their own separate private or public network on the XRP Ledger

CBDC < XRP > CBDC = XRP acts as the neutral bridge currency for transferring between digital ledgers ImageImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 15/ Some other things Ripple is also known for:

Being a part of the Digital Pound Foundation to create a digital pound #CBDC
Being a part of the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) in 2015
Being a company providing Next Generation Digital Asset Infrastructure ImageImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 16/ They are also known for currently being in a lawsuit from the SEC

For selling "unregistered securities" but that's not the case

Ripple has been asking for regulatory clarity for years. The SEC has only ignored and only provided clarity for BTC/ETH

Separate thread for this Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX 17/ Moving On ➡ Ripple is creating a liquidity hub for the world.

Instead of financial institutions pre-funding billions of $ in Nostro accounts in multiple regions of the world they can use XRP's deep liquidity network for facilitating payments

@stedas ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 18/ Using XRP for settlement allows banks to free up capital instead of holding foreign currency in Nostro accounts around the world

Here is a video example of an XRP payment👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #CBDCs #fintech #blockchain #DLT #4IR #innovation #banking #SDGs
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 19/ XRP is an ISO 20022 Compliant Token

ISO20022 is an important upgrade to global standards for interbank rails.
It adds more information to the data sent on a payment, all banks are supposed to migrate before 2025.

#economics #XRP #XDC #ALGO #XLM #IOTA #fintech #banking #DLT ImageImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 20/ In 2019 Ripple donated 100 million to Forte Labs to support game developers:

This is going towards building real money in-game ecosystems for video game developers to implement in their games

You will be able to trade in-game NFT items for real money
prn.to/3ccG9sU Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 21/ At the APEX Developer conference 2021

Forte finally told us they use XRP for in-game ecosystems.

Since the donation, I was just speculating that they used XRP, but now it's written in stone.

This is huge! Big things to come in the gaming sector!

#XRP ImageImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 22/ Rosa “Rosie” Rios, 43rd Treasurer of the United States, joins the Ripple Board of Directors

The lady whose name is on the US 100$ bill sees the Internet of Value $XRP is building.👇 👀

#payments #IoV #RTGS #realtime #settlement
Link to article: bwnews.pr/3owgfpK Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 23/ Ripple is an Amazon AWS partner

"xRapid lets payment providers and other financial institutions minimize liquidity costs while improving their customer experience."

xRapid = XRP = ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) which is the enterprise name for XRPL

aws.amazon.com/partners/succe… Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 24/ Brad Garlinghouse CEO Ripple in 2018 at the Swiss National Bank Conference

Talking about Ripple's mission to revolutionize the banking industry by removing Pre-Funding liquidity requirements and using blockchain as a payments settlement layer. 👀 Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 25/ A company that excels in business innovation called R3 is also partnered with Ripple

R3 is known for using two ISO20022 currencies $XRP & $XDC for settlement for their consortium of members.

#R3 #Innovators #DLT #Blockchain #fintech #banking ImageImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 26/ In my eyes from my research, $XRP is a digital asset used as a neutral bridge between ledgers

Japan is leading in payments innovation since they are building on the XRP digital financial ecosystem

They see the benefit and have CLARITY in the regulation of digital assets ImageImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 27/ XRP Ledger will soon become interoperable with Flare Networks.

Flare can be used as a smart contract platform for $XRP
(ex. ETH Contract on XRPL with no gas fees)

This also provides trustless Interoperability with other networks that integrate with Flare.
@22002OSI_XX ImageImage
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 28/ These are just some of the connections I've seen from the last couple of years

I thought compiling this information would be beneficial to other citizens to help start your research.

If you are entering the blockchain space, never stop learning and keep digging.

$XRP Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you found something interesting! 👀

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$XRP #XRP Image
@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 🔸 This is the additional thread I created to show my reasons why I think the SEC case is a red herring.

@dontapscott @Ripple @22002OSI_XX @stedas 🔸 One extra thread for those who want to take a deeper dive into how the Gates Foundation works with Ripple.

10/ Sorry, A picture for some reason didn't upload:

This is what XRP price could look like if we ever hit 5% of the global remittance market. Image

• • •

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China systems integrated its solution with @EnigioTime and Enigio's DLT based solution uses $XDC for the underlying technology for securely transferring digital documents originals.

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Currently, the legacy banking system has major problems with moving original trade documents. They mostly deal with paper and have to store copies.

Enigio acts as a digital notarization service for verifying the documents.

Reducing the need for a paper system.

#banking #SDGs ImageImageImageImage
Paper invoicing in global trade between SMEs also creates a lot of headaches and friction.

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Enigio & $XDC Network can solve this

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