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Rise of the #CBDC: we just published a major analysis of drivers, #technologies and policy approaches.… [some details/thread]
We start by measuring the stance towards issuance in #centralbank #communication. We investigates the cross-country drivers, the technologies central banks pursue, and their policy approaches. #money #innovation #DLT
We examine how #centralbanks are involving the private sector in CBDC design, whether they employ a #DLT-based infrastructure, whether they opt for account-based access or #privacy-preserving #tokens, and whether their focus is on domestic or international #payments.
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1/n Short summary for the English world:
@BoschGlobal Research runs a project "Economy of Things" focusing on digital (decentralized) #marketplaces based on their experiences in
2⃣#MPC multi-party computing
3⃣decentralized identity management (#SSI)
4⃣digital marketplaces
2/n The principles for #platform's they have researched are very well suited for #GaiaX. That's the reason why they have been engaged in and support it heavily.
Their vision of a fair and neutral digital marketplace is based on criteria such as
- openness
- neutrality
- transparency
- souvereignty
- integrity
- coopetion
(which fully coincide with #GaiaX's vision of their #European #dataspace & #servicespace.
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For those new to #Chainlink ...

Here's a original LINKPILL doc that's been sitting on my machine for almost 3 yrs! from the early days, its still very relevant - except the partnerships! we've now got 220 on 🔥

Enjoy! and give it a RETWEET.


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1/ The Bank of England are in the process of overhauling their current Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system ✅

They are preparing for the Best & Final Offer stage ahead of appointing a Technology Delivery Partner in Summer 2020..

Who could the "TDP" be? 🧐

2/ In 2017, the UK Central Banks External Advisory Board said they were exploring the lessons learned from a number of other real-time RTGS implementations..

A highlight was the Scandinavian model for instant payments 🇸🇪🇳🇴

Specifically, a third party approach..

3/ Many Central Banks are turning to 3rd-party providers for their solutions instead of building their own RTGS infrastructure..

✅ Sweden
✅ Denmark
✅ Iceland
✅ Norway
✅ New Zealand

& more across Europe, Africa & ME..

Who provided the infrastructure?

Perago ✅

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1/ Imagine a free public utility that allows you to confidently send money to someone else without using a middle man (Bank). #IOTA
2/ Imagine a free public utility that allows you to securely and privately send a message, email, text message to some one without using a middle man (Google, Telco, Whatsapp). #IOTA
3/ Imagine a free public utility that allows you to securely and privately access the internet, without using an internet service provider. #IOTA
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The Bank of England @bankofengland just issued an excellent paper on retail Central Bank Digital Currencies and proposes a new form of money which would enable to make electronic payments using central bank money.

If you just have 1 minute, this is what you need to know:
1. BofE proposes to issue a UK CBDC, a digital pound sterling and allow anyone to hold an electronic form of central bank money - similar to a digital banknote. This would be a risk-free asset as does not involve any counterparty risk to traditional banks.
2. The CBDC would be recorded as a liability on the BofE’s balance sheet (just like bank notes and reserves) and matched with assets held by the BofE.
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Find out the latest from the Bank of England on how Central Bank Synthetic Hegemonic Currencies (SHC) complement the legacy financial system and support monetary policy through a #NetworkofCentralBankDigitalCurrencies #DLT #Blockchain…
What I said in Zug. @bankofengland states, that central bank currencies should be run by central banks to complement the existing system, providing stability, efficiency and managing risk. The beginnings of rearchitecting the entire financial system!
According to @BIS_org, this is how central bank currencies fit into the financial system.…
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Announcing new speakers for #MassiveAdoption (Memphis,TN on November 7-8, 2000 attendees) and re-announcing speakers previously confirmed in an effort to build a single comprehensive thread. We're currently at about 50% of our roster.

#MassiveAdoption is the first event focused on onboarding curious professionals into the world of blockchains & digital assets, including Bitcoin.

We do this through TEDx-style talks, workshops & real interactive crypto experiences with 🔥 partners.

And whiskey, music & BBQ.
Just today, @YahooFinance wrote that the average Bitcoin holder in America is older, a parent & more conservative (in many regards) than many of us had imagined.

They can also #stacksats at @Safeway (thanks @trylolli 🍭)

This is who #MassiveAdoption speaks to.
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Watching this video from Rick and Morty got me thinking about digital Identity in #blockchain where Beth has an identity crisis and can't have a proof of Identity to confirm whether she is the real one or the clone.
So I did some research on it...
Hence, a self-sovereign identity solution is needed for users to store and manage identities at the same time maintaining full control over all the data on an open immutable digital ledger. #DLT
Say if Beth had doubts about her identity or she ran in a situation to where she needed to provide a proof of Identity what would be the quickest, easiest and safest way to do so? #Blockchain. Why?
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The link to that PDF



G20 have been BUSY for a long time, the evolution is maybe slow, but they arent stoping for it!

G20 wants to do many good things
And make sure there is an even playing field on several levels.

Two of which can be read at #25 & #26
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#Bitcoin opened so many doors with #Blockchain and #DLT being adopted worldwide by governments.
In Dubai, UAE, introduced the blockchain strategy 2021 aiming for 50% of all government transactions to be carried over blockchain using a unique citizen ID number on a secure, transparent and immutable ledger.…
In Tunisia, the UN world food programme | uses | Blockchain traceability solutions to track and deliver lunch to children in schools.
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I've spent the last two years obssessed with cryptocurrencies. Here are some calls that I've made over the last six months.
15x ImageImageImageImage
2/ No, I didn't hold the entire bag and take profit perfectly at the exact tops, but I did get those entries, and I did make big gains on all of these plays. And yes, I lost a fortune during the bear market, but I also learned a ton. In the last two years, I've spoken on a stage
3/ in Shanghai in front of 300 people. I've spoken on a stage in Europe alongside a billionaire. I moved to Malta and began working at a crypto trading desk. I spent thousands of hours learning TA and FA, market cycles, trading psychology, and learning more about #crypto #dlt
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Solid tech and a solid team with guys like @AndreCronjeTech leading the way. I have a feeling is about to enter price discovery. With tons of hype and rumours about exchange listings, I wonder what happens for Fantom in price discovery in these market conditions? 🚀 Image
@AndreCronjeTech with some of the sharpest minds from University of Sydney & Yonsei University building the latest in #DLT #DAG

$850,848,591 USD
$137,962,756 USD
$17,527,144 USD

We got a long way to go
#Fantom Image
Bounced off the EQ. Holding bullish market structure. Volume increasing.

Check out @FantomFDN's latest article about their #ProofOfStake model.…

And this @SharkCIA interview with Fantom's CIO, Michael Kong.…

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@PleaseProtocol Blockchain has already been widely accepted by the Innovators & Early Adopters.


Next: North American Early Pragmatists (see CNBC video)…
@PleaseProtocol State vs. Bitcoin by @profwitiger

a single prophet is worth a million consultants
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1/ Let's get to the core of the report today; namely the conceptual framework that breaks down a #DLT system into distinct pieces in order to better understand the relationships between its elements.

Full report:…

Alternative link:…
2/ Speaking of elements: the framework consists of three types: layers, components, and processes.

Each layer is composed of a set of components, and each component comprises a set of processes.

In total, we identify 3 layers, 7 components, and 18 processes.
3/ Let's start with the base layer - the protocol layer.

The protocol layer is the foundation of the entire DLT system: it defines the set of formal rules that governs the system and codifies its architectural design.
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1/ Today, I'd like to share some of the highlights in Section 2 of our new report on #DLT systems (available here:…).

We will provide a formal definition of a DLT system and explain some of the key concepts.
2/ Before diving into the key concepts, it is important to understand that unlike 'traditional' databases, DLT systems are designed to operate in an adversarial environment.
3/ That doesn't necessarily mean that there are adversaries actively trying to attack or sabotage the system; rather, a DLT system should be designed to tolerate the potential presence of malicious actors - to a certain extent.
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