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Real-Time Payments in the US: How do #web3 rails fill the gaps? A 🧵:…
Real-time payment (RTP) systems use payment rails to move money instantly from sender to receiver.

Yes, INSTANT. That is a powerful word to keep in mind, particularly in the context of value transfer/settlement.
Our monetary system and related infrastructure are out of date, by decades..

Despite the current gaps in the US payment infrastructure, there are opportunities to learn from countries like Brazil, India, and China, which have successful RTP systems.
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How it will work

Banks will run Private #XRP Ledgers, and will issue their own stablecoins on top of it. They will transact their day to day business privately as usual.

At a point (say daily/weekly/monthly) they will settle out to the PUBLIC ledger through liquidity hubs.

No bank in the world will publicly reveal their transactions / customer accounts to the public.

This is privacy 101, it’s the way it’s always been and will not change due to new technology.

Once a batch of private transactions are bundled, sent to Liquidity Hub, those bundles will not include ANY customer data, like a stash of blind data with a value.

The Liquidity Hub is a second layer of obscurity where this 3rd Party will trade bundles with other bundles.

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$CORE will easily 50x my crypto portfolio...

#Coreum is a 3rd generation layer 1 enterprise grade blockchain (EGB) that is the first of its kind.

In this thread I will breakdown why I'm so bullish... 🧵 Image
#Coreum is attacking a HUGE sector.

They aim to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, enabling financial institutions to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. Image
The opportunity is definitely there... 🏦

As we know, traditional finance is looking to explore DeFi because of its benefits.

- Enhanced Efficiency
- Cost Savings
- Global Accessibility
- Transparency
- Improved Security… Image
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Looks like the #ISO20022 cryptocurrency narrative is popping up again.

I see a lot of misconceptions around this, so hope this thread brings some clarity on what ISO 20022 means exactly 🧵👇

ISO 20022 is a global standard for financial messaging that aims to create a common language and syntax for exchanging financial information.

It covers everything from payments and securities to trade finance and foreign exchange.

It is NOT a protocol or a technology. It's a messaging standard that defines the structure, content, and processing rules for financial messages.

It's used by banks, financial institutions, and corporations to communicate with each other.

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[1/🧵] "#ISO20022 is bigger than you think"

You've probably heard that term a few times and wondered what it meant. 🤔

In case you are curious now:

A brief explanation of everything important.
There will be nothing complicated ahead, so don't worry. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/24] — Outline —

🔹 Origin & Timeline
🔹 What's the big deal?
🔹 Details regarding the transformation
🔹 Migration Approaches
🔹 Relations to #Crypto (#DTI)
🔹 @Ripple & #JSON formats Source:
[3/24] — Origin & Timeline —

The #ISO 20022 standardization efforts began very early on. Indeed, you may be wondering how you missed it until this date. 😅 Source:
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Most rational thinkers among us believe that #ISO20022 implementation will not lead to a pump in #XRP. I fully see the logic in that conclusion.

BUT WHAT IF... that is a manufactured narrative to keep us out before the "Big Bang"? This too could be logically argued.
"Just a messaging standard"
"Its been around since 2014"
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0/ Is @WadzPay serious about their market offering?
Answer this question yourself after researching on the points mentioned below:

1/ $WTK - originally an #ERC20 token - is also available as a XRC20 token which means they've partnered with @XinFin_Official aka #XDC Network.…
2/ @WadzPay using $XDC technology means faster transaction speeds, negligible gas fees, military-grade security, along with XinFin’s focus on providing applications for trade finance and remittances.

This partnership enables $WTK solve interoperability issues. @Anish_tweeets
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支付赛道一枝花 $Ach
让我们来再次了解一下 $Ach
此前 $Ach 已经被 @Visa 列为合作伙伴,这是Ach支付路上的一个大的合作。同时Ach 也被 @Apple 支付所支持。这都是巨大的成就。
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The facts about #ISO20022

There have been LOTS of misinformed threads, videos and tweets about ISO 20022. So I thought it would be best to unpack what exactly ISO 20022 is and what it means for #web3 payment rails.
ISO 20022 is an open standard that anyone can use, anyone can contribute to and is free for anyone to implement on any network. ISO 20022 is a methodology for defining financial data content — it’s a standard for messaging standards as well as for APIs.
It’s not just about messages or APIs — ISO 20022 also provides a common language for machines and people to exchange information about financial business, set out in a formal dictionary.
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Le risorse digitali conformi alla norma #ISO20022 potrebbero diventare lo standard per l'applicazione normativa perché possono lavorare con le #CBDC
Le banche e le istituzioni finanziarie di tutto il mondo stanno entrando in una nuova era mentre si preparano a passare i loro sistemi di pagamento dall'uso dei messaggi #SWIFT alla #ISO20022, uno standard di messaggistica finanziaria molto più strutturato e ricco di dati.
Le seguenti #criptovalute sono conformi alla norma ISO 20022 al momento della stesura di questo documento:
•Stellar $XLM
•Hedera $HBAR
•Ripple $XRP
•Algorand $ALGO
•Quant $QNT
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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads- Image
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology Image
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Let me tell you a little story.

It is #ISOTC307 #TC307 (eg, @LACChain)

Standards for blockchain #interoperability among other working groups, #identity, #terminology, use cases etc.…

$Qnt #ISO20022 ImageImageImageImage
Here's a quick video from the @BIS_org

The blueprint for Project Nexus.

Incase you've been asleep, these projects are coordinated from BIS innovation hubs, #BISIH.

Nexus uses #APIGateways to achieve these connections.

$Qnt. Image
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How @Ripple is becoming a huge part of payment systems in the UK / Europe & USA and soon the rest of the world 🌎
through @ModulrFinance & @volantetech

Thread 🧵👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #ripple #DLT #iso20022 #allthemoney
I’ll start with “Faster payments”
Faster payments is the new payment system we use in our mobile banking apps when sending money in the UK.

Anyone that sends money from one bank to another goes through faster payments (FPS)
I stumbled across faster payments a while ago when I sent a friend money and my Halifax app shown it said “faster payments ongoing”
That’s when I started to dig and stumbled across @ModulrFinance ..
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📚Last Guide to ISO 20022 That Every Crypto User Will Ever Need! $XDC $ALGO $QNT $HBAR $LCX

Before we start: by 2025, it will be the universal standard for payment systems for all reserve currencies and will support 87% of transactions globally.

A short and sweet 🧵thread 🧵

ISO 20022 is a standard for the electronic exchange of data between financial services within the payments industry. It is based on DLT (distributive ledger technology)


Suppose two people that speaks different languages have to communicate otherwise one of them will die. They speak only their native language: Chinese 🇨🇳 and English 🇬🇧

🤔Can you guess what will happen?
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It's a bird..
It's a plane..

No - It's a DLT research care package containing a map of connections within the traditional finance system

Every partnership you can research using google. #connectthedots
#DLT #TradeFinance #Reseaerch #topics #digdeep #Regtech #IoV #ResearchTopics
"Where do I Start" 🧵
1. I started with the @ITFAworldwide. Who they are and what they do within the traditional finance market
2. What is their part and partners in the global system of trade finance/legacy banking?
3. Why they🤝 @XinFin_Official #XDC
4. You start to learn about an ecosystem of traditional finance players partnering to help utilize digital documents/trade instruments between SMEs, corps & banks.

They are helping innovate the expensive, antiquated and silo'd trade finance industry
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To those who think #ISO20022 will not have an effect on crypto. Tell me what else will? It's won't be retail becuase it's not enough of them to bring the cryptocurrency market to the masses. And the institutions that are coming in. Are coming in knowing ISO is a thing.
IN ADDITION to that...$QNT Quant Networks creator, created THE ISO standard for Blockchain technology TC307, so again how does ISO not have an effect on crypto? ISO standards are THE standards that establish a list of good practices for a specific technology or service.
The people that don't see ISO coming also didn't see the Metaverse. Let that sink in a minute. Those same people also think regulation is the end of crypto. Those same people also believe that altcoins have no value yet all the technologies of the future are built on Altcoins.
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With the rumours of Ripple possibly moving to London getting around, my mind started ticking over. Imagine this as a scenario:
SEC succeeds in classifying XRP as a security in the USA and Ripple moves to London to continue their business.
JPM coin becomes the wholesale US dollar CBDC and USDC becomes the retail facing digital US dollar.
Both of these US Dollars only function within the "walled garden" of the USA and any other country that decides to use the US Dollar instead of their sovereign currency.
All other countries develop their own digital dollars that also function only within their own countries "walled gardens"
The cbdcs and retail digital dollars run on iso compliant blockchains within their walled gardens.

The XRPL connects all the walled gardens together.
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🔥☄️ WOW, these indirect connections between the Bank of Canda & $QNT ran FAR deeper than I had thought

Lotta history in here thats been dusted away, enjoy this 🧵as we deep dive into just how far back these guys go

(1/many) 🧶
Its common knowledge in the $QNT community by now that both Gilbert & Martin were key components to Vocalink

🏆 Gilbert had won 2017 CISO of the year during his time there

⚙️ Martin had spent 13+ years there climbing all the way up to VP 👏👏
Vocalink is a payments service company owned by a consortium of large banks with Mastercard owning a 92% stake 🤯

They are compatible w #ISO20022 while also running in parallel w BACs & CHAPS to provide interbank real time transfers
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Hey Citizens!🌎

I did some research on @Volantetech and put this image together to show you guys some insight into how they can settle payments with Ripplenet / $XRP and other payment rails.

#XRP #XRPCommunity #DLT #Fintech #Research #Payments #ISO20022 #RTGS #RegTech #mindmap
Here's a visual I put together if you guys want to share with your #XRPcommunity how Volante can settle w/ $XRP

Here is one of the documents which lead to my confirmation

Then the tweet above which confirms $XRP can be used for settlement!

#XRPCommunity #DLT #Ripplent #Utility #Community…
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(THREAD) American People & #XRPCommunity: Never forget that 1 year ago (2.24.21), @JoeBiden Exec. Order 14018 REVOKED Trump's @Ripple-centric Executive Order #13772 ("Core Principles for Regulating US Financial System") & Biden literally revoked "prevent taxpayer funded bailouts"
2/ all this chatter on social media in recent weeks about a supposed EO from Joe Biden on crypto… well let’s talk about the traitorous EO 14018 from A YEAR AGO when he killed EO 13772 (which was to prevent taxpayer funded bailouts AND facilitate financial system reform, etc)
3/ We have a few more key dates to add to our timelines:
- Feb. 3, 2017: Trump Executive Order #13772: "Core Principles for Regulating the US Financial System"
- Feb. 24, 2021: Biden E.O. #14018 REVOKES EO #13722
@JohnEDeaton1 @Leerzeit @attorneyjeremy1 @digitalassetbuy @_XRpizza ImageImageImageImage
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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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Everyone knows the term cryptocurrency

But few understand what blockchain technology is and how it's revolutionizing industries across the globe

A list of information on why you should research blockchain technology

--Thread-- Image
1. Blockchain is the underlying technology that cryptocurrencies are built upon.⛓

Yes, it's more than a digital currency.

Blockchain / DLT (distributed ledger technology) provides an immutable, digital ledger that is always updating with transactions happening in real-time. 📖 ImageImage
2. What are the benefits of using Blockchain or DLT?🤔

Check out the pictures below to see how DLT technology will revolutionize industries. 👇

Shout out to @MikeQuindazzi for his awesome benefits infographic

#blockchain #DLT #innovation #financial #cryptocurrency #education ImageImage
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I have been researching the global trade finance gap

How Digitalization can help fix this!

Which from my understanding it is the gap between accessible funding to SMEs and what they need but the current legacy infrastructure cant provide it



#fintech #finance
This represents a lack of funding for small and medium enterprises around the world

40% of global SMEs face loan rejection

Digitalization in trade will help close the gap but global standards and legislation are required to realize this potential *UNCITRAL < MLETR dDOC standard
To understand how big those numbers are let's look at the perspective instead of dollars let's convert it to time:

One trillion seconds of ordinary clock time =

( 1012 sec)/( 3.16 x 107 sec/yr) = 31,546 years!

1.8 Trillion $ = 56,782 years
ICC doc 5 Trillion $ = 157,730 years
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"The Regulated Internet of Value"

Tokenizing the world's value across a Regulated Network of Networks

Great Infographic XX.

Let's show the citizens how institutions are planning blockchain interoperability

#DLT #Blockchain #QNT $QNT $XDC $XRP $DAG #ISO20022 #Research #learn Image
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