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Huge! This will one day connect with #Enigio & #XDC!

#Swift + #CargoX #CXO + #edox online! #Blockchain #Interoperability #CryptoTwitter

You can read about my research into CargoX & DCSA I wrote in Nov 2022 with the @GenfinityIO LightHouse Report!…… ImageImage
@GenfinityIO Link to Swift Write up of my highlighted notes:

Connecting digital islands: Swift supports trade digitisation with new interoperability trials | #Swift #CXO #CargoX
@GenfinityIO Link to Swift Article with my highlighted notes:

Connecting Digital Islands:

Swift supports trade digitisation with new interoperability trials | #Swift #CXO #CargoX 📝

(Just Updated The Visual Mindmap from Nov 2022 @GenfinityIO LightHouse Article…… Image
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0/ @WadzPay CEO @Anish_tweeets with more than 15 years at @Mastercard & @AmericanExpress featured on @pymnts talking about interoperability powering #blockchain adoption.…

1/ To get the masses on board with #blockchain, we need practical use-cases. This is where Anish's payment expertise comes in.

The @geidea pilgrim program & @DubaiDutyFree program lead the way as first-of-their-kind examples.

2/ One of the main themes around @WadzPay is INTER-OPERABILITY.

“The beauty of the WadzPay ecosystem is it connects not just into one bank or one market. It’s a global system, which then gives access to different markets as well.” - @Anish_tweeets

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Shouts: @globiance @Oliver_LaRosa #gbex #xdc
@SeanoftheWoke @aaoominee @XRPLSTRONG @lgcyxdcxrptop3
#xrp #xlm #celo #qnt
@CryptoReady11 Shouts 🖤
@stefixy video clip. Greatly appreciate
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Let's dive in some programming content about Quant´s interoperability tech.

Firstly, I want to make this clear, I'm not a professional programmer, just a Telecommunications Student that has been interacting and playing with the programming material Quant has given us.


Not many people know that Quant has a GitHub profile, where they show publicly some programming stuff they have designed for us to interact with.
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0/ Is @WadzPay serious about their market offering?
Answer this question yourself after researching on the points mentioned below:

1/ $WTK - originally an #ERC20 token - is also available as a XRC20 token which means they've partnered with @XinFin_Official aka #XDC Network.…
2/ @WadzPay using $XDC technology means faster transaction speeds, negligible gas fees, military-grade security, along with XinFin’s focus on providing applications for trade finance and remittances.

This partnership enables $WTK solve interoperability issues. @Anish_tweeets
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@Michael30339531 @sentosumosaba @ConsenSys @stedas @Ripple 1/ As things currently stand, no obvious winner has been elected.

However, the following should be noted:
• The majority of BIS research initiatives allude to a future DLT architecture.
. . .
@Michael30339531 @sentosumosaba @ConsenSys @stedas @Ripple 2/ . . .

• Prefunding (nostro/vostro) may only be handled by utilizing a decentralized trustless blockchain such as #XRP (used by Ripple), #XDC (used by XinFin/R3), #ETH (used by ConsenSys), or #XLM (used by Stellar)
. . .
@Michael30339531 @sentosumosaba @ConsenSys @stedas @Ripple 3/ . . .

• In my perspective, numerous #RTGS (such as #RippleNet) will compete and eventually be compatible with one another.
. . .
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Hablemos de $XDC un ecosistema que está bajo nuestro radar 🛰️
#XinFin #XDCNetwork #XDC #criptomoneda
La versatilidad de una plataforma de cadena de bloques híbrida permite que la red Xin Fin sea una red que puede satisfacer las necesidades de todos los participantes en el ecosistema criptográfico agregado.
#XinFin #XDCNetwork #XDC #criptomoneda
Desde el comercio minorista, las instituciones hasta los desarrolladores. Desde el acceso a grupos de liquidez globales, aplicaciones privadas y otras redes privadas construidas sobre el protocolo Xin Fin. #XinFin #XDCNetwork #XDC #criptomoneda
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Crypto Has A Bad Name Because:

1. 99% of #DLT Tokens Are Scams W/ No Utility🚨
2. 79% of Crypto Influencers Are💰Motivated & Invest On Hype
3. Mainstream Media Says It's💩

This Should NOT Distract You From The Technology Transformation Currently Taking Place.
-A 🧵 of Threads- Image
I hope you can set some time aside to research!

I donated 5 hours to create this🧵to help others see topics around new era technology. 🧠

As I am tired of Mainstream Media covering up important things around the future of our global monetary system.
1. Research Technology & DLT Projects With Real🌎Utility
Not Up Hyped Meme Coins ⛓

The content I cover is:
• CBDC's
• Crypto
• IoT + IoV
• Big Data
• Payments
• Innovation
• Paperless Trade
• DLT Interoperability
• Payment infrastructure
• Industry 4.0 Technology Image
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How @Ripple is becoming a huge part of payment systems in the UK / Europe & USA and soon the rest of the world 🌎
through @ModulrFinance & @volantetech

Thread 🧵👇

#XRP #XRPCommunity #ripple #DLT #iso20022 #allthemoney
I’ll start with “Faster payments”
Faster payments is the new payment system we use in our mobile banking apps when sending money in the UK.

Anyone that sends money from one bank to another goes through faster payments (FPS)
I stumbled across faster payments a while ago when I sent a friend money and my Halifax app shown it said “faster payments ongoing”
That’s when I started to dig and stumbled across @ModulrFinance ..
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Great Map by @XX_1133_1221_11

I noticed I have seen Heng Swee Keat somewhere in my research mindmap before👀

A deep research thread to show #Singapore is a leader in the global #4IR #DLT #Technology #Race🌎

#MAS #Fintech #Research #DeepDive #Innovation #Complex #Ubin🧠
1. 2018 #NTP - Transformational platform - A one-stop interface that will enable traders to interact with all business stakeholders and regulators on trade-related TXNs

"Our vision is to be a truly global network, with efficient data flow to work together to facilitate trade"
2. These #NTP are ecosystems of the future building a regulated digital ecosystem in Singapore

#Ripple, #Tradeflow, #Xinfin, #Wadzpay as examples…
#XDC #WeAreXDC #tradeflow #ICC
#Digitalization #TradeFinance #Platforms #DLT #Data #fintech #Innovation
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Changes for $GBEX Voted on the Community in April: 🧵 🧵🧵

🧵1 of 7

The Bank Project Believer - Use the scheduled burn events to get more funds and start a second funding round of 150T tokens + allowing a 10% GBEX Staking (On top of holding rewards)

#GBEX #XDC #Crypto $XDC
Globiance would become a global bank with all traditional services plus the cryptocurrency and blockchain advantages most quickly.

Users would be offered holistic services while GBEX holders would get more rewards from transactions.

Globiance would cancel the burn events and triple the taxation on trading fees for all Globiance internal trades on CEX and DEX to 12% (6% burn and 6% rewards).
Corporate and retail users still pay 4% tax as usual. Globiance buys back GBEX for trading fees.

🧵3 of 7
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Let's take a deep dive into all things WadPay including what makes it different than any other project


#WeAreWadzPay #WeAreXDC
WadzPay is building an interoperable and agnostic blockchain-based payments ecosystem.

- Provides infrastructure for CBDCs, stable coins, and cryptocurrencies

- Executives have experience with SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple, Visa, Fidelity, etc.
What problem is @WadzPay solving?

E-Commerce is exploding but our system only allows

- Fiat to Fiat payments (paypal, venmo, cashapp)
- Digital to digital payments (Exchanges, tip bots, wallets)

Wadzpay is bridging current and future payments with its technology
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It's a bird..
It's a plane..

No - It's a DLT research care package containing a map of connections within the traditional finance system

Every partnership you can research using google. #connectthedots
#DLT #TradeFinance #Reseaerch #topics #digdeep #Regtech #IoV #ResearchTopics
"Where do I Start" 🧵
1. I started with the @ITFAworldwide. Who they are and what they do within the traditional finance market
2. What is their part and partners in the global system of trade finance/legacy banking?
3. Why they🤝 @XinFin_Official #XDC
4. You start to learn about an ecosystem of traditional finance players partnering to help utilize digital documents/trade instruments between SMEs, corps & banks.

They are helping innovate the expensive, antiquated and silo'd trade finance industry
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🎚We're flipping the switch for this lil thread

Since y'all are always asking "whats your price target"

🔮These won't be direct price predictions, but a small sample size of whats possible

Likely gonna be my only time doing price predictions like these so enjoy 🧵
Before we get started, not only is none of this financial advice

NONE of these prices are a promise, they could shoot 10x over or never even come close to my targets

With that said heres what I think is possible in the mid term! (Without accounting for inflation)

Visa & Mastercard are both huge payment services that #QNT has a wide range of indirect connections to

Valued @ $350-420 Bil MC

The scale of Overledger & ODAP is FAR beyond Visa n Paypal.

Give QNT a $400 MC, that puts it at ~$30K per QNT
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Versión en español ⬇️

Spanish Version ⬇️
🇵🇦 Ley Panamá blockchain, cripto, metales preciosos tokenizados.

21/04/2022 fue un gran día.

Panamá logró un gran paso hacia la integración del sistema financiero tradicional con las nuevas tecnologías y economías digitales🥇

Se aprobó en la cámara legislativa, el primer debate de una ley que mejora la economía de un nuevo Panamá.

Esta ley es un compendio de 3 anteproyectos de grandes mentes innovadoras y diputados del país; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, entre otros.
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🇵🇦 Panamá Blockchain, Crypto, Tokenized Precious Metal Law

21/04/2022 was a great day.

Panama achieved a great step towards the integration of the traditional financial system with new technologies and digital economies🥇

It was approved within the legislative chamber, the first debate of a law that improves the economy of a new Panama.

The law is a mix of the 3 previous drafts of great innovative minds and deputies of the country; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, among others
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This is how easy it is to set up a #XRC20 $PLI node and stake 2k - 4k #PLI for monthly 10% reward.
This is my way to contribute to @GoPlugin and the $XDC network.

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Image
First join the PLI Discord.
(Here you will get all your questions answered)
Install PuTTY for free
(For installation of your node)
Install XDCpay in Chrome and add Custom RPC (see pictures 👇🏻) and use that alternative. ImageImageImage
Send PLI token to XDC pay and send XDC and PLI to that wallet address. You need to have ≈11 XDC and 2-4k PLI + ≈6 PLI Extra per node. ImageImage
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This is one of the biggest things to happen this year

Digital Economy Agreement🤝

@EnigioTime #MLETR #dDOC @ITFAworldwide #eTR #DigitalTrade #Paperless #Trade #G7 #G20 #XDC #blockchain #DLT $XDC #SMARTCONTRACTS
1. This adopts #MLETR in the UK.

Which is a global standard for digital documents which will phase out paper in global trade.

Jurisdictions will be turned out once legislation is updated to accept MLETR as a dDOC standard.

This is the start of the digital document revolution.
2. Read⏬
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SEBA Bank Joins ADGM!🤝

This is huge for $XDC! 🌎🌱

I show the power partnerships in this picture... 👀🧩

@inside_r3 Corda < @lab577 @DASL_Me Bridge < #XDC Network

--Thread Below--⏬

#DLT #ADGM #crypto #blockchain #research #MLETR #Enigio #dDOC #CBDC #Digitalassets #fintech
📞Wake up call to do research & stop sleeping on $XDC

@DASL_Me + @inside_r3
DASL + @XinFin_Official
DASL + @BCBcrypto

Powerhouses laying foundational rails for traditional finance.🚂

#fintech #banking #tradFI #XDC $XDC #Deep #research #DLT #Blockchain
Any deniers that don't believe me that $XDC is connected to R3 Corda

Here are some sources you can spend some hours reviewing.

I've done my research and don't need to explain to anyone when the info is all here👇
#XDC $XDC #R3 #Corda #Connected
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Citizens! 🌎⏬

New $XDC Partnership Video Hot Off The Press!🔥

If you support #XDC - RT to spread awareness!

This is a huge step towards mass adoption!🌱🧩

@AndreCasterman @XinfinUSA @Impel_official
#XDCCommunity #WeAreXDC
New Video Explaining The Partnership!

#XDC $XDC #DLT #Blockchain

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@iccwboUK @iccwbo I believe we are ready! 💪🌎🌱

Let's get the global jurisdictions to upgrade their English law so we can use dDOC's in supply chain and trade finance!

#MLETR $XDC #XDC @EnigioTime @XinFin_Official @AndreCasterman @Impel_official @Monetago @tradetrust #G7 #G20
To learn more about the fragmented and outdated supply chain system!

Check out my educational regulated review on technology transforming the supply chain!👇🌎

#tradefinance #blockchain #education #discussion

The global economy is ready to be reset with paperless documents in global trade and trade finance!

This will eliminate fraud and help close the trade finance gap!!

Lets gooo! You guys changing the world! 😀

@iccwbo @iccwboUK
#Standards #savetheSMEs #DLT #Blockchain
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New CBDC Paper "New Era for Money"


"End is near for unregulated stable coins and
lists @Tether_to fraud as an example"

Regulations incoming soon?

#CBDCs #stablecoins #money #fintech #DLT #regulated #research #banking
Does this connect with #ripple #Quant?👀

1. Project "New Era"

Awesome name to describe exactly the revolution we are going through!

My question since this is talking about CBDC is the UK does this connect with @Ripple & @digitalpoundfdn

#CBDC #ripple #h
2. Lists problems with UNREGULATED stable coins:
• Digital Runs
• Dollarization
• Concentration Risk
• Disintermediation risk
• Consumer & Investor Fraud
#stablecoins @Bitfinexed
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I'm waking up at 5:45 tomorrow and gonna check this Webinar out.💪

Gotta do what you gotta do to get the scoop.

#MLETR #dDOC #ITFA $XDC #DNI_Initiative #TFD_Initiative #TradFi #RegTech #SMEs #UNCITRAL #digitalization #4IR #Trade Image
Free deep knowledge for you all🌎🌱

#MLETR is a standard that is set by @UNCITRAL_RCAP for dDOC's globally which provides interoperability between SMEs & trade finance companies.

It allows ERC-20 @tradetrust & $XDC @XinFin_Official
dDOCs to interoperate flawlessly
#XDC #DLT ImageImage
The basics of #MLETR

It's the start of the standardization of the digital document revolution in the global trade finance/supply chain

It's boring & technical but if you want to understand the digital revolution, it's a good topic to research
@ITFAworldwide @tradetrust @iccwbo Image
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