Community #AMA session on Twitter with @XSNofficial #Stakenet #XSN

Let's start sharing the official media and some Introduction about Stakenet


#Stakenet is combining Layer 2 protocols (#Bitcoin #Lightning Network and @ConnextNetwork #Connext, interoperability protocol of L2 #Ethereum #ETH) to allow practically instant, feeless #CROSSCHAIN swaps backed by the Stakenet #blockchain and powered by its nodes.
Furthermore, they are focused on enabling connectivity between #Lightning Network, #Masternode networks, and decentralized applications (#dApps).
This video intro can be useful to bring it closer to you.

What is Stakenet?

To get a deeper view, I invite you to visit the official channels, and participate in the discord community.
Let´s start the #AMA

During the last weeks the community has been sharing questions, with the aim of clearing all the doubts in this thread, we have selected 50 questions, which we understand will cover all the main doubts.

#Stakenet #AMA Thread 🧵 50 Q

How will you solve the liquidity problem? Will the necessary liquidity be provided at the first launch?

What will the liquidity be needed for? Won’t aggregation be live? Or are #AMM Bots available?

What is the plan for adding new coins, especially #ERC20 ? Is it complicated, and how fast can it be done?

How that 10% of fees is going to be used exactly? It was supposed to be #coinburn, but plans are changing afaik. Is it decided yet, or still an open question?

How many users can the #DEX handles at launch?

Will there be a mobile Wallet when #DEX is opened?

What all pairs will be available upon the December 10th (soft) launch? What pairs are the highest priority following the launch, to be added at a later date?

Will everyone be able to add liquidity upon the December 10th launch, or only closed beta testers? Do we know what APY will look like? Will there be time lock functions that increase returns, sort of how COMFY is planning?

Is the #Stakenet #DEX at the release only running on one server? Is it very complicated to run it on the #Masternodes ? Are there some expectations (some months, years..) for entering the hydra stage

Will there be support for ARM M1 #MacBook for the upcoming #DEX ?

Why switch to the #Hydra chain? What are the advantages? Why isn’t this version continuing?

Does the team work in the background for partnerships? And is there any partnership that has been kept secret until this stage?

Will you be partnering with any of the fiat ramps, considering how they are regulatory compliant, thus in opposition to Staknet’s fully decentralized principle? Will there be an option of a fiat ramp?

With Hydra, are there any plans/possibilities to change the current tokenomics model, for example via vote?

I saw the BNB logo in the new welcome screen UI, will that be the next chain to be integrated? When LINK pair?

What is the team most excited about after #DEX release?

How much of D is the DEX in the beginning, which means specifically, how many VPS are used to keep it running, and what will be the exact steps until full decentralization?

Starting the DEX without being fully decentralized, leaves me under the impression that the core developer team coming into the fireline of SEC and the likes are a major risk factor the first time after the initial launch. How is this risk being perceived by the team?

What other major risks for the project (apart from a deadly car accident), that investors should know about? Since we are quite active and in terms of the crypto well-educated community (thx, I learned a lot!): How could the community support the project even better?

Another one Layer Zero is currently making headway into the multichain-liquidity complex, financed by big players, CEXes, etc. Are there any ideas and/or plans to use this protocol or one of several similar developments?

In the future. Is x9 looking to expand its task force? If so, what areas are the team looking to strengthen?

CEX’s require lots of maintenance. ex. If a listed coin updates its protocol the CEX needs to update said pair. Does the dex have the same workload, and how does the team plan to approach this when scaling the dex?

Will the #Stakenet name change? Will there be a new roadmap for the post-December 10th?

How long until the X9 team reaches the point where the network and its development are out of centralized control?

How long until the X9 team reaches the point where the network and its development are out of centralized control?

What is the estimated release of the web DEX? When will other lightning protocols like Litecoin be publicly available? Is there a roadmap for privacy coins such as #Monero #XMR?

Will there be single-asset liquidity providing for the DEX? Ideally, I’d like to see a feature where I can just plug in a Stablecoin and get good rewards for that.

I’m not sure if I remember the costs for HUBs being mentioned. Do we know how much those will be? Will we be sticking with past reports for returns on hosting them?

Will there be a cloud hosting service when it comes to HUBs?

What does the team plan to do to ensure the #scalability of the DEX?

Currently, as far as I can tell, hosting the DEX on masternodes is an option for the #masternode holder. Is this expected to change in the future? If futures trading was to be implemented, can we expect a similar option to host the DEX without hosting futures?

How will CcPoS work with XSN being on the ETH network? Is staking in L2 possible/planned in the future?
About the Stakenet DEX: Browser-node extension….is Stakenet going to have its own or use #Metamask to accomplish this?

Are there going to be any changes in how masternodes are operated and managed after the chain swap? What with the core wallet caching/display issues and fiddling with files, the process could use some streamlining.

Is there any estimate on how long TPoS will remain? there were some discussions about it being discontinued.

Will there be centralized documentation in place and a cleanup project for all the “outdated” documentation floating around?

Will #lightning tokens/assets like with #RGB from @lnp_bp be tradeable on the DEX and if yes how long will it take until this is possible/what obstacles need to overcome this?

Will hydra being an EVM have gas issues like eth once it gains popularity or will hydra smart chain only host the dex?

Are there plans to implement/add #XSN services/software into #Umbrel and its #AppStore?

How does the team feel. Some testimonials could be interesting. After all, some have been working for years. Do they feel excitement for things to come and how did they experience the journey so far?

How do you think will impact #XSN to the #Blockchain environment?

Will staking be available from the MCLW, or will it still need to be done from Core Wallet? Are there any plans to make staking easier?

What features/development will you focus on after the DEX open beta release?

Does the development of the (future) web DEX also include the web wallet? Also related: What is your strategy to make interacting with the stakenet ecosystem more accessible?

How many teams are working in parallel for each of your “in development” features? (Hydra chain, Web UI, mobile UI, MCLW, research, etc.)

What have been the biggest bottlenecks to development, up until the DEX open beta release?

Currently, the code is closed-source, will it be open-source in the future?

More and more games work with crypto, can Stakenet DEX offer an extra value in this?

QR codes, will this be added in the wallet, or is this already in the wallet?

Are there any plans to raise the minimum collateral required to operate a #masternode ?
Who is the lucky winner who will join the closed beta this weekend?
Thanks to all the participants, thanks to @XSNofficial TEAM and @JoPark2018, and special thanks to all the #XSN community supporting this initiative and pushing the project day by day.

Let´s keep building such amazing #crypto Community

#XSNTranscendece 🤜🤛💙

• • •

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