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sugar daddy Min Yoongi loves giving and high schooler Park Jimin just loves to be praised for his good work.

“just one thing: you’ll do what i say, anytime i ask.”

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Jimin is 16 when he meets Yoongi for the first time. They’re at a bar, “the Red Bullet”, when Yoongi comes in his direction and offers to pay a drink. It’s the first time Jimin‘s being flirted with and if it hadn’t been for his friend Taehyung maybe nothing would have happened.
It’s after the third or maybe forth drink that Jimin accepts to exchange phone numbers. He’s not used to drink, at least not this much, but he’s happy with himself when he returns home that night.
The next day, they meet some blocks away from Jimin’s house. Yoongi drag’s him to a parc nearby where they spend time together, talking about anything and everything. When Jimin returns home he notices that most of the time the conversation was centered on him so he texts Yoongi
The whole week passes in a flash, and Jimin never thought he’d become this close to a stranger so quickly. He and Yoongi barely spend some hours without texting each other saying god knows what, but Jimin loves how Yoongi became so affectionate towards him. Jimin feels special.
Jimin goes to Yoongi’s that night, but surely he didn’t expect to be received with a kiss straight on his lips. He was only left with shock for a brief moment but Yoongi was quick to push away the awkwardness, pulling Jimin inside and serving dinner for the both of them.
Mid dinner Yoongi leaves to go to the bathroom and Jimin takes the chance to text his best friend
Jimin leaves with a lot more information on Yoongi
“Are you sure it’s okay?”
After talking to Seokjin, Jimin isn’t sure things are as “okay”. Of course Yoongi doesn’t want to rush.
* I realised there are a lot of mistakes and typos and i’m so sorry haha! Please try to understand, i’ll be more careful from now on! *
Surprise package?
Sugar daddy? Sugar baby?
Jimin rips the entire package open with enthusiasm. Out of all things, he didn’t expect to find a small glittery box with a black choker neatly folded inside. How does Yoongi even know he’s a weak for chokers?
The young boy, however, wastes no time in wrapping the choker carefully around his neck. He wanted to prove Yoongi wrong. Show him he was ready to become a sugar baby.
More rich daddies?
jimin does really like his choker... + casual “i love you’s”
A week goes by and their relationship only becomes stronger. Yoongi confesses he stopped going out so much and Jimin is honestly surprised he’s the reason for Yoongi to do so.
Taehyung and Namjoon? Uh oh
Namjoon might be younger and less rich BUT he’s not having Yoongi disrespecting him. Oh no.
Things start to escalate quickly and Jimin is dying for Yoongi to accept him as a sugar baby... all he has to do is obey for a month and see what happens
Namjoon doesn’t feel ready.
Taehyung texts Jimin with a serious issue. He does really think he’s the problem.

Of course Jimin isn’t just going to stand still while his friend is feeling down.
But maybe Taehyung was rushing things out. Namjoon is not a bad guy, and he wastes no time in apologising to Taehyung. Another relationship growing quickly?
Taehyung and Namjoon end up meeting up like planned and things seem to work better between them than they ever thought they would. Maybe Namjoon was born to be a sugar daddy and Taehyung a sugar baby.

They’re both still speechless from how fast they clicked with one another.
The details too
You’re the shittiest friend Kim Taehyung
Jimin is happy for Taehyung, he really is. To Jimin, friends com always first than himself, so he doesn’t say anything although he’s quite jealous of the easiness Taehyung has around people.
Jimin goes overboard. He’s not gonna stand behind, not this time.
And of course Yoongi is more than glad to help the younger boy. You’re so whipped Yoongi..
The third week passes on and Jimin can’t wait for hell to be over. He sighs as he walks slowly towards his next class, History. He’d never been a fan of said subject but today, nothing could worsen his mood much more.
Yoongi had been away for the entire weekend and the worst part was: he “accidentally” forgot to tell Jimin about. Of course his reaction hadn’t been good when he went to knock on Yoongi’s door that friday night to end up with a bad explanation told over the phone.
Jimin couldn’t understand: was Yoongi getting tired of the whole sugar baby thing? Was he getting tired of Jimin?

The young boy wasn’t usually one to jump into conclusions, but his week had been a mess except for the day he’d gotten of to the beautiful sound of Yoongi’s voice.
Taehyung had been out to plenty of dates with Namjoon since then and it felt like they’d become closer than Jimin and Yoongi in such a short amount of time.

But Jimin couldn’t really feel sad about it. They established that their relationship was pure sugar daddy-baby related.
Yoongi apologizes for forgetting about telling Jimin.
Jimin wants more: he’s a growing man that has needs (and a lot of curiousness towards relationships and his sexual orientation).
The day Jimin had been so nervous to come upon starts.

He doesn’t feel pressured at first, his nervousness calms down a little as Yoongi started off by ordering around: first telling him to picture himself in the shower and send him pictures of his morning face x hair.
But things escalate quickly and Jimin doesn’t know what to do anymore. Are sugar daddies vene supposed to be this way, or is it just Yoongi?
Jimin did as he said – of course he did – and sent a quick picture to Yoongi, who praised him right away, saying he looked so good, so beautiful.
He went to school and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when Yoongi told him he was leaving for a few minutes to take a shower.
what the fuck yoongi?
Jimin once again did as the elder said, trying to hide the best he could what he was doing with his hand under the table from the guy beside him.
oh jiminie, never thought you’d be one who loves to be watched. so needy, so pretty.
Jimin raised his hand up, and tried his best to ignore the questionable looks thrown in his direction. He asked the teacher to leave politely, saying he hadn’t been feeling good for some time. The teacher waved him off and Jimin thanked god for maiing his teacher so blind.
After that night, Yoongi asked Jimin out and the younger – obviously – said yes. They started dating and although the sitiation was still scary for Yoongi at times he was lucky that Jimin didn’t look like someone his age, so when they went out on dates there weren’t many glares.
epilogue: 1 year later 🧡
~ end ~

thank you so much for everyone who supported and followed this au!! It’s been so fun writting it❤️
You can always check out my others aus and if you’d like me to write on anything in particular let me now and i might try it out ☺️ thank you again, i love you all!
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