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I read with interest the @thetimes article on #schools which claimed triumphantly that daily #LateralFlowTests of close #COVID contacts is as good as or better at reducing ongoing transmission & that indeed “Schools do not spread COVID”.

Here is the article incase you can’t see it because it’s behind a paywall.

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Wer die "#Überlastung im #Gesundheitssystem" vermeiden will, indem er Klinikeinweisungen und die Belegung von #Intensivbetten der #Inzidenz als Indikator vorzieht, ignoriert in krasser Weise, ĂŒber 90% der Covid-19 Patienten nur vom #Hausarzt gesehen werden.

Thread/Rant âŹ‡ïž
Seit 16 Monaten machen meine Kolleg*innen und ich jeden Tag in diesem Aufzug #Infektionssprechstunde.

Wir versuchen, jeden Patienten mit Fieber oder Atemwegssymptomen zu sehen und mittels #PCR abzustreichen.
Wir haben dafĂŒr einen Container angemietet, der auf der Terrasse unserer Praxis steht - um die Patienten und Mitarbeiter in unserer Praxis optimal zu schĂŒtzen.

FĂŒr den extra Aufwand, der das fĂŒr uns bedeutet, sehen wir von den Krankenkassen keinen einzigen Cent.
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“#PCR Tests Must Go” – Decision Made Right After #Soros & #Gates Bought #COVID 19 Test Manufacturer
This “decision” made by the #CDC will definitely raise the momentary value of the company, which was “coincidentally” just recently bought off by Bill #Gates and George #Soros.
The #CDC reported this weekend that “#PCR tests will soon no longer be available for emergency use to determine whether individuals have contracted #COVID-19, and seemed to tacitly admit that the tests are unable to differentiate between #COVID-19 and #influenza viruses.”
According to the report written and published by the National File,
“The CDC declared that it will #withdraw its emergency use application for the controversial #PCR tests on December 31, 2021, and is urging clinics and hospitals around the country to immediately
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1/14 In den Sozialen Medien geht derzeit eine Meldung des #CDC zu einem #PCR-Test stark viral und wird oft wegen mangelnder Englischkenntnisse (oder auch einfach mutwillig) falsch verstanden und zu Propaganda-Zwecken gegen das Testverfahren genutzt.
2/14 CDC entwickelte ein eigenes PCR-Test-Kit "CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel" im Januar 2020, dass am 03. Februar seine Notfallzulassung durch die FDA bekam und am 05. Februar schließlich an alle CDC- und private Labore verteilt wurde.
3/14 In den Sozialen Medien wird nun vielfach Drosten mit diesem Test in Verbindung gebracht. In den USA fand der PCR-Tests aber nicht Anwendung, der als Grundlage die Erkenntnisse aus dem Labor von Prof. Dr. Drosten nutzte. Das ist also falsch.
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The link provides details of laboratories and commercial manufacturers that are being halted to Use or distribute the tests.
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Jezus Christus mensen, leer eens lezen.

Nee, de CDC stopt niet met de #PCR. De CDC stopt met een bepaald type van de #PCR test. Omdat er betere versies zijn.

Ik vraag me serieus af of je het gewoon niet snapt, je geen Engels kunt, of je gewoon een kwaadaardige leugenaar bent.i
Ik bedoel maar, als je enigszins geĂŻnteresseerd bent en een basiskennis Engels bezit kun je gewoon letterlijk lezen dat het een vooraankondiging is aan de labs die dit type nog gebruikt ZODAT ZE GENOEG TIJD HEBBEN EEN VAN DE VELE ANDERE BESCHIKBARE PCR TESTS TE KIEZEN
Dus @hansvantelling, @WybrenvanHaga, welke is het? Missen jullie basiskennis Engels? Want dan mag je me in het vervolg wel even een DM sturen hoor als je iets interessants tegenkomt. Dan lees ik het eerst even en kun je voorkomen dat je jezelf zo waanzinnig voor schut zet.
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Let's pick out a few key points of the #COVID19 coup

The State should mobilize ALL digital means of control IN PERPETUITY so, should it decide you need to avail yourselves of some 'safety measure', it can 'locate you w/out delay & provide you with "assistance"' 1/n
Such "assistance" can be 'extremely finely targeted - eg, by exploiting #genetic data & #medicalrecords'
Backing this up, you'll be self-reporting your status in real-time via 'connected objects' & imaging cameras allowing #PreCrime - sorry - 'preventative intervention' 2/n
'Teams' can be 'positioned' to isolate people using smartphone tracking.
'Control - if necessary accompanied by sanction' is 'precisely where digital technology' is the 'most EFFICIENT'!
Efficient in the manner that whips, clubs & attack-dogs are 'efficient'.
#COVID19(33) 3/n
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Olivier Véran en grande forme lors du passage du projet de loi Pass sanitaire en commission cette nuit: A 3h du mat', le ministre de la santé a critiqué ces Français qui font des "tests itératifs" car ils ont "peur du covid". #PassSanitaire #PCR #Covid #DirectAN
Le ministre de la santĂ© est pourtant mĂ©decin et connaĂźt les symptĂŽmes du variant: mal de tĂȘte, mal de gorge, Ă©coulement nasal, fiĂšvre, toux (continue), fatigue, frissons, perte d'appĂ©tit, troubles intestinaux... Pour beaucoup de gens, c'est le cas... #PCR #Covid #PassSanitaire
J'aimerais comprendre en quoi c'est "itĂ©ratif" ou signe de crainte de faire des tests s'il y a symptĂŽmes ou persistance des symptĂŽmes? Ces gens ne vivent pas dans le mĂȘme monde que vous et moi... #Covid #PCR #PassSanitaire
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1. Both #Boris & #DominicCummings wrong

Yes most deaths were over 80s who only just survived last mild #FluSeason

And wouldn't have survived next if lived that long

Death rates January to March 2020 & January to June 2021 BELOW 5 year average

And death rate 2020 only 4th.....
2. Population & age adjusted death rate for 2020 only 4th highest this century

ie THREE years since Millennium had HIGHER death rates WITHOUT #COVID1984

And EVERY year in 20th century had a higher death rate than 2020

And fatality rate FAR lower than SARS & MERS #CoronaViruses
3. No one dreamed of #LockingDown or even #MaskingUp FOR #SARS or #MERS

Despite much higher #FatalityRates

Or #ProfFerguson's wild scaremongering

But #LockDown will kill far more than #COVID1984 long term

But will kill young parents & breadwinners

Not old at death's door
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Waar is van Dissel eigenlijk?

Ok, deze sheet had je echt niet van tevoren kunnen bedenken?

Wat de hell is dit? Ik snap best wel dat je als 50-jarige niet helemaal meer volledig op de hoogte bent maar dit is wel heel erg, zoals mijn 16-jarige dochter verzucht, een boomer-sheet
Hoe heet die kneuter van het #FVD die probeert de "speciaal-bokaal" te winnen?
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1/? I spent some time last night reviewing my tweets since the start of the #pandemic; several things jumped out but nothing more than how the lack of #antigen case data from @HealthyLivingMo until March understated the situation. #COVID19Missouri #COVID19 #DeltaVariant
@HealthyLivingMo 2/? The first #COVID19Missouri case was March 7, 2020. Officials had been anticipating it and @GovParsonMO & @DrSamPage held a news conference about it #COVID19 #moleg
@HealthyLivingMo @GovParsonMO @DrSamPage 3/? In November, I tracked the progress of #COVID19Missouri cases, showing the reported cases/day on March 14 (1 week later) and the 14th of each month afterward. #COVID19 @HealthyLivingMo #moleg
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Fahrettin Koca;

ALLAH Senin BELANI VERSIN..#Meymenetsiz

#ASI'larin GERCEK icerigi aciklandiginda
ortaya ciktiginda
bu millet seni TĂŒkĂŒrĂŒkle bogmaz mi?

KATiL @drfahrettinkoca
ASI'larin icerigini ACIKLA!?

#GrafenOkside #5G #Starlink
#PCR test cubuklariyla
#mRNA #ASI'lariyla
ve dahasi
ugursuz #BAYKUS misali hergĂŒn
Korku-Umudsuzluk tohumlari ekerek,

Cocuk-ergen herkesin sagligini
ciddi anlamda #Risk'e atan
ALLAH bir kez daha belasini versin,diyoruz..
Bizim daha önceki paylasimlarda
#Maske'lerdeki #Parazit'ler dedigimiz sey,
megerse #Grafen #PartikĂŒller'mis.

Canli olmasi,hareket etmesi
parazit sanilmasi bundan

Kanada saglik dairesi
bu sebeple
#Maske'lerin ĂŒretimini-satisini-kullanimini durdurma cagrisi yapmis
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A génese de uma pandemia.
A crise do #Corona começou com um panĂłptico de acontecimentos absurdos, coincidĂȘncias improvĂĄveis e mentiras Ă s claras.
Chegou a altura de rever as impossibilidades.
Uma thread:
1. No final de Dezembro de 2019, Wenliang, um oftalmologista de Wuhan, notou uma incidĂȘncia alegadamente invulgar de pneumonia. Continua a ser um mistĂ©rio o que Ă© invulgar em 44 pacientes numa cidade com mais de 8 milhĂ”es de cidadĂŁos durante o Inverno.

2. A 5 de Jan, a OMS informa pela primeira vez sobre uma pneumonia de causa desconhecida, que irå esclarecer até dia 7. Acredita-se que o vírus possa ser um parente próximo do SARS. Um mercado de peixe é alegadamente a origem. Nasce a lenda #Zoonosis ainda não comprovada até hoje
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@TheRustler83 Compendium

I fear my time on twitter is nearing an end. After the Jag💉stats today I'm taking a break

For over a year I've attempted to expose the charade. I tried the best way I knew - with numbers. It worked for some but it was not enough to save the masses

I scattered gunned my sights over many targets over the last 16 months, my priorities changed as the threat levels changed from different assaulters.

We need focus on what we are pushing back against. What is the most important and which are the wars we cannot win?

1. Vacc!ne

This was the end goal. The money shot. The big finale. Everything else was a side show or a building block

There are those out there that pretend to fight against lockdown- yet support or promote the jag💉

Be careful with the deceivers. Duplicitous

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Quality assurance is een concept dat alle zaken omvat die individueel of collectief de kwaliteit van een product beïnvloeden..."de (positieve) #PCR test uitslag" Waarom een positieve test max. een INDICATIE is dat de persoon daadwerkelijk besmet is in dit draadje uiteengezet 👉
De huidige omstandigheden waarin een test wordt afgenomen (in het bijzonder de teststraten) maken het onmogelijk aan te tonen dat de "Nucleic Acid", gevonden #RNA deeltje daadwerkelijk afkomstig is van de persoon in kwestie. Sleutelwoorden "Cross-Contamination" 👉
"Certificate-of-analysis" en misschien wel de belangrijkste "Chain-of-Custody"
@2eKamertweets @RIVM @fvdemocratie @hugodejonge

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Revelation of the Method~
Many Thanks to:
Verum Bellator

Credit to NRound5~
Nice to see one journalist FINALLY doing their job and asking the right questions.
And when they do, these evil bastards cant answer them, and have the look of guilt and shame all over their face!
The Lie is crumbling
..."Thanks Harvey"
WHO Whistleblower Talks To Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich
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Wie schĂŒtzen wir Kinder in KiTas und Grundschulen vor #COVID19?

Vorhandene PCR-TestkapazitÀten sinnvoll nutzen: Lolli-Pool-PCR-Testungen als Teil eines PrÀventionskonzepts.

Ein Thread 👇


Was sind Lolli-Tests?

1/5 Gemeinschaftliche LebensrĂ€ume sind wichtig fĂŒr die gesunde Entwicklung von Kindern. Daher bleibt nach den #Sommerferien die Aufrechterhaltung des Regelbetriebs mit PrĂ€senz in #KiTas und #Schulen weiterhin wichtig.
2/5 Insbesondere jĂŒngere Kinder können Abstands- und Hygieneregeln in Betreuungseinrichtungen nicht oder nur bedingt umsetzen.
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These video scenes of #brutal #LawEnforcement are from around the world and Australia figures prominently.
It is #dehumanising and mentally debilitating to see this and to comprehend the #inhumanity
Is it right to assault citizens like this?
The #G7summit was a cosy affair. Social distancing for the cameras and free-for-all off-it. #Scomo was in the midst of this #Cornwall retreat to plan the next phase of #Lockstep.
Do any of them appear concerned about the “pannddemmic” ?
#Scomo returns from his #G7Summit2021 all buoyed in #Lockstep and then NSW goes into #Lockdown followed by restrictions in other states.
Do you see fingerprints on this?
Is #GladysCluster trying too hard to convince?
See where we are on cases curve??
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#Marr on catching Covid after being double #vaccinated
By Andrew Marr
BBC News
#Coronavirus pandemic
Andrew Marr
I can't be sure - but working back, I'm pretty clear I caught the Delta variant of coronavirus during the summit of G7 (Group of Seven) nations, in Cornwall,
probably on Sunday 13 June.
It was a long day - up well before 05:00, all the hassle and stress of an outside broadcast, with our guests resolutely refusing to move from their "ring of steel", then great transport difficulties trying to return to London,
meaning I wasn't home until after 00:00.
If I felt shattered on the Monday, it was hardly a surprise - but I carried on with life.
By Tuesday, I felt I was coming down with a summer cold - sneezing, sore throat, slight headache.
But in the middle of hay-fever season,
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1/6 Was denkt ihr Euch eigentlich @INSTAND66?

Monatelang werden, trotz AnkĂŒndigung, keine Auswertungen zu #Sars_CoV_2-Ringversuchen auf der Webseite veröffentlicht: Jetzt wird gleich Alles gelöscht?

Gibt es etwas zu verbergen?

#CTGate #PCRGate #TestetDieTests
2/6 Doch das Netz vergisst nie!
Der Ringversuch im April 2020 zum #Sars_COV_2-Genomnachweis schlug hohe Wellen. Hier stand das 1.Mal Schwarz auf Weiss: Auch der #PCR-Test ist nicht, wie @C_Drosten behauptet, "zweifelsfrei".

3/6 Schon damals war klar, dass die Aussagekraft der #PCR-Tests, besonders bei niedringer #PrÀvalenz und #Massentestungen an Symptomlosen, völlig versagt.
Selbst eine #CoVid_19-Erkrankung kann damit nicht sicher diagnostiziert werden:

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Ya tenemos lĂ­o NicolĂĄs @DathosBD Los resultados positivos de las pruebas de #PCR no prueban suficientemente que las personas infectadas con #SARSCoV2 puedan infectar a otras con el #coronavirus
@AlvaroM_ENG @TheDevilOps @CoronavirusSpa1 @Ramonser @AlvaroM_ENG @CDCInteligencia
No son adecuadas por sí mismas como base para las medidas pandémicas, una nueva investigación que incluyó 190 mil resultados de 160 mil personas en la Facultad de Medicina de la UDE en #Alemania, concluye.
"Es poco probable que mĂĄs de la mitad de las personas con resultados positivos en las pruebas de PCR hayan sido infecciosas".

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*Admin Post*
We are not allowing anti mask / covid denial posts.
Those who comment / post about the latest BS conspiracy theory relating to masks / covid denial will be muted. Repeat offenders will be blocked.
John Dyer
So according to this post, there is only one version of the truth? Until of course, those in charge deem that the truth has changed. Orwell would be proud of you.
Ironic how this page is supposed to be (I thought) to challenge the government’s lies.
But somehow their lies and obfuscations over the Covid disaster is not to be questioned?
One example:
Have you seen the latest update from the WHO regarding the #PCR test sensitivity? Something that many of us have been saying for months -
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The myth of the 'asymptomatic spread' & "asymptomatic super-spreader" - are two completely non-scientific claims which Western governments have built their entire #COVID #lockdown, #mask, and #vaccine narrative around. Here Dr Mike Yeadon dismantles this false assumption...
Once you realize that all of the most cited scientific studies show that the 'asymptomatic spread' is an officially-sanctioned myth, then you can see how quickly the entire 'global pandemic' story disintegrates...
That means no more #masks, mass #vaccines, no fraudulent #PCR and lateral flow tests, no pointless social distancing, no school or business closures - but a lot of politicians & 'public health' officials who should be sent to prison for fraud & crimes against humanity...
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Update on the below press conference, it appears that there is a solid division in the Senate on the matter of Fauci’s position, #Biden is clearly not going to ask him to step down.
#Fauci is likely to stay where he is despite the email leaks and the exposure of his role in funding gain to function research at #Wuhan.
This press conference has only been covered by Sky news #Australia, and #Yahoo who didn’t go into details of what was said & #Forbes news
They also didn’t discuss the #PCR false positives, or high number of covid jab deaths and ##vaccine injuries, but it is positive they talked about Dr Kory and Ivermectin as a successful early treatment
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