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Tangle pay is building something unique in the #IOTA ecosystem.

I took my time to do a deep dive and look into what they are building.

Here's everything you need to know 👇

#IOTA #Shimmer @tanglepaycom
Your Shimmer and #IOTA wallet for NFTs and DeFi.

Use a single safe interface on your mobile device or computer browser to manage your tokens on IOTA and Shimmer and explore the world of DeFi and NFT.

TanglePay is an IOTA wallet available on iOS, Android, and a Chrome extension.
What I will be covering:

-How to install TanglePay
-TanglePay and Firefly
-How to import a wallet


Private keys are encrypted and are never sent outside of the device.

Your finances are completely in your hands.

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Let’s explore the @shimmernet ecosystem!


An user-friendly infrastructure for distributed data storage and transfers.

Learn more! 🧵👇 Image

PIPE is built by @Tanglehub_eu and immutably stores and transfers any type of data.

Whether you need edge micro-storage or operate high-frequency + high-bandwidth applications, PIPE solves the problem of how to store and transfer any amount of data!

Possible use cases? You can use PIPE to

🔹 keep your data private
🔹 share your data with someone
🔹 sell your data on a data marketplace

It's all about maintaining control over who has access to your data! 🔐
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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads-
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology
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🌞 gm to all

1/ I would like to share a small update with #shimmer and #iota community of the idea that few fellow apes from ApeDAO (@iotapes) and I are currently working on.

A short 🧵

2/ For those who still haven't stumbled upon ApeDAO, it's a small community-centered & meme-loving joint-investment DAO with its focus on upcoming #DeFi on @iota and @shimmernet networks. We try to take care of our NFT-funded treasury in the best way we know of.
3/ When I first started making the idea of ApeDAO into a reality, I haven't imagined such a great response from the community.

TL;DR limited supply of 1074 ape NFTs quickly sold out and diamond hand holders are not letting them go.
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#IOTA and #Shimmer Discord #community highlights.
🌐 Learn more and join the discussion
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$SMR updates that people want to know about.

All in one thread. 🧵

Let's dive in.👇

#Shimmer #SMR #IOTA $IOTA Image
The Focus is, as you can tell, on $SMR Touchpoint updates.

What is a touchpoint?
As an open builders program, Touchpoint leverages the power of the community to provide access to tailored support, world-class expertise and smart money.

Touchpoint to currently hosts 35+ projects across DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and other verticals.

All on #shimmer
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For all those lost and confused about Cryptos future: Remember that there are projects like #IOTA that have been relentlessly building for real world adoption since 2015.

We are more focused than ever to help professionalize the industry.

Some key highlights 👇 Image
We have recently finished upgrading our parallelized DAG ledger with an execution layer that supports both EVM and WASM-based smart contracts.

This protocol upgrade is being tested in @shimmernet (our staging network) before it hits the IOTA mainnet:
With this, we will finally have smart contracts and #DeFi applications running on top of Shimmer and (later) on IOTA! Our community has already been very busy building close to 70+ applications that will soon go live: Image
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I spent 24 hours researching #IOTA 0.3.0 and there are some AMAZING upgrades happening.

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the upgrade 👇
I will be covering the following areas:

• Extended EVM, Stardust Ready, and Much More
• Mainnet compatibility
• Extended EVM Support
• Reliability and recoverability
• What’s next?
Extended EVM, Stardust Ready, and Much More

The framework is now interoperable with the Shimmer network thanks to the availability of IOTA Smart Contracts.
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(0) As a Leader & professional builder in #web3 I will explain you common strategies in #DeFi with advantages and disadvantages and the most hot topic inside the #IOTA community and needed education is about Pre-Sale vs Fair-Launch and why we have made our decision.
Let's go 👇
- What is Pre Sale?
Advantages & Disadvantages
- What is Fair-Launch ?
Advantages & Disadvantages
- Why has LendeXe chosen Pre-Sale instead of Fair-Launch
- Is it worth it to have taken this path despite the FUD, censorship, misinformation?
- Summary
(2)Token Pre-Sales are considered the most popular crowdfunding technique in the crypto space. In some cases, presales may occur in rounds. In each round, a select group of investors is allowed to participate. Afterward, the network sells to the public in the final round.
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There is growing recent interest in DAG-based protocols for reliable broadcasting, e.g. @Aleph__Zero @aptos. There are striking similarities between these protocols and the @IOTA 2.0 solution, however, also fundamental differences.
Let me explain some of them. (1/n)
The DAG can be seen as a shared mempool. Before transactions can be added to the ledger they have to be broadcasted from the users to the block producing nodes. In traditional blockchains this is done via a shared memory-pool and only some leader is allowed to add blocks. (2/n)
Protocols like Hashgraph, Aleph, Nahrwal, are changing this. Let s take a closer look at the most recent Nahrwal.

Every validator is allowed to add blocks. However, they can not add blocks as they please. First, they send the blocks content to all others validators, (3/n)
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Soonaverse is a project often spoken about in the #Iota community.

Today I decided to do a deep dive to uncover what soonaverse is building

Here's everything you need to know about @soon_labs

#Iota #Shimmer #soon @soon_labs Image
So I heard all of your requests to write on Soonaverse.

I will be dissecting this great project in this thread

Let us dive in

What I will be covering in this thread:

•Soonaverse Shimmer Launch
•The Full Power of Shimmer
•Cross Network Trading
The Soonaverse has always been a place to experiment with cutting-edge, decentralized technologies.

Every new market cycle introduces industry-changing concepts, such as PoW, PoS, tokenization, DID, DAOs, DeFi, etc.
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How to understand $IOTA without boring yourself reading loads of articles.

I spent the whole week making this the EASIEST #IOTA thread out there.
What I’ll be covering

1️⃣What Is $IOTA?
2️⃣How Does $IOTA Work and What Technology Is Behind It?
1️⃣What Is IOTA?

$IOTA is a distributed ledger developed to handle transactions between connected devices in the  Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

$IOTA intends to become the standard mode of conducting transactions on devices. 

its cryptocurrency is known as $MIOTA.
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#IOTA has the technology that underpins a number of innovative use cases.

Here are 5 industries that are innovating with $IOTA 👇 Image
1. Global Supply Chains & Trade

Facilitate the sharing of reliable data among all supply chain participants and streamline international cooperation.

2. Industrie 4.0

Integrating analog and digital twins of products for improved industry 4.0 collaboration.
3. EHealth

Securing electronic health data and facilitating innovative care paradigms.
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IOTA Identity is Coming to Layer 1 and I’m going to break it all down for you in this thread.

Let us dive in 👇

We will be covering the following areas in this thread:

-Explore IOTA Identity on Shimmer
-More effective and powerful DID techniques
-Technical overview
-Identities controlling other identities
-Authenticating senders and receivers of funds
-DIDs issuing NFTs
-DIDs issuing native tokens
-Extending DID functionality with smart contracts

Explore #IOTA Identity on #Shimmer
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Checkout the four (4) unique features of shimmer that make it incomparable.

Learn what shimmer is bringing to the industry and more.

Below is how it all started ↓

$SMR #Shimmer #Iota @shimmernet Image
The thread's 🧵 scope is as follows :

1/ What is shimmer
2) Technology ( DAG )
3/ unique feature
4/ Incentives
5/ Conclusion

Let's get started right away. ↓

Shimmer is a scalable and feeless network enabling frictionless decentralized and scalable Web3 economies.

For the first time since the start of IOTA in 2015, a new token is introduced to the world called #Shimmer (#SMR).
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The first decentralized exchange on the @IOTA network in progress @tangleseaDex

Here are all the AMAZING things tanglesea is doing

Let's dive in 👇

#Iota #Shimmer @TangleSeaDEX
@TangleSeaDEX will be governed using a DAO structure, as you might have spotted on their Discord.
This is important because it enables the community, to actively participate in the platforms that will be governed by the TangleSea DAO in addition to having a voice in team decision-making.
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Assembly is a permissionless protocol to build, connect and deploy smart contracts on a feeless multi-chain network.

Built on a feeless trust anchor, the Assembly network is fully interoperable, with smart contracts able to freely transfer assets and data.

#Iota #Asmb #Shimmer
$ASMB Network Architecture is pretty solid


• Smart Contract Chains:

The sharded architecture allows for horizontal scaling. Anyone can define and create their own smart contract chain, tailored to their needs.
• The Assembly Network

A pool of validators that are rewarded to secure new smart contract chains and keep the network honest and safe.

#IOTA Tangle

A DAG-based protocol where feeless transactions secure every smart contract execution and all actions are made immutable.
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So $SMR launched a few days ago I know this is long overdue but let us get right into it.

In this thread, I will get you up to date about what this token is all about and also dive deep into its unique utility.

Let's dive in 🧵

$SMR #Shimmer #Iota @shimmernet Image
In this thread, we are going to cover the following areas:

• A Multi-Chain Future on a Feeless DAG
• A bridgeless, modular, multi-chain smart contract architecture
• The $SMR Token Claiming $SMR Tokens
• Public Shimmer infrastructure

A Multi-Chain Future on a Feeless DAG
Shimmer adds a composable tokenization framework to the DAG ledger, expanding the potential for native Layer 1 tokenization of everything (NFTs, real-world assets, stablecoins, fan tokens, etc.).
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1) In today's market it's difficult to select high quality cryptocurrencies.

Most fade away and as such we need to search for the best fundamentals.

A thread on $SMR and why you should take a look at this cryptocurrency.

Read on 🧵👇

@shimmernet @iota #Shimmer #IOTA $MIOTA
2) For the first time since the start of IOTA in 2015, a new token is introduced to the world called Shimmer (SMR).

Shimmer isn't just any other project. It serves as IOTA's staging network which is a pretty big deal.
3) Launched last year in 2021, the Shimmer Network is basically a Layer-1 innovation network that will push the growth of interoperable digital assets.

Alike IOTA, Shimmer is also a DAG-based parallelized settlement layer with a higher L2 anchoring capacity.
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$MIOTA has been one of the best performers in the @COIN360com top 100 list with a 9.2%% daily gain and 21% weekly gain.

What powered such a price surge in a bleeding market? #IOTA 2.0 with @shimmernet, #Stardust, and more @iota developments.

A 🧵 👇

1/ What is @iota?

A distributed ledger built for the "Internet of Everything" for exchanging value and data between humans and machines.

It uses Tangle, a structure where newer txs verify the older ones, for parallel validation of txs without requiring total ordering.
2/ It offers a network that is:

- Secure: the whole system is distributed across many network participants -> no single point of failure or attack

- Feeless: no txs fees charged, but $MIOTA holders can secure prioritized txs if the network reaches capacity limits
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#Shimmer launches in a week but what can you expect from it?

I spent my day researching #shimmer and here is some EXTRA info I thought might be useful

Let's dive in 👇

#Iota #shimmer @iota
#Shimmer will accompany #IOTA on its path to becoming a fully decentralized, programmable multi-asset ledger.

Making its prime entry into Defi

The series of upgrades that will first be introduced on #shimmer are ↓
1/ Programmable multi-asset ledger, with the introduction of output types and tokenization on the base layer.

2/ Smart Contracts, with the introduction of IOTA Smart Contracts; agnostic multi-chain smart contracts are fully EVM-compatible
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Be the first to hop on shimmer

• Zero fees
• Zero bridges
• Zero limitations

If I could sum up or describe shimmer in one sentence, it’ll be; “Thinking outside the block”

Here's everything you NEED to know about Shimmer ↓↓

#Iota #Shimmer @iota
In this short thread, I am going to introduce you guys to the Layer 1 innovation network #Shimmer,

which was created to encourage the development of cost-free, highly interoperable digital assets and token economies.
@shimmernet is a DAG-based paralleled settlement layer with greater L2 anchoring capability than conventional blockchains, like #IOTA.

By now you all know the main goal right now for $IOTA is development for the network, Shimmer serves as a testing ground.
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Finding top-tier crypto projects in the bear market can be very challenging

So today I have done all the hard work for you.

Here's everything you need to know about #Iota and why you SHOULDN'T miss out 🧵

#Iota $Iota @iota Image
What I'll be covering:

• What is #IOTA
• The team behind
• How it works
• Iota's new decentralized plan
• Benefits of Iota
• Shimmer layer 1
• Closing Thoughts

The brand new, completely decentralized #IOTA network is here:

The very best implementation of a feeless Distributed Ledger based on a DAG, It's able to host smart contracts, #Defi platforms, and second-layer applications.

This research will thoroughly test #Iota 2.0
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1) In today's market it's increasingly hard to select high quality cryptocurrencies.

Most eventually fade away and as such we need to search for the best fundamentals.

A thread🧵on $IOTA and why you should take a look at this cryptocurrency.

Read on 👇

@iota #Iota
2) The "Internet of Things".

A term used to describe the billions of smart devices in the world today.

Chances are you already have IoT devices in your home, car or office.

These can include the sensors in your car that indicate tire pressure, your smart TV or smart fridge.
3) IoT devices are connected to the internet, typically via Wi-Fi or a cellular network (as the name suggests).

DESPITE this, facilitating transactions and payments among IoT devices has been challenging.
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