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THREAD: Thoughts about an decentralized, tokenized, NFT compatible, fully #P2P exchange aka #DEX for local economies and food producers / #agriculture combined with #IoT / #Blockchain / #IOTA #ISCP and #EVM SmartContracts - incentivizing biological and healthy food with staking..
.. people could invest into their #local #farms, by buying some of the farms own minted token supply ( some kind of shareholdership ), at some price XYZ - FUNGIBLE #tokens. nonNFTs. #ERC20. - that gives the farmer actual money / stablecoins / fiat money, that allows him to get..
much better quality of #biological food due to better machines, farming equipment, drones, #loT equipment and #AI oracle rovers, get IoT sensors installed, waterlevel sensors, ...
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A little birdy told me that IOTA's collab with Trademark East Africa is one of the disruptive projects where a feeless #DLT like #IOTA can have a massive impact

Here's what the Dep Commissioner for Customs of the Kenya Revenue Authority thinks about that

Paraphrasing: ... data can not be manipulated, which creates a lot of trust. Previously paper-based, data can now be verified in a timely manner, which leads to cargo being able to be cleared before arrival, which reduces #cost for the government as well as businesses
... overall, businesses can better plan ahead and overall cargo throughput increases, which culminates into #revenue #growth for the government and also less trade related crime
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1. Sanayi Devrimi (Buhar Gücü Yıl:1722)
2. Sanayi Devrimi (Teknoloji Devrimi Elektirik Yıl:1860)
3. Sanayi Devrimi (Dijital Devrim Bilgisayar Yıl:1976)
4. Sanayi Devrimi (Nesnelerin İnterneti Yıl:2011)

IoT (Nesnelerin İnterneti) Nedir?⬇️
Bu sektöre hizmet eden #Altcoins ⬇️ Image
1-)Geçmişi , tarihi öğrenmeden; geleceği öğrenemeyiz! Geçmişten geleceğe sizi yolculuğa çıkartarak sırası ile kısaca Tüm sanayi devrimlerini özetleyip günümüz ve geleceği sizlere paylaşacağım. Image
2-) ''1. Sanayi devrimi'' Buharın Gücü Atölyeden Fabrikaya Geçiş⬇️ Image
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1/9 Time for a thread about #IOTA, the up coming smart contract platform #ISCP and why I'm excited for the ecosystem #DEFI #ETH #FTM #AVAX #BNB #SOL...
2/9 What do all major smart contract platforms and their native token have in common leading up to and immediately after the launch of their smart contract system?
3/9 Price appreciation, all major L1/L2 solutions have had significant run ups in price prior to and after launching successful smart contracts, well over and above market trends. See Solana's recent SC launch price appreciation below....
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A Twitter novel

Who? When? Why?

Keep reading 👇👇👇
2/ Solana was down yesterday, Arbitrum was "down" as well.

Salty maxis crawled out from the caves shouting "#Bitcoin is never down" "#Ethereum is never down" "#IOTA is never down"

Technically they are not correct.
3/ So let's look at all the bad things that happened with the blockchain networks as a whole in history.
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Since many people look to #IOTA because of the gains, I would like to use this thread to show you some information about what #IOTA is, what they do and with whom they work.
The information is divided into DLT Protocol, Standardization, Government & Regulation, Industry & Technology, Mobility, World Trade & Supply Chains, Climate Protection & Agriculture, Smart City and Research.
IOTA is a permissionless DLT and the pioneers of the DAG systems.
They offer a free protocol that can run data and value transactions over the smallest of devices and runs very efficiently.
Designed for the real economy and for the interaction between man and machine.
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(1/15) The #Coordicide project at #IOTA is naturally an important milestone that will need to be delivered. But too often other progress on IOTA is overlooked. There are soo many pieces that together form the vision of IOTA. Let's have a look what my colleagues are working on!
(2/15) The #IOTA Engineering department has 9 different projects: #Bee, #Hornet, #Chronicle, #Firefly, #Client Libraries, #SmartContracts, #Identity, #Streams and #Stronghold. It also maintains our websites, the coordinator and nodes.
(3/15) In those projects, #Bee, #Hornet and #Chronicle directly build out the first layer of #IOTA. Implementing new features to the first layer for updates like #Chrysalis and #Coordicide.
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Why do I firmly believe #IOTA will enter @CoinMarketCap's top 10 again?

Read on! ⬇️
The #IOTA Foundation is finally living up to its promises. Back in 2017/2018 the vision was big, but the actual outcome in terms of development and code was small. Now, real progress is taking place, silently and mostly unnoticed by the wider #crypto space (yet) ➡️ CMC #42
Once #IOTA achieves decentralization, a fundamental change in perception will take place. #IOTA will finally be seen as reasonable alternative to #blockchains. Hard to believe, but many (esp. new joiners) will discover IOTA for the first time!
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Muito cuidado com títulos. A #Iota (VOI) apresenta características de transmissão, escape da resposta imunológica e taxa de letalidade semelhantes à variante #Alfa. Quando se lê a reportagem, entende-se que temos mais preocupações com a #Delta e a #Gama.…
@gzhdigital seria muito interessante mudar esse título. Dá uma ideia muito errada para a população. Por que não falar sobre a #Iota e ressaltar que ela não é pior do que variantes que já conhecemos? Por que não ressaltar que vacinas seguem protegendo?
Tô a disposição para enviar conteúdos sobre ela, é muito importante termos essa parceria para nos ajudar nessa corrida de informações sobre COVID-19 que surgem a todo o momento
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Para vacinas de duas doses, as duas doses são extremamente importantes de serem recebidas por parte do público-alvo. Garante uma proteção maior, e pode ajudá-la a ser mais duradoura, além da proteção contra a #Delta!

Para vacinas com regime de 1 só dose, como a Janssen, temos dados de proteção super bons, inclusive pra #Delta

Esse é um fio-exemplo, mas tenho vários na seção VARIANTES E VACINAS em

E muito tem se falado essa semana sobre a variante #Iota que é uma variante de interesse (VOI).

Logo em março, fiz um fio sobre ela e sobre a Epsilon (CAL.20C).

Vacinas seguem protegendo contra esssas duas VOI também.

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#Bitcoin 41.600$ üstü kalıcılığını koruması durumunda,

Portföyünüzde bulunması gereken yüksek kazanç potansiyeline sahip 5 #altcoin 'den oluşan 4 farklı sepet⬇️🔥
''1. Sepet'' ⬇️
Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken Demirbaş ilk 5 #altcoin
1-) #Ethereum $ETH
2-) #Polkadot $DOT
3-) #Solona $SOL
4-) #Uniswap $UNI
5-) #BinanceSmartChain $BNB
''2. Sepet'' ⬇️
Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken Projesi güçlü 5 #altcoin
2-) #VeChain $VET
3-) #Filecoin $FIL
5-) #TheGraph $GRT
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1/ #IOTA is blossoming, but few outside our bubble are aware of the current strength of the project. It slips under the radar and there is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the project. Consider the current state of IOTA…
2/ The resilience and speed of the live mainnet, disruptive industry-unique features like feelessness & separation of data & value, full-decentralisation and smart contracts on testnet…
3/ …the sheer number of close industry partners; Dell, Intel, Zebra Technologies, STMicroelectronics, JLR (to name but a few) publicly backing and actively building on #IOTA, multiple large governmental grants won for consortiums in industry building on IOTA…
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I have already mentioned my fascination and love of precious metals. Gold and Silver have been in the battle, almost unnoticeably this year. Why? Because the media props you up with the narrative called “bitcoin."
And like many things making headlines it's a very weaponised narrative: contrived and put forth as what they call “digital gold.” As I've said before, Bitcoin is no more gold anymore than fiat is real money.
I have written quite a bit around the debasement of currency and have started to touch on the [corrupt] organisations who oversee legislation for monetary policy.
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We see a lot of #cryptocurrencies claiming to be green right now. At the IOTA Foundation, we believe we have a strong case for being one of the greenest. Here are some of the use cases in which #IOTA’s unique, feeless technology is helping to combat #climatechange.
#IOTA is being used to digitize measurement, reporting and verification of sustainability performance (known as @digitalmrv) in Chile, funded by the Canadian government -…
#IOTA is being used by @JaguarLandRover, @EngieLabCrigen & @EntraASA to trace the path of energy from production in solar panels to consumption in electric vehicles in Trondheim, Norway -
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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Şimdi madem #holo kazandı biz de proje araştırmamızı yapalım söz verdiğimiz gibi 2. incelememiz de bu sefer #IOTA olacak ona da 2. sırada yer verilmişti.

Herkesin isteklerini gördüm. Zaman buldukça hepsini değerlendirmeye çalışacağım;

Gelelim Holo'ya:) Haydi başlayalım.. Image
Holochain en kısa tanımıyla dağınık uygulamalar için bir çerçeve çizmeyi amaçlayan bir projedir. Holochainin farkı diğer blockchainler genellikle data merkezli çalışırken kendisinin temsilci merkezli çalışması. ++
Aslında temel anlamda farkı geleneksel blokzincir yapılarına alternatif olarak daha büyümeye açık ve kişiselleştirilebilen bir yapısı olmasıdır Holochain kendini blockchain olarak tanımlamıyor aksine holozincir yani holochain diyerek farklılaştırıyor.++ Image
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Recently I purchased some (soon to be) NFTs.

What do I mean? I bought #Yats.

What is a Yat you ask? It's a username created with a combination of 1 to 5 emojis (subset of the Unicode Standard). Find an example in my Twitter bio combining the sun, sand & surf emojis (☀️🏖️🌊). /1
At the moment Yats are not technically an NFT, they are sold via the @whatsyouryat website, similar to how you might purchase a domain name.

They've created a very cool username builder that allows you to string together your choice of emojis using 🔍 or a category picker. /2
However, the team has outlined their ambition to "decentralize Yats as soon as possible", they are building an oracle service so Yats can be "issued on any EVM compatible blockchain such as BSC of Ethereum" (@NFTIOTA/@iotaben, help us trade Yats on #IOTA Smart Contracts? 😁). /3
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1) Satoshi wanted above all to create a form of money free from government control, money for the people. That's why #DeFi is so exciting. Unfortunately, #Bitcoin transaction fees and the number of transactions per second are a hindrance to this reality.
2) That's why the lightning network was created. The biggest problem in my view is that the lightning network masks failures of layer one and there will still be transaction fees, although it manages to increase transactions per second.
3) Another criticism I make of #Bitcoin and many altcoins is mining. Mining is expensive, mining farms have been created with ASICs or GPUs. Remember that we are facing a lack of semiconductors / chips in the world.
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I'm excited to hear what Dom has to say today! In 5 minutes I will start "live tweeting" for your amusement.
And we're live! "The most awkward parts of a presentation are the beginning and the end." Even more awkward when you can't get the audience feedback. We're here for you Dom!
Big AMA today, and it might go long because there are many questions. Also have an exciting announcement: the Chrysalis network migration is set for April 21, and the network will go live April 28.
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Thank you @MikeThaInvestor for hosting @DanSimerman! Dan starts out with "IOTA has seen quite a transformation" "We have taken a step back and really wanted to focus, build, and deliver." "The sleeping giant is awakening!" People don't realize the scale and scope of our vision.
Anyone can copy #Bitcoin or #Ethereum and say they are unique, but #IOTA really is unique in a very literal sense. Mike comments on the Tangle, a DAG instead of a normal blockchain. Dan: in 2015 the #IOTA founders realized a new architecture was needed to break out of limits.
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This Bitcoin mining operation, with 70,000 units running around the clock, is doing the same thing that you could once do on your laptop. Mining Bitcoin does not have to be costly but the more BTC is worth, the more $$ is spent competing for it, so difficulty adjusts up.
Imagine a rare Pokemon is in my yard and it takes my kids 10 minutes to find it. Every 10 minutes a new one appears, and soon neighbor kids join the search. They find it too quickly, so the search area expands. More and more kids come, and the search area keeps expanding. Why?
Because $BTC needs about 10 minutes for a block of transactions, so the more effort put into mining, the more the puzzle gets complex. Where does it end? Half of earth's energy put into mining BTC? Meanwhile, #IOTA has no blocks, no mining, no fees, and is a secure ledger also.
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Project #Alvarium in a nutshell:
Disrupt the #edge security model!

The edge remains a hostile environment for computing.
So, protecting #data in use thru a #data confidence fabric and #ConfidenceComputing is the objective of this @linuxfoundation project.

@IOTA @DellTech
How does #Alvarium work?

It implements a kind of #trust #sidecars for #data streams with trust metadata and confidence scores thus creating the data confidence fabric.

@IOTA @DellTech
Where does @IOTA and the #Tangle come into play in #Alvarium?

The #TrustSidecars (e.g., attached to #IoT devices) directly store the trust metadata in the #Tangle. Metadata consumers simply subscribe to updates on the Tangle.

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