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Maximum Extractable value (MEV) Is the ability for miners or validators to extract the max amount of value from each block by including, excluding and changing the order (queue) of transactions. Let's take a closer look at MEV in this🧵and how #IOTA is solving this issue #DeFi👇
MEV has a significant impact on #DeFi users, according to data from MEV has cost users $747m from 01/01/20 to date and that is only tracking #ETH and certain #Dapps, the true cost is much higher when including flash loan attacks and other chains #BSC #SOL
But what are these attacks?

Sandwich attacks: ordering a transaction before and after a transaction on a Dex. This has the effect of either inc or dec the price on an order, which for large transactions or high slippage can run into $1,000s in lost value for the user ☹️
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The case for #interoperability and #ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (#BTP) $ICX
#cryptocurrency #blockchain #metaverse

A thread! 👇
There are many similarities between the internet and #blockchain in terms of how the #technologies have dawned and evolved. This will, undoubtedly, continue going forward. Much like the dawn of the internet, there are isolated networks operating with their own rules and uses.
Really, this was pre-internet because, initially, the internet was just a connection between similarly isolated networks of computers. But as the #technology was refined and became more desirable and used, this network of networks grew into what we know as the #internet today.
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1/10 Kadena is one of the biggest projects in the crypto space. Allow me to tell you why

Before I begin, if you leave this thread with only one immutable fact, it’s that Kadena is the FUTURE of digital value

Without further ado, let's begin

Pact is the Smart Contract language of Kadena. It has been designed from the ground up to offer developers a simple way to implement secure and bug-free smart contracts

Pact ships with a feature-rich REPL which allows for rapid, iterative...
development, incremental transaction execution, and environment and database inspection

Pact will be the great disruptor of industries
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1/ Malgré la forte hausse de $FTM - @FantomFDN, Je pense qu'il reste l'un des L1s les plus sous évalué actuellement.

Ce thread a pour but de vous présenter ce projet. Image
2/ #Fantom est une plate-forme de smart contract.

Contrairement à ce que la plupart des gens pensent, ce n'est pas basé sur la blockchain, c'est basé sur le #DAG. Une technologie dans laquelle plus le nombre de nœuds participant au réseau est élevé, plus les TPS est grand.
3/ Le projet vise 6000 à 20 000 TPS (transactions par seconde) vs l'#eth qui est à 13 TPS.

Il faut aussi savoir que #Fantom est compatible avec #Ethereum car il prend en charge les smarts contract pour Ethereum VM (EVM) en natif et hors de du réseau #ETH.
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📢 Aurora is Integrating @chainlink Price Feeds to Enable Rapid, #EVM-Compatible #DeFi Development.…
Aurora is excited to announce that we are integrating the industry-standard #Chainlink #PriceFeeds into our turn-key, #Layer2 EVM solution for scaling the #Ethereum ecosystem.
🧲 The integration of Chainlink Price Feeds will allow developers to connect their smart contracts to high-quality, tamper-proof price data across a wide range of assets.
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Hilo 🧵- ¿Qué es RGB?
Nos vuela un poco el 🥥 pensar lo siguiente: Smart Contracts sobre #Bitcoin y Lightning Network.
Si lo anterior llamó tu atención; te invito a echarle un ojo al siguiente hilo, sigue. 👇 Image
1- 🧵- ¿Qué es RGB?
RGB es un protocolo diseñado para permitir la construcción de contratos inteligentes, escalables y confidenciales sobre la red #Bitcoin y la red de Lightning Network. Image
🧵2- La idea de RGB es la construcción de las bases fundacionales para llevar a #BTC al siguiente nivel de utilidad. Esto incluye la capacidad de crear tokens de forma sencilla, NFTs, DEXs y mucho más, todo ello desplegado sobre las capas L1 (mainnet), L2 (Lightning Network). Image
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Time for a #Crypto thread!!

Let me share you about $XSN @StakenetDEX @XSNofficial

🧵👇 1/ 19
$XSN It is the native cryptocurrency of Stakenet
and powers its decentralized applications.
What is Stakenet?

Stakenet is a decentralized blockchain with Layer 2 solutions, Stakenet nodes, and dApps, such as a Layer 3 DEX

Cross-chain platform built on top of its own cryptocurrency- $XSN

Individuals can easily operate with any blockchain by using XSN and its dApps
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Following the Layer 1 season like other #blockchain, $NEAR also gained extensive attention from various #DEFI users and investors. What element drives the growth of Near?

Let's follow the footprint of @NEARProtocol in the thread below👇 Image
@NEARProtocol 1/ During the bull run, $NEAR joined the party that witnessed the 6x upside while reaching the new ATH. In the meantime, the various on-chain signals recorded peak, and a few major native #dapps decided to launch their tokens like first AMM DEX $REF or NFT marketplace @ParasHQ
@NEARProtocol @ParasHQ 2/ Social media has complemented ETH 2.0 & its sharding technology vision for a long time, but it takes years to apply. However, #NEAR step-up and takes the sharded nature as its core to solve blockchain trilemma, might even further advance than ETH2.0 Image
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1/ Up next in #cryptothoughts, in which I take a closer look at some of the projects in the crypto/blockchain space that have me beyond #bullish, is @tezos, which recently recorded 600,000 transactions in a single day, representing over 50% of #Ethereum's daily trade volume.
2/ There's so much to love about #Tezos, which has really emerged as one of the fastest-growing, top-tier ecosystems for all things #DeFi, #NFTs, #Gaming, & more. Tezos scored a gigantic coup last month when pop sensation @DojaCat dropped the bombshell that she'd be releasing a
3/ set of eco-friendly #NFTs on the #Tezos blockchain, causing the price of Tezos' native token, $XTZ, to skyrocket in value. Attracting a big-name star like #DojaCat to the ecosystem should only help Tezos lure in even more talent down the line, especially as celebrities &
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🏮 THREAD | Qu'est ce que @XPNetwork_ ?

Vous en avez peut être entendu parler, via des partenariats comme avec @ElrondNetwork, ou sur le fil de @NeronCrypto / @Neronlnvestment, sans avoir forcément dig.

👉 Mais de manière simple, c'est quoi ? Image
🔸 XPNetwork est la 1ère plateforme permettant la création de dApps #NFT (enchères, galerie, loterie, prêts...) sur n'importe quelle #blockchain supportée, mais aussi de migrer ces #dApps entre ces mêmes blockchains. Ceci via une interface graphique et simple ! (Drag&Drop) Image
🔸 En plus des dApps, XPNetwork est un bridge #NFT multichain : c'est à dire qu'il permet de #bridge (changer) ses NFTs de blockchain en blockchain.
Par exemple d'Ethereum à Avalanche ? Image
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
NEAR RU Community is sponsoring the eighteenth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #instagramdown #NEAR #thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts #NewYork
Five New Frontiers for #NFTs has put together a series of #challenges for you.🤜🤛
So whats there in the challenge🤔
🔘Create NEAR #dApps #telegram bots to mint #NFTs, do swaps, play games, and deliver #notifications about NFT purchases and new @skywardfinance sales.
Bots should make #blockchain transactions on behalf of #individuals with working access keys, using @onchainfx functions.
There are, however, some submission #criterias:
Backend part must be open source, and #smart #contracts are essential.
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🚨Q3 2021 #Blockchain & #DApps research drop. My takeaways on the industry:

🗺️ Market map of 1,400+ startups
💰 Investors active w/$48+bn (top investors, portfolio reviews, etc.)
⚒️ Breakdown of 4 major categories & 68 sub-cats
💡2021 themes & trends

Let's go! A thread 🧵 Blockchain Landscape Map - ...
I categorized the 1,400+ companies in 4 major areas:

1/ Infrastructure (incl. L0/L1, Layer2, #DApps, etc)🏗️
2/ Enterprise (Supply Chain, Retail, Mobile, etc)🚢
3/ Consumer (#DeFi, #NFTs, Gaming, etc.)🎮
4/ Ecosystem (Venture, etc.)💸🌎

Investor highlights 💰👇
H1 2021 YTD Investments:
- $15.5B+ invested 💸
- 273+ individual deals
- Over 30, $100M+ rounds 🦄

July saw $850M+ in new VC funds created including @acrylicvc @fabric_vc @SCB10X_OFFICIAL plus ecosystem funds from @solana (creators) @0xPolygon (gaming), & Terra

Major Themes 👇 H1 2021 Blockchain Investme...
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Today I published "The Limits of Code Deference"… Inspired by #theDao, #Dapps & #DAOs, this article explores whether #decentralizedventures can absolutely bind their users to their code’s execution. Not surprisingly, the answer is no. Why? A quick🧵:
These ventures use code to enable groups of people to act collectively to affect rights to #digital assets. We call these “decentralized ventures.” These decentralized ventures enable transactions among their participants in accordance w/rules created and enforced by their code;
human participants in these decentralized ventures interact with the venture, & sometimes with each other, using #smartcontracts. Smart contracts may break, or behave in unexpected ways. What happens when a smart contract defect /error harms a decentralized venture user?
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The #game of “economic moats” within most public #blockchains has made it hard for people to join in by forcing people to choose between geek and geeker. Go ahead and ask anyone new to #crypto how to get started and its like deer in headlights!

Time for a thread:
2/ Blockchain is a #technology that is meant to bring safety and freedom to you, yet most #dapps today have it's users completely at the control of the company that created it!
3/ When we try to use #blockchain networks, you feel like you are treated like a machine, instead of a person. Making people feel controlled and manipulated through poor system designs that have not fixed the hard part, treating you like a person.
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👩‍💻 Holo Dev Update 👩‍💻

1/8 In the Dev Pulse last week, we shared about major upgrades to Holochain that have now been incorporated into the version Holo is using for Elemental Chat.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
2/8 These improvements to the core code are now being evaluated in both automated and manual runs of the chat app on Holo's hosting infrastructure.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
3/8 The Holochain tests demonstrated fantastic results related to improvements to gossip and the database migration from LMDB to SQLite.

#dapps #Holo #HoloPort #Holochain
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1/#Chainlink is not meant to be held by retail investors...

The tokenomics of $LINK span beyond the simple use cases of an average #Robinhood trader and therefore will be missed as a generational opportunity by many.

// Simple thread to digest thread 🍑
2/#Chainlink not only provides on-chain and off-chain data to #dApps, but also creating a decentralized oracle network to take some of the computation off-chain in a trust minimized way.

Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and simple retail tribalism FOMO cannot be applied here.

$LINK demand:
- Data receiver pays oracles in $LINK
- Oracles need to hold $LINK as a collateral to guarantee data quality and uptime

$LINK has: Consistent institutional demand + Fixed supply = deflationary pressure.

// Just look at the $LINK exchange balance Image
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1/ We have been hard at work for some time now, & glad to share how far we've come with our amazing ecosystem partners. 🎉

🎖As we continue to expand across multi-chain and enable more assets with lending & permissionless #flashloans, we are set to grow more from here.
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A quick reminder of everything that went on last week around the @Algorand community:
1. @reachlang, a #blockchain dev platform, announced a $12 million raise: Their their #javascript-like programming language enables developers to safely & easily build #dapps on Algorand.
2. Excellent leaders from @bankofcanada, @Davivienda, @instimatch and @Algorand sat down with @OMFIF re: applications of public #blockchains within finance and digital money. Replay:
3. @SAP announced the open API connector between Algorand and @SAP to enable their users to seamlessly tap into a #blockchain that provides the ability to scale to billions of users, speeds required for today’s business needs - yes, this is big:
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Do you have questions on how to deploy #dApps on #BSC⁉️

Or need help in navigating through BSC's ins and outs⁉️

Your search ends here! 🎉

Check out our **NEW** FAQs section:…

Bridge FAQs 🌉

This section provides an introduction to Binance Bridge. Understand orders settlements, deposit/withdrawal processes, fee structure and more!


Staking FAQs 🪙

Gain knowledge on delegators and validators! Find answers on your staking activities and rewards.

Delegators FAQs:…

Validator FAQs:…
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MaxShill : $luna

Holy. Fucking. Fuck.

This is what the opportunity of a lifetime looks like.

You can tell your wife and kids that you're gonna make it. No one that discovers $luna ever goes back to being a failure

Yes I own $luna. And keep reading below to find out why. 🔥
Look. Crypto investing doesn't have to be hard. You shouldn't need to do mental gymnastics to determine why your shitcoin's price will go up. It should be easy as fuck to conclude how a #crypto is gonna gain massive traction, adoption and print some massive green dildos.
That's the beauty of luna. It's easy to figure out how it moons. Once you get that, you quickly conclude that 4 digit $luna is an inevitability. What makes $luna price go up? $ust adoption. It's that simple. Elegant as fuck. Why? How? Who gives a  shit. Do your own research nerd.
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$JUP @JUP_Project
Write up is finally ready - There is SO MUCH going on with this

$JUP is its own #blockchain
Fully encrypted version of #Whatsapp Launching 17 March
#NFT Marketplace TBC
US Gov Compliant
#Traceless Cash
Competitors between 4x and >1,000x Market Cap ImageImageImageImage
$JUP is more than just a low cap crypto project

The public team of 5 members has extensive experience in #blockchain and IT

Team info (Images below)

@JUP_Project has been in development since 2016 and is compliant as a vendor to US Govt. at all levels ImageImageImageImage
Data on $JUP is always #encrypted and is #immutable basically meaning it is also #uncensorable


$JUP #Blockchain #Mainnet is already live and they have a #bridge to transfer between Mainnet, #BSC & #Ethereum

#Crosschain functionality anyone? 👀 ImageImageImage
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MEGATHREAD 📢💨 on today's epic #ProjectCatalyst Town Hall. Ready?

👉 Fund 3 voter registration ended today 🥲
👉 Voting begins: March 5 @ 7PM UTC 💪
👉 Voting ends: March 24 @ 7PM UTC
👉 Winning projects funding: ± April 4 🚀

🧵 More via thread below 👇 #Cardano $ada 1/18
Welcome to the experiment..! 🧪

A few reminders. Things may:
👉 break
👉 lack documentation
👉 differ greatly between iterations
👉 disorient, overload and inspire

🎯 Our goal: a safe, lively environment for you to explore the highest potential of human collaboration 💪 2/n
#ProjectCatalyst – now 🌍's largest #decentralized innovation fund...

👉2.5B value $ada registered
👉10,159 unique wallets registered
👉12,000 platform members
👉 Dash voters ± 1,000 wallets
👉 100 DAOs on #eth combined ± 1,100 wallets
👉 Gitcoin Round 8: ±2,946 wallets 3/n
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This bull market’s top-performing token? It’s @ZapProtocol -a @chainlink $LINK alternative that represents the most decentralized oracle proxy for smart contracts.


#Bitcoin #defi #crypto #eth #ERC20 #oracles #bondingcurves…
$zap is a multifunctional blockchain solution offering full liquidity for many #DeFi use-cases like data monetization, token creation, & creating various #DApps. $zap smart contract templates use #bondingcurves, algorithmic market makers that provide liquidity for the protocol.
In comparison w/ @chainlink, @ZapProtocol allows users to create #decentralized #oracles using #smartcontract templates, and to buy and sell the oracle tokens in an open fully-liquid marketplace.
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Grab a coffee. This thread will be informative & long.

An exchange infrastructure that offers ZERO trading fees and DEEP liquidity - Meet @wootraderS

In a way, Wootrade is to exchanges what #Ethereum is to #DApps 🔥

..And they have a token, $WOO

Here are my findings👇
Wootrade was incubated by Kronos Research. (Similar to $FTX being incubated by @SBF_Alameda )

Kronos Research is a quantitative investment research institution.

Its daily volume is over $1 billion!
Wootrade offers traders, institutions and exchanges deep orderbooks and best trade execution.

The problem: Exchanges have to pay high costs for market makers.

The solution: Wootrade removes that need for them + lets their clients enjoy trading free of charge.
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