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(1/9) #NFTs have swept the market and consumers off their feet due to significant growth in their popularity. Let’s shine the spotlight on #NFTs once and for all! 🖼️✨🧵
Learn More 👇…
(2/9) ✨What are NFTs?✨
#NFTs are Non-fungible-tokens. These #tokens are unalterable, and cannot be replicated in any shape or form. They are a form of digital art that can be tokenized against real-time assets such as real estate. 🌐
(3/9) Exchanges that deal in #NFTs usually incorporate the use of #SOL, #Polygon and #ETH. #SOL is a blockchain platform that supports #dApps, and it has proved to be a fast-growing ecosystem. Let’s talk about trading #NFTs. 🟡💸
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🚨#Infura is collecting your Ip address when you do any ETH Mainnet tx with #Metamask or Any other Extension.

#Infura & #Metamask Both are belong from #Consensys

#infura is ConsenSys' leading developer tool & #Metamask is a Product.

🧐Now Question is, is this a part of #Decentralization ?

Well, Actually there are many #Dapps Services who collect your IP address & Other Public Information even, they never tell you that they are collecting but actually they did (Some do mention & some not) 👀
Ip address is Just a Public Information and its easy to look up if you are interacting with anything on internet So there is noting new But, Question is why Infura wants to collect Ip address?

Ans is simple: Nobody knows 🤷‍♂️
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🧠 Hydra Head is the first in a suite of Hydra protocols that aim to increase network scalability. It's an L2 solution that works as an off-chain mini ledger between a small group of participants – similar to the main on-chain ledger but faster, more cost-efficient.
🔎 Hydra Heads are fast, scalable, isomorphic, and customizable.

Hydra Head transactions and ledger rules are similar to #Cardano’s mainnet, which allows easy support by existing systems like #DApps and wallets.
Hydra Heads are most beneficial to be used by a small group of participants who need to process many quick interactions. Use cases include bank-to-bank transfers, pay-per-use API services, #NFT auctions, and light wallet micropayments among others.
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The active addresses market cap on #BNBChain has been steadily increasing over the past 90 days, hitting 61% as of Nov 7th.


#TVL market share also reached 9.39%, up from 8.17% since August.

A quick thread on what is driving this traction

[1/11] 🧵 ImageImage
These metrics appear to be driven in particular by increased traction (not exhaustive) in the following verticals:

#DeFi: Liquid Staking, Wombat Ecosystem
#GameFi and #SocialFi: Hooked, GameTa

BNB Chain’s recent Active Address market share has seen a spike to the following:

Increased traction in the #GameFi and #NFT sector, with new #dApps like @Gameta_Official, @HookedProtocol, @tinyworldgamefi, @P12, enjoying huge popularity among users.

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Today, we take a look back at the third of Cardano’s roadmap phases: Goguen.

🧵 1/n
The Goguen phase

The Mary upgrade allowed Cardano users to mint tokens, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), without smart contracts.

🧵 2/n
The Alonzo upgrade introduced smart contracts, adding the ability to build #DApps on #Cardano.

Alonzo also introduced the world to #Plutus, a purpose-built #smartcontract dev language and execution platform.

🧵 3/n
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⚙️ Our team works tirelessly on integrations for your favorite protocols/dapps, and we'd want to keep you up-to-date on their status.

👇🏻 Here's a quick recap: Image
We have integrated @PlatON_Network and its ecosystem of #dapps.

📈 Users can now check the rankings of their favorite #PlatON dapps.

Over here, we see @StoneAeon as the top 1 #dapp on #platON

➡️ Check #PlatON Rankings Here:… Image
📈 Users can now check @empyreanfi
on @auroraisnear ranking against other #dapps.

We have Integrated #Empyrean on our DeFi rankings Page for #Aurora

➡️ Check it out:… Image
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📚 This week has been intense in the crypto space, so relax with a cup of coffee and indulge in some weekend reading as we give a recap of the trends 👇
🔹 @FTX_Official's venture capital arm is one of the big investors in @solana. As news about #FTX’s insolvency issues hit the market, trust in #Solana’s native token, $SOL, dropped fast, impacting the entire #DeFi industry.

➡️ Find out why:…
🏆 @cryptopunksnfts retakes the number 1 position as the most valuable NFT collection. @BoredApeYC floor price dropped from 70 ETH to 59.7 ETH within days.

Now, the Second Flippening has happened, but at the moment, there’s no time for celebrations

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Despite the @FTX_Official crypto drama, blockchain #dapp activity has increased significantly, pushing the volume per protocol up. #Ethereum went from $7.18 billion on November 7 to $23.47 billion on November 10.
Decentralized applications work as intended. #DeFi #dapps have seen increased activity across all blockchains, from 1.46 million transactions on Nov 7 to more than 2.2 million on Nov 10. Image
Because of the price action following the #FTX drama, the Total Value Locked in the #DeFi sector has taken a hit. Down from $51.93B to the current $42.33B. Image
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Missed the 7000$ Aptos Airdrop?

LayerZero’s token $ZRO is just around the corner 👀

Here's EVERYTHING you need to qualify for a huge $ZRO #Airdrop💰🧵 Image

TL;DR 🎙️

@LayerZero_Labs is an upcoming Omnichain protocol w/ interoperability that actually works

Backed by giants like @binance, @FTX_Official, and @coinbase it will allow developers to build truly cross-chain #dApps with ease Image
@LayerZero_Labs @binance @FTX_Official @coinbase 3/

What I'll covered in this thread

🔸Goerli $ETH and Fuji $AVAX testnets
🔸Play with #dApps
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🧵1/ Mission Accomplished!🫡

We are excited to announce that the Neon EVM will go LIVE on MAINNET 12.12.22, making it the first #EVM on @solana!

#Ethereum-based dApps will have access to Solana’s scalability & liquidity without change to the codebase!👇
2/ During this past year, Neon’s EVM performance was tested through multiple use cases, with synthetic tests achieving results of 2000+ TPS. The platform now supports production-level development with an upgrade to infrastructure and capabilities.
3/ Neon underwent numerous auditing evaluations on the Neon EVM platform, Neon Proxy, and Neon DAO governance by security firms such as @HalbornSecurity & @AckeeBlockchain. With successful results, Phase Alpha has been concluded, and developers can soon deploy their #dApps.📜
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An L1 blockchain that raised $300M in funding w/ 2B valuation @SuiNetwork

Here's EVERYTHING you need to qualify for the SUI #Airdrop👇🧵
@SuiNetwork 2/

TL;DR 🎙️

@SuiNetwork is an upcoming L1, with a #PoS model and horizontally scalable

Sui aims at greater scalability and dynamic NFT for metaverse apps integration
@SuiNetwork 3/

In this thread, I'll cover all the tasks to be eligible, step by step:

🔹Wallet creation
🔹Get faucet tokens
🔹Use dApps
🔹Mint NFTs
🔹Play Games

Buckle Up 💺 Let's get started 🫡
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Now that $DUA is officially listed on #Fundrs let's look at another way @duadotcom contributes to the AllianceBlock ecosystem.

A 🧵on dua's role as a validator and how it adds to greater security and decentralization 👇

The #blockchain space is highly fragmented, posing a major barrier to Web3 adoption 🥅

Earlier this year we introduced the AllianceBlock Bridge, a secure and #decentralized solution that enables dApps built on different blockchain base layers to interact with each other 🤝
The Bridge harnesses @hedera Consensus Services… to create a trust layer that maintains an optimal balance between speed, security, and decentralization 🌉

Network validators underpin this decentralization ✍️
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@0xsequence & @onmetahq, both #onPolygon, have joined forces to unlock web3 onboarding for India.

Now, Indian users of games & #dApps built with Sequence can make purchases with INR via UPI!

As per Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index 👇
The crypto ownership rate in India is 29%, compared to the 15% global average. #Polygon and other amazing web3 projects from India have further cemented the country’s position in this space. Even then, millions of Indians are still shut out of the wonders of #web3.
This is due to a complex user experience.

Buying in-game currency, items, or digital collectibles is too difficult for #gamers & dApp users. They have to:
Buy tokens on an exchange ➡️transfer them to a complicated wallet ➡️ make purchases in-app.

There’s a better way 😏
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The ultimate L2 @zksync is deploying soon, you don't wanna miss it

Here's EVERYTHING you need to know for the zkSync #Airdrop 🔥 👇
@zksync 1/ TL;DR 🎙️

Airdrops are free tokens directly sent to wallets that check certain requirements ✅

@optimismFND's airdrop was extremely successful and generated much volume for the L2 and @arbitrum's going to do the same soon 🪂
@zksync @optimismFND @arbitrum 2/ The requirements to get an airdrop are usually using #dApps and owning tokens 💰

This thread will cover step by step everything you need to do to be eligible 🚀

Also, check the previous one on @arbitrum to get on the list for that too!

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Monolithic vs. Modular Blockchain

As more and more dApps switch to app-specific blockchains, monolithic blockchains could become the "Yahoo" of blockchains
1) Here's everything U need to know about app-specific blockchains

We will discuss:

What are app-specific blockchains?

The Features

Benefits of app-specific blockchains

Drawbacks of app-specific blockchains

As a builder, should U use an app-specific blockchain?
2) Smart contracts are used to build #dApps on blockchains

However, none of the public blockchains have effectively overcome the blockchain trilemma to date:



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As more and more dApps switch to app-specific blockchains, monolithic blockchains could become the "Yahoo" of blockchains

Are you unsure whether to bet on monolithic or app-specific blockchains?

Here's everything you need to know about app-specific blockchains

In this thread we will discuss:

1. What are app-specific blockchains?
2. Features of an app-specific blockchain
3. Benefits of app-specific blockchains
4. Drawbacks of app-specific blockchains
5. As a builder, should you use an app-specific blockchain?
Before we get started...

You can find the full call notes here:…
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You've heard of $ERG but not sure what it is up to?

I'll make sure you know all about #ERGO and why is it gaining all this attention. 📈

Let's see what you could be missing out on with @ergoplatformorg! 🧵👇

#ERG $ERGO $ADA #Cardano
#Ergo is a next-generation layer 1 #blockchain that builds upon the UTXO model to serve as an efficient, decentralized, and secure, smart contract platform (without gas fees) and provides optional privacy.
Let's get some of $ERG's high praise out of the way, namely, the praise received from #Cardano $ADA (also a co-founder of Ethereum) founder Charles Hoskinson, who called $ergo a "technical marvel".
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“The Graph Roadmap for 2023” has just been published by @graphtronauts 🚨

@graphprotocol has an exciting roadmap for the next twelve months that is going to make #web3 more easy to use for #dApps developers and with focus on #Decentralization

We want to introduce you four areas of development that will see the light in 2023 and will make @graphprotocol network stronger:

- The Sunset of the Hosted Service
- Firehose from @PinaxNetwork
- Substreams from @streamingfastio
- Moving the protocol to @arbitrum

The Sunset of the Hosted Service 🌅

After 4-years of supporting #subgraphs for web3 dApps, the Hosted Service will begin its sunset during Q1 2023 with dApps migrating to the Decentralized Network for supported chains.

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#Web3 security incidents are now happening with increasing frequency, and everyone could be the next victim. Here is a #web3 security guide for users.
1) Double check the project’s official website. In 2020, many phishing websites disguised themselves as @Uniswap and appeared on the page of @Google search result, causing property loss to some users.
To some extent, @Google searches are untrustworthy; you should develop the habit to use well-known cryptocurrency data aggregator like @CoinMarketCap, @coingecko, etc. In a word, don't rely on the search result only.
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New to #Algorand? Check out all these videos to get you up to speed!

Heads up, this thread may be absurdly long!


🧵 1/ Image
Let’s start with #Algorand #DEX’s

@pact_fi interview:

@HumbleDefi interview:

@AlgodexOfficial interviews: ,

Older @HumbleDefi interview:

@algofiorg ⬇️
🧵 2/
Onto #Algorand #Lending protocols! (And @AlgoFoundation #defi governance options)

@FolksFinance interview:

@algofiorg interviews: ,

@algogard interview:


🧵 3/
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The #Solana ecosystem is diving into the world of #DeFi with all the new developments.🚀

@solana and @cosmos are working on a layer 2 solution that will improve Solana's scalability.✨

The L2 solution, @Nitro_Labs, will also provide a framework for creating modular Solana Virtual Machines (#SVM) on any L1 blockchain.💎

#Nitro will also act as the gateway between $SOL and $ATOM ecosystems.⚡

Deploying #dApps on the #Solana ecosystem will become easier after the development of the solution.💸

More dApps = more #DeFi = more crypto adoption!


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Why do I donate time & money to political candidates? Because I want voters to know about them & win. Donations from candidates go directly to marketing. That’s billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, booths at events, getting a team to knock doors, & market to 850k-40M people. 🧵
The @USBlockchainPAC has identified 14 candidates across the nation that champion #WEB3 technology. That’s #MetaVerse #DeFi #NFTs #Crypto #SSID #dApps #DLT #DAOs & #ML #AI 🧵
Political contributions are an important fact of life in democracy. Contributing to candidates, campaigns, and organizations that you support is the only way to give them the resources to win, and to effectively advocate for the issues that you care about.
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Building in #Web3 is a beast, and developers face critical decisions every day.

One of the most important questions this year?

Where should we build, and how?

Should our approach be chainless or multichain?

Think it through with us 🪡👇🏼

How do we go beyond monolithic blockchains for better speed, security, and interoperable txns?

Multiple chains and layer 2s have come up to scale #Web3, but there's a lot of friction between these chains.

The result? Lower network effects 👎🏼

We know the current situation is not sustainable.

There’s the clunky user experience, the self-management of wallets and keys, and the lack of killer apps.

As Web3 becomes #multichain, the burden of dealing with cross-chain friction has degraded the experience more.
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What is Ergo?

Ergo is a programmable PoW #blockchain like #Ethereum, without gas fees and builds upon #Bitcoin's UTXO model.

#Ergo serves as an efficient, decentralized and secure, smart contract platform, with optional privacy.

🧵👇 Let's Explore
Fair launch, no pre-mine no #VCs

"#Cryptocurrency should provide tools to enrich ordinary people. Small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet, not big depersonalized financial capital. This is what inspired me. This is my dream"
#Ergo has taken a research-driven approach led by some of the smartest minds in the industry

This research has led to Ergo implementing numerous unique features

Let's touch on some key features
🔸#ASIC resistant
🔸Sigma Protocols
🔸Storage rent
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