Let's be honest: This man had a lot more dignity than we did:

We (the coalition of countries, led by America and Great Britain) murdered him and bombed the crap out of his country, ...

Why? Exactly. The reasons our leaders gave were bullshit!
We knew #Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. So did #DrDavidKelly, who was murdered for saying so!

What was the real reason for the #IraqWar? Money was one reason. What else? Don't say to liberate the Iraqis. I suspect they'd rather not have been liberated with ...

We have NEVER been the Good Guys, not since #WorldWarII. And that #war never would have happened, had we not behaved like #CompleteAndUtterCunts at #Versailles, when we set impossible #TreatyConditions on #Germany, after #WorldWarI!

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More from @RickyBaby321

Mar 19
@YvetteHenson is right, @SpeakerPelosi. Shouldn't you return to the Asylum?

I'm not sure it's safe for you to be out and about, you poor, deluded old woman.

Did you used to be some kind of Statesman, once upon a time?

Are you really "Speaker of the House"?

That's a sad ...

That's a sad reflection on the House, isn't it. I know you've got a decrepit, dementia ridden @POTUS. I realise this might lead you to think, "If he's still relevant, then so am I!"

But you're not. #KlausSchwab has over-reached himself ...

Cc @YvetteHenson

#KlausSchwab has over-reached himself. So has his #WorldEconomicForum (#WEF).

Installing dementia ridden fuckwits in such high positions just shows how Klaus's arrogance has contributed to his own downfall.

He got away with so much, he ...

Cc @YvetteHenson
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Mar 19
@BrianOSheaSPI Damn! Just as I decide I was going to have a moratorium on Book Buying (following a recent splurge) a book comes out I simply have to own & I have to read!

I wondered what I was going to do with myself, tomorrow. Now I know. I'm going to Waterstones to order it!
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Mar 14
@sherrylever @MistressKrushUK

Greetings Ladies

I'm feeling the need for deep and total surrender and re-education, over a few days.

There's no way I can afford the thousands of pounds I know this to be worth, so I'd have to look for other ways to compensate you, such as...
@sherrylever @MistressKrushUK

... I'd have to look for other ways to compensate you, such as filming, working for you (I imagined menial chores like cleaning) or submitting to being used in ways you enjoy, but clients never ask for (if such possibilities exist.

Real slavery
@sherrylever @MistressKrushUK

... real imprisonment and real fear and trepidation of the:

"Am I ever going to get out of here alive?"


I had this, when I was a kid at school. There were three girls who saw me as their plaything. Just as I was starting to enjoy it...
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Feb 25
@mohammedakunjee Some of the things I've done, since I found myself with #TimeOnMyHands are:

Teach myself HTML
Teach myself CSS
Build this Website:


Build this politics page


Utilise MIT Shakespeare thus:

One does not need school to learn science, one needs the universe, Libraries full of scientific works, one's own natural curiosity, parents willing to teach one to read, the society of other curious children (children are born curious), eyes, ears & senses!
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Feb 25
@mohammedakunjee Hi

You live in London. I live in Bedford. I can get into London very easily.

Let's you and I discuss these issues over a drink:

I say;

We don't need work
We don't need school
We don't need doctors

There was far too much noise on that Space. Let's debate?
@mohammedakunjee Let's debate one to one, over a drink. My telephone number is 07715 814 400

The Ancients knew about such amazing things as The Precession of the Equinoxes and the associated 26,000 year Great Year.

They didn't have school or [our concept of] paid work!
@mohammedakunjee As Oscar Wilde said, "We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Why not a world where all of us can look at the stars?

We don't need schools. We need Libraries!
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Feb 25
Before this year has ended, I'll be 70 years old. I'm starting to feel my age.

When I hear this song:

I think: "Lying down again".

When I hear this:

I think: "Aching all over!"
I look at the prospect of #DyingOfOldAge and I wonder, #IsThereAnAlternative?

I'm too much of a coward to consider #suicide, in any conventional sense of the world.

I will absolutely not surrender myself to Euthanasia, after all, what's the Youth in Asia ever done for me? !!!
I AM #ALittleBitKinky. I often wonder, couldn't I find a #dominatrix with #AVeryShortFuse, #IrritateTheHellOutOfHer and #GoOutWithABangNotAWhimper?

So I'm looking around me for #PotentialPartnersInCrime.

I had no control over how #ICameIntoTheWorld

Can I control how I leave?
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