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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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1/ I went through 891 pages of three proposals of MICA and there is a lot to talk about! Stablecoins, crypto-assets, offerors, issuers, exchanges, auhtorizations, future of money, definition of DeFi. It is all there. I wrote an article! #mica #regulation #blockchain #crypto Image
2/ Silicon Continent: EU MICA is the most important piece of legislation for crypto…
Also, there is a 5-page summary at the end of the doc.
3/ Will they ban stablecoins? There are a few gamechangers in information disclosures. How about issuers of crypto? What about DeFi? Find out in the article.
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He visto en CZ Cryptotalk y por privado que no vendría mal un hilo con lo más básico, así que empiezo con hilo de fundamentales y nomenclatura sobre #NFTs:

NFT - definición y casos de uso
Opinión personal

No fungible no es reemplazable,lo que significa que no hay otro igual. Por ejemplo, si compras una camiseta y punto, es reemplazable; si la camiseta tiene un dibujo exclusivo, le pones parches únicos y tus vievencias crean recuerdos, esa camiseta es no fungible.
Los NFT son populares por varias caracteristicas de la psicología humana como los sentimientos de exclusividad y pertenencia.

Aunque la mayoría estamos aquí por los profits, no debemos olvidar que mucha gente compra arte digital basándose en la rareza o exclusividad de
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🚨PROTECT YO-SELF🚨 [thread]

Recently I saw someone on my feed talk about how they got their #NFTs stolen from #Metamask. They went to a malicious site (unbeknownst), and performed what they believed were standard approvals.

However, the approvals were safeTransferFrom

Someone else commented that #crypto investors should learn some basic Solidity functions so they can avoid mistakes like this.

For reference, the safeTransferFrom function is the function that transfers an NFT from one wallet to another.

Anyway, I agree so I thought I'd do a thread on common MetaMask (browser wallet) approvals and permissions.

Let's dive in.

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1/ In March 2022, @harmonyprotocol continued its approach of creating an ecosystem that builds products for billions of users in the future.💙

The month was filled with launches, partnerships, grants and events.

Here's what happened in March 2022👇…
2/ [Launches & Milestones]

The first cohort of the @harmonyprotocol Zero-Knowledge University came to an end with participants building diverse Web3 products using ZK technology.

Final Projects by ZKU Genesis Graduates👇…
3/ In March, the @harmonyprotocol blockchain surpassed the milestone of 1 million wallets.

The number grew from 800,000 in February 2022.

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⏰ فقط 4 #ساعات متبقية حتى البيع العام!

كن مستعدًا لأنك لا تريد أن تفوت الفرصة ولا يوجد سوى عدد قليل من الـ #NFTs المتاحة للـ #Minting.

👈 كل قطعة تأتي مع:

- قطعة #NFT
- قطعة فنية فيزيائية جميلة
- MetaPASS لـ MetaMAISON
🔒 تم إغلاق صفحة الـ Minting حاليًا لغير الموجودين في القائمة البيضاء، ولكن في الساعة 9 مساءً، ستصبح هذه الصفحة متاحة للجميع.

سيكون سعر البيع العام هو 1.0 #ايثيريوم

💳 سيمنحك MetaPASS إمكانية الوصول إلى NFT Art House من Amrtia @artbyamrita في كل من العالم الحقيقي و #الميتافيرس! سيحصل حاملو MetaPASS على إمكانية الوصول إلى VIP Events، والوصول المبكر إلى الـ Minting الخاص بجميع المجموعات الجديدة، والمزيد.
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🔒 A short educational thread on #crypto/#NFT security 🔒

❔Seed Phrases
❔Private Keys
❔Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet
❔How to mint safer/trade safer/store your NFTs safer

What does it all mean? 🤔

Find out🧵👇please RT to expand our collective security🙏

🌱 Each #MetaMask installation has a single seed phrase
🔑 Each account in a wallet (address) has it's own private key

💳 Private keys are used to sign transactions
💾 Seed phrases are used to restore private keys

Below you see "Export Private Key" against one account 👇

👿 Compromise of a seed phrase 🌱 results in compromise of all accounts (private keys 🔑) under that seed phrase

👿Compromise of a private key 🔑 only results in that single account being compromised
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[RealT - Immo tokenisé]
Hey ! Puisque @GoodValueCrypto m’a nommé le Stéphane Plaza de @CryptApeDAO, voici un thread de présentation de @RealTPlatform.
On va explorer en détail la société & le fonctionnement.

Lien de parrainage pour m’aider :

En quelques mots pour ceux qui ne veulent pas se farcir tout le thread, @RealTPlatform permet d’investir facilement dans l’immobilier américain à partir de $50, grâce à la tokenisation des biens.
Vous achetez une part d’un bien, et vous recevez une part des loyers en USDC.

Sommaire du thread :
1) 🏡Qui est @RealTPlatform ? ➡️Tweet 4
2) ⚙️Son fonctionnement ➡️Tweet 14
3) 📈Les avantages ➡️Tweet 32
4) ⚠️Les risques/inconvénients ➡️Tweet 35

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#MetaMask will also show you a short video about a recovery phrase, do not skip it because that phrase will become a key to your account.

As soon as you are done with creating your #password and personal recovery phrase, just click “confirm” and voila, you are a newly-minted… member of a huge MetaMask community, on a mission to make the world a better place with the help of blockchain technology. Now you can buy, send, or swap ETH, in other words, enjoy transactions based on consent, privacy, and free association, at the same time controlling all interactions and being the one who decides what information to share and what to keep for yourself. As for making deposits at online casinos, the procedure may vary slightly from one website to another, however, usually,
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Hey guys, you heard about #BAYC or #cryptopunks and you ever wanted to start #NFTs #NFT but afraid of #blockchain #cryptos or the tremendous prices of these collections? Here is a thread to tell you how to join the NFT community in an affordable way 1/n
First, choose the ecosystem you want to dig in, #NFTs on ethereum can be sometimes difficult to handle, especially because of transactions fees, so I may advise you to start with a lower gas fee such as #Avalanche @avalancheavax: nice people, low gas fees, fast network 2/n
To begin with, you need #cryptocurrency #Crypto. If you are a newbie, start with a big exchange such as @binance. There is a website and an app: subscribe and you can get cryptos right away with credit card. For Avalanche you need to buy #AVAX 3/n
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GM!🚀 Web 3 frens 🧠

Here is a Web3 Wallet 101 thread🧵which I thought of creating as a net giver (giving back to the community, learnt so far about Web3 Wallet)

Hope you like it & provide feedback for further improvements. LFG!

#Web3 #Wallet #DeFi #MetaMask #WAGMI
Why Wallet in Web3?:

Wallet is a gateway to the Web3 world.

All you need is Internet access and a Web3 wallet to access the wonderful world of web3 🌎

Let's break the topic and understand it better.

What is a Web3 wallet?:

A self custody digital wallet, just like your physical one but in digital format with more features. Act as a tool where you can send or receive cryptocurrency & other digital assets like NFT, access Dapps also store your digital identity or more.

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Day 8 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀Today I looked more closely at exchange tools for #DeFI such as @coinbase, @Uniswap and @binance. On these platforms you can buy, sell and exchange or transfer #cryptocurrency 🪙
#100DaysOfWeb3 #WomenInCrypto

Summary 🧵 Image
1. @coinbase
To open an account on Coinbase you’ll need pass an identity verification and add a payment method. After completing the steps you’ll be able to operate on it. Image
2. @binance
To open an account on Binance you have to perform similar actions as if setting up Coinbase. These platforms are the 2 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges as of today 🏦 Image
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Day 7 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀Learning about wallets for web3 👛 In #DeFI wallets are essential tools that help in storing the assets securely 🔐
#100DaysOfWeb3 #WomenInCrypto

Wallet types 🧵 Image
1. Software wallet
#MetaMask is on of them. Users can access to the majority of #DeFi applications by connecting to MetaMask wallet. Installing MetaMask is intuitive and is available on I already have it!
2. Hardware wallet
Hardware wallets, like #Ledger, protect users' #cryptocurrency private keys. I still don’t have one, so I just read this article 📜…
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Mínimo me lo habéis preguntado unas 800 mil veces así que supongo que esto le puede servir a alguien 😉✍️

🔹 $MOVR 💎 $GLMR 🔹

1⃣ Necesitas tener wallet #Metamask, como sabrás, esta wallet funciona por redes, si quieres hacer stacking de Moonriver tendrás que meter tus $MOVR en su red, y si quieres hacer stacking de $GLMR los tendrás que meter en la red Moonbeam. 💫
Si no sabes como añadir redes, ni como usar Metamask en general, o cualquier otra puta cosa que no sepas hacer, te recomiendo que vayas a #Youtube y busques tutoriales porque hay infinitos y suelen estar muy currados y que lo explican todo muy bien. ☺️😁
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Plan de diversificación en #Stables, toma 3 🎞️

🥅 Red: #Polygon

⏳Tiempo de uso: Semanas

💵Monedas: #DAI

🫂 Créditos: @diego_defi

#DPP #DEFI @definovato @MakerGrowth
📝Arrancamos con la idea de que todos tienen #Metamask instalado, con la red #Polygon anexada desde

1) Vamos a
2) Buscamos el #Pool de am3CRV, que es este 👇 Image
2) Acá podemos depositar #DAI #USDT #USDC, y cuando digo DEPOSITAR, es solo DEPOSITAR, no coloquen la opción "Deposit & stake in gauge" porque no te va a figurar la garantía, que es lo que necesitamos para seguir ⚠️
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Seas inversor, especulador o el próximo Picasso del siglo 21, sea lo que sea que seas, si te interesan los #NFT o te interesa ganar dinero, sería demasiado egoísta que no te invitara a seguir leyendo.

Oferta y demanda querido/a compañero de twitter.

Entender que tu primer objetivo es estar donde esté la multitud, cuanto mayor sea el volumen de personas que compran y venden NFT en una plataforma, mejor para tu bolsillo y tu jubilación, es simple.

De nada sirve tener un marketplace precioso, con colores dinámicos, 307 filtros si no hay usuarios dispuestos a gastar dinero.

Es lo mismo que ir a vender enciclopedias en la puerta de un after,

¿Lo entiendes verdad?

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[1/?] It was truly heartbreaking to see one of our #NounPunks team member @isaidelgoley go through this kind of loss. With his permission, we want to extract an ounce of good out of this horrible situation by crafting a thread here on 5 EASY RULES TO SAFEGUARD YOUR NFTS. A🧵 Image
[2/?] RULE # 1: If you have #NFTs, or even ONE single NFT that you would be devastated to lose, in a #MetaMask hot wallet (a hot wallet is any wallet that connects to the internet), then you SHOULD HAVE A HARDWARE (COLD) WALLET. There are many brands of these available… 🧵 Image
[3/?] …with the most popular being @Ledger and @Trezor. For more information on this, we will post a detailed #Medium article “How to Store #NFTs Using a #ColdWallet” by our awesome Content Team Member @Yiorgo10 to our medium right after this thread. If you do not have a…🧵 Image
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Bugün sizlere dolandırıcıların kullandığı bir saldırı yöntemi olan #PHISHING hakkında bilgi vereceğim. Lütfen sonuna kadar dikkatli bir şekilde okuyunuz ve dersler çıkartınız.

Sloganımız neydi? "Önce Güvenlik Sonra Hareket"💪
1⃣ Phishing saldırıları genellikle kullanıcı isimleri, şifreler, kredi kartı bilgileri, ağ kimlik bilgileri gibi hassas ve gizli bilgilere ulaşmak amacıyla yapılan saldırılardır.
2⃣ Siber saldırganlar, telefon/e-posta yoluyla normal bir birey/kurum gibi görünerek mağdurları belirli eylemleri -zararlı bir bağlantıya/eke tıklamak gibi- gerçekleştirmeleri veya isteyerek gizli bilgileri açıklamaları için manipüle etmek üzere sosyal mühendisliği kullanırlar.
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Ok, hablemos de #Soonaverse (@soon_labs) / #IOTA amiguitos 🧵
Los muchachos de #Soonlabs crearon una plataforma descentralizada para la comunidad llamada soonaverse, que permite la creación, gestión e interoperabilidad de DAO´s y proyectos ✍️
Para la construcción de una #DAO el primer paso es la creación de un #SPACE 👉
Que son los #SPACE señor NOA?
Es un centro comunitario interactivo donde los miembros interesados ​​en trabajar hacia un objetivo común pueden reunirse y organizarse. Esto puede comenzar como un proyecto simple con la opción de evolucionar a un #DAO Jimmy, se entiende? 🫂
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#METAMASK, ¿Cómo enlazar las diferentes redes Blockchain? (#Polygon, Binance, #Avalanche etc)

Respondiendo de forma genérica la misma pregunta que muchos me habéis hecho por MD, os vengo a contar las formas que tenéis para enlazar redes a Metamask

¿Manual o Automático?

1/19 Image
Si eres más de cubateo rápido y no te importa tener un Dacia Sandero como coche, lo tuyo es la app de #Tokenmagicapp simplemente tienes que enlazar tu wallet de Metamask y haciendo clic en "add" añadirás las diferentes redes.

2/19 Image
Si encima te gusta probar cosas nuevas y no le haces asco a nada, tienes la sección de Tokens para llevar la experiencia a otro nivel.

3/19 Image
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@MetaMask Recently there were lot of phishing attacks by showing #metamask similar UI inside a #scam website.
If you can introduce a feature to include uniqueness into to every metamask installation, user may quickly identify the one presented by scam website is not the usual ui.
You can add a random logo which is specific to that installation and let user to change it later. since it's randomly add at the time of installation or modified by user, scam website can not replicate it.
This is an example only. I don't know whether you can implement
what I suggest due to nature of browser addon. But still your UI team may have other ideas to reduce the duplication of your UI by scam web sites.
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Debido al boom que han sufrido los NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) juntamente con mi afición especuladora por rentabilizar cualquier cosa que se mueve, hizo que me adentrará en este mundo de los JPGS.


Antes de que pongas cara de perro, nadie me paga, no utilizo enlaces de afiliado y no te voy a mostrar ningún proyecto, aquí no hay mensajes subliminales, esto es de mí para ti, como le decía David Bisbal a Chenoa.

Dicho esto y con todas las cartas encima de la mesa, vamos con el tema importante. Me he enfocado única y exclusivamente en tradear #NFT que ya han sido publicados y están alojados en los diferentes marketplace.

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Wallet Kullanımında Dikkat Edilecek Noktalar

1) Cüzdanlarınızı güvenilmez sitelere kesinlikle bağlamayın.
Katıldığınız Airdrop'lar, whilelistler ve Testnetler için farklı bir cüzdan hesabı açın ve o adresi kullanın.
Ana hesabınızı bu işler için kullanmayın.

#revoke #metamask
2) İzin verdiğiniz sitelerin iznini metamask ayarlardan her işlem sonunda kaldırın.
(Settings ➡️ Security & Privacy ➡️ Clear Privacy Data)
Her işiniz bittiğinde tüm sitelerden izinleri kaldırın. Tekrar gireceğiniz zaman connect yapıp bağlanırsınız.

#metamask #data #privacy
3) Ayrıca revoke yapmanız da gerekebilir bazı harcama izni verdiğiniz swap borsalarına.
(#Revoke işlemini bir önceki flood'da bulabilirsiniz)

4) Seed phrase - 12 kelimelik kurtarma metninizi kimseye vermeyin,elektronik ortamda veya cep telefonunuzda tutmayın, bir kağıda yazın.
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Digital Cüzdanda (Metamask) Token İzinleri ve Revoke Nedir?

Kullanıcılar dex borsasında swap işlemleri yaparken Token/coinleri takas etmek, likidite havuzlarına likidite sağlamak için kullanıcıların akıllı sözleşmelerin varlıklarını kullanmasına izin vermeleri gerekir.
MetaMask cüzdanını kullanırken, bir Farming havuzu için böyle bir izin veririz.

Bu izin cüzdanınızda harcama ve swap izni verir.
#revoke #metamask #swap
Bir platform, kullanıcıların jetonlarını harcamak için sınırsız izin verdiğinde,kötü niyetli geliştiriciler, kullanıcı jetonlarını platformdan zaten çekmiş olsa bile, akıllı sözleşmelerinde oluşturulan arka kapıları kullanarak kullanıcıların jetonlarını kontrol edebilir.
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