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(UN AGENDA 21/2030 New World Order) How Sustainable Development Policies Will Force Citizens Off of the Rural Lands.
They Really Expect us to accept this shit.

Evidence that the goal of the United Nations is to eliminate private property around the world in order to use it for
the “common good”. The only thing different today, than 40 years ago, is the rate at which land is being taken from the American citizen and the number of ways this is made to happen.
Through many venues, including but not limited to local, state and federal regulations and programs, private property rights
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George H. W. Bush - stating The New World Quote in the US Congress Room while the two Fasces Symbols are in the back which represents for endless Tyranny. Fascism' is directly derived from the fasces.
Fasces is originally a Babylonian symbol, adopted by the ancient Roman empire
The US Government was based on the ancient Roman Republic. The Roman empire was fascist.
It enslaved millions. It ethnically cleansed millions, It genocided millions.
All for its own pleasure.
It adopted fascism from Nimrod- ancient Babylonian totalitarian fascist
The Ancient Roman empire didn't collapse. it rules the entire world today. The inqisition was a Jesuit order affair, Roman nobility created the Jesuit order, as it had created the Vatican.
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This is another strand of the Mission @AustinSteinbart outlined in his videos. It's time to Petition our Federal Government to #ReleaseTheJFKAssassinationRecords
The right to petition our government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
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Rockefeller Foundation: Scenarios for the future of technology and International Development Published 2010 Pg.19 “At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty—and their privacy—to more
paternalistic states
in exchange for greater safety and stability. Citizens were more tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. In developed countries, this heightened oversight
took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability
was deemed vital to national interests. In many developed countries,
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William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series Transcription
Spent countless hours on this treasure very good info I learned a lot . 👊🏽👍🏽✔️

PDF File:…
"Should I go on? I will. I will go on and on and on and on until you either wake up or I am dead, one or the other

And if you don't wake
up, I would rather be dead than live in slavery in the New World
Order with our Constitution destroyed, the family broken, the
children taken from the homes to be raised by the state,Christians
and patriots locked in prison camps, labor camps, until they are no
longer useful and then they will be executed. And the blood will
run in the New World Order."
#ResistTheNWO #Wakeup #Babyloniansociety #Share
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🔎 I took a closer look at some #government #apps related to🦠#COVID19 that are just springing up like mushrooms. If you find an app/country missing in the [thread] below, please let me know!
#tracking #surveillance #appsec #Virucy
🇵🇱 Home Quarantine (Kwarantanna domowa): Can access 📸, phone/serial no., knows about the 📲 you placed or got etc.
Tracking with @Facebook Analytics, @Google @Firebase, @Microsoft @VSAppCenter Analytics.…
Broadcast receivers exported. Possible SQL injections (CWE-89). Sensitive information stored in cleartext (CWE-312) and into Log Files (CWE-532). Using MD5 and Java Hash algorithm (CWE-327). Use of insufficiently Random Values (CWE-330). Insecure WebView implementation (CWE-749).
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Although clearly Walmart has been willing to work closely with the DHS in the past and FEMA absolutely does have the executive power to take over any store they want and turn it into a detention death center. Many will undoubtedly consider this fake although here’s proof.
But is asking questions and putting together connections really a bad thing?

The planned use of large shopping centers as well as sports stadiums to house immigrants or citizens during a major crisis has a long, documented history. Nothing has changed.
Walmart has been connecting its stores to the underground tunnel network. we know the underground tunnel network is extensive; we know it connects to the New World Order airport of Denver, Colorado; and we know thanks to other truthtellers like Steven Kelley that these
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FM 39.4 (FEMA camps) as the issue of medical martial law and decided under the Obama administration. Thanks to Obama, the United Nations can unilaterally impose a state of “medical martial law” and assume control.
In fact, the smoking Resettlement regulations (ie FEMA Camp Army regulations), known as FM 3-39.401-5 states that foreign troops will eventually occupy FEMA camps referred to as resettlement (Death)camps. The coffins will come in use for the dead bodies.
Army document, FM 3-39.40 1-5, speaks clearly to the fact their is absolute intent to use foreign military assets to imprison American citizens.
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Plan to say goodbye to the 50 States and Get Ready for FEMA Regions For the North American Union emerging into a totalitarian world government.

America is under medical martial law since 2015 (HHS and UN document EFS #8)

FEMA: the executive arm of the Military Police State
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is authorized to turn the United States into a police state in the event of a manufactured crisis. FEMA has the power to take complete control over the United States, it can perform
the following actions: suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, seize property, seize food supplies, seize transportation systems,
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#PSA #share/#RT #Austin
#mustwatch this very well done & COMPELLING video.
via @YouTube "Scenario-based modeling is d only way to beta-test development code" w/drawings & explanations from #ATX #architects who beta-tested #CodeNEXT.
#Austinites #info 1/3
Great huge #shoutout to Chris & Gina Allen for the work thats gone into d beta testing & presentation for #COAcityOfficials on behalf of many of us #Austin #homeowners/#TaxPayers. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Please #share/#RT & make sure #Austinites r aware 2/3
#WakeUpATX #CodeNEXT NOT about #HousingForAll! #MayorLier & 6 other clowns (Natasha,Garza,Renteria,Casar, Flannigan, Paige) voted to allow #hotels n Mixed Use zones replacing possible residential. @austintexasgov staff says needed 4hotels.
#Recall info 3/3
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Q3-2019 EARINGS - The Good, Bad, & Ugly.
With the bulk of earnings in we can analyze just how "good" those earnings actually were, and what we should expect next. Also, what #profits are telling us. $SPY $TLT #Earnings #Profits #Recession #Reversion…
Earnings - The Good:
"With 73% of companies beating estimates, it certainly suggests that companies in the S&P 500 are firing on all cylinders, which should support higher asset prices."

However, as they say, the “Devil is in the details.”
Earnings - The Bad
"In order for companies to achieve the 73% 'beat rate' - estimates had to be crushed to accommodate lower earnings."…
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As per, Land Livestock Holdings Survey 2013: More than 60% of Dalit households did not own any farmland.
About 70% of Dalit farmers were categorised as “labourers” in the 2011 Census. (1/n)
Women make up more than one-third of India’s agricultural workforce, but only about 13% of farmland is actually owned by them. (2/n)
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#share #thread #poem #qanon #QArmy #realmightyjoe #original
The following is one of my favorite poems I have ever written. On my phone so excuse any typos. I think it's the time to put this out there.
"As I Wept with the Devil"
The Fallen Angel would rather,
Crawl back to the pit of Hell.
Kill himself through his prechosen,
Then to ever have to see the Light,
The Truth.
The face of his Makers,
Mother and Father,
Ever again.
I do believe he truly hates God.
But Worships him still, to this Day.
His Mother he has attempted to erase from his-story.
Storytellers tell it differently.
We will politely dis-agree.
You Have No Power Over Me!
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15 Points Study:

1. EOD Chart. Candle Volume Chart.
2. RSI & ADX on daily.
3. Change in futures Open Interest.…
4. INDEX Option Chain.……
5. Primium Decay…

6. FII/ DII net traded value in Cash market.…

7. FII/DII net traded value in derivative.…
8. Participant wise Open Interest (no. of contracts) in Equity Derivatives as on EOD.…


10. Participant wise Trading Volume (no. of contracts) in
Equity Derivatives as on EOD.

11. Open Interest PCR.
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Five years ago, on the advice of colleagues from the US, our patron-Mary Mungai-reached out to #IFNA to share the work #NurseAnesthetists are doing in Kenya. In IFNA we found an international home where we could share experiences & learn from our peers across the world 1/
Having had the privilege of attending the World Congress of #NurseAnesthetists with other African colleagues, it became clear 2 them & #IFNA leadership that something needs to be done to create access to #CME forums-particularly from LMIC, who are unable to attend such events 2/
As a result, #IFNA has asked Kenya to host the first Pan African Nurse Anesthetists Conference in June 2020 #PANAC2020

This event hopes to bring together #NurseAnesthetists working on the continent for three days of learning, sharing, fun and building lasting collaborations 3/
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अगर सीने में आक्रोश हो तो कविता को भरपूर #share करें-

"3 बरस की गुड़िया तिल तिल मरके आखिर चली गयी,
आज अली के गढ़ में बिटिया राम कृष्ण की छली गयी,
नन्हे नन्हे पंख उखाड़े, मज़हब के मक्कारों ने,
देखो कैसे ईद मनाई,दो दो रोज़ेदारों ने....

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....कोमल अंग काट कर खाये, कुत्तों ने इफ्तारों में
नोच कुचल कर लाश फेंक दी रमजानी बाज़ारो में
आस्तीन में खंज़र रखकर कलियों से गुलफाम मिले
हमको देखो कैसे भाई चारे के परिणाम मिले....

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...आओ थोड़ा शोर मचा लें,हम अपनी लाचारी पे
4 दिवस हो हल्ला कर लें,उस ज़ाहिद व्यभिचारी पर
लेकिन हम कब समझेंगे,मज़हब के कुटिल इरादों को
तहज़ीबें जो सीखा गयी हैं दहशत कत्ल फसादों को...

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I will send 2 tweets/day with 4 pages of Volume II in each tweet.
Right click on each image to open in new tab & then left click to enlarge.
#MuellerReport #Share #Discuss #ContactYourRepresentatives
I will send 2 tweets/day with 4 pages of Volume II in each tweet.
Right click on each image to open in new tab & then left click to enlarge.
#MuellerReport #Share #Discuss #ContactYourRepresentatives
I will send 2 tweets/day with 4 pages of Volume II in each tweet.
Right click on each image to open in new tab & then left click to enlarge.
#MuellerReport #Share #Discuss #ContactYourRepresentatives
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For Those Who it Concerns Pls #Retweet.

This is The mathematical Calculation I made for the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria @OfficialPDPNig to Win the 2019 Election.

Anambra - 660,762 Votes , Abia state - 450,000 votes , Akwa ibom - 970,000 votes , Enugu - 600,000 votes
IMO state - 600,000 , Ebonyi state - 400,000 votes , Rivers state - 1,650,000 , Bayelsa state - 400,000 , Edo state - 350,000 , Delta state - 1,300,000 , Cross River state - 500,000.

#Retweet and #Share for Northeast possible Results #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain
North east And North Central Results #NigeriaDecides2019

Adamawa - 500,000 , Gombe state - 360,000 , Taraba State - 360,000 , Plateau state - 700,000 , Niger State , Benue state - 450,000 , kwara - 280,004 , Nassarawa - 300,004 , Fct - 200,000

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1. Self relief : RM9,000
Bila kita decide je nak bayar cukai, kita akan terus dapat self relief sebanyak RM9,000
2. Medical expenses untuk parents : RM5,000
untuk setiap ibu dan ayah yang berumur lebih 60 tahun dan berpendapatan kurang dari RM24,000 setahun
Ayah : RM1,500
Ibu : RM1,500

Rajin-rajin lah bayar kos perubatan parents kita.
3. Basic supporting equipment untuk diri sendiri, pasangan, anak atau parents : RM6,000

Ini pun kalau kita belanja kan wang kita contoh nya untuk wheelchair atau apa sahaja supporting equipment kita boleh kurang kan bayaran cukai kepada LHDN
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Boppin about this evening & ran across this #article
Are you #Emotionally #Repressed?…
How do the kids say it nowadays? I feel #calledout?
I've gotten much better,but i can still recall a time when I thought the epitome of feeling good, was feeling nothing
Seriously, if you're #reading down the #list going, "That's me, that's me, that's me, and oooooo is that EVER me!"

I'd definitely #recommend getting some #help with the matter.
It's taken years to be #comfortable in my own skin.
Years of breaking the old records in my head
-And as #Ralph would say, Totally worth it!

It's a freakin #relief, to cry a tiny bit in a #movie theatre at a moving point in the film, without having to expend all the extra #energy in "did someone see me?"

and that's just one tiny perk :)

I #lookforward to-
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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1 of 35. #TRUTH #TwitterStorm PLEASE read, #Share, and #Retweet this Very Important thread. Use it on 1/17/18. I will highlight key developments, based on my analysis of #QAnon and ACTUAL events. Many pointers to this, but original source to dig is here:
2. To interpret things:
- I will reference #QAnon material in these posts with {}.
- I will generally place my interpretations OUTSIDE of {} but will use parentheses within to help. Reference web link in post 1 to SEE original Q content.
3. #QAnon is REAL, VERY REAL. There's a massive effort by #DeepState to discredit or label #QAnon as a #LARP.
Q (1/14/18):
{Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.
Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.
Boards changed due to MISINFO…
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