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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads-
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology
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Me, coder, not givin AF at charts, 99% the time, selling to cover living cost, somehow always at the bottom - some ppl ride it up, some ppl ride it down. Family and partner tells me to quit crypto o_o thats why i do a poll now, in the next thread post here 1/X
As some full-blood enthusiastic full-time #DLT solution architect aka R&D BotFather, what should sum1 like me do? Pioneering concepts, helping other people, cuz i LOVE to do so, does NOT fill the fridge, mostly not incentivized, 0% stability => shoving my own grave slowly. #minus
At the same time, the alpha and skill’z start to accumulate to giga chad level - abilities to advise projects, BUIDL, aand also SHIP some serious top notch OG stuff finally - BUT! as a non trader, now, short-term, normal living cost bounty hunting … ->
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#Luxembourg is years ahead in regulation for blockchain adoption.

Could #Luxembourg country become the key to massive adoption? A 🧵

Must read article #QNT $QNT…
#Luxembourg has been actively working on Blockchain adoption and on it's way to pave the road for other countries to adopt similar legislature.

Luxembourg is 47 times smaller than New York City. Its GDP per capita is 115k dollars. It is one of the highest in the world. https://medium.datadrivenin...
The #Blockchain II Act 2021 provides legislature to allow use of #DLT's to settle fungible securities.…
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[1/20] John Orchard (CEO, @OMFIF) spricht in diesem gerade einmal 4 Monate alten Video über die Zukunft von #Blockchain, #NFTs und #Web3.

In diesem 🧵 fasse ich zusammen, welche spannenden Rückschlüsse gezogen werden und was die Zukunft für uns alle bereithält. 👀 WSI OMFIF Wealth Strategy Institute How a digital world will
[2/20] Das erste Statement, gleich zu Beginn der Sitzung brachte mich zum Schmunzeln. 😉

Nach über 2 Jahren der Diskussionen und des Research zu #CBDCs, wissen die meisten #Zentralbanken bis heute immer noch nicht was sie tun sollen.
[3/20] Danach startet Stefan Edelmann (@sygnumofficial) in das Gespräch mit einer Übersicht der Investmentmöglichkeiten im #DLT Bereich, die aus seiner Sicht existieren:

• Der technologische Layer / Das Fundament als neues digitales #Asset Universum (Nicht die Währung)
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[1/16] #XLS-20 ist live und es wird bereits wie wild drauf losgeminted (Ist das überhaupt ein Wort? 😅)

Wer hat Lust mit mir mal ein ausgestelltes #NFT auf dem #XRPL genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen?

3-2-1 ... Los geht's! 🧵👇
[2/16] Wie könnte es anders sein, nehmen wir uns das folgende NFT von @nbougalis vor.

Wer ihn nicht kennt: Er ist (genauer gesagt war 🥹) Director of Engineering bei @Ripple und war maßgeblich—in Zusammenarbeit mit @RippleXDev—in der Konzepterstellung von #XLS20 involviert. @nbougalis NFT mint
[3/16] Ihm, @JoelKatz, @aanchalmalhotre und den Programmierern bei @RippleXDev und der #XRPCommunity haben wir es zu verdanken, dass #NFTs nun in der Art nutzbar sind, wie wir uns das alle immer gewünscht hatten.

Das Ausmaß der Diskussionsvielfalt 👇🤯…
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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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Well positioned since 2018 thanks to a comprehensive legal framework, Gibraltar is attracting many players in the blockchain and crypto world wishing to get out of the blur by anchoring itself to a clear territory and legislation. @NigelMFeetham @GibraltarGov
Daring, this bet to transform this tip of the peninsula of 6.8 km2 into an international cryptohub could lead to the creation of the first hybrid Stock Exchange in the world.

Through his company @ValereumPLC , @RPoulden is finalising here the creation of the first stock exchange
in the world which will make it possible to invest in traditional assets - stocks, derivatives, currencies... - by paying for them in Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe even in Dogecoin.
#btc #Ethereum #Dodgecoin
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Did you know?👀
A very short story into MIT / CBDC


$QNT #MIT #CBDC #Interoperability
In talk with the governon of Bank of Canada & CEO of Visa (Europe) 🗣

“ $QNT approach is the right way”

#DLT #API #Gateways
Hosting CBDC symposium
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Allright detectives, saturday morning hangover brain exercise🕵️‍♀️

Got 8 pictures for you🖱Draw your own conclusions😉

$QNT #private #dlt #interoperability #corda #ethereum

Part 2
Part 3 conclusion:

Imo its not unthinkable $qnt bagged fnality, finteum and dtcc as Overledger clients for their private DLT interoperability
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📢#MiCA is complete!

The landmark #crypto regulation sets out uniform 🇪🇺 requirements for offerors of #cryptoassets and service providers (#CASPs) to apply for authorisation in the Single Market.

👀🧵for a full dive on #MiCA and what it means for the #cryptoindustry.

Even though a better agreement was close last week, 🇫🇷 vetoed it during the 🇪🇺 MS intervention period & raised concerns on USD-denominated #stablecoins used as a "means of #exchange", suggesting a return to their restriction when used for #settlement purposes ❗️

The compromise was to at least clarify that USD-#stablecoins used for spot #trading would NOT be captured.

The final text was approval by #COREPER yesterday and @EP_Economics will do it on 10/10. Final adoption by Ministers and the Parliament’s Plenary will be end of Oct.

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The west is experiencing a #watercrisis, & it’s inflamed by lack of cross state collaboration. People claim that a regular database can serve the same function as a blockchain database. If that’s the case, why haven’t the states had a centralized database created & set up yet?🧵
We had thousands of people point & laugh at the suggested use of blockchain without actually understanding the major breakdowns in the water management across the western half of the United States.
That having a method to analyze water usage in real time across state lines seems too simple a fix to a major problem. As it stands today there is no easy way for real time water data to be communicated across state lines & current database tech lacks the security.
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Why do I donate time & money to political candidates? Because I want voters to know about them & win. Donations from candidates go directly to marketing. That’s billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, booths at events, getting a team to knock doors, & market to 850k-40M people. 🧵
The @USBlockchainPAC has identified 14 candidates across the nation that champion #WEB3 technology. That’s #MetaVerse #DeFi #NFTs #Crypto #SSID #dApps #DLT #DAOs & #ML #AI 🧵
Political contributions are an important fact of life in democracy. Contributing to candidates, campaigns, and organizations that you support is the only way to give them the resources to win, and to effectively advocate for the issues that you care about.
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Came across an interesting document from the
Financial Stability Board in 2019

Pay attention to the FSB if you are involved with crypto as they are an important Standard Setting Body (SSB)

-Thread on the slides-
#Crypto #DLT #Fintech #FSB #Innovation #Banking #Regulations #XRP ImageImage
1. 1st picture they were working on creating Stablecoin regulation in 2020 and monitoring crypto assets.

• 2nd picture is from my video showing the G7 supports the work of the FSB and other SSBs ‼️

#G7 Video on #Digitalization, #CBDCs & Crypto Reg.
2. Crypto Assets, Stablecoins and CBDC's

#Crypto #Blockchain #Fintech #regtech #FSB #DLT Image
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Learn About $QNT 🧵

The DLT Interoperability Standard!

Overledger is enabling enterprise mass adoption of #DLT:

✅ 3 Lines of Code
✅ DLT to DLT Interoperability
✅ DLT to Legacy Interoperability
✅ Blockchain Operating System
✅ API Based - Security/Interoperability


#QNT has some of the most attractive #tokenomics in #Crypto

🪙 14 Million Max Supply
🪙 12 Million in Circulation (83%)
🪙 No Inflation
🪙 33% Less Coins Than $BTC 
🪙 Team Own a Small %


@quant_network are working with banks, governments, VASP's, financial institutions, software companies and more.

#overledger is a white label product and most partnerships are under NDA.

However, we know...

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Hoy quiero hablaros de #QUANT y su token $QNT. Uno de los proyectos en los que mas confianza tengo para el medio largo plazo.

🧵Sigue leyendo...👇👇
Su objetivo es conectar diferentes #blockchain a otras redes de todo el mundo logrando una interoperabilidad superior. La red de Quant emplea la tecnología de contabilidad distribuida o DLT.
Cabe destacar que se trata de una tecnología bastante compleja sin embargo...
la plataforma de Quant, a diferencia de su #tecnología es una plataforma simple. Esta plataforma cuenta con una gran seguridad que logra que la interoperabilidad sea conveniente a la hora de conectar cualquier red #DLT del mundo. No obstante, debemos tener en cuenta que...
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How @Ripple is becoming a huge part of payment systems in the UK / Europe & USA and soon the rest of the world 🌎
through @ModulrFinance & @volantetech

Thread 🧵👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #ripple #DLT #iso20022 #allthemoney
I’ll start with “Faster payments”
Faster payments is the new payment system we use in our mobile banking apps when sending money in the UK.

Anyone that sends money from one bank to another goes through faster payments (FPS)
I stumbled across faster payments a while ago when I sent a friend money and my Halifax app shown it said “faster payments ongoing”
That’s when I started to dig and stumbled across @ModulrFinance ..
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I think theres a severe distrust issue amongst society probably from the growth of the internet and social media along side data violations beyond any users control

This doesnt mean the framework/ infrastructure is not trusted, its just in need of redesign

Enter #DID's $cheq
None of this is new or uncommon, or the entities and personnel within the #identity industry.

There is just no "#decentralised #crypto" celebrity status attached for #hypeeee

$Cheq @Tweetddale @NickyHickman11

In my humble opinion, there should be the similar chatter of the #satoshi paper of 2008, for the #approval and #recommendation from the @w3c on the first identifier since the #URL.

Welcome to the #DID.

The Decentralised Identifier.

Image courtesy of @evernym (@Avast)
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You missed #Shimmer Talks with @DomSchiener and Levente Pap?

Don’t worry, just check my summary!

1/ Let’s have a deep dive into the Stardust upgrade.
As you probably know, the #Shimmer Beta network (incentivized staging network) just went live.

First off, did you already see the new visualizer?…
2/ There are five phases for shipping Shimmer. We are now in phase 3 – Public Beta Testing of the network has started.
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A $dag thread: 1/9
Truthfully, the innovations made by blockchain, #nonfungible #tokens and distributed ledger technology reach far beyond that of finance alone — but for the sake of brevity, I'll attempt to keep the topic on the financial aspects which stand to benefit from the Image
adoption of #dlt and #blockchain. One of the primary benefits that an intelligently built #cryptocurrency protocol can have is in its ability to transact without fees. Fees are everywhere in the fiat world 2/9
, including fees to keep money in the bank — meanwhile they’re using it! — and the ultimate fee of fiat, inflation! Compare that to a world-class token like $dag by @Conste11ation, which is used as the index token for an entire ecosystem with what is currently ~75 companies 3/9 Image
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I'm going to attach a thread as to why I believe $QNT #QNT could be the safest thing to hold, to endure what ever economic change presents us in the near future towards 2030.

A non inflationary tokenomic model that fuels a global ecosystem of ecosystems across all verticals

ISO TC 323 - Circular Economy ISO standard.

Towards the renewable, reusable, repurpose approach to economies.…

The 2030 Agenda, or the strategy towards ISO standards to making lives easier, safer and better.

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Great Map by @XX_1133_1221_11

I noticed I have seen Heng Swee Keat somewhere in my research mindmap before👀

A deep research thread to show #Singapore is a leader in the global #4IR #DLT #Technology #Race🌎

#MAS #Fintech #Research #DeepDive #Innovation #Complex #Ubin🧠
1. 2018 #NTP - Transformational platform - A one-stop interface that will enable traders to interact with all business stakeholders and regulators on trade-related TXNs

"Our vision is to be a truly global network, with efficient data flow to work together to facilitate trade"
2. These #NTP are ecosystems of the future building a regulated digital ecosystem in Singapore

#Ripple, #Tradeflow, #Xinfin, #Wadzpay as examples…
#XDC #WeAreXDC #tradeflow #ICC
#Digitalization #TradeFinance #Platforms #DLT #Data #fintech #Innovation
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It's a bird..
It's a plane..

No - It's a DLT research care package containing a map of connections within the traditional finance system

Every partnership you can research using google. #connectthedots
#DLT #TradeFinance #Reseaerch #topics #digdeep #Regtech #IoV #ResearchTopics
"Where do I Start" 🧵
1. I started with the @ITFAworldwide. Who they are and what they do within the traditional finance market
2. What is their part and partners in the global system of trade finance/legacy banking?
3. Why they🤝 @XinFin_Official #XDC
4. You start to learn about an ecosystem of traditional finance players partnering to help utilize digital documents/trade instruments between SMEs, corps & banks.

They are helping innovate the expensive, antiquated and silo'd trade finance industry
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I always love sharing any new information I come across but sometimes you got to go back to basics.

$QNT Has been on my radar for some time but the opportunity has never been better.

But what is $QNT really about...

Let's find out


#Crypto #Blockchain #DLT #Quant #QNT
Just a disclaimer before I get started, I will be writing threads on projects that interest me through the 🐻 but I'm not giving you investment advice.

Specific buy orders are strictly for members library but we can always share fundamentals for free so let's get started.

What is $QNT - Quant?

Using their mission statement, Quant's main aim/objective is "Connecting all the world’s distributed ledgers for faster, more efficient growth"

Now if you are like me and not too familiar with the deep tech, this probably doesn't mean much but...

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Short summary of today's @INATBA_org meeting on #TFR in #Brussels:
@Europarl_EN repeated its concerns and intentions, but did not give in to the objections and counter examples of the #crytpo proponents (and bystanders such as @SofwareAG).

#Crypto proponents were arguing
▪️lack of proportionality (e.g., vis-á-vis cash TX)
▪️undue burden of proof for trivial amounts (no de minimis threshold)
▪️privacy issues for consumers (especially for unhosted wallets

.@EvaKaili (who did a great job of moderating all of this) summarized everything as
▪️excellent discussion today
▪️there certainly is room to maneuver
▪️the two sides have not met today, but...
▪️we will repeat such an discussion meeting at the end of May

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