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al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula was short-lived, and its heads died one after another after a short time in leadership positions. Yet, they left a legacy of literature and guidelines that are used today by IS and some AQ affiliates such al-Shabab.
2) One such leader who was vocal in military and insurgency strategies is Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin, b1971, who succeeded Khaled Ali Hajj as a leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.
al-Muqrin is from the Al-Suwaidi neighbourhood in #Riyadh which is famous for having many SJ sympathizers
3) and has a reputation "for being a bastion of strict Wahhabism" as put by Bradley, John R. in his book, which is famous for being the Saudi #Fallujah among saudis due to the piety of its residents.
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It's finally here!
I'm extremely excited to announce that my book "Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings & Clerics" has been published by @BloomsburyBooks @ibtauris.
Let me tell you a little bit about my book & my decade-long journey in this thread🧵1/25
This book is a revision of my DPhil Dissertation at @UniofOxford @StCrossCollege which covered Iranian & Saudi Mutual (mis)Representations 1979-2009 & subsequent work that covered this rivalry up to 2021 as an Academic Visitor at @StAntsCollege @OxfordMEC . 2/25
This publication builds on the work of great experts, scholars & academics including [in alpha. order]
#ShahramChubin @carnegienpp
#HennerFürtig @GIGA_Institute 3/25
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What people don't understand about military political operations & weapons support.Simply destroying the adversary army, conducting regime change, killing the leadership & installing a puppet, as well as even creating an army to support your new regime. WONT WORK. IS NOT ENOUGH/1 Image
Because we have seen the #Americans do this
MANY TIMES. And it does not work. #Vietnam for 15 years & tens of billions invested to prop up a failed govt. In #Iraq, destroyed #Saddam's army, installed the puppet government, trained a new army were there for nearly 20 years /2 Image
the #US have disbanded the republican guard, the military, rearmed the #Iraqis with #US weapons.The #CIA had infiltrated and cleansed the politicians. They invested billions of dollars...And guess what...It all belongs to #Iran now...Another example, #Afghanistan, #USA goes in/3 Image
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Let's be honest: This man had a lot more dignity than we did:

We (the coalition of countries, led by America and Great Britain) murdered him and bombed the crap out of his country, ...

Why? Exactly. The reasons our leaders gave were bullshit!
We knew #Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. So did #DrDavidKelly, who was murdered for saying so!

What was the real reason for the #IraqWar? Money was one reason. What else? Don't say to liberate the Iraqis. I suspect they'd rather not have been liberated with ...
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1. some recommended readings to defend yourself from those mainstream media which lie us in a new war: #Ukraine:
1. read how US public was lied into the #VietnamWar which cost over 2MILLIONS civilian deaths to Vietnam and 50,000 young American lives:…
2. read how US #SIGINT (signal intelligence= #NSA intercepts) was manipulated to lie US public into the #VietnamWar:…
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stesse dinamiche media della guerra #Iraq: per difendervi leggete:
1. questa analisi su come opinione pubblica fu ingannata su #GolfoTonchino per portare Usa nella guerra #Vietnam costata 2MILIONI morti al popolo vietnamita e circa 50MILA giovani americani…
2. quando leggete che USA hanno SIGINT(signal intelligence= intercettazioni #NSA) che prova imminente rischio invasione russa, leggete come fu falsificata SIGINT per portare USA nella guerra #Vietnam:…
3. poi leggete sommario del #ChilcotReport su come fu falsificata intelligence per portare alla guerra #Iraq:…
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The reporting parts of this @thetimes article about the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (#MEK) are interesting, but ultimately it is very disappointing and misleading about the nature of a truly sinister organisation that helped enthrone #Iran's Islamist Republic:…
The Times piece asks about #MEK's money, noting the allegations of Saudi finance, but pretty much takes the Mojahedeen at their word that "Our funding comes from the Iranian diaspora". This is the least problematic aspect, however.
"'I can't be married and have children and also dedicate myself to the cause,' she replies. I get the same response from the sisters Shiva and Azedeh Mamabani."

Should this bizarre answer and the repetition of it not tip-off the Times that #MEK is, in fact, a cult?
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1. US invaded #Afghanistan after #Taliban refused to hand over Bin Laden after 9/11 attacks.
2. US invaded #Iraq based on tortured “confession” of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi that AQ was working with #Saddam to get WMDs.
3. But, just like AQ, there no WMDs in Iraq - until invasion.
4. Abu Musab al-#Zarqawi left Afghanistan to set up AQI in Iraq to fight US.
5. His tactics were so brutal than even AQ central tried to curb them.
6. Shia and Sunni groups who’d both fought occupiers turned on each other while US back one against the other.
7. Abu Ghraib abuse images shocked the world but Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (#torture) first used in Kandahar, Bagram and #CIA ‘black sites.’
8. Alleged AQ & Taliban captives sent to #Guantanamo where General Geoffrey Miller applied US approved torture methods.
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Magdi (non ancora) Cristiano Allam è stato per anni "vicedirettore" al Corriere e per anni ci ha riempito di panzane volte a giustificare l'invasione di #Iraq, #Afghanistan e qualunque altra azione militare contro i paesi sgraditi ai neocon americani.
Negli stessi anni era vicedirettore del #Corriere Gianni #Riotta.
Questo #Riotta, che a differenza di Allam non tace e non parla d'altro.
Al #Corriere c'era anche #Panebianco, un altro bombardiere, che ci voleva far invadere pure la #Libia, da soli contro tutti
E che ancora oggi spara baggianate simili dalle stesse pagine
Marco Bentivogli dice che le sciocchezze per le quali lo stanno sfottendo le ha sentite da lui
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1. in ritardo lo so. Il 20 marzo 2003,gli USA invadevano l'#Iraq,iniziava una guerra da cui il Medio Oriente non si è ancora ripreso. Ho conosciuto il capo del programma nucleare di Saddam, Jafar Dhia Jafar,lo intervistai per #Diario di Deaglio. Ecco qui insieme a Vienna
2. il capo del programma nucleare di #Saddam, Jafar Dhia Jafar, rampollo di una famiglia eminente,mi ricostruì la panzana alla base del Nigergate, quella che anche i nostri Pulitzer contribuirono a diffondere e difendere
3. la famiglia di Jafar Dhia Jafar è ancora oggi eminente: petrolieri: la famiglia ha fondato la #CrescentPetroleum, che tra gli altro finanzia l'#AtlanticCouncil. Sapete che cosa è l'Atlantic Council, giusto?
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Today, 117th "The First Jet" Squadron, of #Israel Air Force was disbanded after 67 years of glorious service. Based in #RamatDavid, it defended the North including Golan & participated in Strategic Operations such as "Opera" for targeting #Iraq's Nuclear reactor on 7 June 1981.
On 7 June 1981, these four F-16A Block 5s of Tayeset 117 along with four F-16A Block 10As of Tayeset 110 targeted Osirak/Tammuz nuclear reactor of #Baghdad & prevented #Iraq's dictator #Saddam from building nuclear weapon. These ex-Iranian Air Force F-16s are 107, 113, 118 & 129.
Today, when the 117sq was disbanded, it had still 24 F-16C Block 30s which were:
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#Azerbaijan ambassador to @UN @VaqifS misleading Intl. society deliberately spreading false claims. Besides aggressive epithets and misrepresentation of recent clashes, ambassador uses uncovered lies, probably hoping no one's gonna fact check it. See the thread below. ImageImage
On 7/14 @razminfo agency revealed #Azerbaijan using local villages as human shields, violating Geneva conventions 3&4, Additional Protocol I & @ICRC Rule 97…
In 1990 such conduct of Iraq brought to civilians deaths. #Saddam was accused in war crime for this ImageImage
Ambassador distorts #Armenia Minister letter to @OSCE informing #Armenia army remains restrained, but "in case of provocations … ready to react… up to the capture of new advantageous positions". There was no intention to advance, as claimed by Ambassador… Image
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Buongiorno,stanotte abbiamo rivelato in esclusiva con #WikiLeaks un'email interna del #whistleblower che denuncia che il report sul presunto attacco chimico di #Douma, #Siria,è stato manipolato: è un'accusa GRAVISSIMA a cui l'#OPAC deve rispondere:…
il #whisteblower è un serissimo scienziato che faceva parte del team di ispettori inviati dall'#OPAC a #Douma,#Siria, a indagare: la sua identità per il momento rimane protetta:…
il #whistleblower NON lancia alcuna accusa politica: la sua email ai vertici dell'#OPAC, che potete leggere qui (inglese):… elenca tutte quelle che lui denuncia come manipolazioni del report #OPAC su #Douma
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21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
"#Iran's president Hassan Rouhani presented an ultimatum of two months to the #EU to save the #Iran nuclear deal. However, the deal is likely to continue to deteriorate, says The Independent's Patrick Cockburn"
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