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Brexit, a trojan horse to hide the tory mismanagement and theft of over £2 trillion since 2010 only makes up 1.25% of the money lost

#Austerity £1T #Brexit £25B #Cov19 £400B #Debt £500B
#UK #ToryFascists #BackBoris #EU #BrexitLies #DenazifyUkraine #UN #abolishNATO #BrexitChaos Image
1) Out of nowhere the Brexit referendum was announced and the date set was June 23rd 2016 by David Cameron.

'A once in a generation decision'
'Its your chance to decide if we stay or leave the EU'
'The government will implement what you decide'
'Its just an IN/OUT vote' Image
2) The government, establishment and most of the media, who should be impartial, sent out leaflets to every house claiming they believe the UK should remain in the EU

The date was set and everyone seemed to be ready, happy with the up-and-coming vote and a friendly vibe about it Image
3) The result of the referendum was to change everything. The battle line had been drawn, but it wasn't until after the result we would see the scale of the operation from both sides of the vote, plus what had to be done after the vote was to be the big talking point Image
4) The remainers warned of the risks of leaving the EU"
Every house be £4300 worse off❎
Leaving would be difficult✅
Loss of freedom of movement damaging✅
Cant set up trade with world❎
Problems with Ireland, borders and laws✅
House prices would drop❎
Food price rises✅❎ Image
5) The brexiteers claimed
Lets give £350Million to NHS❎
Free trade agreements will be easy❎
Take back control/sovereinity✅❎
UK holds all the cards❎
No Problems with Ireland, borders and laws❎
House price rise✅
Less unemployment✅
Food/cloth price drop❎
Less asylum❎ Image
6) The deal the UK had was to be part of the EU from 1973 to 2020, but not in the Schengen or Eurozone, to have a common travel area with Ireland and the tax havens such as Gibraltar to only be a part of the single market Image
7) 70% of our laws were British laws and 12.3% from the EU, the devolved and crown dependency governments had 17.7% of their own laws. The process of changing all the EU laws into British ones will come into effect as of Dec 31st, 2023 and has been going on since Dec 31st, 2018
8) The UK chose to leave the EU (72% turnout)
on the 23rd June 2016
51.9% (17,410,742) leave
48.1% (16,141,241) Remain
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿53% Leave
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿52% Remain
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿52% Leave
NI 55.8% Remain

The problems and fights had just begun and the nation was divided from this day on Image
9) From the May 7th 2015 General election when David Cameron won, to the day the UK left the EU there were many votes, procrastinations, leaving dates, new laws and trade deals to sign, 3 prime ministers, 3 opposition leaders and over £20Billion spent on legal divorce fees Image
10) The Brexit timeline from 6 different perspectives
🥷The brexiteers
🦸‍♀️The remainers
📺The media
🏦The banks
🇪🇺The EU
🇬🇧The UK gov

I distinctly remember the Gov/media/banks/EU/Remainers had it in the bag and were polled to win.

A bomb exploded after the result had happened Image
11) After the referendum happened, for 4 years remainers, the government, the media and the EU tried all they could to sabotage, stop, reverse or cancel Brexit as they didn't like the result, which was a direct democratic vote, as a change to sovereignty requires a referendum Image
12) After 7 years of Brexit, I would have to say its not a 'done deal' the UK is about halfway through it being a 'done deal', there are plenty of more 'deals to be done'.
Its all been implemented by a mismanaged, slack, crony and expensive government in the middle of Cov19 Image
13) The EU (by my understanding) has great democratic institutions in the form of its single market, parliament and council but I always found the commission and central bank a crony/technocratic place where 25,000 lobbyists swirl around influencing for the big corporations Image
14) People from the USA lobbied for the UK to leave the EU. Many groups were set up and funded usually being out of Tufton Street and from the think tanks. This network of people from the USA and UK want these 2 nations to form stronger ties away from their competitor the EU Image
15) The ruling class is made up of The Establishment, the aristocracy, the royal family and the city of London. When the UK left the EU, the same wealthy people owned all the lands, resources and food and they only increased the price of everything and their destruction of the UK Image
16) The British empire, slave trade, world wars, post-war era, the end of the empire, the slow but coming climate crisis, 13 years of Austerity, brexit, Cov19, Debts, new monarch, the impending WEF and UN overriding laws and sovereignty, has somewhat changed the UK and its people Image
17) The UK finally left the EU on the 31st of January 2020 after 2 years of debate, delay, and procrastination from both the EU and the pro-EU UK government, with many things, still left to tie up in the deal that will continue for years to come and which has severed ties Image
18) The EU a trade block with its biggest country Germany is economically bankrupt due to sanctions that it placed on Russia for its involvement in the war in Ukraine has probably lowered this even further as people look towards Asia and BRICS for more trusting trade deals Image
19) Before, during and after the conservative-led Austerity, Brexit and Cov19. The UK has become a swamp of corporate, WEF and globalist-controlled politicians with Octopus style tentacles branching, infiltrating and taking over all forms and departments of government and society Image
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20) International and domestic laws, trading blocks, committees, councils and governments of the world are an interwoven, complex minefield of information and alliances to delve through in order to be a part of the international world order Image
21) Trade deficit of 97BN (4% projected value) per year since leaving EU

Trade agreements since leaving EU
CPTPP 60Bn 2.4%+
CEPA 30Bn 1.2%+
SACUM 12Bn 0.4%+
EEA EFTA 25Bn 1%+

Whilst trade will take years to grow it is clear the UK's trade will grow more being out of the EU Image
22) 4 decades of Euro-sceptic debate, Brexit started 20th Feb 2016 and will end Dec 31st, 2023 or 2,871 days as all EU laws are signed over. More cronyism/corruption will follow but the ship is leaving the harbour now.

Brexit's failures/success should be judged from now Image

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Aug 11, 2023
🧵 On pyramids being built by Pouring limestone concrete into pre-formed molds using surrounding materials, taking 30 to 50 years to build, done out of generational pride not slavery, with great precision, all aligned with the stars, finished 4575 years ago and still standing
1/ The architect of the great pyramid Hemiunu lived until he was 80 and was the nephew of King Khufu for who the pyramids were being built. The project would have had the input of the elders and generations of knowledge of the local area, materials, and building Image
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🧵On how the UK has been a secret dictatorship since 1650 and how it has been designed for nothing to ever change in favor of the wealthy elite

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Currently, another struggle for supremacy between USA and Russia in a 'Cold war 2' is happening.

A 🧵looking into 4 possible pivots that could exacerbate WWIII
USA vs China
EU-US-UK-NATO vs Russia
France vs Germany
BRICS vs US hegemony
#UK #US #EU #abolishNATO #Ukraine #Russia Image
1) The China pivot. Western governments and their stenographers in the corporate media always claim China is supposedly a "threat" carrying out "aggression"

What we are almost never shown is a map of the 41 US military bases surrounding China and creating trade choke points Image
The US claims justification of their 41 bases due to Chinese long-range missiles being able to attack Asian countries and even Australia, but why build bases all over the pacific and Asia..? Image
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Dec 10, 2022
1) There's no determined origin of Sars-CoV2 which could have possibly derived around a number of caves in China within bat colonies, laid dormant for many years then eventually passed on from host bats to humans
#UK #Plandemic #EU #WHO #DenazifyUkraine #UN #COVID19 #GreatReset Image
2) Peter Daszak of Ecohealth alliance, Ralph Barrick of Fort Dedrick, Micheal Callahan of Darpa and a network of BSL4 labs around Asia including Wuhan were working on Gain-of-function experiments engineering potent coronaviruses that can infect humans Image
3) Quickly the same people working on gain-of-function experiments set up 'The Lancet group' which pushed their narratives and jumped to say that Sars-cov2 was of natural origin with their 'Proximal origin' paper published March 2020 hardly had any time to determine such a claim Image
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Dec 8, 2022
Climate change over thousands of years is caused by tectonic plate movements and is something humans can't change but some can profit from by convincing others it is our fault

Adding 10% 'NET co2' to the carbon sink in 250 years is our fault

#UK #ClimateScam #EU #abolishNATO Image
1) A world powered by Nuclear Fission by 2035 and He3 Nuclear fusion by 2060 would be the fastest, safest, cheapest, least materials used and least pollutant way possible to help get the world to net-zero co2 and eliminate record profits from corrupt energy companies Image
2) Local food growing and better land management not record profits. Humanity was locally self-reliant for thousands of years, until the big Agri biz, international shipping and supermarkets came along to grow their profits and destroy local environments at the same time Image
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Dec 8, 2022
It's not as simple as 'Russia invaded Ukraine'. This is a deep complex wrestle for the power of Ukraine between 3 factions. The Nazi Banderites, the US-funded Melnyk and Russia defending itself from the Banderites and Melnyk
#USA #DenazifyUkraine #abolishNATO #WEF #UkrainianNazis Image
1) The Revolution of dignity, a gov and military coup of Ukraine from 2013 was deliberately instigated and funded by:

US National Endowment for Democracy
USAID (US-backed political candidates)
George Soros (funded institutions and protests)
NATO (trained army personnel) Image
2) EU leaning Poroshenko took power illegally by overthrowing Eurasian-leaning Yanukovych
who canceled signing the EU AA agreement which would’ve led to EU membership

The coup announced live the day before in the Ukraine parliament starting off the Euromaiden protests of 2013 Image
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