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@TheOliverStone's Masterpiece…
@TheOliverStone 2/?

@McDowellMalc's brainchild, written by David Sherwin and directed by the great Lindsay Anderson, has an uncannily predictive genetic engineering laboratory sequence.

And it was filmed in 1972 . . .…

Well-Researched and produced documentary on The @WHO by @OVALmediaGroup lends vital context to some of their many conflicts of interest and shady dealings…
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La sera dell'8 dicembre 1980 fu ucciso #JohnLennon. Non tutti conoscono la sua storia psicologica e quella dello psicoanalista che lo ebbe in cura. Piccolo thread 👇🏿
La madre di #JohnLennon, separatasi dal padre, dopo le lamentele ai servizi sociali di Liverpool da parte di sua sorella maggiore, Mimi Smith, le lasciò la cura del figlio. In “Mother”, Lennon racconta il suo dolore di separazione in modo straziante 👇🏿
Mother, you had me
But I never had you
I, I wanted you
You didn't want me
So, I
I just got to tell you
Goodbye. Molti colleghi hanno diagnosticato #JohnLennon un paziente borderline…
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Let's be honest: This man had a lot more dignity than we did:

We (the coalition of countries, led by America and Great Britain) murdered him and bombed the crap out of his country, ...

Why? Exactly. The reasons our leaders gave were bullshit!
We knew #Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. So did #DrDavidKelly, who was murdered for saying so!

What was the real reason for the #IraqWar? Money was one reason. What else? Don't say to liberate the Iraqis. I suspect they'd rather not have been liberated with ...
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The things I have learned.

A thread:
I've posted a lot recently. This thread will contain everything I deem of value. I'll use it as my pinned tweet and expand on it over time.

I recommend everyone view the link in my bio.
This is the most important thing I have to say. Read only this and you can safely ignore everything else I have to say.

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My gnosis.

A thread:
This is the story of my gnosis. It is available from the link in my bio, but I'd like to detail it a bit more here.

It was mid 1999. At this point I was effectively atheist. Technically agnostic, but I didn't sweat it. I was unconcerned about God.
I had spent my youth extricating myself from evangelical Christianity. I viewed all religions as the same. I'd taken the best of Christianity, discarded the rest and was just living my life unconcerned with such matters.
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This is gonna take a while… #VirtualBostonMarathon 🐌
Waiting for @LeahCville to lap me before I make a @Wawa run 🥨☕️🏃🏻‍♀️ #TwinsRunBoston 💙💛
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1. One yr ago we broadcast live to the UK to help #SaveTheArts & YOU donated 🤩
This year "all we are sayin' is buy advance tickets to gigs & shows.
It's @johnlennon #Imagine50 this year. Imagine life without our grassroots venues. Unthinkable!
2. #TheBeatles started out in grassroots venues & the most famous of them all, @cavernliverpool has kept us entertained during #lockdown While organisations like @musicvenuetrust @TheatresTrust
have worked tirelessly to save as many venues as possible.
3. Keeping #livemusic alive is more important now than ever. We're sure #JohnLennon would agree!
Venues have worked hard to reopen & make their spaces safe. We will do our bit by being there and performing!
All you have to do is buy advance tickets & enjoy the show!
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Always dug the artistry behind these so....
PLASTIC ONO SONG TITLES: (1) single word titles
#PlasticOnoBand #JohnLennon #YokoOno
Ai is Japanese for love.
PLASTIC ONO SONG TITLES: (2) minimalist titles
Why Not
Oh My Love
Oh Yoko
Dear Yoko
Song For John
Winter Song
Kite Song
Mrs Lennon
#PlasticOnoBand #JohnLennon #YokoOno
PLASTIC ONO SONG TITLES: (3) Instruction titles
Come Together
Remember Love
Look At Me
Hold On
Open Your Box
Gimme Some Truth
Do The Oz
Touch Me
Dig It
Listen The Snow Is Falling
#PlasticOnoBand #JohnLennon #YokoOno
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It was 40 years ago today that John Lennon was killed. I was a 17 year old high school senior, living on the Jersey shore at the time. These are my memories.


1/33 Thread
Lennon was actually killed very late on Monday the 8th of December. Howard Cosell broke the news during Monday Night Football.

I was already in bed, as I had classes early the next day.…


I overslept on Tuesday the 9th of December 1980. I can recall that detail now, because it coloured how I learned of Lennon’s passing. I remember not having time for anything, I showered, dressed, and went straight out to my car.


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Remembering John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of his death.
A thread I'll add to throughout the day.... [1]
October 9, 1940 ~ December 8, 1980
#JohnLennon @JohnLennon
Remembering John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of his death.
A thread I'll add to throughout the day... [2/]
October 9, 1940 ~ December 8, 1980
Dave Sholin interviewed John Lennon & Yoko Ono about 12 hours before Lennon was assassinated.
Remembering John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of his death.
A thread I'll add to throughout the day [3/]
October 9, 1940 ~ December 8, 1980
Three days before he died, Lennon did a 9-hr @RollingStone interview
John Lennon: The Last Interview… #JohnLennon
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#Hilo🧵Hoy se conmemora el #DiaMundialDelRock y la celebración fue instaurada en recuerdo al proyecto #LiveAid que el 13 de julio de 1985 recaudó millones de dólares para ayudar a los afectados por la hambruna en Etiopía y aquí recordamos los conciertos que hermanaron al mundo.👇 Image
🤘🎶 Bob Geldof, líder de los 'Boomtown Rats' y protagonista de la película ‘The Wall’, a finales de 1984 lanzó 'Band Aid', un grupo con la mayor parte de las estrellas del rock inglés, y en noviembre grabaron la canción 'Do they know it’s Christmas?'.
🗓️💵 Ante el éxito de la iniciativa, Geldof se propuso organizar un par de conciertos, uno en Londres y otro en Filadelfia, para recaudar más dinero y la fecha fue el 13 de julio de 1985. Image
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TFW people try to defend #JohnLennon by saying..."But he only beat his first wife..."

Yeah, because that's just fine. Clearly. What a champion of peace and ahimsa I tell you.
Reminder: Psychopaths are often charming, seductive, and outstanding hypocrites. They cultivate a reputation for that which they are not.
Eg: Hillary Clinton pretending to be liberal.
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