I want to start out by saying, you folks are in a tough position, being PUBLIC SERVANTS of WE the People. I would like to believe that you truly have the best interest of our children and the community in mind, but you are factually acting outside of your delegated authority...
by practicing medicine, imposing unlawful medical interventions, and by simulating legal process.
That being said, our forefathers put together one of the most powerful and amazing documents in our history. The #constitution, which was drafted to protect individual rights!
They did this in an effort to make sure we didn’t end up under #tyranny again, and yet, here we are with individuals and Agencies operating outside of both their delegated authority and outside of the law. I’d bet my LIFE (emphasis added), if any one of them were alive today...
they would be stunned at the over reach by those we elected to be our PUBLIC SERVANTS.
Many have sacrificed and died for the rights that have been secured to all of us here, and sadly WE THE PEOPLE have fallen asleep at the wheel and allowed our PUBLIC SERVANTS...
to believe that they are our Masters, when it is WE THE PEOPLE that are the Masters of those that have chosen to be our PUBLIC SERVANTS.
Well, we're awake now and we have had enough! It’s time this nonsense and lawlessness ends!
So, ladies and gentlemen, hear me now and hear me clearly, we are here to get you people back in compliance with the laws. You've not been delegated authority to impose medical interventions upon our children, such as masks, testing, and vaccinations.
We've not granted medical power of attorney to you people to make medical decisions for our children!
You people are tasked to provide education to our children, PERIOD, you are not authorized, nor are you qualified to impose medical interventions,
nor are you qualified practice law, which you are actively doing through the simulation of the legal process. You people don't make laws nor do you have any such law to cite for the actions you've taken, which is the definition of Color of Law Actions!
We're not your property nor your employees, you work for us! The Centers for Disease Control, the County of Delaware, Township of Springfield and the Springfield School District, are not the State legislature and they were not and cannot be delegated authority to make law....
that rests solely with the legislature!
Article 6 clause 2 (the supremacy clause, for those who aren’t aware) Clearly states:
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the #UnitedStates which shall be made in Pursuance thereof;
and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary not withstanding.”
Now what part of that is not clear to you people?
So, that being said, under what legal and lawful promulgated documents are you people relying on, that grants you the authority to supersede the United States Constitution; by forcing our children to wear face coverings [masks],
or perform Contact Tracing, #PCR #Testing or testing of any type, or to #Quarantine, #Isolate, #Discriminate, and impose #medical #requirements for #injections of ANY type, to any #man, #woman, #child or #employee?
Here are some, but not all, state and federal crimes that we believe you are actively engaged in.
Official Oppression
Execution of documents by deception
Deceptive and fraudulent business practices
Practicing medicine without a license
Practicing law without a license
Simulation of legal process
Child abuse
Deprivation of rights under the color of law
Conspiracy against rights
I will close with this.....
I am not a BAR member, nor are your Attorneys authorized to engage with us outside of a formal legal process, which means a formal lawsuit has been filed. So a word of warning to your Attorneys....
If we receive anything from your Attorneys that is outside of a formal lawsuit, we will BAR Grieve that attorney back to the Stone Age, file State criminal complaints against that attorney, and invite them to the party as a defendant in the Title 42 Section 1983 lawsuit...
that will be coming your way if you people do not get back in compliance with the law.
A word of warning, each of you will be sued in both your official and individual capacity, which means you will have personal liability and your homes, your bank accounts....
& your businesses will be on the line
So I ask, given your potential liability for these crimes I believe you have committed thus far,will it be worth it to continue or will it be better served to stop all of this nonsense?
You've been put on Notice.
-and an army of awakened #monkeys!

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"A Warning To Our Public Servants".

Thank you.

#VaccineMandate #Masks #mandates #VaccinePassports #America #FreedomFight

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