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\o/ Linus merged the bulk of the #PREEMPT_RT locking infrastructure for proper #realtime support to #Linux mainline, which thus will be a part of #kernel 5.15:…

Congrats to Thomas and everyone involved!

To quote: ```[…] The underlying concepts…
…of this code have been in use in PREEMPT_RT for way more than a decade. The code has been refactored several times over the years and this final incarnation has been optimized once again to be as non-intrusive as possible, i.e. the RT specific parts are mostly isolated. […]```
Reminder: that's "bulk of the locking infra", which is a big part of what's currently in #PREEMPT_RT, but other things remain there. IOW: It's a really big step for #REALTIME support in mainline, but not the last. More info expected in a status update this month on @linuxplumbers
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I really thought Maher was going to make it through the entire show without yelling at the Twitter Mob, but he saved the now-mandatory Cancel Culture rant for the end
I enjoyed Maher’s interview with Steve Martin & Martin Short. He did float a question about cell phones ruining comedy clubs (presumably subjecting comics to the judgment of Twitter’s Woke Patrol), but neither of his guests took the bait & Maher quickly dropped the subject.
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Global #SmartHumans gets the green light!

#Realtime #Data from the #SmartHumans will be available for researchers from all over the world through an online data portal.

* #SmartHumans uses satire to bring awareness to the illegal biohacking & remote trafficking of human beings. Image
Thousands of unsuspecting humans from around the globe are being non-consensually biohacked by sophisticated, transnational organized crime syndicates thru the use of drugs (medications, illicit drugs, injections, laced food+drink), bugs(GMO virus, bacteria, algaes, yeasts)...
...and devices (micro & nano electronics, sensors, inhalables, ingestibles & embedded biodigital devices, etc). Sophisticated criminal biohacking creates the ability to remotely access, assess & affect the subjects body without notification, consent or accountability.
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Pullback Buy #BHARTIARTL 538.65 7/16/2021 12:00:00 PM SL: 528.15 T1(fibo): 537.47 T2(fibo): 541.87 T3(fibo): 546.27 #NimblrTA #Amibroker Alerts delayed by 20 mins for demo, #Preview Of #NimblrTA #Tools And #Resources Image
With Just in time alerts and such a euphoric rise, how it not be a positional entry ! #NimblrTA #Realtime #Dashboard

And carry the position from the start of the day! ImageImage
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33) Prices have a memory, take advantage of it.
34) Be prepared as the stock prepares itself, this must be in realtime.

A selection of stock here explains how it happened live using #NimblrTA #Realtime #Dashboard at

35) Be with what is buzzing, be with the flow, know such stocks easily and wait for the right entry.
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@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil A nora de Azenate Barreto Abreu, empresária q teria vendido R$ 15 milhões em #leitecondensado ao governo de @jairbolsonaro em 2020, também tem uma empresa c/contratos c/o @govbr federal. Ao todo, a mulher já recebeu +de R$ 7 milhões em repasses desde 2015.…
@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil @jairbolsonaro @govbr ÁUDIO-B0MBA!! B0LSONARO PERDE APOIO E CPI DO #leitecondensado VEM AÍ!! via @YouTube
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I am humbled and privilleged to note that my #Research paper; "Sources of #Unemployment in #Lesotho" is now available and can be accessed via the People's Republic of #China's National #Science and #Technology #Library - #NSTL. I give thanks 😎 Image
So far this year, I have successfully published three #Research articles in #Macroeconomics & #Finance, with another two in press. I am currently hammering away at a handful of working papers which will most certainly find a home in reputable #Journals, come 2021 🙏🏽🙂 Image
Im currently internalising the very insightful reviewer comments on my latest #Research paper titled; "Investigating Determinants of Commercial Bank Spreads in #Lesotho", from the good folks over at the globally reputable #International #Journal of #Finance & #Economics #IJFE 😊 ImageImage
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No matter how much you love that toddler you are carrying around, if he weighs 25 pounds or more, there is a chance you could injure yourself carrying him on repeated occasions. Interestingly, two day's worth of saturated adult #diapers could be close to this weight. 1/
Most #CareProviders of #seniors are older adults themselves (especially the aging #nursing and #nursingaide #workforce) and are at greater risk of injury moving heavy loads like this, multiple times each week. 2/
The availability of #realtime #alerts for #incontinence events enables #CareProviders to change diapers in a timely fashion to prevent #urinarytractinfection and other problems. It also prevents against dry diapers being changed unnecessarily, 3/
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On track to deploy further enhancements over the weekend based on beta user feedbacks.

Bar Countdown has been added
Contributor: @syNTHETICC_ @ShowerheadATW

PS: We may later change the position of the counter in the future ImageImage
@syNTHETICC_ @ShowerheadATW Price format fixed even for very low denomination coins

Contributor: @ThisIsCryptoDE…
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We are inspired by @TalindaB's courage--and Chester's spirit. 40% of @IAVA members know a vet who's died by suicide:…
Chester was a true leader in helping @IAVA's #CampaignToCombatSuicide and in our fight to pass the #ClayHuntSAV act:
Chester was gentle and thoughtful...he met thousands of vets through @linkinpark's partnerhsip w @IAVA..he was always patient and kind...
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