A thread (Part 1)

I have been praying this verse for months. To turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and to give me life in His ways.

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Bible, the Words of God has made me love to read, literally everything. Reading has become one of my fave habits and my hobbies. Besides the Bible, the man I love also has shared in it.
I got intrigued because it is one of his particular hobbies (Yes, he is still that same person. If you are somehow curious about who he is, just take time to scroll down my Twitter account. You'll find out).
This hobby somehow sometimes becomes a problem when I stumble on things that I don't need to read. When I typed I read everything, I really mean it. I read everything that catches on my eyes, and it's a lot.
I usually stumble with bad stuff, like negative words, negative news, cursing words, worldly principles, and many, many, more.
Though I always avoid it, I want to tell you this is why that verse is so helpful.

I read from online comments to journal papers, from Scripture to media social posts, from novels to webtoon.
I do really need to exercise the last fruit of the Spirit, self-control, in this habit (and in everything). To be humble to be led by the Holy Spirit in this area so I could be fruitful.
One of the things I regret when I read through online comments is when I stumble with curse words. I really hate that. I do.
Some of the reasons why I read those worthless things are because I love to learn about human personalities and characters, and I want to learn languages in daily use (yes, even my mother language).
While those are the pros, bad and negative comments are the cons. Like 2 sides of coins.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. I won't go into some dark stuff I've stumbled upon and learned.
And not to mention every word, sentence, and topic that weakens your faith in the Lord and His Words, makes you question God's love and characters, including words that mock the Lord and His Promises.
And though I usually skip it quickly, I will always feel guilty. I feel guilty because the Holy Spirit who lives in me must see something like that.

Because when reading is your habit, you don't know what will come to you. It is so tricky.
But because of God's grace, my eyes had been turned by many worthless things, consciously or not (because He knows all things), that will only lead me to sins and transgressions.
It is easier if it relates to conversations, films, songs, pictures, etc.
For conversations, If I am involved in it, I will make sure it will always please and honor my God.
I will discuss the Word of God and the wonders of His works, and I will avoid gossip the best I can (even stop it).
I just need to listen to the Holy Spirit when I need to speak up or to shut up, and when to maneuver.
When I am involved in a conversation, I am in the position of leadership, spiritual leadership. At least to be a leader of myself under the Holy Spirit. That's how every child of God must live.
For films, though some people know I love to watch drama, movies, youtube videos, science documentaries, animes, and so on, little did they know I am so picky. People close to me knew it. I will read the tags, the genres, and what I will watch.
I will close my eyes, flip the phone and take out my earphone if there is a kiss scene. That's why I avoid (heavily) romantic movies. Adult or mature tags, violence, brutal violence, even when the movies are too evil,
if the dialogs always contain swearing, or cursing, dramas or movies with sex scenes or simply goes against the Bible and my principle. I just don't watch it, or I will drop it.
I don't mention horror movies because I don't even consider watching them. Never on my list. Why do I need to glorify the works of the satans, or, the works of my enemy?. Do I want to make myself an enemy of God again?.
In a nutshell, I don't know many genres, and I can't watch many things, because I don't want to, and I can't. Because when I watch it, the Holy Spirit also watches it with me. He sees it, all of it. How could I force Him to watch those bad things?. To just make Him grieve?.
I also restrained myself to read or see news because of that negativity. To know everything is not a virtue if it is only worldly things. In the area of reading news, I learn to practice self-control.
For songs, I also learn to practice self-control. Man, mainstream song lyrics nowadays just contain swearing. I mean what's so special about cursing? really!. Why do I need to hear someone's cursing me with a melody?. Just ruin my day.
Imagine letting the Holy Spirit listens to it😩.



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Besides, for a Christian, life isn't about marrying and giving into marriage. It is about living for Lord Jesus and His will.
And one of the last things I held and learned is, don't get mesmerized if you see someone living in faith and radical obedience to the Lord Jesus.
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Thank God for another free time.... I have planned to write this down.

A man who likes to drink and smoke is a big no-no for me as a life partner. This is just the basic, not even close to the standard.
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A thread (Part 2)
I even learn to lower my eyes and avoid seeing inappropriate parts of a person's body. The reason is love. Love is not rude (1 Cor. 13:5).

I love the Indonesian translation of that Verse, it is similar to not doing inappropriate things. I am a Christian and I need to love and respect others.
I did all of that not because I want to boast or act like "You're all holier than thou"... No.
It is because I know my flesh is. Once I give it a little chance, what had been dead will suddenly arise.
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I hope someday, If God is willing, I can show to my descendant(s) my social media accounts, Twitter, or Instagram, whether he/she (they) will be my child out of my womb or will be bornt from my "heart", or whether they will be my "spiritual children".
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The continuation of this thread

Finally, I could put this Lord's testimony here... Again

Back in January, while in days of fasting (21 days fasting movement of my church), I was about to end fasting for that day. I was still eating my meal when suddenly I received a WA message from my girl, Deea.
She sent me these 2 pictures. That was her mom and her boyfriend (at that time, he was in Medan) both got baptized on Dec, 25-26th 2021.
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Dec 18, 2021
Almost forgot to share these 2 videos. Have watched it months ago.
Always exciting to hear about near-death experiences or after-life experiences that always, always successfully slap us (me) that
indeed Heaven and Hell is REAL and there is a new life behind death.

Death is just a door.
Scarry but at the same time also bring glory to Lord Jesus because they prove that the Bible is true. And that One True and Living God is Lord Jesus Christ.
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