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#Yoonmin AU▪NSFW

》》Lay you down

•When it feels so right
It can never be wrong•

For the 1st time, Jimin tries marijuana at a party, enjoying with his friends.

Until he wakes up naked against his bf's big brother, Min Yoongi. The one he was supposed to meet the same day.
☣ Angst and NSFW content. Irrepressible desire. Cheating, lies, culpability, betrayal.

Forbidden but unstoppable feelings.
Jimin didn’t know why he had agreed to come to this party, which was taking place at someone he didn’t even know, with people he didn’t even know.

Maybe because his friends had long insisted that he accompany them.
Maybe because he needed to change his mind to relieve all the stress he felt at having to meet Jungkook's big brother, his boyfriend, the next day.

But what was certain was that he should never have gone to that party.
Or at least he should never have drunk so much, never take so much shot, never had to let Taehyung make him all his drinks.

He should never have been persuaded by Hoseok that this party with college students was the perfect opportunity for them to test marijuana.
And yet, the young Jimin had chained these mistakes, and was now in a situation he regretted.

If he had endured their excess, Taehyung had left the ship after two hours, and Hoseok now slept in an upstairs room after vomiting to exhaustion.
Jimin was there alone, in the middle of a ton of people he didn’t know, completely lost. Even though he was doing better than his friends, he wasn’t intact, his mind fogged with alcohol and drug. He wanted to go home, or join Hoseok, but he couldn’t.
He watched everyone around him, passing by, jostling him sometimes, having fun, laughing, drinking. He didn’t know where to go, what to say, what to do. He was planted in the middle of the living room, running his hand in his blond hair in a nervous gesture.
When a hand rested on his shoulder, Jimin jumped, opening wide panicked eyes that he put on the person who had just frightened him.

"What's your name, pretty boy?"
Jimin opened his mouth, but stuttered, unable to answer the student who had just approached him.

He was a tall, patibular young man who didn’t wait for his an answer to invade his personal space. To slip a hand on his hip, to scare him even more.
Jimin clenched immediately.

"You dance ? I've been watching you for minutes, and I'd love to see you move.
-I .. no, I don’t want to .. There’s someone waiting for me..
-Why are you lying? You've been alone for a long time already. If you want, we can do this privately..."
Jimin began to panic when he realized that in his condition, he was going to have trouble defending himself from someone so intrusive and impervious to his refusal. All he could do was roll back as this guy stuck it.

Until a wall hits his back.
As he was about to close his eyes, feeling trapped by his condition and the situation he couldn’t control, the stranger removed his vicious hands from his body, and looked toward the wall.

A wall that moved in Jimin’s back.
"Y-yoongi, hey...
-He’s with me.
-O-okay .. "

A new hand landed on Jimin's shoulder, coming from behind him, and the predator facing him fled, visibly scared by what wasn’t a wall, but another guy of this party.
Jimin didn’t know if he should rejoice at this departure, didn’t know if he hadn’t come across even worse.

But without knowing why, when the new stranger came to face him, a wave of relief mounted in him.
He didn’t know him, he was certainly a college student, but he gave him a familiar feeling, a sense of security.

From his big lost eyes, he tried to understand what he recognized in this guy, but he couldn’t find what he was so familiar with him.
He took the time to look at him, glancing at the individual who didn’t look much taller than him, but much less fragile and lost. His posture was frank, his eyes were piercing, contrasting with a controlled expression, not betraying anything.
This man was madly intimidating, charismatic, and despite all the drink ingestion, Jimin was affected by this strong aura and began to blush.

He now understood why his predator had run away on seeing him.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-yes ... thank you."
Jimin ran his tongue over his lips, his throat suddenly dry. That guy's voice lived up to what he inspired to others. His savior was a happiness for the senses.

"You look a little bit lost. Do you want me to go find Namjoon?"

"I .. I don’t know who's Namjoon."
Frowning, his interlocutor crossed his arms, obviously not very pleased by this answer.

"With whom did you come?"

"With my friends."

"Where are they?"

"One left earlier and the other was sick I ... I don’t know where he is."
Jimin remembered his situation by explaining it to this guy, looking around him. He didn’t want to stay here and risk being approached by other ill-intentioned people, but he knew he wasn’t able to go home and meet his parents in his condition.
"Is there anyone here that you know?"

"I don’t think so"

"Fuck. Come with me."

Hearing him swear, Jimin had a small smile, and gladly let the older man grab his wrist to guide him through the crowd and through this big house.
Their steps took them to the kitchen, the place that seemed to be the least filled and the least noisy on the ground floor.

The stranger’s warm hand left Jimin's wrist, which sighed in relief in that quiet space, leaning against the worktop.
Still confused because of drugs and alcohol, the high school student put his hands on his face, closing his eyes for a moment.

"Hey, you."

When Jimin opened his eyes, there was no one else in the kitchen other than his savior and himself.
"Drink that."

Jimin stared at the glass, wondering if he should trust him for this. But when he met his gaze, he saw nothing malicious in it. So he took the glass, and tried to drink the opaque mixture in one go.
And Jimin almost spit out all his stomach’s content on the pretty black jacket that the one who had just tried to poison him was wearing.

"Oh my God. It's disgusting. What is this?"

"Secret mix. You'll thank me in a few hours."

"I'd really like to see that…"
Jimin grimaced as his interlocutor smiled, picking up the glass he put in the sink.

"What's your name?"

Jimin took two seconds to think, and preferred to lie. He couldn’t trust him 100%, he didn’t know anything about this charismatic man after all.
"Taehyung. And you?"


"Oh yes, that’s true.."

Jimin remembered the name the predator said a few minutes ago when he saw this guy. At least he was not lying, and that reassured the high school student a bit. He nodded and climbed onto the worktop.
"Can I ask you something"


"Why are you here to help me instead of having fun with your friends?"

"Because you’re young and innocent. You remind me of my little brother."

It was Jimin's turn to frown, a little offended to be viewed as a kid.

"What makes you think I'm young, younger than you all?"

"Because you don’t know the party host or the guests. Namjoon invited the whole college to expose his damn villa."
"And ? I'm maybe part of another promotion than his, what's he doing, Namjoon?"

Yoongi looked at Jimin for a few seconds, rather amused, but not fooled.

"He's in his last year at college. In music section."

"Well, you see, I’m also in last year."

"In ... in high school. I'm a senior in high school."

Jimin sighed, not understanding what was so obvious about him. He was at that age where we liked to look older, cooler, less kid. Maybe if he stopped wearing oversized sweaters...
"Well, ok, I'm younger. But that doesn’t mean I'm innocent. I may be dangerous."

"Oh yes, I'm sure you'll bring me a lot of trouble."

Upset, Jimin tried to reach Yoongi with his foot to hit him, but Yoongi pulled back laughing.
"Excuse me Taehyung, but you didn’t look so dangerous when you tried to run away from the other guy."

"It was just a strategy for you to take care of me. I'm just extremely good as a comedian."

"Are you sure what you're saying?"

"Absolutely sure."
Determined to unravel the truth from the fake, Yoongi moved closer to Jimin, slipping between his thighs and resting his hands on the wall behind him, one on each side of his head.

"Do you want me to take care of you?"

"I .. I ..."
Jimin didn’t know how to react, being a few inches away from Yoongi's face. This man was close, too close, his smell filled his nose, his heat spread to him.

And Jimin didn’t know if he wanted to push him away, or draw him even closer.
He put a hesitant hand on Yoongi's chest, gripping his t-shirt a little, completely troubled by that piercing look that never left his eyes.

"Yoongi ..."

"Shh ..."
Jimin closed his eyes, unable to tell his body what to do, ready to let him fate, or rather Yoongi, decide for him. All he knew was that his body was on fire, and that his heart was beating a little too fast with excitement.

Who was this guy, to make him such an effect.
"Okay. You’re definitely drunk and lost."

After these words, Yoongi pulled back, causing a void, a frustration in Jimin's whole body, who opened his eyes.

Yoongi had resumed his original position, looking like nothing, while Jimin was blushing, very confused.
"I .. I’m not lost. I know very well what I’m doing."

"Okay. There’s really something you need to know about me, if you don’t want to be alone again, surrounded by all these idiots."

"What is it."

"You can’t lie to me, /Taehyung/."
Jimin opened his mouth and closed it again, realizing that Yoongi knew this name wasn’t his. He had always been used to being able to fool the whole world without problem. But it was because he had never met Yoongi before.

"How are you doing that."
"How I do what ?"

"Everything, you ... you're annoying."

"It means I'm right, and that's what's annoying with you."

"Yes. All you said was right and it's really not fair."

"What's your name ?"


"It's better. It fits you well."
Jimin stretched a small smile in spite of himself, returning quickly to the sulky pout that he had adopted. Yoongi was right, he was too drunk and innocent, to the point of almost giving himself to someone he didn’t know, just because he spoke well and he smelled good.
"You have to go home. You're an ideal prey for a lot of people here. You're lucky I found you when you were with this guy."

"I can’t go home. If my parents see me like that, I'm dead. More than dead."

Yoongi sighed, rubbing his neck while thinking.
"Okay. Do you want us to try to find your friend? The sick one."

"What if I want to stay longer with you here?"

"So we can do that."

Jimin was surprised but satisfied with this answer. He was having a good time here with this guy, slowly regaining control of his body.
"Are you sure you have nothing better to do than take care of a drunk and lost kid like me?"

"Do you want me to say a secret?"


"I only enjoy two people here, and they're pretty busy right now."

"Oh. I see."
Jimin chuckled, beating his feet against the cupboards, still perched on the worktop.

"So, I have plenty of time to deal with desperate cases like you."

"Eh. Don’t be mean. You like me."

"Why do you say that."

"Because I'm like your little brother. But I’m way cuter."
Yoongi rolled his eyes, getting closer to Jimin to climb beside him, turning to him, one foot on the worktop. Namjoon wouldn’t reappear for a moment, so he feared nothing.

"Tell me, Yoongi."

"Tell you what ?"

"How cute I am."
"Why would I say that?"

"Because you think it."

"You have self-confidence, that's good."

Once again, Yoongi rolled his eyes, and that made Jimin smile. It was exactly what he had been trying to do. Yoongi was handsome when he pretended to be jaded. And that amused Jimin a lot.
The high school student pushed Yoongi with his lap, insisting.

"Go, tell me."

"God, Jimin, you're such a child."

The youngest laughed, having rediscovered the joy and mischief that characterized him.

"Ask me that again and I'll shut you up by force."

"How would you do that?"
"Jimin. You know how."

And Jimin knew how. And that didn’t stop him.

"You won’t."

"Why ?"

"Because I'm too drunk and high, and you're a good person."

"You don’t know me, you can’t be sure."

"I know you are."

"You won’t have me like that."
Jimin shrugged. Even if he couldn’t get what he wanted in the immediate future, the evening was far from over.

"I’d find a way to make you say it."

"Good luck."

"I don’t need luck. I know what I’m able to do."
Yoongi chuckled, looking at Jimin who was still struggling with his drunk state. He who was afraid of falling on a whiner who would have made his evening even longer, was finally very happy to have to spend it with Jimin, the cute high school student.
"I'm about to tell you now to be in peace. But I'm curious to see how you're going to try to convince me all night. "

"I'm full of surprise Yoongi. You’re not ready."

"Try not to disappoint me."
Yoongi needed some drinks to relax a bit and be in a state closer to Jimin's. Just to be able to bear with his childishness instead of wanting to leave him in a corner when it was too much for him.

Or to forget how cute he was.

Cause he was. Yoongi wasn’t insensitive to him.
Yoongi couldn’t lie about the fact that his evening was going much better than expected, thanks to the presence of the one he had decided to keep an eye on, the blond-headed high school student, Jimin. And with whom he was having fun for more than 2 hours already.
Coming to Namjoon party, his best friend, which he had not seen for months because Yoongi had left Seoul after high school, the charismatic brown had expected to stay until his friend decides to disappear in a corner with Jin, as always.
These two were together since high school, and it was a habit for them, even when the party was held at one of them, to enjoy a little moment of intimacy, always leaving Yoongi alone at his own fate.

And ordinarily, Yoongi was leaving.
It had been a long time, but the habits remained the same. The three friends had spent 3 hours together, before Jin whispered in Namjoon's ear, causing a silly smile to Namjoon.

A second later, Yoongi was alone.
He had dragged a little, had a last drink, before looking at that jerk of Jackson who, once again, was trying to force the hand to someone who was visibly unable to push him away.

He had deliberately hit the blonde's back. And he didn’t regret.

Not yet.
He didn’t regret when they made a giant "Guess who" with all the student at this party, just to make Jimin's brain work, just to help him being less high.

Nor even when they thought they were snipers, making many victims with beer capsules.
Yoongi didn’t regret when he provoked Jimin for a dance battle, between the both of them in the kitchen, even though he quickly realized that he would never be able to compete with someone who knew how to move that well, adapting to any music that passed.
He didn’t regret having hit Jimin when he took his wrist and pulled closer, for a dance that required proximity between them. The young blond was delighted, very far from the state in which he had been when he was alone and lost in the middle of the living room.
Jimin felt extremely well, in this kitchen with Yoongi, totally uninhibited and euphoric. And if he had totally removed from his head the existence of his friends, his boyfriend, his current situation, he hadn’t forgotten what he had to make confess from Yoongi.
Yoongi had done everything to distract him, but the high school student had kept his goal in a corner of his mind. And he made an insidious attack on him, willingly, when he took advantage of the dance to put his arms around his neck and whisper against his ear.

"Yoongi .."
The older man put a hand on Jimin's waist, not expecting things to turn out this way.

Or maybe a little..


"Would you like to do something for me?"

"You're so manipulative. A real snake charmer."
Jimin chuckled in his new friend's ear, and pulled back his face to look at him.

"I won’t give up."

Yoongi stared at Jimin without answering, continuing to adjust to the movements of the youngest, who had kept his hands around his neck.
"Why are you staring at me like this?"

"I check your condition."

"I'm fine. I'm better. You took good care of me."

"Great. I can stop there then. See you."

"NO !"

Jimin tightened his arms around Yoongi who had pretended to leave.
"I'm better, but I'm still not very clean. And you have nothing better to do, don’t you?"

"Namjoon’s back. You shot him on the head just now. "

"Oh yes, I remember... oh."

Jimin narrowed his mouth in a sad pout, and released Yoongi.
"You want to go find your friends."


"You've already lost a lot of time with me."


Jimin looked down, realizing that the evening was coming to an end for him.

"Okey .. Thank you then. I had fun. I hope I didn’t bother you too much. Sorry if that's the case."
Yoongi watched Jimin move from a player and seducer teenager to a sad and guilty child. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw that, and the feeling that Jimin provoked in him at that moment convinced him to make a step.

Jimin pleased him. And he wanted more.

The high school student looked up, putting his big innocent eyes on Yoongi.


He hardly had the time to answer that he found himself pressed against the work plan by Yoongi, but without abruptness. Surprised, he blinked, gasping.
Yoongi's aura was stronger than it had been since the beginning of the evening, Jimin felt it deep inside him, making him swallow.

"You're cute, Jimin."

In the initial plan, Jimin was supposed to brag to celebrate his victory. But he couldn’t.
Yoongi was there, against his body, hypnotizing him with his eyes, making him hot. Making him forget the world around him, making him drunk more than ever.

Drunk on him.

And things were getting worse when he saw Yoongi's eyes descend on his mouth. Envy eyes.
"Yoongi ..."

"I don’t want to join my friends tonight."

"What do you wanna do."

"I wanna kiss you."

"What are you waiting for?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Do it. Please do it."
This is how their disastrous story began. Pressed against each other in the corner of a kitchen, Jimin’s tongue making its way into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi's hands on Jimin's waist, Jimin's hands in Yoongi's hair.

There were only the both of them on earth, and it felt so right.
Yoongi spent long minutes making out with his high school student in the kitchen, realizing perfectly that the boy was under his control, but mentally assuming it was the same for him.

Hooking up at a party, it wasn’t something he was used to.
Yoongi had always been someone very complicated in love, who had many requirements, especially intellectual, and who had never opened wide eyes just looking at someone.

Never before he looks at Jimin.
He didn’t know what was so special about this drunken high school student for being able to keep him from getting bored all night. For making him want to stay with him, to make him laugh, to kiss him.

And to make him want to feel his skin against his, right now.
The oldest one's hands went down on the hips of the youngest, passing under the thick sweater he wore. And when he felt his skin against his fingers, despite the satisfaction he drew from it, Yoongi knew that it wouldn’t be enough for him.


Jimin wanted to hear what Yoongi had to say to him, but couldn’t let him speak, barely meeting his eyes that he hurried back to his lips, nibbling at them, feeling throughout his body the incandescent desire, which he couldn’t restrain.
Mumping on Jimin's mouth, Yoongi gave up the idea of ​​speaking, his tongue finding his way back against his. On Jimin’s skin, his fingers tightened, provoking an obscene groan.

Their gestures were clumsy, almost abrupt, dictated by envy, disrupted by their drunkenness.
The minutes they spent kissing like all these young people with desires disinhibited by alcohol weren’t enough. Without a word, without the need to ask questions, to agree vocally, Yoongi grabbed Jimin's hand when he finally managed to leave his lips.
Jimin squeezed his fingers, letting himself be guided out of the kitchen, his heart pounding. He knew exactly what was happening, what he was doing, what they were going to do. And he wanted it more than anything, at that moment.

Without thinking a second about Jungkook.
He had nothing else in his head than the way Yoongi smiled, looked at him, kissed him and pronounced his name.

After climbing the stairs of the huge house, Yoongi, who seemed to know where he was going, made his way to the far end of the hallway.
Jimin leaned against the door, his heart beating with excitement, and as Yoongi seemed to be looking for something in a vase on the sideboard, the youngest pulled him against his body, sliding his lips down his neck, passing his tongue along his jugular.
"Fuck, Jimin..."

Just laughing at his skin, Jimin continued to play his charms, retaining none of the desires that Yoongi gave him.

Yoongi had trouble catching the key in the bottom of the vase, not helped by Jimin's behavior, by his little bites.
But when he managed to catch the key, he slammed Jimin against the door, kissing him with more ardor and savagery than before. If Jimin had wanted to heat him even more than he already was, it was a real success.
The door opened in Jimin's back, and Yoongi pushed him inside the room.

From inside, he closed the door and left the key in the lock, hurrying to pull Jimin to Namjoon's bed.

The sheets were still hot, and in normal times, it would have disgusted Yoongi.
But at that moment, nothing else was more important than to see Jimin lying in the middle of the bed, his red lips and his messed up hair, his everything but innocent eyes, only enlightened by the lights in the garden.

Jimin wanted Yoongi, as much as Yoongi wanted Jimin.
Yoongi pulled off his jacket before joining Jimin on the mattress, and their entwined bodies appropriated the space, rolling over each other, without trying to dominate. There was no tension between them, just that fuliginous, irrepressible passion that guided their actions.
They didn’t speak, not able to spend a second of their time discussing rather than kissing each other. Their desires were too urgent, too strong to allow them such luxury.

Unconsciously, both knew that they only had that night for them to be together.
Moments later, their clothes lined the floor, both were naked. Jimin was lying under Yoongi, his hand on their cocks, caressing them together as Yoongi bit his shoulder, leaving marks on the schoolboy's soft skin.
Jimin moaned a lot. And every time he did, Yoongi felt a shiver rise up his body. This boy, his body, his noises, everything about him made him crazy.

Never Yoongi had desired someone so much. He never thought it was possible to fall for someone so fast. The crush was huge.
He didn’t feel like he had been drinking, he felt quite sober, as if awakened by the desire and kind of feelings he had for Jimin.

When he felt close to cum, he grabbed Jimin's hands to maintain them over his head, and looked him in the eyes.
Jimin swallowed and ran his tongue over his lips, struggling to support that deep look.

"What are you doing, let me go, touch me, do something..."

"I wanna fuck you so bad Jimin."

"What are you waiting for ?"
Yoongi didn’t wait for more. For once, he wanted to forget the moral, to forget the fact that this boy wasn’t completely sober either, to forget the fact that he knew almost nothing about him, except the color of his eyes, his name and the way he moaned.
He learned, however, what a flavor his skin, when he ran his tongue along his chest, insatiable. He learned the way Jimin arched his back, as he dug two fingers inside him, tearing out the hottest moans he'd ever heard.
He knew how Jimin was shaking with excitement when he was about to get fucked. Yoongi was looking at him now, his head above his, prisoner of his firm legs, his cock positioned at his entrance, ready to satisfy their most intimate desire.
Asking him for a final, silent confirmation, Yoongi saw Jimin nod, and pull on his hip. He needed nothing else to finally penetrate Jimin, stifling their moans with a kiss, their tongues ending up after too long a separation.
Jimin's nails plunged a little deeper into Yoongi's back with every slams his hips gave, sinking deeper into him, moving faster. Quickly, Yoongi found his rhythm, his hands on Jimin’s waist, fucking him like he never fucked anyone.
Jimin's body curled with pleasure in the sheets, trying to have as much contact as possible with Yoongi. His tongue licked inside his partner's mouth, before he bites down his bottom lip, unable to handle both the kiss and the pleasure he felt.
Yoongi lay down over Jimin's body, letting his arms go around his neck. His pelvis didn’t stop moving against his, his cock thrusting in him again and again. Jimin was tight, wet and hot, sinking into him was more than satisfying. Yoongi wanted to fuck him for hours.
But he knew very well that he would never hold that long. After a few minutes, in his state of drunkenness, unaided by the way Jimin was moaning in his ear, Yoongi could feel the point of no return coming.

He wanted to cum, badly.
"Jimin, I'm sorry, I can’t ..."

"I'm close .. Yoongi please, hold on, I'm so close..."

Yoongi bit his cheek hard and sat up, taking off his chest from Jimin's. It was out of the question that he didn’t make Jimin cum, his own pleasure wouldn’t be enough to satisfy him.
Grabbing his lover for one night’s thighs, he used all the energy he had to slam his hips against Jimin's cheeks, slamming the bed against the wall too.

Under his eyes, Jimin was writhing with pleasure, grabbing the sheets around him. He never been so hot and vulnerable.
That night, Yoongi printed in a corner of his head Jimin's face when he was cumming. The way his chin rose, his eyes closed, his mouth parted, the distinctive sound he emitted, almost meowing.

And he learned what the sensation of cumming in him was.
Yoongi had always heard his mother tell him that to learn, it was good to repeat things. And for once, he followed her advice.

Even though they managed to soothe a little the fire that had pushed them into each other's arms, it was far from being extinguished.
Two hours later, when Namjoon knocked on the door of his room, ordering Yoongi to get out, he didn’t answer, too busy watching Jimin ride him, a hand on his abs, the other on his hip, helping to move on him.
They came three times each before they can’t do more, and fell asleep against each other while they kissed each other.

Neither had ever known such a passion, and neither had made a worse mistake than that night.
Jimin slept peacefully, his body tired of the pleasure that his boyfriend's brother had given him, his brain giving him a few hours of peace, far from guilt, waiting quietly for the night to pass before making him realize his sins.
When he began to wake up, Jimin squeaked and fidgeted in his bed, trying to turn around.

But he didn’t succeed, blocked by a warm presence on his back, and a firm arm around his body. An arm that hugged him harder, a familiar groan coming to his ear.
Jimin stretched a smile, keeping his eyes closed, sliding his hand over Jungkook's, trying to get back to sleep.

But when his fingers touched rings worn by the hand on his chest, a strange sensation lingered in Jimin's mind.
Jimin opened his eyes and blinked a few times, getting used to the brightness of the room. A little dizzy and not totally awake, it took him almost five seconds before realizing he was in a room he didn’t know at all.

And panic rose in him.
Because at that very moment, he realized that the person behind him was absolutely not Jungkook.

Jimin froze, releasing that hand immediately, and removed that arm from his body to get out of bed, falling to the floor in his haste.

"Wha you doin ..."
The high school student remained on the ground, his heart beating excessively fast because of fear. But after these words, a silence weighed, and he didn’t perceive any movement on the bed.
Completely lost, he swallowed and sat up very slowly, discovering little by little the sleeping body in the sheets.
When Jimin looked at Yoongi's face, he remembered everything. His aura, his laugh, his eyes, his lips pressed against his, the sensation of his fingers on his skin, the pleasure he had felt, again and again.

He remembered him.
Petrified, realizing the immensity of his fault with a brutal blow, Jimin put a hand on his mouth to hold back a sob.

He had slept with this guy several times in the middle of the night, and knew that alcohol and marijuana didn’t serve him as an excuse.
He was conscious, back then, when he asked Yoongi to kiss him, when he begged him to touch him, when he wanted more.

He remembered very well that he had had a second of lucidity before pushing morality further to be able to enjoy his night.
He had cheated on Jungkook, having taken good care to forget his existence to give in to the temptation of fucking with this guy, not to have to feel guilty for a single second.

And in the morning, that was all he had left. Guilt.
When the wave of shock was over, Jimin hurried to grab his clothes, covering his naked body, a body marked by his nocturnal activities.

Before leaving the room where he had committed his sins, Jimin looked one last time at the face of the man who had made him lose his head.
And he felt even more guilty, monstrous, when he felt a painful ounce of sadness by closing the door behind him.


Under Jimin's wide-eyed, children ones after a big mistake, Hoseok came out of another room.

"Are you ok? Where is Tae? "

Jimin ran his tongue over his dry lips, trying to get back to reality.

"He ... he left, don’t you remember? You probably don’t. You were so drunk.."

"Yeah, I can feel it in my brain... You really don’t want to be me right now."
Hoseok moved slowly, holding his head, experiencing the worst migraine of his life. His first hangover, a strong one, and his last memory was to have passed the front door of this house.

But Jimin really wanted to be him, right now. Anyone but himself.
But what he wanted most was to leave this place, before Yoongi woke up, before anyone who could see them in the kitchen the day before came and make an unfortunate allusion to what he intended to keep secret.

"We should go now."
The two friends left the place of the party without leaving any traces.

"Do you want to come to the apartment? We will force Tae to feed us for giving us up like that. "

"No thanks. I'm going to go home. I need to sleep before tonight."

"Tonight ? Oh, the big meeting!"

The big meeting, the one that was going to take place in a few hours. The reason Jimin had been stressing for days. Jungkook always had stars in his eyes when he talked about his big brother, he always described him as the person he admired the most.
Jungkook had no father, and had never known a real father figure. His brother was the one who had taught him everything, and who was watching over him, even from Daegu where he had chosen to study. Sometimes he came back to their mother's house, and every time that happened,
Jimin knew there was no way to see his boyfriend until the brother left. Cause if Jungkook had no problem introducing his boyfriend to his mother, in his head, introducing him to his big brother was on a whole new level.
But Jungkook was sure of his feelings for Jimin. A month ago, for the first time, they told ‘I love you’ to each other. Jungkook knew he was ready to introduce Jimin to his big brother. The one whose opinion was so important to him.
Jimin had been under pressure since then, terrified at the thought of not being suitable for his boyfriend's brother, at the idea that he might think he wasn’t made for Jungkook, that he didn’t deserve him.

And how could he deserve him after what he had done last night?
"It's gonna be ok. He's gonna love you. Everyone loves you."

Jimin stretched a smile, pushing his hands deep in his pockets.

He had made a mistake. A big one. But no one had witnessed it. All he had to do was to forgive himself and move on.
After taking Hoseok home and quickly greeting Taehyung, Jimin took the bus back home to his small family home. All he wanted was to hide under the sheets, and not move until he had to leave for his dinner at Jungkook's.
But he also needed to wash his body with a lot a javel, hoping to wash a little of his guilt, of the feeling of disgust he had for himself, that he felt every second.

Taking a bath was a good compromise, provided that he could drown in silence.
He was tired, ashamed, dirty and hungry. When he arrived home, he thanked his parents for working so much, and put his phone to charge, turning it on while his pasta was turning in the microwave.

He wasn’t surprised by the number of calls from Jungkook. Just sadder.
After he engulfed his meal but not his pain, he decided to call his boyfriend, sitting on the edge of the bath, watching the water flow.

Jungkook answered the first tone.

"Chim, baby, are you ok? I was so worried! "

Jimin swallowed.
"Sorry, my phone was dead, I didn’t think about warning you before, I didn’t want you to worry..”

"I called Taehyung, and he told me Hoseok didn’t come home neither, god I was scared to death!"

"Hoseok was sick. I had to take care of him all night, then he fell asleep..."
Jimin pursed his lips, hoping to be a good liar. It was the first time he'd been lying to his boyfriend, and he hated it more than anything. But he had no choice.

"Funny night.. You should have stayed with me."

"Yeah. I should have."
If only he hadn’t followed his friends, if they didn’t have only one brain for three, a stupid brain that thought that going to this college party would be a great idea, he would never have spent the night moaning the name of another man.
"Is you brother here yet?"

"No, he is unreachable too. I really don’t know what to do with you two. But it confirms once again that you are made to get along! "

"Hm .."
Jimin sighed, reaching out his hand under the stream of water. Water that would really not be enough to wash his sins.

"Do you want me to come over? You sound stressed."

"No, no, it's ok. I'm just tired. I'm going to take a bath, and some rest."
"Okay. Don’t drown."

"Promise. I'll be there on time."

"I love you. You'll be perfect. You already are."

"Love ya .."

Jimin hung up, put his cell phone on the console and ran his hands over his face.

How could he have cheated on someone as sweet and gentle as Jungkook?
Once he was able to pull himself together, Jimin undressed and climbed into the bathtub, stretching out his naked body in the hot water.

The slightly painful sensation relieved his mind for a few seconds of the weight of his last acts.
But the moment he closed his eyes, his guilt took him by the throat, letting him burst into tears.

In his mind, he had seen Yoongi's fingers running on his skin. And with all his soul, he wanted to hate that feeling.

But he missed it. Terribly.
Jimin arrived on time at his boyfriend's house. Not a minute late, and certainly not a minute in advance. If he could have found any way to avoid this evening, this dinner, this meeting, he wouldn’t have hesitated for a second.

He'd have liked to be everywhere, but not there.
He took a few seconds in front of the door, to breathe slowly, try to recompose a mask to hide himself.

But he felt perfectly the guilt that stuck to his skin, which was to be read in the features of his face, in each of his steps.
It was too late to regret and no turning back would be possible. Jimin had a plan, simple but the only one he had to follow.

All he was going to do was forgetting, never mentioning this accident, and especially never starting again. It was a lesson to him.
He pressed the bell, and immediately hid his nose in the turtleneck he wore. Fortunately for him, seeing him with this type of clothing was not unusual, and would not raise questions.

The most discreet way to hide the huge violet spot on his neck.
When he looked at himself in the mirror, once out of his bath, Jimin had long spent his fingers on the marks on his body.

Hickeys, tooth marks, light scratches on the top of his buttocks. He didn’t understand why it didn’t disgust him.
He should have hated every memory of that night, every trace left by this guy he knew nothing about. But he looked at them with a kind of melancholy and fascination.

The sex with Jungkook had never had the same flavor, the same intensity. He was new to this.
New to the passion that had held Yoongi and him during the night. He was used to the most extreme tenderness, sweet words, light kisses, almost innocent, and when Jungkook made love to him, the gestures were timid, a little awkward.
Before the night passed, he would never have thought he was capable of so much desire, of being thirsty for the urge of contact, of the almost painful need to be kissed, to feel someone against him, to wanting to hold him tight, too tight, to have him in him, to be on him.
Jimin had always been that boy who smiled but blushed a lot, fluffy and shy.

It had been so, before crossing the eyes of Yoongi. And now he didn’t know who he was anymore. He no longer had the feeling of knowing himself, and it was scary.
Jimin stared at his feet, lost in these troubling thoughts as the door opened. Immediately, he looked up at Jungkook's extremely grinning face, which jumped on him the next second, unable to resist hugging him.

“Chim, I’m so happy to see you…”
His body was hot against Jimin's, his embrace was comforting. But this attention broke even more the heart of the culprit.

"My baby ... you're frozen!"

"I ... I walked to here."

"Why didn’t you take the bus?"

"I needed to ... walk."
Worried at Jimin's small, broken voice, Jungkook pulled back just enough to look at his boyfriend's face, putting his warm hands on his cold cheeks.

And when he looked into his eyes, Jimin felt his hour come, thinking his crime written on his forehead.
But Jungkook only squinted, immediately thinking that the reason for the panic he was reading in Jimin's eyes was due to this meeting with his older brother.

Then he just smiled to reassure him, and took his hand in his.
"You know, I was scared too, but now I'm really excited. I warned my older brother of your coming an hour ago, and I think he is even more impatient than me. He harassed me to tell him more about you, but no word is worth my Jimin. So I made him wait."
Jimin tried to stretch a smile, but inside, he had only one desire, go hide. Far. He didn’t understand how Jungkook was doing to have no doubt about him, not to see the evil in him.

Nobody could doubt him, he was Jimin.
It was as if, in addition to having cheated on Jungkook, he had betrayed the image that everyone had of him.

"You're beautiful, look at you. You put the turtleneck that I prefer! Red suits you so well."

"I knew you’d like..."
/Liar. Liar. You're a cheater and now you're a liar./

Jimin closed his eyes, immediately regretting going deeper into guilt. Jungkook noticed directly the panic that took his boyfriend, accustomed to his hypersensitivity.

"Hey ..."
Jungkook rested his forehead against Jimin's, who opened his eyes to look at him. His boyfriend had always used this gesture to comfort him, to suck his fears. He was so caring.

“You’re here now. I’m here too. We’re together. As always. Ok ?”
Jimin knew that he had to quickly recover before cracking and confessing all his faults. But he couldn’t afford it. He couldn’t ruin this evening, nor his relationship with Jungkook.

He loved him. He was sure of it. And hurting him was the last thing he wanted to do.
Then he nodded, pressing his boyfriend's hand in his.

Even if he wasn’t ready, he had to face this evening, to use it to move on and divert his mind from what had haunted him since he opened his eyes this morning.

To move on from memories of this man.
But from inside the house, through the doorway, a voice was heard.

"Kook, oh! You present me your guy or you intend to spend the evening in front of the door just both?! "

As Jimin stared at the door with wide eyes, Jungkook laughed.
"Let me kiss my boyfriend before you eat him!"

Jungkook saw nothing of Jimin's alertness, and pressed a quick peck on his mouth before pulling him with him into the house, to his brother. This passage from the porch to the living room lasted a few seconds.
But these few seconds were enough for Jimin, for his brain to correctly process the information received.

He knew who this voice belonged to. The memories were still fresh, strong, dizzying.

It was him.
Jimin tried to brake, but only stumbled against Jungkook when he stopped. He clung to the arm of his boyfriend, who proudly held his hand.

Jimin never had his eyes as wide as when he put them on Yoongi.
"Yoongi, let me introduce Jimin, my boyfriend. Jimin, this is Yoongi, my big brother, the famous one."

A heavy silence weighed on the room, which only Jimin and Yoongi were able to perceive. They exchanged a long look, each pierced by strong emotions.
This Yoongi sat in Jimin's favorite chair was the same Yoongi whose name he had moaned all night, who had left all these marks on his skin, which had awakened in him unsuspected things.

Who had hypnotized him in one look.
Things couldn’t have been worse. Never Jimin would have imagined to have crap at this point. He who had always been so upright, honest and kind.

But today he was the monster who had slept with his boyfriend's brother.
Yoongi was the first to reconnect with reality, getting up to approach them, without taking his eyes off Jimin.

The high school student blushed, his heart beating harder than when Yoongi had done all those things to him the night before.
He couldn’t lower his eyes, paralyzed by fear. He was done. Yoongi would necessarily say everything, expose what had happened between them. He had nothing to be ashamed of, Jimin had never spoken of any boyfriend, he had no way of knowing he was taken.
Yoongi arrived in front of his brother's boyfriend, and secondarily his one-night stand, and held out his hand, trying to contain everything he felt.

Jimin couldn’t guess what Yoongi might think, his face looking so cold and distant.
Cautiously, the blond shaked the hand of the brown, pale and ashamed.

"N - .. nice to meet you..."

"We already know each other. Don’t you remember ? It's not so old, though."

A cold sweat trickled down Jimin's neck, staring at Yoongi in despair.
Jungkook expressed surprise, looking at his brother.

"You know each other ?! Seriously ? From where ?"

"We were at the same party last night."

"Oh my god, Jimin, did you guys hang out at Namjoon? This damn party to which Yoongi preferred to go rather than come earlier here..."
Jungkook shook his chin, rolling his eyes, not grasping the tension of his boyfriend.

"This evening will have stolen my brother, my boyfriend and this official presentation. Great. Don’t forget to tell Namjoon I hate him."

"Kook, you have to know that..."
Jimin clenched his hand over Jungkook's, ceasing to breathe.

"... that I exaggerate a bit, when I say “know.” I saw Jimin take care of his drunk friend, but we didn’t talk. He probably shouldn’t have seen me, given the amount of people there was. Did you?"
Yoongi still looked Jimin in the eyes, speaking without shaking, without hesitation, managing to lie and hide the whole truth without difficulty. Jimin swallowed, not far from fainting.

"I.. yes, I- I don’t remember your face.."

Yoongi seemed to nod, almost imperceptibly.
"Okay. Don’t tell Namjoon I hate him. Thanks to him you could see how much Jimin was someone very dedicated!"

"Very dedicated, indeed."

If Jimin was a little relieved, Yoongi's look and answers made it clear that he wasn’t out of the woods.
He breathed again, but remained completely panicked about the situation.

Jungkook looked down at him and was moved to think Jimin was so stressed about meeting his brother. So he hugged his boyfriend, kissing his cheek hard.

"My shy baby..."
Jimin pursed his lips, his whole body shuddering as he saw Yoongi's gaze on them.

A look that burned his skin, which showed disgust, anger, incomprehension. And which promised him that he wouldn’t get out of this mess that quickly.
None of the three people present lived this dinner the same way.

For Jungkook, things went well, Yoongi was very interested in his boyfriend, in their relationship, and even tried to communicate with Jimin, who was very shy.
For Jimin, this evening was a hell. Jungkook kept on pointing out their perfect relationship, and Yoongi kept asking questions, trying to embarrass him, sometimes mentioning things they had said the day before, or more precisely the night.
And for Yoongi, this evening didn’t make sense. His brain could not integrate the fact that he had developed a crush for and fucked the boyfriend of his beloved brother. He was angry with himself, although he was not at fault, and against this innocent-looking guy.
Yoongi had kept an eye on Jimin all evening, but never managed to cross his eyes, Jimin doing his best to run away. The high school student was uncomfortable, and he had reasons to be, because it was the least, after being infidel.
While listening to Jungkook tell a thousand anecdotes about the one he made scream all night, Yoongi wondered how many times Jimin had dared to cheat on his little brother, since when he didn’t care about him and if he had hoped to play with him for a long time.
Yoongi loved his little brother, and it was absolutely out of the question for him to let anyone hurt him. Jungkook deserved a lot more than a guy playing with his angel’s mouth to soften his boyfriend before being encrusted in college parties to be fucked.
He wasn’t going to let Jungkook finish with a broken heart, humiliated by a young asshole playing with his feelings and kindness. The oldest planned to have a good discussion with the one who had shared his night, a night he now regretted bitterly.
Yoongi felt like he had been played too, the two brothers took for idiots by the same guy. He had felt special, in Jimin's eyes, he hadn’t been intimate with someone like this for a long time. And he even thought it could go further.
When he woke up in the morning, he was disappointed to see that his partner had already left, without leaving him a word, a number, nothing but a warm place and some memories on his body and mind. He now understood why Jimin was gone without leaving any evidence.
Yoongi was very upset to have given his time and sympathy to someone like him. To have believed in his little game, to have found him funny, cute, breathtaking and completely to his liking.

And he was upset to find him beautiful again now, after all that.
The meal had been long and complicated for Yoongi and Jimin, both carrying a heavy secret, who threatened to explode every moment, but not for Jungkook who didn’t know for a moment what really disturbed his boyfriend and which made his brother so gloomy.
Once Jungkook had finished answering his questions to knowing everything about their relationship, Yoongi got up from the table, no longer able to see how crazy his brother was in love with a guy who was cheating on him.

"I'm going to make coffee."
"Can you make tea for Jimin?"

"Oh, no, I ... I have to go now, before the last bus passes."

"Weren’t you supposed to sleep here?"

"Yes, but since I didn’t go home last night, I didn’t see my parents this weekend, and you know them..."
Jungkook grimaced, seeming to understand what he was talking about. And Yoongi wondered if this wasn’t one of his strategies, his excuses that he served to Jungkook before going to spend the night with another, without his boyfriend suspecting anything.
"But it's late, and it's been raining for an hour, they'll understand if you stay, we'll try to wake up early tomorrow morning for you to take the first bus. Stay."

"I can’t, Jungkook, I'm sorry. I’m still very tired, I have been struggling since now..."
Jimin was very credible, watching Jungkook with an exhausted look. And it was true that he must be really tired. If he had left Namjoon’s bedroom so early in the morning, he must not have had time to sleep a lot. But Yoongi should not have pity on him.
"Ok ... I'll accompany you to the bus stop. If we arrive too late, you stay here. No way you walk back at this hour."

"Otherwise I can drive him home by car."

As Jimin froze, Jungkook turned to his brother with a smile.
"You don’t mind? You’d do that? "

"Of course. I would not want my brother's boyfriend to get lost on the way. "

Jimin swallowed, finally staring at Yoongi, smiling politely.

"That's nice, but it's not worth it, really."
"I insist. You don’t look good, I’ll feel guilty if something happens to you. Jungkook too."

"Affirmative. That's either that, or I'm forcibly holding you here, Chim. You choose."

Jimin looked at the two brothers in turn, and realized that it was useless to fight.
He sighed, admitting his defeat.

"Okay. I'm going home with your brother."

"And with me, I'm coming with you!"

"Jungkook, there is still no seat in the back of my car."

"Jimin will sit on my lap!"

"No way, you stay here, I don’t risk my license so you can smooch your guy."
Jungkook crossed his arms, sinking into his seat with annoyance. Ordinarily, it would have made Jimin laugh, but nothing was able to make him laugh tonight. His brain had just stopped thinking, just waiting for Yoongi to decide to kill him, to end his life.
Apparently, the latter had decided to make things last, and to talk with him alone before letting go of the bomb. Jimin wasn’t sure that was a good thing, but his fate hadn’t been in his hands since he'd slept with this guy. The first and the wrong one.
"I'm going to get the car. You have two minutes to say goodbye."

Jimin looked at Yoongi as he walked past him, understanding what he meant by using these words. Say goodbye to Jungkook, but also to their relationship.
Jimin had done his best not to panic and stress when he kissed Jungkook to say goodbye, unable to believe that kiss was the last. He still had little hope that the situation would be catching up. It had to.
Yoongi had already honked twice impatiently when Jimin entered the car, the heaviness of the atmosphere being much more powerful than during the meal.

In silence, Jimin settled on the passenger seat, fastening his belt while staring at his knees.
Yoongi started to drive away from Jungkook's house. Jimin was breathing softly, feeling cramped, trapped in this car with this man who was surely waiting for the right moment to end his days.

"I need an address."
Surprised by these words, Jimin opened his eyes wide, raising his chin to look at Yoongi, who was staring at the road imperturbably.

"You ... are you really going to take me home?"

"Would you like me to do something else, get you lost in the woods?"
Jimin didn’t answer the question because it actually came to his mind as a possibility. He had quickly imagined that Yoongi would stop a few yards from the house, shout at him, threaten him, and throw him out alone in the night.
He didn’t understand why Yoongi was actually planning to drive him all the way, he wasn’t really worth it, after the sin he had committed. But Jimin didn’t want to discuss Yoongi's desires and motives, so he started guiding him, murmuring his directions.
Jimin lived on the other side of the city, the trip then lasted a few minutes, in a silence only cut by the hesitant voice of the high school student with each change of direction. And the stress rose even more as Yoongi remained in his frightening muteness.
When Jungkook's brother's car finally stopped in front of Jimin's house in a wealthy part of Seoul, Jimin, who had finally thought he could escape reprimand, froze when Yoongi turned off the engine and lit a cigarette.

"I want you to break up with him."
Yoongi's first words about Jungkook were straightforward, direct and clear. He didn’t want this young jerk to stay with his little brother.

Jimin stared at Yoongi, tears rising to his eyes.

"I ... I can’t .."

"B-because I don’t wanna lose him."

"This is not about what you want Jimin. You're going to break up with him, telling him all the bullshit you want for him to suffer as little as possible, before he realizes who you really are."
Yoongi consumed his cigarette nervously, holding his anger deep inside him. But Jimin could no longer restrain his emotions, tears running down his pale cheeks.

"No.. no, I won’t. I won’t leave him. I'm in love with your brother, Yoongi, I'm not able to do this. "
These words finally made Yoongi react, who put his eyes on Jimin, which he had refused to do until now. A sarcastic laugh passed his lips, and he threw his butts through his open window.

"Because for you, cheating on someone with the first comer is to love them?"
"I'm not cheating on him ! I had never done this before, and I hate myself for having done it, I didn’t.. I don’t know why it happens, I'm not like that !"

"You seemed pretty comfortable for someone who’s not like that. Don’t tell me you suddenly forgot about him last night."
"But that's what happened! I don’t understand how, but I was stressed about this meeting and-"

"So you decided to meet me in advance."

"I didn’t know it was you."

Jimin swallowed, shaking. Everything was falling around him.
And the hatred that Yoongi felt towards him at that moment pierced his heart, adding to his immense guilt.

"Poor little Jimin. You have released your best charm game for me to fuck you, and lack of luck, I am the brother of the “deceived husband”. You didnt expect that."
"I hadn’t planned anything at all. I swear to you. I regret doing that. I'd be mad at myself all my life, and I know Jungkook deserves someone better than me. But I love him. I love him and I'm scared, I've been scared since I woke up in this room."
"So what? Are you going to pretend that this night never existed, as if you had never been infidel to him? "

"That's what I intended to do, because it should never have happened, and it will never happen again. I care about him. He is everything to me."
Jimin was sincere, in his thoughts, in his emotions. He was in love with Jungkook, was happy with him every day since their relationship began. But it had taken a night, a mistake, a misguidance for everything to be threatened.
Yoongi couldn’t convince himself of the total sincerity of the high school student, completely lost. But his tears weren’t fake, and the fear in his eyes either.

"I ... I'm not trying to convince you to keep all of this for you."

"You can’t."
"I know. He's your brother, and it's only natural that you want to do what's best for him. But we love each other, he and I. I don’t want to hurt him unnecessarily because of an unfortunate mistake. I prefer to keep him happy because that’s what I do best."
Jimin unfastened his belt, and pulled on the hood of his coat, stopping to look at Yoongi with his wet eyes. He was tired of that day, which was more horrible every second. His fate didn’t belong to him, he couldn’t fight.

"Do what you want."
These were Jimin's last words before he got out of the car, broken. Yoongi watched his thin, fragile figure walk in the rain to the front door behind which he disappeared.

This conversation had a taste of unfinished, leaving Yoongi in limbo.
He didn’t know if he had to reveal everything to Jungkook, and listen to him cry for days, or if he had to give his boyfriend a chance, to believe that this night had been exceptional, that he regretted bitterly, and wished to forget everything.
And even though Yoongi knew he had to focus on what he felt was best for Jungkook, part of him could not help but burn with anger and humiliation, his intense memories of that evening wasted by this unlikely situation. A world full of men and he fucked his brother’s boyfriend.
Yoongi restarted the car and headed back to the family home, realizing on his way that Jimin's face in tears was possibly the last thing he would see of this young man, who provoked in him feelings mixed of desire and hate.
The week was extremely long for Jimin's tortured mind. But his heart calmed a little more each morning, when he saw Jungkook waiting for him in high school as he was used to, with the same smile that had made him melt from day one.

Yoongi didn’t say anything.
The night had passed, and so on, and Jungkook was still unaware of the awful thing that had happened between his brother and his boyfriend. Jimin had never experienced such relief, his stress waves becoming less and less present.
Although he still couldn’t believe it, Jimin had thanked Yoongi (mentally) a thousand times for making that decision. Even though he was aware that Jungkook's older brother hadn’t done that for him at all.

Their one-night adventure would remain secret forever.
Reassured, Jimin put aside his guilt, making the choice to act as if this famous night had never occurred, as if this dinner had gone perfectly, without discomfort or piercing glares.

Yoongi had offered him this opportunity.
Things became normal again after the hellish hours Jimin's consciousness had gone through. He went to high school, spent time with his friends, with Jungkook, and went home every night to lock himself in his room after vaguely greeting his parents.
It was as if this party had never existed. As if Jimin had never met Yoongi before, as if he had never tasted the flavor of his lips, as if he had never shivered under his fingers. As if he didn’t think about it at night, about him, in his sleep, or not.
Jimin had the audacity to believe that all this had been a matter of madness, alcohol, marijuana, an accumulation of things. He had tested his limits that night, had completely passed them, and thought he was able over time to erase Yoongi from his mind.
Jimin couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable every time Jungkook talked about his big brother. A big brother who never got out of his car when he came to pick him up in high school, bowing to Jimin from afar, who answered with a simple wave of his hand out of politeness.
The two lovers of one night hadn’t seen each other since Jimin had left the car. Jimin could only come to Jungkook's house on weekends, because of an agreement made between the two boyfriends so that their relationship didn’t affect their school results too much.
And now that the presentations were done, Jimin was expecting Jungkook to ask him to spend Friday night with him, at his house, forcing him to spend time under the same roof as Yoongi after this week he spent trying to forget about him.
Once Friday's classes were over, Jungkook was coming out of high school hand in hand with Jimin, joining their friends at their usual place, near to the bus stops.

And before Jungkook could broach the subject, Hoseok saved Jimin's life.
"Hey, guys! Taehyung told me he really wanted to go out tonight!"

"Hoseok, why do you always use me as an excuse..."

"Because no one can ever refuse you, it's strategic."

Jungkook chuckled, clutching Jimin as he listened to them.
"It wasn’t enough for you both to be in a bad state last weekend?"

"If we end up in such states, it's to make up for the fact that your boyfriend never wants to go out with us."

"Yeah, we have to drink our share, and his!"
"My mother still hasn’t returned from her business trip. So, it could be that I could possibly go out with you tonight..."

Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok looked at Jungkook with wide eyes. It never happened before, Jungkook going out this them at night.
"Are you sick, Jeon?"

"No, I'm not! I just feel like it."

"Your brother left already?"

"No, neither, but he's going out with his friends. I can ask him to pass by us in the evening, so you’ll finally see him too. My baby already passed the big brother test…”
Jungkook smiled broadly at Jimin, kissing the cheek of his boyfriend who was blushing. If he knew how much Jimin had passed Yoongi's test, not in the most Catholic way, he would certainly be much less happy to announce it.
The idea of ​​this outing didn’t really delight Jimin. Yoongi join them at one time or another, possibly with friends. What if Namjoon came and recognized him? Or another person having had the opportunity to see them making out with passion in the kitchen?
"Jimin? What do you think ?"

"I don’t really know ... We had a lot of fun last week, and because of that I couldn’t stay at yours after that, I thought we were going to spend the evening together, quietly in front of Netflix..."
"We'll have time to do that after, we can go for a drink or two, I won’t have such opportunities very often you know. We'll have all day tomorrow to stay warm in my bed, so we can just land at a bar, nobody will end badly. I promise."
Jimin watched his boyfriend pleading with his eyes, even offering a small pout as he had the secret. Jimin had never been able to resist the charms of Jungkook, a family talent obviously.

Jimin sighed, but not without a smile, and nodded.
"Okay. We can do that then. But we don’t come back too late. I still have hours of sleep to catch up."

"You always have hours of sleep to catch up, Jimin."

Taehyung, who sneered like a hyena, took Jimin's cap in the face.
A few minutes later, when Yoongi's car stopped further. Jungkook grabbed Jimin's chin, pressing several smacks on his mouth, taking a long time to leave him. And as always, it annoyed his big brother, who honked several times.
So Jungkook had to let go of Jimin, and went back to the car.

"See you all tonight !!"

"I'll text you the bar's location!"

"Thanks Hoseok!"

Jungkook gave a last wave to his friends, especially to Jimin, before disappearing into the car.
"I'm going back for a drink, does anyone want something?"

"Kook, you said a drink or two. It's the 4th."

"But we have fun, we spend a great time, the four of us, we have no reason to stop here Chim. Don’t you agree? "
Jimin watched his boyfriend make his eyes soft again, and had to admit he was right. It had been more than three hours since they sat in this bar, and the happy band couldn’t stop laughing at the failures of Taehyung's love life.

"I'll take a beer again!"

"You are real pals. And you baby ?"

"A Coke."

"Again ? You're sure ?"

"Yes, I must be sure to be sober to take care of you when you won’t know where you live anymore."

Jungkook pulled out his tongue and went to order.
Jimin hadn’t drunk alcohol for the evening, and preferred to pretend he was doing it to watch over his boyfriend who wasn’t used to drinking, rather than admit that his abuses of last weekend had put him in a situation he was afraid to experience again.
Until now, the evening was going perfectly well, without an ounce of problem on the horizon.

Until Taehyung suddenly stands up in his seat, staring up at something behind Jimin and Hoseok.

"Tae, are you ok?"
"Oh. my. god. "

"I think he's on drugs."

"Yeah, he probably his."

"Shut the fuck up and turn around very slowly. The love of my life just passed the door. "

If Jimin tried to play it discreet, it was not the case for Hoseok who turned around directly.
They didn’t need to search, spotting directly who Taehyung was talking about, their eyes on the young man with black hair, wearing a leather jacket of the same color, and who turned to them at the same time, crossing Jimin's gaze.
They stared at each other for what seems to them an eternity before they looked away at the same second, each holding their breath on their side.

If Jimin thought he could have a good evening, he immediately forgot about it because of his presence.
The man Taehyung had just flashed in a second was none other than Yoongi, Jimin's Yoongi, and it only took one look for Jimin to know that something bad was going to happen.

Yoongi was there, more beautiful than ever, and Jimin felt his aura on every inch of his skin.
For the way Yoongi had fixed him, the way he had done it too, and the way his heart had tightened, all these things didn’t predict anything good.

And this time, no alcohol, no marijuana, nothing to justify Jimin's feelings about Yoongi. Inappropriate feelings.
“You saw him ! He’s so fucking hot, that’s official I’m over my last crush and he’s my new one now, whatever his name is.”

“I know his name.”

“What ? You know him ? Tell me Jimin, I wanna know everything about this guy !”

“He’s Jungkook’s big brother.”
While Taehyung opened his mouth, shocked by this information, Jimin turned his chin slightly to see Yoongi join his little brother at the bar, who seemed very happy to see him.

The evening was going to be more complicated than expected.
Jimin closed his eyes for a moment, listening to Taehyung and Hoseok commenting on Yoongi's every move, describing how his jacket emphasized his shoulders, the shape of his thighs in this tight black jeans, the irresistible badboy feeling he gave.
He had already had time to see all these things, and to see many more. And having to hear his friends talking about Yoongi like that bothered him a bit.

He didn’t take part in the conversation, waiting for Jungkook to come back, praying for him to come back alone.
But that wasn’t the case at all, Jungkook bringing his brother with him to the table. Taehyung had hearts in his eyes as Yoongi handed him his drink, helping Jungkook with his order.

Jimin didn’t dare look at him when he gave him his coke.
“So, my friends, Taehyung and Hoseok.”

“Hello guys.”


Yoongi smiled amused as he watched Taehyung, who made no effort to hide the fact that the newcomer was making him crazy. He blushed like a little girl.
"Sit down, Chim and Hoseok, make some space for Yoongi ..."

"No, no need, my friends are out, I just came to say hello."

"Oh ... are you going to Namjoon's house after?"

"No, Jin wants to go dancing, we'll go to the Sunset."
Taehyung's and Hoseok's eyes lit up on hearing the name of the nightclub where they liked to go clandestinely. Yoongi noticed it, and spoke to his brother.

"Maybe we could let you in, if you want."
Jungkook seemed to think, obviously tempted too, to Jimin's greatest despair. Going to a club with Yoongi was the last thing he wanted to do on this earth.

"I don’t know, it would be cool, but Jimin is tired and he stays home tonight..."
When his boyfriend looked at him, Jimin realized he had to give his opinion. And he was about to refuse Yoongi's invitation, which didn’t even look at him, when he was kicked under the table, Taehyung staring at him with wide eyes.

Jimin sighed.

“It’s ok, we can go.”
Jungkook smiled broadly, and took his beer to drink it in a long tread, all at once, under the delightful exclamations of his friends who did the same.

Jimin decided to take his can with him, hiding his dissatisfaction with the situation.
Leaving the bar, Yoongi held the door open to let Taehyung get out, clearly playing the fact that the young man was clearly attracted to him. He even winked at him, sending some very encouraging signals to Taehyung, who chuckled inside.
When it was up to Jimin to walk in the door, Yoongi released it. The high school student almost took it in the nose, falling back in time, remaining two seconds frozen by surprise.

If he had wondered how the evening was going to go, things were now clear.
Yoongi didn’t confess to Jungkook, but didn’t wear him in his heart anyway. Jimin couldn’t even blame him, understanding his position and what he could think of him: nothing good, and that was very legitimate.
Outside, Jimin thought he could breathe a little, but when he looked down at Namjoon, he remembered /that/ evening, and the fact that this guy was possibly able to recognize him as the one having occupied his bedroom all night with his best friend, after maked out in his kitchen.
And considering how Yoongi's best friend reacts when he saw Jimin, there was no doubt about it. He remembered him very well.

Namjoon opened his mouth, turning his chin to Yoongi, pointing at Jimin, an amused smile coming from the corner of his lips.
“Yoon, this is..”

“Shut up.”

“But he looks like…”

“It’s not him.”

Yoongi tried to silence Namjoon, whispering with obvious tension. Namjoon looked very confused, and Jimin quickly lowered his head, pulling up his hood over his head.
"This is Jungkook's boyfriend."

Namjoon opened his eyes wide, looking at Yoongi with his grave expression, completely shocked by this information. Yoongi sighed before taking him aside, leading the way. Jungkook, who hadn’t seen anything, came to take Jimin's hand.
Jimin advanced without paying attention to his surroundings, concentrating only on the inaudible discussion between Yoongi and Namjoon a few meters away, but which seemed rather animated.


Jimin jumped, realizing Jungkook was trying to get his attention.
"Oh, sorry, what did you say?"

"I asked you if you really don’t mind that we're staying a little longer than expected."

"No no, worry, it's not every day that you have the opportunity to have fun like that, and that you can spend that kind of time with your brother either .."
Jungkook kissed his boyfriend's cheek, finding himself really lucky to be accompanied by such a caring person. From the whole band, Jimin had always been the one who paid the most attention to others, to take very little into account his own desires.
Namjoon glanced at them several times, regularly meeting Jimin's eyes, and every time that happened, Yoongi seemed to get upset, ending leaving Namjoon and Jin leading the way alone, slowing his steps to walk alone a little bit behind.
Jin turned once, to give Jimin an apologetic smile, with a seemingly compassionate look, surprising the young high school student, who was dying to know what they had said to each other.

"Don’t pay attention, Yoongi often argues with his friends."
Jungkook laughed at the situation, one more proof that he was completely unaware of what was going on around him.

"I love my brother, but he has a bally temper. And Namjoon is very immature when he wants, so the two together .. I don’t even know why they’re friends. "
Jimin cleared his throat, realizing that Namjoon, as he was described to him, was now his biggest threat to biggest secret. A secret that too many people shared from now on, and which shouldn’t spread more.
The stress was back, and Jimin really regretted not being able to hide at the bottom of his bed until the day ended. That day, and all the following days. It was impossible for him to come out alive from this evening.
At the entrance of the club, Namjoon passed in front of all those who were waiting their turn, greeting the vigil with familiarity before appointing his comrades. The vigil nodded immediately, and they could all enter the club without waiting. Namjoon’s power.
Jimin found himself alone very quickly, having refused to accompany Jungkook dancing, playing on his fatigue to be able to have a break. He preferred to stay as far as possible from Namjoon, who occupied the dance floor with Jin, and from Yoongi, sat at the bar.
From his place, Jimin had plenty of time to see Hoseok dancing with his boyfriend, which posed him no problem. But seeing Taehyung leave the dance floor to get close to Yoongi, going to talk to him alone at the bar, was something else.
Taehyung was one of his best friends. He knew him by heart. And he understood that he was planning to try his luck with Yoongi, planning to see if the oldest was open.

Taehyung was handsome and spontaneous, funny, charming. Yoongi had every reason to crack.
And even though Jimin knew perfectly well that he had absolutely no right to be jealous, he couldn’t help but be so. Seeing Yoongi smile at Taehyung as he had smiled at him, seeing his friend giggle as he had done. It was unbearable.
Jimin didn’t know how long he had to fix them, to analyze their actions to determine whether or not something was going to happen between them tonight. He realized he was getting a bit obsessional about it when Yoongi looked back at him, with much too much intensity.
Their eyes met only for a second, before Jimin got up, fleeing to meet his boyfriend on the dance floor.

Tiredness made him lose his head. He had to recover, to realize that he had nothing to do with this guy, that only Jungkook counted.
His boyfriend was delighted to see him finally come, and came directly against him to dance. Jimin didn’t like dancing until he had a certain blood alcohol level, which wasn’t the case at the moment, but he made an effort for Jungkook, and for himself.
When Jungkook pressed his lips against his, not resisting kissing him, Jimin closed his eyes, his hands sliding against Jungkook's hips.

And his frustration found in this kiss a way to free himself, to express his tension.
Jungkook, accustomed to their sweet exchanges, to those tender kisses he loved so much, was surprised when Jimin bit his lip, and when his tongue slipped into his mouth, in front of everyone.

"Jimin, baby, what are you doing ..."
Jungkook pulled back, giggling. Demonstrations of affection in public had never been their thing, they weren’t that kind couple to make out in the hallways of high school, to touch each other all the time. They always kept these kind of things for their privacy.
Jimin began to blush, not understanding himself what was happening to him, why he was suddenly so hot, why he wanted to be squeezed hard, to be touched, to relieve the fire that was rising him.

Or why it was Yoongi's face he had seen, closing his eyes.
"I ... I'm sorry .."

"Don’t be. Sorry I didn’t understand that that's why you wanted us back."

Jimin frowned for a second before understanding, and laughing nervously.

"No no, it's not what you think I .."

“It’s ok babe. We’ll leave soon.”
Jimin had always been very prudish and shy about sex. Jungkook and he had learned together. And Jungkook had to be patient with his boyfriend before he could be intimate with him, and always had to take the lead to help Jimin express his desires.
Jimin never made the first step, too shy and uncomfortable, touching Jungkook with an incredible innocence that had always had a huge effect on him.

The Jimin that Jungkook knew was the opposite of the Jimin that Yoongi had known for one night.
"I ... I'll go get some fresh air. I’ll be right back."

Jimin didn’t give Jungkook time to hold him back, passing behind him to leave the dance floor. Going to the outer courtyard, he passed Taehyung and Yoongi, his best friend whispering in the ear of his new crush.
Yoongi was the only one to see him, crossing Jimin's shining eyes for a moment, making him withdraw all his intention from Taehyung.

Jimin felt even worse to see them so close, and then even worse to be affected by it.
He hurried off the crowded space, looking for a place in the courtyard of the club where he might be alone, where he could hit a wall or curl up in a ball without anyone seeing him.

But he hardly took two steps when one hand grasped his arm firmly.
He jumped, turning to face Yoongi.

"What are you doing…"

"Come with me."

Yoongi didn’t leave the choice to the high school student, pulling him with him to a corner of the court, behind a piece of wall which hid them from the sight of all.
Once out of sight, Yoongi let go of Jimin's arm, who walked away as far as possible from Yoongi, staring at him furiously.

"What the fuck do you want, are you crazy?"

"You have to stop this."

"I have to stop what?"

"To look at me like that."
Jimin opened his eyes wide, completely dismayed.

"Excuse me ?"

"I didn’t tell him anything, so if you want it to stay that way, you better be more discreet."

"Wait I'm the one who’s not discreet? You talk about me to your friends two meters from your brother ! "
"Namjoon recognized you, and if I wanted him to be quiet, I had to answer his questions. I'm trying to save your ass, but if you just don’t give a fuck anymore, keep being so obvious! "

"Are you serious ? You stared at me too ! The second you enter that bar ! "
Yoongi had to bite his fist to restrain his rage, the tension rising in him. And if he reacted like that, it was because he knew that Jimin was right. And that truth made him mad.

"Don’t think I was staring at you, I keep an eye on you, for Jungkook, that's different."
Jimin shook his chin without answering, his throat knotted. He leaned against the wall, looking so weak and fragile, staring down at the floor. Even now, when he should have wanted to tear off his head, Yoongi, his presence, his aura was disrupting his body and thoughts.
Yoongi calmed down when he saw him in this state, not taking pleasure in seeing Jimin's pain.



Jimin raised his chin, not in the mood to continue hearing these accusations.

"Leave me alone."
Yoongi clenched his jaw, remaining still, feeling guilty for having been so rude. Despite the situation, he didn’t forget the tenderness he felt for him the evening they met. Not even this crazy attraction that he didn’t assume, but that he had still had for him right now.
"Yoongi, please."

"I don’t wanna leave."

"Oh my god, why are you doing this?"

"I don’t know."

"You don’t know ??"

Jimin looked at him with all the incomprehension of the world, not understanding him at all.
"You know what, I'm the one who's wrong, I'll never look at you again and I'll even make sure we never see each other again until you leave to where you're from. Ok for you?"

"No, I’m not ok this this."

Jimin was about to get angry again, but Yoongi cut him off.
"I was looking at you."


"I was looking at you. Me too. I ... I'm sorry to accuse you when I'm unable to remain impassive to your presence."

Jimin held his breath, frightened by the turn of things. Yoongi was out of his mind.
"Yoongi. You must leave."



Yoongi didn’t move, and when Jimin tried to pass, the older man blocked the passage with his arm.

"What the fuck are you- .."
Jimin did not have time to finish his sentence, interrupted by the force with which Yoongi had just pushed him to the wall.

And lost in his eyes, finding the glimmer of desire that had made him crazy the first time, Jimin couldn’t hold back a small moan.
"Don’t, please, don’t .."

Jimin's complaint died on the lips of Yoongi, who had completely lost his mind.

The moment their lips came in contact, they couldn’t control anything, guided both by the same thirst as their first meeting.
Jimin grabbed Yoongi's hair, his arms around his neck, using all his strength to bring his body as close as possible to his, finding himself completely blocked against the wall, adoring the sensation of Yoongi’s body pressure against his.
Their kiss had nothing sweet or cute, Yoongi having no trouble making his way to caress Jimin's tongue with his, maintaining the schoolboy's chin with one hand, and his hip on the other .

Their eyes were closed, and their minds were far away.
The two lovers were hot, heart and body in alert, and couldn’t detach from each other, continuing to kiss in secret until their breath didn’t allow more, forcing them to break their torrid kiss, panting.
Yoongi's breath was burning on Jimin's mouth, and as they tried to regain their breaths, they opened their eyes again, exchanging a long look, long enough for Jimin's brain to reconnect for a second.
And the second after, his hand slammed Yoongi's cheek violently, pulling him back one meter under the shock.

The older put his hand on his burning cheek, feeling the trace left by Jimin, whom he stared without saying a word, cooled down.
And Jimin got angry straight away, fulminating with anger.

"What was that ?! Your strategy to make me look like the slut of the story ?! "

Yoongi remained frozen, unable to answer his question, realizing only what he had just done: give in to the envy he had of Jimin.
"Fuck you…"

Yoongi didn’t have time to defend himself that Jimin had pushed him to leave, letting him just the opportunity to see tears of anger and fatigue running down his cheeks.

Yoongi just stood there, like an idiot, watching the young man join the inside.
Jimin drove straight to the back of the club, retrieving his jacket, which he put on before searching for Jungkook on the dancefloor, advancing towards him to interrupt for a moment the dance he shared with Hoseok and Taehyung, after briefly drying his tears.
Jungkook saw him arrive, and immediately noticed that something was wrong. He knew Jimin by heart, and the expression on his face betrayed his uneasiness.

He then leaned in Jimin's ear to talk to him, taking his hand tenderly.
"My love, what is it?"

"I'm going home."

"Now ?"

"Yes, now."

"Something happened ? You cried ?"

"It's nothing, I'm just tired, my head hurts, I wanna leave ..."

"I’m coming with you."

"You don’t have to, you can stay."
Jungkook shook his chin, taking Jimin's face between his hands to look into his eyes, drying his tears as he passed his thumbs on his warm, wet cheeks.

"Baby. I'll take you home, make you an herbal tea, and we go to bed."
Jimin snorted and nodded, not having the strength to fight. He just needed to get away from here, away from Yoongi, to close his eyes and take a break. It was too much for him.

His boyfriend pressed a kiss on his forehead, soft and comforting.
"I'll tell the guys we're leaving, wait for me by the door."

Jimin nodded and stepped off the track, going to the spot. He watched as Jungkook informed their friends, who seemed disappointed but ready to follow them and go home too.
But from his place, Jimin saw Taehyung hesitate, looking all around him. He was looking for Yoongi, but couldn’t find him, which made him agree to leave, not without regrets. He had hoped that the evening would end otherwise before Yoongi suddenly disappeared.
A Yoongi who returned inside just in time to see his little brother pass his arm over Jimin's shoulders, clutching his body against him with tenderness and protection before passing the club's exit door, his phone into his free hand.
Yoongi stared long at the door behind which Jimin was gone, before recovering when his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. A message from Jungkook.

"Jimin is KO, I bring him home, see you tomorrow, text me if you’re not sleeping at home !"
Yoongi squeezed the phone in his hand, annoyed.

He had kissed his brother's boyfriend, knowingly and in full possession of his means. He had done something wrong, and wasn’t sure to regret his actions.
Even if he didn’t want it, he could no longer deny that irresistible attraction he had for Jimin, and could affirm his reciprocity.

This situation was a whole mess, and Yoongi didn’t know at all how he was going to get by without anyone suffering.
When Jimin awoke the next morning, he took a long time to open his eyes. In order to be sure that when he did, the arm around his waist would be Jungkook's and no one else's.

Not Yoongi's, especially.
The alarm clock showed 11am, and Jungkook was still sleeping tightly, while Jimin's throat was dry.

Slowly, he removed his boyfriend's arm so he could get up without waking him, and get out of the room on tiptoe.
He found himself in the hallway, wearing a sweater covering him to half his thighs. A garment that obviously belonged to Jungkook, who loved to see his boyfriend so small and innocent wear something so wide and which belonged to him.
Jimin descended the squeaky steps of the house as quietly as he could, and his steps quickly led him to the kitchen.

Standing directly in front of the sink, he grabbed a glass and filled it with water, eager to drink.
It was while drinking that he turned around, getting ready to go up with his glass to return to near Jungkook.

And it was at that moment that he met Yoongi's gaze, who had been observing him for a few seconds as soon as he saw him disembark while he was having breakfast.
Jimin jumped in a scream, and the glass fell to the ground, breaking into a thousand pieces. Yoongi's eyes widened, wanting to warn the youngest to be careful, but he didn’t have time.

The blonde had already cut his feet on the chips, hopping and whining with pain.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck it hurts!"

"Jimin, stop moving, I'll he-"

"No, you, don’t move! Do /not/ approach me! "

Yoongi stood in the middle of the kitchen, pausing at these words, as Jimin stood on tiptoe standing at the sink, blood running down the soles of his feet.
Jimin looked around him, trying to find a way out, but he was aching and he wanted to be everywhere except here, in this kitchen with him.

Yoongi sighed and stepped forward, deciding not to listen to the high school student who frowned.
"I said do not come close to me!"

"Jimin, you're bleeding, don’t be stupid and let me help you."

Even though he swelled his cheeks, Jimin grabbed the arm Yoongi handed him, taking hold to carefully step out of the critical area and reach a new one, close to the oldest.
"Get on it..."

Yoongi put a hand on Jimin's hip, helping him climb onto the worktop.

Jimin winced, looking at the condition of his feet, having lots of small pieces of glass embedded in his skin, and a lot of blood escaping from his multiple wounds.
Yoongi grabbed a broom behind the door and secured the area before picking up the pharmacy kit, hoping to treat Jimin no matter what his opinion on the matter.

Then he pulled a chair across from him and took one of his feet, taking care of it with attention and gentleness.
In the kitchen, the biggest silence reigned now.

Jimin couldn’t look at Yoongi, his cheeks red with embarrassment and embarrassment at being in this situation.

Yoongi meanwhile wasn’t proud, feeling guilty about his actions of the day before.
It was when he passed to the other foot that Yoongi cleared his throat and finally decided to speak.

"Jimin, you know, I ... I'm sorry."

Arcing an eyebrow, the blond glanced at his boyfriend's brother, wary of what he might have to say.
"I'm sorry for what I did yesterday. I shouldn’t have kissed you. I didn’t do that to pretend that you were... what you said. I have no pleasure in hurting you."

Yoongi didn’t really know what he was doing with his explanations, as didn’t expect to give any on the next morning.
But they were both there, and the atmosphere was too heavy to be bearable. Yoongi could not stand it.

Jimin doesn’t say a word, even if he wasn’t resistant to Yoongi apologizing to him. It was even nice. It gave him a little comfort.
"It's not my kind to have that asshole attitude. I promise you it will not happen again. And ... I hope we can start again on a good basis. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable coming here, to have this weird atmosphere every time we meet, which will happen often."
Jimin stared at Yoongi, who was running strips around his feet, having almost finished taking care of him.

He agreed with everything Yoongi had just said. He hoped he wouldn’t have to end up in a situation like the day before, to be blinded by his forbidden desires.
"I’m sorry. All I did, everything that happened between us. I regret Jimin. I hope you will forgive me."

When he had said these words, Yoongi had looked Jimin in the eye.

And Jimin pretended to believe his lies, and to adhere to them.
"Me too, I regret."

The two liers exchanged a long look, until Yoongi got up from his chair, and reached out to Jimin.

"We make peace then. I don’t ask you to become my friend, I suppose it would be inappropriate, but ... we get along well."
Jimin stretched a small, slightly tense smile, and took Yoongi's hand, squeezing it, signifying his agreement.

"Okay. I forgive you. We put it all behind us and we pretend it never happened."

Yoongi had a strange smile too, nodding.
Despite their words and their ambitions to put aside this night spent together, Jimin and Yoongi knew that forgetting it would be impossible.

But they were both ready to do what was necessary so that nothing would betray them, and that their unfortunate story would stop here.
Yoongi had just released Jimin's hand when Jungkook's heavy footsteps were heard on the stairs.

Jimin immediately drew a softer smile, relieved by this discussion, which he could put into practice right now.

"Hi guys. Oh, baby, what happened to you? "
And despite this discussion, Yoongi soon left the room when Jungkook kissed Jimin's cheeks and lips many times, while the blonde was trying to somehow tell his misfortune by laughing happily, but noting the way Yoongi left when Jungkook hugged him.
It hadn’t taken Yoongi more than an hour to flee. Under the big disappointed eyes of his little brother, and the troubling ones of his brother’s boyfriend, he had grabbed his jacket pretending to have received an urgent message from Namjoon asking for his presence.
He had tried, really, to stand by his words and accommodate himself to Jimin's presence. But he knew deep down that Jimin's presence wasn’t the problem.

It was more like seeing Jimin and Jungkook being the couple they were.
Hearing Jungkook plan a peaceful day of running the three of them on the couch watching Netflix or playing on the console, Yoongi had been quick to find a way to escape, even though he knew his little brother he wouldn’t like it.

It was stronger than him.
The mere fact of seeing them holding hands in front of his bowl of cereal made him want to throw up.

If he'd been able to see Jimin totally comfortable and natural, it might have helped him to make sense of it. But that wasn’t the case. He was hesitating, seeming embarrassed.
A torture for Yoongi to imagine in spite of himself that Jimin didn’t feel good only because he wanted his arms more than those of Jungkook. A completely crazy idea, a fantasy that sawed his skull.

Jimin made him crazy, making him forget their morning agreement.
Jimin was in love with Jungkook, and reciprocally. Yoongi knew that he would soon have to pull himself together if he didn’t want his unhealthy desire to affect his relationship with his little brother.

Jungkook was everything to him, and he wasn't going to lose him for a booty.
When Yoongi unexpectedly landed at Namjoon's, he realized that this might not have been the best of ideas when he saw him gleefully kissing Jin on the couch.

It was gross, but it was always better than seeing Jimin and Jungkook doing the same all day.
But Yoongi should have known that landing at his best friend's house to escape Jimin was the worst of ideas. Because Namjoon knew very well what had happened at his party, and found it so crazy that he was not about to stop talking about it, regardless of Yoongi's mood.
"Yoongi! What are you doing here, you don’t wanna spend the day with your little brother and your boyfriend? yours, or his? I cannot keep up, it was confused last night... "

"Fuck you."

Jin smacked Namjoon's arm, while Yoongi crashed next to them.
"I just want to forget the very existence of this world today."

"Always so dramatic. You know, it's not that bad. It happens to everyone to fuck the guy of his little brother. Bro code is a bit out of fashion."

"Baby, you're heavy."

"Thank you Jin."
Jin stretched a sympathetic smile, trying to temper his lover. He knew both of them well, and judging the annoyance on Yoongi's face, it would take less than usual for the situation to skid and get angry again.
"Ok ok. But admit that the situation is ... comical. We didn’t really have time to talk about it yesterday before going to the club, and you left without saying a word."

"You would have been unable to shut your mouth and the whole city would have known about it."
"It’s not false. So, if I sum it up, you monopolized my room a whole night to spend it with Jungkook's boyfriend, without knowing it."

"Obviously without knowing it, I would have never touched him otherwise."

"And he knew who you were ?"

"No. He didn’t know me."
Yoongi closed his eyes with a sigh, having no pleasure in telling this story.

"That's why you didn’t want to talk about it after going to your house. While when you woke up, you told us, I quote, "Best fuck of my life." “

"I never said that."

Namjoon sought the support of his boyfriend, who could only grimace at Yoongi, remembering the big smug smile on his face, he seemed air so fresh as they suffered their massive hangover.

"Okay maybe I was exaggerating a bit .. I don’t even remember it."
Another lie from Yoongi, but a lie he would have liked to be true. It would have been much easier for him not to remember the softness of Jimin's skin, not to remember his moans, his eyes, his smell, all of him.
"You're really the worst. You fuck once a year and it took to be with that guy. He didn’t even tell you he was in a relationship, nothing?"

"No, nothing at all, he didn’t especially try to have me either, apparently he had never cheated Jungkook before, it was ... I don’t know."
"He wasn’t going to tell you he was doing it every Friday night. It’s not normal to forget having a boyfriend."

"They may have been swept away by the evening, they've been together for hours. Alcohol and Yoongi's smiles and that's it."

"I hope you don’t speak knowingly."
Jin and Yoongi laugh a little at Namjoon's false jealousy, relaxing the atmosphere a bit.

"I wanted to tell Jungkook everything, but I want to give him a chance. My brother is really crazy about him. If it was not the first time, or if there is another one after, I'll tell him."
"But in the meantime you're going to watch your brother spin the perfect love with a guy that you've secretly made cum all night."

"That’s the idea. Even if it makes me so uncomfortable that I prefer not to see them."

"Don’t be too disturbed, we'll think you're jealous."
Yoongi threw a cushion at his best friend, but thought he was just right.

Jimin was going to interpret things that way, especially after what he had done the day before. But to justify himself to Jungkook, he could pretend to find it strange to share his beloved brother.
While the sad truth was that it was almost painful to see Jimin smile and blush like that night, but for someone else.

Getting lost in his thoughts, Yoongi shook his chin. He was going to have to quickly find a way to stop thinking about it all.
"And the other little schoolboy who drooled on you at the club. He was cute. As long as you fuck all the relatives of your brother, as much to attack someone less problematic.”

"Taehyung, hm. He looked nice. But it may not be a good idea to spend even more time with them."
"Why not? Anyway it's not like it's going to happen again with that Jimin. It was an accident, have to move on. To fuck someone else is to move on! "

"It's true that it would be better if you thought about Taehyung's ass than Jimin's ass. It would be less creepy."
Even though Jin had spoken of Jimin's ass in a fun way, it was almost ubiquitous in Yoongi's mind. Although he had been replaced since that morning by his thighs, which he had had so close to him by taking care of Jimin's feet.

These so sweet and generous thighs.
This fascination, this obsession he had for Jimin's body made him completely crazy. Yoongi knew who he was. And he was no kind of person keen on physical relations, unable to restrain himself from expressing his primitive desires.

Jimin's effect on his mind was a hateful mystery
Jungkook would not be happy if Yoongi spent his entire stay here fleeing whenever Jimin was around. He was going to have to find a way to meet him, to make things normal, according to what they said that morning.

Taehyung could be this way.
But Yoongi wasn’t a fan of this kind of practice. To be interested in someone to forget someone else, he thought it was too cowardly and mean.

"I won’t go out with Taehyung to change my mind. It sucks.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes, finding his friend far too wise.
"Are you in love with this guy?"

"What? No, not at all, never."

"So it's useless to get worked up. You did a stupid thing, but it’s done, you won’t turn back the time. It's going to be awkward as long as you're not able to look in each other’s eyes normally."
Yoongi had started to protest but to recognize that Namjoon wasn’t stupid on this point. The longer they let this embarrassment linger, the longer it would be to pass.

Maybe thinking hard, he could tell himself that this night was not /so/ fantastic.
He really didn’t have anything to be obsessed with Jimin. That's what he had to convince himself to think.

Convince himself, yes. Because obviously, Yoongi was obsessed with this boy, and had all the reasons in the world to be.
A week had passed since Yoongi and Jimin had decided together to live as if nothing had happened between them.

And yet, it had been a week since they crossed their paths while ignoring each other, that they were saying hello to each other at a distance, almost without speaking
Between the two, Jungkook could only see the discomfort that prevailed at home as soon as both were present.

Taking advantage of the absence of his mother until the end, he returned from classes every day with Jimin and insisted that he stays up to the curfew of his parents.
And if Jimin was happy to spend as much time as possible with his boyfriend ordinarily, Jungkook had noticed that this wasn’t the case lately.

And he quickly established a link between Jimin's discomfort and the presence of his older brother.
All week long, he had the opportunity to see the joy and mischief of his boyfriend go out as soon as Jimin saw Yoongi's car in front of the house, or as soon as he heard him opened the front door when they were only two, wherever they were in the house.
For his part, Jimin knew very well that his behavior wasn’t discreet. But even so, he couldn’t relax. The days passed, and no improvement appeared in his mind.

He didn’t breathe every time he knew that Yoongi was not far from him.
The longer he spent with Jungkook, the more his guilt vanished. Every moment spent with Jungkook had always had the ability of making him forget everything.

But each time though, something brought him back to Yoongi. A smell, a word, a sound, a touch.
And as soon as Yoongi interfered in his mind, Jimin had a hard time getting rid of it, but he arrived with a lot of willpower. Only when Yoongi was not around.

But as soon as he knew him nearby, his thoughts were confused and Jimin was completely aiming.
He refused to think of Yoongi the way he did in spite of himself, he refused to have a terrific desire for another while his boyfriend was right next to him. But every day the same longing desire took him and chilled him for hours.

Jimin was scared of himself.
Fortunately for him, Yoongi never stayed long, went into a gust of wind or locked himself in his room, only rarely making himself known to Jimin.

For once, he was happy to have strict parents and not to have dinner with the two brothers.
What was also scary to him was that Jungkook understood because of him and his strange behavior what had happened between Yoongi and him. Sometimes he dreamed of it at night, Jungkook's tears and anger, his pleas to love him again, to choose him.
Jimin didn’t understand why all his dreams revolved around this famous choice. For him, there was no choice to make, far from it. Jungkook was the most loved person in the world, and nothing could break that.

Yoongi was a parasite he didn’t want.
If Jungkook had actually noticed Jimin's discomfort near his brother, he was far from thinking that it was due to such a story between them. A cheating story.

How could he have imagined such a thing? It was insane.
He naturally thought of a much healthier and banal reason, thinking that Jimin must be intimidated by Yoongi, like so many people on this earth. Even though he adored him, he admitted that his brother wasn’t very smiling and sweet with those he didn’t know.
Moreover, Jimin was someone sensitive and reserved. He had trouble getting to the others, had only a small circle of friends, and Jungkook still remembered very well what he had to do to convince the young man to go out with him.
Not wanting to put pressure on his lover, but being concerned that he gets on well with his favorite big brother (the only one he had), Jungkook had preferred not to bother him with that and on thursday evening, he went straight to Yoongi's room when Jimin was gone.
Yoongi was lying on his bed thinking, once again, of this disastrous situation, Jimin's thighs, and in his eyes, and how much he wanted to go home, far from here, to no longer having to remember to not fucked up everything.

When Jungkook opened the door of his room, he jumped.
"Yoon ..?"

"Is there a problem?"

"No no, I just wanted ... can we talk a little bit?"

"Yes of course. Come here."

Jungkook stretched a smile and sneaked into the room, going to throw himself beside his brother, as he had always done when they had to talk.
"So. What is it this time? Has anyone been mean to you at school? "

"Yoongi, I'm over eight."

"I didn’t notice that. What do you want to talk about then? "


Yoongi immediately stopped laughing, finding himself silly not to have guessed earlier.
"You know, me, lover’s problems, I don’t know too much about..."

"Oh no, it's not that, everything is fine between Jimin and me."

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, refraining from making any comment, wondering why Jungkook wanted to talk about his charming boyfriend with him.
"In fact, I don’t find it very well in recent days ..."

This beginning of the sentence alerted Yoongi, who tried not to react too much but feared a lot later.

"And I think I know why."

Jungkook looked at his brother hesitantly, seeming to be reluctant to let go of the piece.
And Yoongi thought that he understood. Understood everything.

"I think he's scared of you. I mean, “scared” is exaggerated. But you intimidate him. Because you're my big brother and you're pretty impressive."

If he could, Yoongi would have let out a sigh of relief.
"You think ?"

"He knows that you count a lot for me, it must put pressure on him. He's really shy, he doesn’t dare to get into a discussion when he doesn’t know someone, and since you're not very talkative too... he probably has told himself that you don’t like him."
Yoongi pursed his lips, imagining that this situation could have happened. And this discomfort would have been more pleasant than that of having fucked his brother boyfriend’s.

"But it's wrong, you like Jimin, he's great, isn’t he?"

"Er, yes, probably."
"I'd like him to feel more comfortable when you're here, so you can both talk to each other, naturally. He needs to know that you’re ok with us to be together. It was like that at first with mom, but mom is funnier than you, so she managed to relax him easily.
Yoongi rolled his eyes as Jungkook laughed, amused.

"So, since Jimin is too nervous when we are only the three of us, I had an idea."

"What idea ?"

"Tomorrow I'm going to have a little party at home, just with my friends."

"So what ?"
"He'll be more comfortable if there are more people around. If you could use it to talk with him, to get to know each other..."

"I don’t know, what if he just doesn’t want to talk to me, it's not very serious… We don’t necessary have to get along, it’s your boyfriend not mine."
"Please Yoon ..."

Jungkook offered his best pout so that his big brother agreed to get closer to his boyfriend. Without realizing that this was a monumental mistake.

And if Yoongi was very embarrassed by this request, he knew he couldn’t refuse it without sounding suspicious.
So he accepted.

"Okay. Make your little party, I'll be there, I promise."

"And will you make an effort to make Jimin feel more comfortable with you?"

"And I'll tell your boyfriend he needs to break up with you because you're annoying."
Jungkook poked at his brother and stood up with a smile.

"Thank you. You're the best."

"Yeah yeah, everybody already knows that."


The youngest left the room happily, leaving Yoongi alone, who ran his hands over his face, wondering what he would be able to say to Jimin the next day.
If now it was Jungkook himself pushing them towards each other, the situation would become even more complicated. Yoongi understood that they would have to learn to act as if.

As if they could get along and laugh together.
As if Yoongi didn’t have this perpetual desire to press Jimin against a wall to kiss him.

As if Jimin didn’t wait every second for it to happen again.

As if these proscribed desires didn’t feed in them a mutual hatred.
"You’re staying with me to sleep tonight, right ?"

"Yes, Jungkook. This is the third time you've asked me, are you afraid I'll change my mind or what ? "

"You never know !"

"Keep it up and that's what I'm going to do."
While his boyfriend was laughing, Jimin rolled his eyes. The end of class had finally sounded, and they were going down the stairs together, towards the exit, where they were going to find their two best friends, as they were used to.
But even before they started walking with Hoseok and Taehyung, Jungkook announced to everyone his little party.

"Guys, to enjoy a little before my mother returns next week, we could all go at mine, do something peaceful. Videogames. Alcohol. Ordered food."
Jimin frowned a little, wondering if Jungkook had been strange all day just because of that.

Taehyung and Hoseok said yes directly, always agree for partying, a little too much sometimes.

"It’s ok for you baby?"

"Yeah, that's fine."
Jimin smiled a little, but thought no less. If they were all together at Jungkook, Yoongi would surely stay with them. One thing Jimin would have preferred to avoid, as always.

"I have to go back home to take care of my dog. I'm buying alcohol on the way."
Hoseok went in one direction, while the remaining trio continued on their way to Jungkook's house.

"Will your big brother be here ?"

Jimin looked up at his boyfriend, glad that the question was asked, and that he wasn’t at the origin. Thank you Taehyung.
Jungkook met Jimin's gaze, assessing the tension he felt waiting for the answer. And he lies. For science.

"No, he's out with his friends."

If Taehyung didn’t hide his disappointment, Jimin tried to hide his relief.
But it didn’t escape the watchful eye of his boyfriend. A reaction that comforted him in his hypothesis that Jimin was afraid of Yoongi.

And Jungkook was counting on his brother to reassure Jimin and make him less fearful in his presence in the future.
Without commenting on what he had noticed, Jungkook wrapped an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders and kissed his cheek.

Jimin felt lighter, ready to have a good evening with the people he loved most, without fear or blockage.
But this tranquility in his mind was short-lived, since when they arrived at their destination, Yoongi's car was indeed present. Jimin kept hoping that he must have gone without it.

Jungkook didn’t say a work, and opened the door.
Inside the house, Yoongi scrolled on his laptop, settled in Jimin's favorite chair, to whom he looked up directly, staring at him for two seconds, enough to guess his discomfort.

Jungkook pretended to be surprised on entering, after making a discreet wink at his brother.
"Weren’t you supposed to leave me alone to go to your dear Namjoon ?"

"Weren’t you supposed to sulk alone all night ?"

"Nanana. I invited my friends to spend the evening here, Hoseok went to get some alcohol."

"I see. My plans are canceled."

"Cool. You can stay with us then."
Cool. It wasn’t a word that Jimin would have chosen. He knew his boyfriend by heart, and saw very well that he was lying and over-playing each of his sentences. Jungkook had trapped him.

Yoongi stood up and approached the group to greet the friend and boyfriend politely.
Taehyung extended his hand to Yoongi with pleasure, his little crush for him not having left since last time.

"Taehyung, right?"

"That's it. Good to see you again, Yoongi."

Yoongi offered a smile to Taehyung who could have melted on the spot, looking at him with heart-eyes.
And to see his friend staring at Yoongi in this way strongly jabbed Jimin, who shook the hand that Yoongi handed him. The older man felt his tension through his grip, though the little one was trying to remain impassive in front of everyone.

"How are you, Jimin ?"

"I'm fine."
Yoongi would have liked to be able to take him aside, to explain what Jungkook thought, to assure him that he didn’t take pleasure in imposing his presence on him tonight. But he had to release his hand, and play his part for the evening. That of the good big brother.
"While waiting for your friend, what about a Switch game? I take you all on Mario Kart."

"It's a challenge ?"

"A promise, little bro."

Taehyung and Jungkook had quickly disposed of their bags and jackets to sit on a couch.
But Jimin remained standing, searching for something to escape this situation. But he knew well that running away now would admit his weakness to Yoongi, and arouse suspicion in Jungkook.

He was going to have to spend the whole evening between his boyfriend and his fantasy.
"Jimin, are you in ?"

"I, I'm coming, I'm just going drink a glass of water."

Jimin put down his bag and agreed to himself a few seconds of peace in the kitchen.

Seeing him leave, Yoongi had wanted to join him, reassure him and apologize again, but couldn’t afford it.
They had avoided this situation for too long. It was tonight that Jimin and Yoongi were finally going to know if they were able to control themselves, to interact in front of others, especially Jungkook, like normal people.

People who didn’t want to jump on each other.
The glass of water was needed to soothe Jimin's mind, but not enough to make him completely forget his desire to have Yoongi's hands on his skin.

They only shared one look, and Jimin was already in panic.

The evening was going to be long.
Jimin would have liked never to have to leave this kitchen. Because as soon as he did, every second was a real ordeal.

Jungkook had invited him to sit on his right, having taken care to leave only that place, between Yoongi and him.
Jimin had never felt so uncomfortable at that moment, sitting between his boyfriend and the one with who he had cheated on him. He hated feeling their thighs touch his, and he hated himself for wanting to lean more to his right, where Yoongi was.
Highly concentrated and silent, he had remained upright like an i, with a joystick in his hand that he barely knew how to use. Video games had never been his thing. So to play it properly when his mind was putting such pressure on himself was impossible.
Jungkook and Taehyung used to see Jimin struggling and found it rather amusing. Everyone had tried to teach him to play, nothing helped.

Yoongi had wanted to help him, seeing him thus, uncomfortable and mocked by others.
But he didn’t want to make things worse for Jimin, which he easily guessed was anything but happy to be forced to spend this moment so close to him.

And unfortunately for the young high school student, this Mario Kart event was not the only one he had to cross tonight.
Jimin thought he was out of the woods when Hoseok arrived with a bit too much vodka. Jungkook stopped the game, after another Yoongi victory and another defeat by Jimin, who had risen from the couch without losing a second to go as far as possible from Yoongi.
When he saw him, Yoongi thought he was going to have a hard time satisfying his little brother's request. He couldn’t blame Jimin for not wanting to approach him after everything they made. But Jungkook wasn’t able to understand why they could not be friends.
For Jimin, the strategy was simple. Stay close to Jungkook and Hoseok all evening, and push Taehyung to Yoongi whenever necessary, even if it annoyed him deeply without him wanting to admit it. He absolutely needed distances.
But what Jimin did not really understand was that Jungkook was going to do everything to make him communicate with Yoongi. So every time he figured out how to get away from him, Jungkook called his big brother to tell him something, without letting Jimin go anywhere else.
Jimin was red and frozen with shame as he listened to his boyfriend telling his older brother the beginnings of their love story. The way Jimin was complicate to approach, all he had to do to charm him.

"To approach Jimin, you have to be veeeery patient, and veeeeery motivated!"
If Jungkook laughed at these memories, it wasn’t the case of his boyfriend or his big brother.

Jimin didn’t dare to look up from the ground, thinking that Yoongi must remember how he hadn’t needed too many time to put his hands on him.
Jungkook told many things in this style, monopolizing his big brother for the biggest despair of Taehyung who would have liked to try an approach, but also that of Jimin who regretted now not having been able to play Mario Kart any longer.
Between two anecdotes that Yoongi didn’t really want to hear, since they made him feel a strange feeling that was squeezing his chest, Jungkook suggested several times to Jimin to take have a drink, to help him relax and make things easier.
But Jimin, remembering his bad experience with his last excess , had no desire to one day pass only a drop of alcohol back into his throat. Something Jungkook didn’t seem to understand.

"No thanks, Jun, really, I don’t want it."
"But why, we're at home, a drink or two, it won’t kill you! Nothing can happen to you. It's for fun !"

"I just don’t want to drink, is it a crime?"

"You're really not funny sometimes."

A little annoyed by the remark, Jimin wanted to answer, but Yoongi cut him off.
"Jung, you shouldn’t try to make him drink like that. Being alcoholic is /not/ cool."

"You say that while having a drink in your hand, it's not super logical."

"I drink because I like to drink. If Jimin doesn’t like it, it would be silly to drink just to end up wasted."
Jimin glanced at Yoongi, which he had avoided doing for the past two hours. He was surprised that he took his defense thus, on this point which had caused their disastrous and yet so passionate meeting. He was almost grateful to him.
Yoongi knew the influence he had on his little brother. And after creasing his mouth for a moment, Jungkook finally rested his own glass, the third one, on the table.

"Yeah. You're right. Sorry. Coca will do the trick, right?"

"It's already better."
Jungkook was secretly delighted to see that Jimin had sent a small smile to his brother. He had felt his boyfriend relax a little against him, even if not fully yet. Little by little, his strategy worked, but it still lacked something to be optimal.
A moment alone between Jimin and Yoongi.

Where Jimin couldn’t hide himself against Jungkook, rely on him to make the discussion without him having to intervene too much, to address Yoongi directly.

But he didn’t see how to provoke that.
Jimin was allowed a little respite when the music motivated Jungkook to focus his attention on him instead of continuing to try to make him talk to Yoongi.

And it was up to Yoongi to grit his teeth as he saw Jungkook dancing with Jimin, kissing Jimin, right under his nose.
He couldn’t blame Jungkook for falling in love with Jimin. He understood perfectly why, himself unable to resist the reactions of his body when he had the misfortune to put his eyes on him.

Nobody had ever made such an impact on him.
Yet, he would have liked those particular feelings to have developed for Taehyung, who put so much energy into trying to get his attention, which he was doing right now, approaching the oldest while dancing a little wobbly, after a few drinks.
As Taehyung held his arms around the neck of a very embarrassed Yoongi, he caught Jimin's eye, which was glued to Jungkook, exchanging a long look with him.

And Jimin shivered after daring to think he was in the wrong arms.
"Are you cold, Love ?"

Jungkook had put his hands up on Jimin's back, making him even more ashamed, as he closed his eyes, forbidding himself to continue to sin in this way, even through his mind.

"A little ... it must be fatigue."
Jungkook pressed a kiss into Jimin's neck, and Jimin didn’t find it pleasant at all. Neither the second kiss, nor the third...

And fortunately for him, there was not any more, since a big noise behind Jungkook made them come off to see what was happening.
Taehyung, visibly over-alcoholic, had stumbled and spread himself on the floor, where he laughed with the euphoria his condition was causing him.

Yoongi grimaced, feeling almost guilty for not being able to cushion his fall as he could not get his eyes off Jimin.
Hoseok rolled his eyes and approached him to pick him up, accustomed.

"Well, it'll be over for tonight, I'll take him home."

Jungkook, instead of being disappointed, hurried to help him, jumping on the occasion.

"I will come with you! It will be easier!"
Hoseok didn’t refuse, happy not to have to manage Taehyung alone on his way home. He grabbed his jacket, and Jimin too, under Jungkook's surprised look.

"What are you doing baby?"

"I'm coming with you."

"No no, stay there, it's not worth it. You told me you were tired, no? "
Jungkook did not allow him time to protest that he approached to kiss his cheek, and quickly pulled Taehyung out with Hoseok to slam the door, leaving at lightning speed to let behind his boyfriend and his big brother, alone in this empty house.
Jimin stared at the door for a few seconds, in complete misunderstanding. And in fear too. Behind him, he knew that Yoongi was there, watching him, waiting for him to turn around.

But Jimin chose not to turn around, fleeing directly to the stairs.
"Jimin, wait! We need to talk !"

One foot on the first step, the high school student closed his eyes and squeezed the railing in his hand.

"We've already spoken, I have nothing more to say."

"Please, it's about Jungkook, I need to explain to you. It won't be long, promised."
Jimin seemed to hesitate for two seconds, but he finally turned around, sitting down on the stairs after taking a little height, and stared at Yoongi.

Yoongi bit his cheek at seeing his attitude totally refractory to him, not being insensitive to it.
"Jungkook came to see me yesterday. He noticed that ... you weren’t in your normal state when I was there. "

At these words, Jimin was frightened, his eyes widening. He who thought he could be discreet had failed miserably in his attempt to hide his betrayal.
"He has .. he understood?"

"No, he didn’t .. he thinks you're scared of me, that I intimidate you or something like that ..."

"Oh god ..."

Jimin ran his hands over his face, hiding himself by taking support on his lap. This whole story made him crazy.
"He had the idea of this evening to get us closer, you and me. To become friends. He .. would really like us to get along.”

"We can’t."

"Jimin .."

"We can’t."

Jimin raised his head, looking at Yoongi very seriously.
"You're going to tell him that you're sorry but that you find me neither interesting nor funny, and that it's not a drama if we’re not friends."

"You know him, he won’t let it go, so if you don’t want to be forced to undergo this all the time, we will have to take on ourselves."
"I can’t !"

Jimin had raised his tone on his last sentence, and got up, tense.

Yoongi had remained at a distance, jaw clenched, integrating the hatred that Jimin was carrying towards him.

"It doesn’t make me happy either. But at least I have the decency to hide it."
After these words, Yoongi shook his chin and returned to the living room, wanting to put everything in order to end this damn night.

But he hardly touched the first glass that Jimin, who had followed him, called out to him.

"I can’t because I hate you, Yoongi."
Really hurt by these words, Yoongi put the glass down and turned to the youngest.

"I think it was pretty clear without you needing to-"

"I hate you because I can’t be myself when you're close to me."
Cut off by this precision, Yoongi was silent and saw Jimin's eyes shine with the vivid emotion he was feeling at the moment.

"I hate you because when you're here, the only thing I think is the stupid urge to feel your hands on my skin."
The electric atmosphere that had reigned in the room had now become very heavy, carried by the sincerity and dangerousness of the words that Jimin pronounced.

"I hate you because I constantly want you to kiss me, because I dream of it nights and days .."
Yoongi shuddered, his heart pierced by each of his words. He began to approach Jimin, wanting to reassure him, to tell him that he felt these things too, that he couldn’t think of anything other than him either.

But Jimin pulled back, refusing him to approach.
"Jimin, I-"

"Don’t come near me."

Yoongi stopped his steps when a tear fell on Jimin's cheek.

"I love him, I don’t want to hurt him ... I hate to think about all these things, not control myself ... I can’t do that to him, Yoongi, I can’t ..."
Jimin wiped his cheek, finding himself stupid and pathetic. To have said all this had served him nothing, he didn’t feel better.

"I wish I could do what you do. I would like to have totally forgotten what happened, to be able to pass over, never to think about it ever again."
But he couldn’t do it. Jimin made the same observation every night. He couldn’t forget.

Thinking he had done enough, he looked down and turned around.

He hardly took a step when Yoongi's arms passed around him, the older one sticking to his back.
Jimin froze immediately, not expecting Yoongi to come and hug him like that. It was bad. Terribly bad.

But when it feels so right, it can never be wrong.

"I haven’t forgotten, Jimin, I can’t forget, never..."

Jimin put his hands on Yoongi's arms, gripping them for him to tightened his arms around him, which he did as he leaned his head against his, and whispered in his ear.

"I want you. Every day, every hour, every second since that night, I want you, Jimin."
Jimin bit his tongue not to moan, his body not able remain insensitive to Yoongi.

"Tell me you want me too ..."

"I want you... but we don’t have the right.."

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I didn’t meet you before him."
Yoongi inhaled Jimin's perfume for a long time before releasing him, remaining reasonable for him.

As soon as Jimin no longer felt any part of Yoongi's body in contact with his, he felt frightfully empty. And alone. This feeling was terrible, he hated it.
"I will find something to say to Jungkook. And I will leave you alone. I promise."

"Thank you…"

Jimin's response had been almost inaudible, so much was he distressed.

Without turning around, for fear of cracking and making a mistake, Jimin left the living room.
Yoongi sighed as he heard the door of his brother's room slam, guessing the state in which Jimin was now.

This discussion was necessary, but now things may have been worse than before. In their minds, at least.
Yoongi had survived every day with eyes only for his brother's boyfriend.

But how was he going to be able to survive every day knowing now that the boy he wanted more than anything wanted him back ?
Yoongi didn’t need to make all efforts in the world not to meet Jimin at home.

It was Jimin himself who stopped coming, contrary to the habits of recent days. A change of attitude that worried Jungkook a bit, to whom Jimin pretend having a lot of work to do for high school.
When Jungkook spoke about him, Yoongi listened and changed the subject as soon as possible. After last time, he had to explain to his brother that he and Jimin had nothing in common, nothing to share, and that it didn’t matter, as long as they can stand one another.
Of course, the truth was elsewhere. They couldn’t stand one another because they had too much to share. Well beyond the limits that morality imposed.

But now that they had more or less confessed to each other what they felt, they had decided to close this story.
Another event had prevented Yoongi from thinking only about Jimin every minute of the week. But to choose, he would have preferred to mope on this ambiguous and frustrating story longer.

Friday arrived quickly, and the return of his mother with it.
Yoongi was plagued by apprehension. Like every time he was about to spend some time with the woman who gave birth to him, with whom he had a complicated relationship.

And if each time he kept hoping that it would get better, it was never the case.
Yoongi had spent the day cleaning the house and preparing the evening meal, drowning his stress and putting himself in the best possible arrangements to please his mother.

He was still in the kitchen when Jungkook returned from high school.

Alone. Again.
"Wow, it smells good !"

The high school student entered the room with a big smile, adoring to see his big brother cooking.

"This is Mom's favorite food? It's cool, it'll make her happy. "

Yoongi smiled, hoping he was right. Because that was exactly what he was trying to do.
"How was high school?"

"Good. Nothing in particular."

Yoongi shook his chin, concentrating on making his dish so as not to let go of the burning questions he had about the fact that Jimin wasn’t with him once again while he was always sleeping here on Fridays.
Jungkook climbed onto the worktop, where Yoongi had helped Jimin sit a few days earlier. Where his imagination visualized him every time he entered the kitchen since.

"I don’t want you to go away already."

"I haven’t planned to leave now."

Jungkook believed it moderately. The evening had come. If everything were as it had been since Yoongi had left the house, a single night spent under the same roof as his mother would be enough for him to return to where he had fled.

It was always like that.
But Jungkook had hope too. He loved his big brother and was always distraught with all the hatred and anger between him and their mother. With whom he had no problem, strangely. He would have liked for once, his family to be united for at least one evening.
The hardest thing was to see Yoongi make an effort, to make every effort as he did now, and not to have a return. See his eyes darken every second, his smile disappear, and his suitcase done in a few seconds before he leaves after having slammed the doors.
Deep inside, they knew very well that once again, the evening would be a disaster. But the truth was too violent to be integrated. Yoongi refused to admit what was obvious, so he began again and again to rush into the same walls that weakened him little by little.
And an hour later, when the mother of the two brothers finally returned from her seminary, she barely passed the door that Yoongi already felt too much in here.

Jungkook came down from his room directly, super happy to see his mother who had missed him so much, and vice versa.
Yoongi, from the kitchen, had plenty of time to see the reunion he had always hoped to have, even if he never said it. He saw his mother smile, pinch the cheeks of his favorite son, give him a compliment and tell him she was happy to see him.
Taking advantage of this moment of sweetness, hoping for once to have a little of that love she expressed, Yoongi came to them with a small smile, although stressing enormously.

Jungkook saw him approaching and helped him, recoiling a little towards him.
His mother turned to him, and when her eyes rested on her eldest son, all the joy of her face seemed to fly away immediately.

Yoongi swallowed and put a hand on his neck.

"Good evening mother. You... have you had a good trip ?"

"Yoongi. You'll be nice to park your car better."
Yoongi showed no emotion, just nodding as Jungkook narrowed his mouth, feeling bad for his big brother.

But the older man was used to dealing with the uncomfortable attitudes of his only parent. And not without weariness, not without fatigue.
Yoongi made himself discreet until serving the meal. And as usual, Jungkook was the only one to exist, whose mother kissed his cheek.

"You ordered bulgogi for my return, thank you Kookie, you're an angel."

"We didn’t order, it's Yoongi who cooked this afternoon!"
Not surprisingly, the social worker she were didn’t answer, unable to imagine a second making a compliment to his other son. The one she preferred not to mention when she talked about her personal life to her colleagues. The one she would have preferred not to see tonight, too.
And all along the meal, it was as if Yoongi wasn’t there, sitting at this table. Although sitting in front of his mother, she didn’t look at him once, turned to Jungkook, whom she spoke with kindness and interest, of all that passed through her mind
High school, exams, Jimin. Yoongi almost wanted to laugh when he noticed that his mother was more fond of his brother's boyfriend than her own son. She asked for news about Jimin, was disappointed that he wasn’t there, in the place of a Yoongi who kept silent, with a tight heart.
Jungkook was very uncomfortable, regularly watching his brother, and trying to guide his mother to him by telling them what they had done together in recent days. But nothing helped, as always.

It was only at the end of dinner that she finally spoke to Yoongi.
"And you. When are you planning to go back to Daegu? "

Yoongi, who had not uttered a word since he had said hello to his mother, got up with his plate, his face closed.

"As soon as possible. I wasn’t going to dwell here, I wouldn’t want to disturb your little peaceful life."
Without giving his mother time to answer, Yoongi left the table and the room, placing his plate in the kitchen before going up to lock himself in what he had the audacity to still consider his room.
His bag was quickly made, and yet tonight Yoongi didn’t have the force to go in his car and leave this city where he had been stifling forever.

Never had anything kept him here, in this place he had left at the legal age, as soon as possible.

But he never met a Jimin before.
The lunch break was surely the moment that Jimin preferred in his day.

Not because he was allowed to fill his stomach after a long morning of maths lesson.

But because he could lie on the grass, enjoy the sun's rays and forget everything.
Jimin had never been a big talker. His friends were used to his calm, his lack of expression and his laughter without noise.

Anyway, his friends were talking enough so that he didn’t need to actively participate in the conversations.
As the weather permitted it, Jimin's head rested on Jungkook's lap who ran his hands through his lover's blond hair, listening to Hoseok telling what he had done on his weekend. As every monday.
Jimin had been the first to speak, to say in a few words that he had spent the weekend revising in his room. And that was what he did.

At least, between the many hours he spent moping in his bed, thinking about Yoongi, about his words, about his eyes.
He hadn’t found better as an excuse for not being forced to visit Jungkook. He would have been delighted to see his boyfriend’s mother, who was so kind to him.

But it was impossible for him to meet Yoongi after their confessions of the last time.
And despite that, Jimin was shaking every time he realized that the last time he saw Yoongi was the real /last/ time.

He was still rethinking this moment, his constant depression preventing him from enjoying this short time of peace.

Jimin was infinitely sad.
"So Jungkook, your weekend? Did your mom finally come back ? Happy ?"

Hoseok had asked the question by making fun of him, barely making Jimin smile, who was counting on the funniest of his friends to distract him from his darkest thoughts.
Jungkook pricked his tongue, massaging his boyfriend's skull before sighing a little, surprising everyone.

"Happy, yes and no..."

"Have you quarreled? You, mommy's prodigy son, have you been a naughty boy? "

"Shut up…"
Jimin was a little jostled in his tranquility when Jungkook straightened up a bit to hit Hoseok's shoulder.

"I'm really happy that my mother is back. But the problem is that now that she’s here, Yoongi will leave again. And that’s not really cool."
Hearing these words, Jimin had to make a superhuman effort not to react immediately and open his eyes to look at Jungkook with confusion and apprehension.

Fortunately for him, Taehyung was there to express his questions and disappointment in his place.
"Why is your brother leaving? Your house is big enough for you all, isn’t it? "

"Of course it's not a question of place. It's just that ... my mother and my brother have always had a rather special relationship. An awful one. They can’t live under the same roof, really."
Jimin frowned a little, surprised to learn that. From what he had seen of Yoongi, not to mention what bound them together, he didn’t understand what could justify such a bad relationship.

Yoongi was a super brother, and a caring and protective person.
"I love my mother but .... she’s very unfair to Yoongi. And it's been like that for as long as I can remember. He never had the right to make error, she never lets him pass anything, and he who behaves like a free electron... it explodes constantly between them."
All his friends listened with attention and misunderstanding. They knew Jungkook's mother, who always received them at home with open arms. Never an unpleasant comment, always to brood them more than their own parents.

Especially with Jimin.
"She put Yoongi in boarding school, and as soon as he became an adult, he took everything he had and left the city immediately. Since then, he lives in Daegu, where he has a studio, a job or two. He rarely talks to me about his life there. Nor about himself in general."
A small silence passed, each trying to imagine this situation that seemed impossible in the world they imagined.

And Jimin felt sorry for Yoongi, probably the only one among them who could understand what a parent's rejection was doing.
"But... so, with you, how is it going? Doesn’t it create tension between you two? "

"Not at all. We never argue. He constantly watches over me, even from a distance, and he comes back to see me whenever he can. That is, as soon as my mother is not here."
"But why doesn’t he leave before she comes back? It would be more breathable for you."

"Because he wants her love. He always hopes that things will change, that a miracle will happen. He’s still waiting to see her, and he puts the forms in it. He cooked for her Friday."
Jimin finally opened his eyes, meeting Jungkook's eyes, which gave him a rather sad smile before he caressed his cheek.

"But it's always the same thing. She returns, she speaks to him badly, and he disappears within an hour."

"He’s already gone ?!"
Jimin had the same thought as Taehyung, not understanding anything, and immediately tense up.

Just to think that Yoongi had left without being able to prepare for it, without being able to see him one last time, made grow in him fear and intense discomfort.
But Jungkook shook his chin, refuting.

"Not yet. This is the first time he has stayed that long. However, since my mother was once again not receptive and on the contrary very nasty, they didn’t address each other a single look.
He just stayed in his room, doing nothing, as if ... as if he was waiting for something."

As Jungkook sighed again, having struggled to witness his big brother's suffering all weekend, Jimin let his eyes get lost in the void.
Yoongi stayed. He was waiting for something.

And he was waiting for him. Jimin knew it, without being able to explain it.

And he didn’t know if he should be happy to learn and understand that, or if he should die of fear without knowing what to do with this information.
Jimin had this discussion in mind all the rest of the day. His body was in high school, but his mind was far away, between questioning and despair.

And he was in this state until evening, alone at home, watching TV without really seeing it, with an apple in his hand.
Outside, a thunderstorm hit the city, very much reflecting Jimin's state of mind. A chaos of thoughts that couldn’t be ordered, dark, sad and indomitable.

And Jimin was terribly impatient for the storm to pass so that he could finally think properly.
But the storm was still here when sent a message to Jungkook asking if things were better at home, knowing full well that he didn’t do it to know if his boyfriend was going to spend a pleasant evening.

He only wanted to know if Yoongi was still there.
And the answer he received imposed on Jimin a huge dilemma.

He wondered if he should listen to his brain, or listen to his heart.

He wondered if he should protect the comfort of his present life, or if he had to risk everything again so as not to have the slightest regret.
And after long seconds of almost forgetting to breathe, Jimin got up suddenly.

He dropped his apple on the coffee table, pulled on his jacket, grabbed his keys and left his house, slamming the door.

Tonight, Jimin abandoned reason to listen to his heart.
And his heart told him that it was out of the question for Yoongi to leave this city before he could see him one last time.

→ "My brother has left the house. I’m sad but it's better like that.. He's planning to sleep at Namjoon's and leave tomorrow, when the storm is over."
🍷 〰️ 🍷
When Jimin arrived at Namjoon's, he was soaked from head to toe. After several minutes of walking under a torrential downpour, he took refuge under the porch, taking off his hood with relief.

But now in front of that door, he doubted.
The pressure was rising in him at once, wondering what he was doing here. Yoongi was leaving, and it was daring of Jimin to think that his departure had been delayed because of what had happened between them.

It was late, Jimin was shaking and his hair was dripping on the floor.
After a brief moment of panic, Jimin raised his hand to knock on the door, drumming loudly to cover the sound of the storm that thundered behind him.

He was here now, and did not intend to turn back.

His heart was beating wildly as the door opened.
Jin didn’t take more than three seconds to recognize him, the surprise perfectly noticeable on his face.

"Jimin ?.. you're soaked, come here boy."

The high school student had a grateful smile, entering the beautiful home where he had committed his worst sin.
Jin closed the door and looked at him, noticing his condition and easily guessing what he was doing here.

"Yoongi and Namjoon went to get some food. They shouldn’t be late now... "


Jimin bit his cheek, embarrassed to be in front of someone who knew everything.
"Take off your coat. You must be frozen, you want to drink something hot? A tea maybe? "

Jimin nodded, enjoying Jin's hospitality and gentleness, which he followed to the kitchen once he had gotten rid of his coat.
And Jimin began to blush when he found this room where he had spent hours talking and laughing with Yoongi, the very first time.

This room where they had kissed, where they had spent the moment that had disrupt the sad life they led both.
He leaned on the work plan, finding a little comfort in the happiness these memories brought him.

Jin put some water to boil, and placed on Jimin a benevolent, compassionate look.

“He’ll be pleased to see you."
At these words, Jimin opened his mouth, rubbing his arm with embarrassment.

" You think...?"

"I’m pretty sure of it."

This advice helped him to relax a little, and to comfort him in his actions. He had come here without much purpose. He didn’t know how things were going to be.
All he knew was that he missed Yoongi all these last days, and that his heart hurt terribly since he had learned of his imminent departure.

"You know, I've known Yoongi for a long time now. And it never happened."
Jimin frowned a little, not really understanding what he was talking about.

"What had never happened?"

"Him being so affected and troubled by someone."

"And that's supposed to be a good thing?"

Jin approached with a steaming cup, which Jimin took in his hands.
"Of course it's a good thing. Love should never be considered something bad or negative."

"Even if it hurts people around us?"


Putting a hand on the blonde's shoulder, Jin looked into his eyes.
"In life, the goal is to be happy. Not pretending to be. And it's a personal quest. It’s up to you to make every effort to be happy on this earth. Why deprive ourselves, just dream of a life we can have? No one will live for you, so don’t live for others. Live for yourself."
Jimin pursed his lips, trying to think about what Namjoon's boyfriend had just said, what those words meant to him.

Smiling, Jin stepped back, hoping Jimin could find the answers to the questions he had been asking himself for several weeks.
A comfortable silence settled, this discussion having reassured Jimin on the meaning of his presence here. He hadn’t been deaf to the terms used by Jin, strong terms, with a significance of utmost importance.

Happiness, dreams, love.
It wasn’t for nothing that this situation was so complex, that he was so bad and that despite his guilt he couldn’t help but bring all his thoughts back to Yoongi.

Even if they barely knew each other, the strength of this bond between them left no doubt.
This anger and hatred that they had tried to give each other was only a mask, to hide the power of their feelings, feelings that their minds governed by norms and morality couldn’t integrate and let express themselves normally.
Jimin didn’t have time to think long enough about these things he was just beginning to realize.

While his nose was in his cup of tea, the front door slammed shut, and Namjoon's annoyed voice was heard throughout the house.

"I hate rain !"
Jimin opened his eyes wide, starting to stress immediately, his stomach tied with apprehension. It was too late to retreat now, but Yoongi's reaction to his presence here terrified him.

Jin encouraged him with a smile and walked out of the kitchen.
In the entrance, Namjoon was still moaning, while Yoongi walked with the pizza boxes, happy to be warm and to have something to eat finally.

"Sorry Jin, there will be wasting as always, your stupid boyfriend's eyes were bigger than his belly."
Jin gave a slight laugh.

"This is not a problem. It falls pretty well. We have a surprise guest tonight."

Yoongi put the pizzas on the coffee table and frowned as he looked up at Jin, ready to ask him more precisely when he saw /him/.
A little hidden in the back of his friend, Jimin was there, wrapped in a jade green sweater, his hands hidden in his sleeves. His cheeks were pink, and soaked by the dripping water of his hair.

Yoongi straightened up and remained stuck, looking at him with his mouth open.
But Namjoon, who was far from being overpowered by Jimin's beauty, exclaimed easily when he saw him here.

"But it's Jimin! Did you come back in order to steal my bed once again? "


Jin reprimanded his boyfriend with a look as Jimin looked down, shy.
Namjoon let out a thunderous laugh and slammed into Yoongi's back, who had still not spoken a word, or looked away from Jimin's face.

"Yoongi, can you shut your mouth please? It becomes embarrassing, you'll scare him if you keep looking at him like this."
"Shut up."

Yoongi pushed his friend and get out of his shock to approach Jimin, his heart beating fast as his presence had surprised him. But once close to him, he didn’t know what to say, what to do, turned upside down.

"I .. you .. you'll get sick if you stay like that."
Jimin raised his chin, losing himself for a few seconds in Yoongi's eyes before looking at his sweater and his pants sticking to his skin.

Yoongi inhaled and decided to be courageous, catching Jimin's hand, which again put his eye on him.
"Come with me. I have some clothes you can wear."

Jimin nodded silently, and left his hand to Yoongi following his steps towards the stairs of the house, which they had already climbed once, holding hands like this.

"Don’t mistaking with my bedroom this time!"
Yoongi turned to give the finger to his best friend who found the situation amusing, before climbing Jimin in a safe place.

=Be as far as possible from Namjoon.

He pushed open the door of the room he was going to occupy tonight, bringing Jimin with him.
And it was when he let go of his hand that he realized that they had wrapped their fingers. This gesture had been as natural as pleasant.

Without daring to look at the high school boy in the eyes, or ask him what he was doing here, Yoongi opened his bag to pull out warm clothes.
Jimin remained standing, biting his lips nervously, unable to think of anything but the satisfaction he felt at having Yoongi under his eyes. He had really missed him, and even if he wanted to hide in a corner, he didn’t regret for a second that he came here
"Here, you should put that, you'll be better in dry clothes."

Jimin smiled, taking Yoongi's sweater and jog, and looked around before finally speaking to him, blushing.

"Can you turn around?"
Yoongi stuttered for a moment but complied, turning to a wall with cheeks more red than ever.

And his imagination didn’t leave him in peace, imagining in great detail what was going on behind his back, hearing only the wrinkles of fabric.
"I’m done…"

Yoongi found Jimin's voice so sweet when he was shy. When he faced him again, his throat was dry in the face of what Jimin's vision in his own clothes was causing inside.

Much too satisfying.
"You should not have walked under the storm to come here. It wasn’t safe of you. Something could have happened. It was irresponsible."

Yoongi couldn’t help but have that little reprimand, not really realizing Jimin was there, when he thought he'd never see him again.
Faced with the words of the oldest, Jimin doubted, thinking that this was a way of blaming him for having set foot here without being invited.

"I ... I'm sorry."

Pulling on the sleeves of the jumper, Jimin stared at Yoongi with bright eyes and stepped back.
"I shouldn’t have come. I .. I’ll go home."

Jimin wanted to pick up his clothes and run away, but Yoongi was faster than him, catching him by the sweater to bring him back to him.

Not opposing any force, Jimin shivered when Yoongi put his hands on his cheeks.
He felt Yoongi's eyes on him, his presence so close, too close, and the unreasoning beatings of his heart. Everything was confused and full of meaning at the same time.

Feeling him shaking, Yoongi put his forehead against Jimin's, and murmured.

"Talk to me."
When Jimin finally ventured to dive into Yoongi's eyes, tears ran out. The older man wiped them with his fingers, his heart tight to see him like that.

"Am ... Am I someone bad if I don’t want you to go far away from me ?"
Jimin was upset by all the emotions he was feeling right now. He was scared, terribly scared, and couldn’t know how things would work out for him when Yoongi was gone. Or in what state this departure would put him.
Yoongi looked at him with insane intensity, and didn’t know what to answer to this question, what to answer Jimin's fears, what to say to comfort him.

So he didn’t use any words.

Very slowly, his face approached Jimin's, making sure he wanted it too.
Their lips brushed a few seconds before Yoongi pressed a real kiss on Jimin's mouth, whose hands were now gripping Yoongi's sweatshirt.

Their eyes were closed, and their gestures were slow, almost timid, precious.
It was the sweetest and most sincere kisses they had ever exchanged.

Tonight they were falling off the masks, and no longer pretending. They confided to each other the secret of their shameful feelings in the eyes of the world, yet very real.
When the kiss ended, Jimin didn’t cry anymore. He didn’t know if what he was doing was right or not, if he wouldn’t regret his actions later.

All he knew was that he had never felt more comfortable in this world than while this kiss with Yoongi.
"Just for tonight, forget who I am, and I’ll forget who you are..."

Jimin shuddered as he heard those words, and he didn’t hesitate for a second before putting his arms around Yoongi's neck to kiss him again.

He needed to know what was happiness for himself.

If it was /him/.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
Jimin had imagined a lot of scenarios on the way that led him to Namjoon's house.

That the latter doesn’t open the door, that Yoongi laughs in his face, that he doesn’t even have time to reach the house because kidnapped by human traffickers.
Only sad or gloomy things, and so to summarize, an evening that turned to drama for him.

And yet, he was now warm, in the living room in Namjoon’s house, eating pizza while being snuggled against Yoongi's body, shy but happy.
After a few minutes of kissing and making the decision to live this evening as a timeless moment, out of this world, the two lovers went down hand in hand to join Namjoon and Jin, and especially to eat.
Namjoon had wanted, as with his great habit, to comment on what he saw and which greatly surprised him.

But Jin had once again had the wisdom to put a hand on his boyfriend’s mouth, and whisper threats in his ear.
After that, the owner of the place had to take it upon himself but retained in him all the comments that went through his head.

A torture for him to be faced with such a spectacle, able to provide so many jokes, and having to act as if everything was normal. such a waste.
Jimin had stayed red most of the time, despite Jin's reassuring smiles towards him. His legs tangled with those of Yoongi, he had made himself small against him, eating while enjoying the pampering that the older man lavished on him, his fingers in his hair
It seemed so natural. As if they had been together for years. As if this tenderness had always been there between them.

They were adorable, Namjoon had to admit it. But apart from the comical situation, he also knew that it wouldn’t last.
And that was surely what exceeded him a little. More than the fact of chopping his little brother's boyfriend behind his back.

It must be immensely difficult and dangerous to pretend that everything was fine, as if it was real, when it was condemned in advance.
But if the two young magnets agreed to indulge in this illusion, he could only respect that. And hope that his best friend would not wake up again more destroyed when it was time to leave this place and say goodbye.
Jimin and Yoongi didn’t speak, leaving the squabble of Namjoon and Jin occupy the sound space. They were too good in their bubbles to care about others, and they had too little time to enjoy each other to waste it unnecessarily.
Yoongi could only see Jimin in his field of vision, kissing his cheeks and blowing on his neck to make him laugh, worshiping the feeling of snuggling up against him. They were almost silly, to eat in the same pizza, to drink in the same glass.
At that moment, they were only tenderness for each other, far from what they had claimed to be a strong physical attraction.

What was there between them was much stronger than that, but also much more difficult to manage, much more dangerous and destructive. They were screwed.
So they had nothing to lose in sharing a moment of illusion, a moment when nothing else counted outside of themselves.

Yoongi had never been happier than by looking at Jimin in the eyes, reading the reflection of how he felt about him. That was enough for him.
When Namjoon and Jin started looking for a movie to watch, Yoongi rolled his eyes and saw them struggling to agree.

"Now they will take three hours to choose and after ten minutes of movie they will be licking their tonsils."
Jimin chuckled a little, looking at the other two while playing with the rings that Yoongi had around his fingers.

And the oldest wasn’t wrong, Namjoon and Jin finishing well as he had predicted.

Then Yoongi stood up, pulling Jimin with him.
Without a sound, they left the living room to go back upstairs, looking forward to being alone. To enjoy every second they had to spend together. To learn more about each other. To forget time, to forget people, to forget their identities.
But as soon as the door closed, the first thing they did was obviously to throw on top of each other, to kiss each other with all the fervor they had had to hold back during all these weeks.

It was sure they didn’t intend to spend the night sleeping.
One against the other, the two lovers had undressed between fiery kisses, taking for the first time knowledge of their respective bodies while being sober.

And it was even better than the first explosive time they had experienced at this party.
Yoongi tried not to look at Jimin too much to avoid embarrassing him, and quickly lowered himself to take him under the thighs, lifting him up without difficulty to finish in the bed.

They needed to be one, to put an end at this frustration too long maintained.
Suddenly, Jimin broke the kiss they were sharing, putting a hand on Yoongi's shoulder to pull him back a little.

"Yoongi, wait .."

Surprised but very attentive, Yoongi gave him the space he wanted, just holding out a hand to caress his cheek.

"Is there something wrong?"
Jimin pressed his cheek into Yoongi's hand, blushing, fleeing his eyes for a moment before returning, no wanting to run away.

They only had that night. It belonged to them.

"Yoongi, can you ... can you make love to me ?"
Yoongi's heart started beating so hard Jimin was able to feel it against his chest. A slight laugh passed between them, and Yoongi barely got up to touch the switch next to the headboard.

Only the light of the moon now lit them through the window.
In Jimin's eyes, Yoongi had never been so beautiful as tonight. From this angle he could see all the lines of his face, highlighted by this bluish light.

Yoongi leaned against him, and when he kissed his lips, his eyelashes curled his cheek.
The kiss he gave him was extremely sweet, full of promise and respect.

And it was against his mouth that Yoongi murmured, never having looked into his eyes so closely.

"I'm going to teach you what the word love means, Jimin."
A big shiver was very slowly coming up along Jimin's body when he heard those words, accentuated by the kisses Yoongi gave him afterwards.

There was no rush in their actions when they undressed each other, but a precious slowness.
The two lovers perceived this moment in the same way. A moment that was all the more precious to them because it had the flavor of a last time.

Yoongi was leaving, and Jimin was going to have to resume his life as if he had never crossed his path.
But his heart would forever be marked by the sensations that Yoongi had made him live. He wanted to never forget that, never to forget that he had never felt as alive as when he had been close to that man, than every time he had touched him, kissing him.
Jimin was still lying under Yoongi when they were finally naked, and the youngest's body wrapped around the older one as much as he could, thirsty for contact. He wanted to feel his skin against his as much as possible, to merge and never have to let go.
Unlike the first night, except for the complaints and squeaks that Jimin couldn’t contain, no word passed between them. Everything was only gestures, looks, kisses and caresses.

They only had that night to consume those feelings that bound them together.
Yoongi held Jimin's hands above his head as he entered him, the kisses they exchanged stifling their moans. This time, no party could hide the noises of their activity from the other people present in this house. Namjoon didn’t need to hear that.
Intertwined fingers, Jimin squeezed his thighs around Yoongi's hips, accompanying the movements of his pelvis against him, taking pleasure every second. Never sex had been so pleasant. His brain hadn’t exaggerated the memories he always thought about.
They took all their time to discover their bodies and their sensibilities, to give each other all the pleasure possible. Jimin had gradually left his shyness for the assurance that Yoongi inspired him with his gentleness and his permanent attention.
Yoongi brought Jimin several times to orgasm, by his caresses and his movements, having himself come to this point in or on his young lover.

But before being too tired, they stopped, burning and sweaty but still staying glued to each other.
Lying against each other, their legs overlapped and their hearts beat in unison. They had no idea what time it was, and did not seek to know it, too afraid that the end was too close now.

An end that Jimin hoped to avoid.
And he tried to make it possible when Yoongi sighed sadly, his fingers in Jimin's hair.

"I wish it never had an end."

Jimin had then raised his eyes to Yoongi's, his pupils gleaming in the darkness.

"So let's make sure there's none."
Yoongi stretched a slight smile and shook his chin, continuing to play with the locks of the high school student.

"If only it was that simple..."

He kissed Jimin's forehead and put an arm around him to hug him closer.

"But it's simple. It only needs you to stay."
Jimin insisted, without really realizing what he was asking. And the consequences that would have for him. The things he should assume, concerning Yoongi and especially Jungkook.

Even if he had the illusion right now, this moment of peace in him did not reflect the reality.
"I can’t stay Jimin."

"Why ?"

"Because I don’t feel good in this place anymore. You're the only thing holding me back, but it's also for you that I have to leave. To stop complicating your life by my presence."

"You’re not complicating my life ..."
Yoongi raised an eyebrow, and Jimin narrowed his mouth with a cute and innocent pout.

".... maybe a little bit. But it's too late for that."

"You’re sad and lost. This isn’t the time for you to make big decisions that you may regret later."
Jimin knew that Yoongi was right. That the evening spent with him didn’t make him absolutely objective to his desires. That if he had the impression of being ready to threw away everything he had to live this story with him, it was only euphoria talking for him.
"You know ... the affection I have for you is real. I have never liked anyone as much as I like you Jimin. But there is this city, which I hate, and above all, there is Jungkook. I blame myself for this but at the same time, I wanna have that place in your heart and in your life"
Jimin closed his eyes, trying not to let guilt go inside him and ruin that moment.

"I know you're doubting Jimin. But if we had never met at this party, you would never have had any doubt. You would be with him, and I would already be far away."
Jimin's throat tightened. He didn’t see things that way. And he was sure Yoongi was just trying to convince himself.

What was there between them would have been inevitable, no matter the circumstances of their meeting.

They were linked. It was written somewhere.
But it was much simpler to think thus, for one as for the other, to better manage the internal conflicts that they lived. For not having to face their responsibilities. To hope to be able to resume their life without having too many regrets, to suffer as little as possible.
"You’ll come back ?"

"Don’t wait for my return. We mustn’t live waiting for anything. Never."

Jimin had tears in his eyes as he snuggled up against Yoongi, hiding his face in his shoulder.

"I'll miss you…"

"I'll miss you too, Jimin."
Yoongi ran his hands around Jimin's back comfortingly, caressing his bare skin as he felt the tears of the youngest escape against him.

After a few seconds of silence, Jimin regained control of himself and straightened up against Yoongi, with wet cheeks.
Tying his arms around the older man's neck, he pressed his mouth to his, giving him several kisses and putting all his soul into it.

Since he had only that left, he didn’t want to waste time being sad. He wanted to have pleasant memory of every second.
Yoongi eagerly responded to his kisses, unable to resist completely, but he restrained Jimin when he realized his desperate eagerness.

His hands on his cheeks, he pulled back his face, trying to cross the eyes of the one who disturbed his existence.
"Jimin, calm down ... you have to rest now."

"No, I don’t want, I don’t need to ..."

"You’re exhausted. Stop fighting."

Raising a hand in Jimin's hair, Yoongi invited him to lie down on him.

His face in Yoongi's neck, Jimin closed his eyes.
"Everything will be fine... I promise you. Everything will be alright."

Yoongi's reassuring voice cradled Jimin until he fell asleep, squeezing his lover against him with all the strength he was showing, trying to prevent him from disappear from one second to the next.
And despite that, that was what happened.

Jimin woke up when the sun disturbed his sleep. And despite the warm rays of light on his skin, he was terribly cold.

He stood up suddenly, in a burst of panic, and his heart stopped beating for a moment.
He was alone in the room, and Yoongi's clothes and bag had disappeared.

Jimin didn’t take long to understand, slowly getting up to approach the window, shaking lips.

In front of the house, no trace of Yoongi's car.
Overwhelmed by emotion, Jimin raised a hand to his face to hold back a sob.

And it was then that he saw a dark task on his palm. From his fuzzy eyes he tried to understand what was written in black ink.

What he read finished breaking his heart.
[You're cute, Jimin.]

These words, his words, which symbolized the way in which their story began.

Yoongi was gone, and Jimin only had his memories as a comfort to the immense pain that filled his heart from now on.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
That day, after the hardest of awakening he had had to live, Jimin hadn’t gone to high school.

And the next days neither.

A week passed like this, during which he remained locked in his room, sobbing every time he thought of Yoongi.

And this happened often. Too often.
The first days were the most difficult. He had ignored the calls and messages from Jungkook and his friends in the early hours, before claiming to have the flue, in order to prevent them, especially Jungkook, to come straight to his house.
He had therefore vaguely maintained the conversation, claiming to be very tired and not wanting a visit to not risk contaminating anyone.

All he wanted was to be alone, and to have time to mourn.

The mourning of what he had lived with Yoongi.
And his parents did not know that Jimin had not been in high school until the end of the week when they received a call from the school.

He who never saw them on weekdays was surprised to hear the car in the driveway on Friday afternoon.
Alone in his room, the young man had just passed a crisis of tears. Thinking not to be concerned by this return and to be discreet, Jimin made no noise while staying in bed.

But the door of his room opened suddenly.
Jimin still had wet cheeks as he met his father's stern, irritated look.

There followed a one-sided argument, summed up in the screams of the father against the son, threats and insults.

Jimin cried again, not having the energy that day to support this.
He had been used since is was a little boy of the lack of consideration of his parents. It even seemed like abuse, since his physical and mental health never mattered to them.

Even if his flu story had been true, they would not have believed it.
And talking to his parents about what made him so sad was impossible for him. His parents combined all that was most harmful to the human being. Egocentrism, racism and homophobia.

Jimin was proud to have survived all this time in this environment.
He was far from envious of the fact that work counted more than him to his parents. The less he saw them, the better he was. He hated them for making him so mistrustful and lonely, forcing him to hide what he was whenever they were near.

To have conceived him without loving him.
Jimin had listened only one ear to his father's reproaches, and had put his phone in the hand that his mother had stretched toward him coldly.

For once, this unjust punishment did not cause him any problems. A real reason not to respond to messages.
The weekend was long and silent, and not enough to heal the wounds of his heart.

And on Monday, he had to go back to school, almost paralyzed with anxiety. He did not feel able to smile and resume his life as if nothing had happened.
He felt unable to do what Yoongi thought he would do. For he was unable to forget that night, to forget those sensations and not to feel desperate every time he realized he would never have a chance to shudder when he crossed Yoongi's eyes
Jimin had tried to make a discreet entrance to the school, thinking a little naively that it was possible to spend the day unnoticed, not having to face his friends and boyfriend.

But he could not even pass the gate until Jungkook approached.
Jimin was so sad that he could not even feel guilt at Jungkook's worry. In a weak voice, he had vaguely explained what had happened at his phone. Everyone knew how his parents were.

He had the help of his obvious fatigue to support the alibi of his illness.
It also helped him to avoid all signs of touch, which did him a great service. He had the impression that a caress would suffice for him to collapse.

He realized very quickly that beyond the sadness, he didn’t want, didn’t want anymore Jungkook to touch and kiss him.
This did not surprise him, in view of his state of the last days. He had seen it coming, and knew it was too late now to fight what he felt.

His feelings for Jungkook were totally extinguished in favor of those he had for Yoongi now.
But even if he was no longer in love with him, Jungkook remained someone important and valuable to him. And the idea of hurting him made him sick. His boyfriend was someone sweet, generous. The person who mattered most in his life.
He owed him the truth, in part, and respect. But how to respect him by admitting to him that if he didn’t love him anymore, it was because he loved his brother for whom he had love at first sight, to the point of not being able to eat properly since his departure ?
The pressure and fear engulfed Jimin who dragged on the situation a few more days as well.

He was more and more unable to look Jungkook in the eye, never responding to his soft words and setting a distance between them a little bit bigger every minute.
This situation held two weeks before he put an end to Jungkook's worries.

In front of his boyfriend's house, while he had accompanied him, which had surprised Jungkook after his coldness in recent days, Jimin had broken up with him.
He gave him no explanation, having nothing to say that wouldn’t be a lie and that wouldn’t hurt him too much. All he could say was that he didn’t love him as much as before, that someone else deserved him more than he did now.
Jungkook had cried. Jungkook had begged him. Jungkook had hugged him tightly.

Jimin kissed him one last time, unable to answer any of his requests, and left, shaking.

Knowing that now he was the loneliest of the two.
He blamed himself for being terrified at the thought of being alone. Like before meeting Jungkook. And now that he had left, it was normal for his friends to support him. After all, they had been friends with Jungkook before becoming his.
Jimin isolated himself the very next day. The urge to vomit took him every time he met Jungkook's sad eyes, and the misunderstanding in the eyes of Taehyung and Hoseok.

But he knew that with their support, Jungkook would recover. He would be fine.
For him, things were complicated. The high school that had been his refuge was now a place where he was choking. He no longer had a place on earth where he felt good.

No place accessible to him. Cause there was a place where he would have been better than everywhere else.
He thought about him night and day. And the more he thought about him, the more he hated remembering him. He would have liked something to fall on his head, anything enough to make him suffer from amnesia.

He didn’t want to remember what it was to fall asleep against him.
Because every time he remembered it, the pain of knowing that he would never happen again took him by the throat.

His despair swallowed him every day a little more, while his feelings didn’t diminish. He had never loved so much.

Such a waste.
Hoseok was the one of the three to be the most worried for Jimin. Beyond this sudden and surprising break up, beyond Jungkook's sorrow, he saw Jimin's growing sadness.

He was his friend, and to watch the way he darkened revolted him.
So he spoke with Taehyung and Jungkook, with enough arguments and kindness so that everyone ended thinking same as him.

Jimin was going through a difficult pass. And that was probably why he had left Jungkook.

He needed them, to feel better.
Seeing things this way, Jungkook began to hope.

To hope that if they could help Jimin get better, he would come back to him, instead of pushing everyone apart.

So after weeks of giving him no more than a look, they all sat around Jimin in the canteen.
The sad-faced young man with dull eyes had not dared to look up, surprised by this sudden landing.

There was a small embarrassed silence before Hoseok spoke.

"We're sorry we didn’t understand that you were having hard times lately Jimin. Forgive us."
It was a look of misunderstanding that Jimin had lifted on his ex and his friends, the only ones he had ever had. And Jungkook had continued.

"You know Jimin, even if you and I are not together anymore, I am here for you. We are. We’re your friends. Okay ?"
Tears had beaded in the corner of Jimin's eyes, even though they did not fall. Very affected, he had blushed and stretched a shy smile, grateful. It had been weeks since he was alone now, and he had missed them as much as they missed him : terribly.
Jimin finally felt a little joy. He let his friends lead the conversation, as before, already satisfied not to be interrogated about the reasons for his isolation and his break up with Jungkook.

They were there, as before. Nothing but their presence was comforting.
But the relief was short-lived. After a few minutes of conversation, Jimin stopped breathing when Jungkook talked about his older brother.

With his throat clenched, Jimin listened to his ex enthusiastic about the last call Yoongi gave him.
"By the way, I'm sorry for you Taehyung, but you will never become my brother-in-law ..."

Taehyung was mortified as Jimin froze for fear of understanding what it meant. Jungkook continued his story, which did not reassure Jimin, on the contrary.
"I rarely heard him so relaxed and happy, it felt in his voice that he was fine. I was afraid that the last argument with mother affected him more than usual but no. And he told me to see someone lately, but he didn’t want to give me details, it sucks."
Jimin stared at his plate, no longer paying attention to the conversation in which Jungkook said he wanted to visit his brother to discover the person who was making his heart beat recently, since he didn’t seem to want to come back here for a long time.
Blood tapping hard in his temples, Jimin had been slow to feel the urge to vomit. Then he had risen, apologizing half-words, before suddenly leaving the canteen, throwing all the untouched contents of his tray.
Was it really possible for Yoongi to move on while Jimin couldn’t forget him for more than a few minutes ?

Was it possible that Yoongi was happy, that he turned the page so quickly when Jimin sank every second a little more in his pain ?
Jimin’s state was worse than ever when he wondered if it was possible that Yoongi lied to him about everything. On his feelings, on the fact that Jimin was the only one for whom he has never felt such a thing.

What if it had never been real, for Yoongi ?
This only eventuality, these only doubts had been enough to make Jimin vomit the contents of his stomach already so little filled.

He couldn’t believe what he had heard. He could not question everything that put him in this condition of intense sadness for the last weeks.
Jimin had left high school directly, no longer fearing arguments with his parents. They couldn’t take anything more from him.

47 days that Yoongi was gone, 47 days that he missed him.

That day, he had cried a lot, walking in the streets of the city, without any purpose.
Night had finally hit the city, and unconsciously or not, Jimin's steps had led him to the club, where Yoongi had stuck him to a wall to kiss him.

His insolent beauty, in spite of the ravages of his sadness, had allowed him to pass the door and the bouncer.
Without calculating anyone around him, he crossed the crowd to go to the inner courtyard, and take refuge behind the wall. As if Yoongi could have been there, waiting for him. To tell him that he had returned, that he loved him, and that he would never leave him again.
But behind this wall, no one was waiting for him. And the place he had occupied with Yoongi was now occupied by another couple, engaging in the same activity they had in the past.

Jimin would have liked to go back in time, and enjoy this moment that he had dared to hate.
Not wanting to disturb or pass for a madman, Jimin turned around. Having no other reason to be here, and not having the heart to be approached by someone, unable to imagine trying to move on to someone else, he went to the exit, his eyes bright.
He blamed himself for being so shabby. Blamed himself for not seeing the truth that was there.
He had fallen in love with a guy who had ruined his life and made him totally addicted before leaving far away, without even the slightest hope for their love.

But he couldn’t regret.
Upset, Jimin vaguely apologized when he hit someone, wanting to pass the front door of the club.

"Eh, idiot, the exit is the other w... Jimin ?!"

Heart pounding, Jimin lifted his dead eyes to Namjoon, looking at him and Jin, letting out a tear of fatigue.
He had not seen Yoongi's friend's couple since he had fled their home miserably the morning of his departure.

And the Namjoon, who had once liked making fun of him, now showed a worried face in front of the dull and sad image that Jimin sent back.
Jin took a step towards the young man, and put a hand on his shoulder, kind and gentle as usual.

"Jimin, hey, are you ok..?"

Unable to answer the question as the emotion gripped his throat, Jimin slowly shook his chin.
This gesture of distress was enough for Jin to pull the younger against him, taking him in his arms to gratify him with a comforting embrace, to which Jimin gave up to.

And behind them, Namjoon signaled to the bouncer that they wouldn’t be attending the party tonight.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
After a few minutes of walking, supervised by the couple, Jimin found himself on Namjoon's couch, hot chocolate in his hands and a plaid on his shoulders.

Jin was sitting next to him, and Namjoon exactly in front of him, on his coffee table.
Silent for a moment, they had watched Jimin gradually regain color, thanks to the warmth of the room but also thanks to their comforting attentions.

Jimin never thought they would take care of him just because he had slept with their friend.
"What's wrong, treasure?"

Jimin had raised his eyes to Jin, feeling like a child under his infinite tenderness.

He shook his chin, unable to reveal what had put him in such a state.

"Nothing serious, I ... I'm sensitive, a bit of fatigue and.."
While trying to lie, Jimin saw in Jin's eyes that his attempt did not work at all.

Less gentle and delicate than Jin, Namjoon interrupted him.

"Are you sure it's not related to Yoongi?"

Jimin's blush betrays him.
Jin threw his first disapproving look at his boyfriend, wondering how he did to date with someone so abrupt. He then looked at Jimin, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Sometimes we feel better after saying things out loud. Feel free to talk to us."
Jimin swallowed. Could he really tell them that he was madly in love with Yoongi, to the point of becoming sick, to the point of suffering from his absence as if he were his husband and that he had left to join the army and defend his country?

Ridiculous. Unmentionable.
"I ... I just got a little lost in this story. It’ll pass."

"It's been almost two months. It's a bit long for a passage."

Second look, Namjoon raised his hands in sign of innocence. Jin sighed and resumed.

"You’re not lost. You love him."
Jimin looked down at his cup, shyly nodding his chin. Yes, he loved him. And it really had to stop.

"Do you remember our conversation last time, Jimin ? Did you do everything to be happy ? Is there anything you can do for that ?"
Jimin bit his cheek. How many times had he thought back to these words. How many times had he doubted ?

"We can’t be happy every time. There are reasons that make it impossible."

"There are no valid reasons when we trully love."
Namjoon smiled a smile, really proud of what his boyfriend said. He had found the good, the smartest of all.

"Exactly. That's one of the reasons. I love him, I know that I love him enough..."
"So where's the problem ?"

"He’s not in love with me. He never wanted it to be serious, he ... I know he already has someone else, Jin."

Jin and Namjoon frowned at the same time, visibly surprised by this information. Jimin put the cup down, and raised his chin.
"Even though I look bad here, I can get it. Yes, it hurt me, but it's like that. I'm sad today. I would be a little less tomorrow. Perhaps."

"No, but wait, how's that Yoongi has someone else ?"

"He has a boyfriend. He is already happy. That's all."
A silence passed before Namjoon broke it with a loud and noisy laugh.

Jimin narrowed his nose, looking at him starting to get angry, and Jin kicked him in the shin, realizing that the bad looks were not enough.

"Hey, eh!"
Namjoon rubbed his leg and scanned Jimin, trying to control himself.

"No, but seriously, Yoongi doesn’t have a boyfriend or anything like that."

"I learned it today. It may not be old. But the fact is he's moved on, and I have to do the same thing."
Jin was really confused, taken aback by this “problem” he was not aware of.

Namjoon fumbled in his pockets, grabbing his cell phone and searching for something.

"Jimin, how could you think it’s true while .... wait.."
After a few seconds, Namjoon handed Jimin his cell phone, sure of him.

"How could you think he’s going out with someone else while being in love with you?"

Jimin's eyes shone with emotion in front of the picture on the screen.
A cliché that Namjoon had taken /that/ evening, while he and Yoongi were entwined on the same couch.

Jimin could see himself, glued to Yoongi, his face in his neck, while Yoongi had wrapped his arms around him, with smile that reached his eyes.
"If that's not love, I'll start doubting Jin."

Jin rolled his eyes, and Jimin kept looking at the picture, his heart squeezing. He did not know what to say, not understanding why Namjoon insisted so much, even though he would have liked to believe it.
"Yoongi is my best friend. I know it by heart. We tell each other everything. I would be the first to know if he had a boyfriend. And guess what ? He doesn’t have any."

"So why did he tell Jungkook that he had one ?"

Namjoon opened his eyes wide, seeming to have an insight.
"Fuck, but, god, why didn’t I think about it before ?"

He laughed again, leaving Jin and Jimin in misunderstanding before continuing, amused.

"Yoongi sent me a message yesterday, to tell me about this. But, it's completely wrong, he’s very single, he lied."
"Why did he lie.. it sucks."

"Yeah, but he hasn’t thought about it. He was destabilized when his brother told him that everything was fine between the two of you, it's the first thing that went through Yoongi’s head when he asked him if he was going to be alone all his life."
Jimin opened his mouth, lost.

Jungkook said what ?

"But ... I broke up with Jungkook more than a month ago."

"A nice’ liar family, definitely!"

The high school student did not know what to think. If he should blame Jungkook, or rejoice that Yoongi was single.
And above all, rejoice in the certainty with which Namjoon claimed that Yoongi was in love with him, and in the way he seemed to approve this story between them. And by association to find him good enough for his best friend.


"I think."
Jimin barely had time to breathe that Namjoon tore an envelope to get a piece of paper.

Jin handed him a pen, he thanked him with a wink and began scribbling something before tending his work to Jimin.

On paper, the name of a bar.
"Keep it. That's the name of where Yoongi works."

"But... it's in Daegu..."

"Do you love him, yes or no ?"

"I, yes, of course I love him. But I'm a high school student, I have no money, no car.."

"I already forgot you were a baby, sorry."
Jimin groaned, frustrated. Envy was not missing, quite the opposite. But the money, clearly.

Namjoon slapped his tongue on his palate and turned his head to Jin, stretching an angelic smile on his demon face.

"What if we pass a weekend in the lovely city of Daegu ?"
Jimin's eyes widened, thinking he understood but finding it so crazy he doubted.

Namjoon laughed again at the glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Go to sleep. We have a long road to go tomorrow before you jump on your boyfriend."
🍷 〰️ 🍷
Jimin had again been able to borrow the guest room, Namjoon gladly giving him the clothes that Yoongi had lent him last time, and that he had abandoned to wear his own before leaving the house in tears.

Today, he wore them back with a smile.
He fell asleep quickly, like a child on Christmas Eve, wishing the night to pass quickly to be overnight.

Now that Jin and Namjoon had helped him see things more clearly, he knew what he wanted.

And what he wanted was to not miss his chance to be happy.
At 9:00 am the next morning, the three got in the car, ready for the start of their journey.

A journey that began with a stop at Jimin, so that the young man gets some things for the weekend. And he hoped not to have to meet his parents.
But karma was not on his side. He, who was already without telephone and forbidden to go out, had more than broken the rules the day before, leaving high school and sleeping over.

And when he saw the car in front of the house, he knew they were waiting for him.
Jimin opened the door, and met his father's dark eyes, sitting at the living room table.

Already in trouble, and not wishing to delay his reunion with Yoongi for them, he did not say a word, directly up the stairs.

Which particularly annoyed his father.
Jimin did not have time to slam the door of his room that his father had put his hand on it, very tall and imposing behind him. Jimin sighed, removing the notebooks from his backpack.

"You don’t go to class, you spend the night we don’t know where and you dare to sigh, Jimin ?!"
The high school student pursed his lips, trying to ignore to go faster, putting jeans and a sweater in his bag, an underwear, a pair of socks.

But suddenly, his father's big hand grabbed the bag and threw it to the other end of the room, making him jump.
"And where do you think you’re going with your bag ?!"

Jimin looked up at his father, who had come close to him.

"I.. I'll spend the weekend at a friend's house."

"Wait wait wait, I don’t think we understood each other very well. You're not going anywhere, do you understand ?"
Jimin could not help but be a little scared, but was determined. He did not care about his father's anger. Yoongi counted more than that in his eyes.

Then he looked down and tried to get his bag, under the amazement and growing tension of his father.
The son took a step before his father grabbed his arm, strong, too strong.

"Jimin, don’t you dare making fun of me, otherwise ..."

"Otherwise what ? Are you going to hit me? Lock me up in my room? To "get me back on the right path" as if you were worried about me in any way ?!"
The hit went immediately after, the hand of his father cracking the air to come down on his cheek. Jimin pulled back with the force of the slap, feeling the trace of his fingers burning on his skin.

And it was not the first time.

"I hate you…"

"Get out of here."
Jimin looked at his father with wet eyes. He didn’t want to cry. He couldn’t do it anymore, to be a fragile thing under the domination and negligence of his parents.

"But I'm warning you, Jimin. If you get out of this room, never go back here again."
Jimin would have liked to hesitate. To love his family, at least a little, to feel distress. But it was a long time since he didn’t feel anything for them. That he had ceased to seek their love, and to give his to them in emptiness.

So he grabbed his bag.
Understanding his decision, his father helped him to leave faster, grabbing his arm again to pull him out of the room, and down the stairs.

Downstairs, his mother saw them arrive, his eyes widening for a second.

But she didn’t say anything. Like always.
Just a few seconds later, Jimin was thrown out with his bag, the door slamming loudly behind him.

And he wiped the only tear that fell on his cheek before moving away from the house, turning into the adjacent street and quickly climbing into Namjoon's car.
He did not say a word, pulling up his hood over his head and tying his belt.

"Are you ok ?"

Jimin saw Jin turning to him, worried about his silence. So he whispered a little "yes", nothing more.

Namjoon glanced at him in the central mirror, and turned on the radio.
Jimin's sadness passed quickly to give way to the excitement of soon seeing Yoongi.

He might have been a bit scared deep down inside him, but hid his apprehension in an overflowing energy, which he subjected to Namjoon and Jin all the way to Daegu.
Namjoon felt as if he had adopted a teenager, and was planning to use Jimin's attitude as an example if one day Jin wanted a child.

"How many time left ?" "Can I have a candy ?" "Can we put another radio ?" “I don’t like that song.” “Can you drive faster ?”
Jimin was unbearable. Namjoon had only a haste, to dump him in front of the bar where Yoongi worked and to have no more to hear from him during minimum 24H.

Unlike him, Jin was having a good time. He understood Jimin's excitement, and found it absolutely adorable.
Almost 4h of road then took place in a noisy atmosphere but full of laughter and joy, with only an ounce of annoyance sometimes from the driver.

After that they finally arrived at Daegu, which calmed Jimin down, silencing him.
Yoongi was there, nearby. He was going to see him, to talk to him. He would have to tell him what he felt, thought, and wanted.

And it was absolutely terrifying, taking his breath away.

He was no longer loud in the car, clutching his bag against him.

Then the car stopped.
Jimin hardly dared to look outside, but Namjoon turned to him, pointing something out.

"It's that bar. Go sit at the counter, and order a lemonade."

The schoolboy pulled out his tongue to him, and took a deep breath.

"It's going to be ok Jimin. Go ahead."
Jin's eyes and encouragement gave him enough strength to open the door and close it behind him.

The car left quickly so as not to give him the opportunity to get scared and go back inside. Namjoon did not want to risk that.
Jimin found himself like an idiot in front of the bar, without moving an inch of his body, holding his bag against his stomach like a lost child.

After a few seconds of panic, he stepped forward, his cheeks already red while Yoongi was not even in his field of vision.
But it did not take long for him to see Yoongi standing behind the counter, seeming to be bothering on a coffee machine.

Jimin approached slowly, pulling a stool to pull himself up. His throat was so dry that he was not sure he could speak.
Yoongi turned his back on him, busy with the coffee pot that resisted him, and on which he punched.

"Are you going to work fucking shitty machine..."

Jimin pursed his lips not to laugh. Yoongi hadn’t changed, and it really helped him relax.
The bartender sighed slightly as he felt the presence of a customer, his fatigue and the tension he was experiencing internally in recent days beginning to hurt his professionalism.

"Forgive me, what can I serve you?"

"A smile will be enough."
Yoongi was about to squash as politely as possible at the person who was making advances before recognizing the voice. He turned around and looked at Jimin, who was just taking off his hood, as shy and impressed as at their first meeting.

"Jimin ?!"
The blonde gave a slight laugh, running his hand through his hair with embarrassment, not able to know yet if he was happy to see him.

"Hi, Yoongi ..."

The older man opened his mouth, shocked, having a hard time believing what he saw.

"But... you ... what are you doing here ?"
"I came to see you."

Jimin started to play with his hands, nervous, afraid that Yoongi laughed in his face and asked him to leave.

But that wasn’t what he did. Yoongi looked for his head guard instead, and walked away for a few seconds to ask for a break.
Jimin watched him go behind the bar, unable to hold back a smile as he understood what he was doing.

Even less when Yoongi came back to him, taking him by the hand and pulling him toward the back of the bar.

They sat on a bench, very close to each other.
Yoongi did not pull his hand away from Jimin's, interlacing their fingers. Seeing him here was really unexpected, and even if he did not know why he was here, he already felt happier than he had been for 48 days.

"Jimin ... do you want to drink something? did you eat ?"
"Yes yes, don’t worry, we took a break on the road."

"We ? ... Oh, you came with Jun-.."

"I broke up with Jungkook, Yoongi. He and I are over for weeks."

Yoongi seemed surprised, and for good reason, Jungkook had told him the opposite three days before.
"What? But, why did you do that ?"

"You know why, don’t make me say it..."

Jimin lowered his eyes, blushing even more.

"I couldn’t be with him anymore while ... while you were constantly in my mind, Yoongi."

"I'm sorry Jimin. Really."
"Don’t be."

Jimin shook his chin. He wasn’t sorry. He was no longer. He was done living for others. I wanted to listen to himself, to his feeling, no matter what.

"You know, someone once told me that love should never be considered as a bad thing."

Yoongi stretched a smile.

"They brought you here?"

"Yes. They took the opportunity to spend the weekend together. Namjoon said you'd be nice enough to pay for the train if you wanted me to leave..."

Yoongi rolled his eyes and slid his hand over Jimin's cheek.
He then noticed the bruise that was beginning to spread on his cheekbone, gently passing the tips of his fingers over it.

"What happened to your face ?"

"It's nothing…"

Jimin put his hand on Yoongi's to make it go down.

"It doesn’t look like nothing."
"I had a fight with my dad. That's all."

"He hit you.”

"He did, yes, but... we'll talk about it later, I don’t want to think about it now. I want us to talk about ourselves."

"Ourselves ? What ourselves..."

"Stop it…"

Jimin squeaked, hiding his head against Yoongi's neck.
Yoongi slid his hand into Jimin's hair, cajoling him while he laughed a bit. He seemed calm, but inside he exploded with joy.

Jimin had chosen him. He had come here for him, for them, because they couldn’t live properly without each other now.
"So, what's the plan now?"

"There is no plan. I don’t wanna pretend anymore."

"It won’t be without consequence on your present life. You won’t regret it ?"

"My life has already changed since I know you. I just wanna be with you."

Jimin looked up at Yoongi, glaring at him.
"Be with me Jimin. I couldn’t resist you any longer. "

"You don’t have to resist me anymore. I want you. I want you so bad."

Jimin had almost whispered as he approached his face to Yoongi’s.

But Yoongi put two fingers on his mouth, not letting him doing what he wanted to do.
"My boss could see us."

"But I want to kiss you..."

"I want to kiss you too, Jimin. But you'll have to wait until the end of my service, baby.

Jimin resigned himself, tenderized by the nickname.

"I'm done in an hour. I'll bring you some hot chocolate."
Jimin thought an hour would pass quickly enough. Especially an hour during which he could see Yoongi working, and throwing him discreet winks that made him blush every time.

Things could not have been better for this reunion. And it was just a start.
He would have liked to have a phone and especially friends to share the joy he felt now. But he could not talk about it to Hoseok, Taehyung, even less Jungkook.

Yet this love, this happiness deserved more than that. It wasn’t fair.
But the simple fact of being able to live it was enough for him. If he had not been strong enough, if he had not met the right people at the right time, he would never have had the chance.

The happiness Yoongi gave him was more important than its consequences.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
On the way from the bar to Yoongi's studio, Jimin only looked at him.

He saw him talking, heard a few words but didn’t really listen, too busy realizing that he was there, with him, that he could look at him, touch him, kiss him.
Yoongi had finally noticed that Jimin's attention wasn’t centered on what he was telling him. And he found it amusing, to see the younger looking at him with his big eyes, smiling without understanding a word of what he was saying.

He looked so innocent and cute.
This is what the first thought, but only for a few minutes.

Quickly arrived at his building, they went up the stairs, and Yoongi opened his door for the first time to his new boyfriend, hoping to proudly present him the place where he lived alone, like an adult.
But he barely had time to see Jimin's eyes as he turned toward him as the young man jumped on him like a wild animal.

His arms knotting immediately around his neck so that he couldn’t escape him, Jimin pressed his mouth against Yoongi’s.
Yoongi received him with surprise but also with a lot of pleasure, his fingers rediscovering the softness of his cheeks. It had been weeks since he had touched him, and god that he had missed it.

Jimin's mouth, his embrace, his daring tongue.
Everything pleased him in this boy who knew how to light the fire in him. He didn’t hesitate to open his lips to let Jimin's tongue join his, enjoying the initiative.

Jimin didn’t want to talk, and he made it known in a very explicit way. A way Yoongi understood very well.
Yoongi put his right hand on Jimin's hip, pulling him backwards. He knew his little room by heart, and after some maneuver, he pushed his partner to lay him down on the couch, following him in his fall, to Jimin’s greatest pleasure
Their lips were rarely separated, just the time for both to catch their breath, before meeting again for wet and languorous exchanges. Kissing someone had never been so good, either for one or the other.
For a while, Jimin had not been a fan of extended kisses. He found it neither very hygienic nor very pleasant. But if he could kiss Yoongi for hours, he would gladly do it. This man had something he did not explain, which made him crazy. And he didn’t complain about it.
His hands now flat on Yoongi's chest, Jimin finally put an end to these insatiable kisses, so he could see what he was touching.


"This is the first time I see you in a shirt. You're so sexy in this... "
Yoongi chuckled as Jimin caressed his chest through the fabric, biting his lip, almost moaning. He was barely exaggerating.

"Do you want me to keep it ?"

"...No. Remove it. Wait, I'll do it myself !"
Jimin put his hands on Yoongi's cheeks, snapping his lips with a kiss, already missing it, before focusing on the famous shirt.

With the tips of his fingers, he removed the buttons one by one, without prolonging the operation, eager to feel his skin against his.
When he could, Yoongi pulled the cloth and sent it to the other end of the room, melting again against Jimin, finding room in his couch for their two burning bodies entwined.

It was the first time they had undressed without being in the dark.
Jimin's cheeks were a little pink, but just like Yoongi, he slowly left his clothes, revealing to Yoongi's eyes what his hands already knew by heart.

And Yoongi gasped at the harmony of this body that was revealed to him.
He tried not to be too stuck to staring at him, distracting him with kisses, but could not resist the urge to explore the forms of this man who never left his mind since he first look.

His lips sliding down to his neck, he began slowly.
Jimin had already closed his eyes, his chin raised as a groan left his throat when Yoongi marked it with a hickey, his teeth playing on the warn tinted skin.

"Yoongi, please, hold me tight..."

Yoongi did it, and Jimin moaned louder.
The legs of the youngest had naturally moved away so that Yoongi's body could settle between and easily slide against him.

Slowly, he descended along his body, dotting his skin with kisses, caresses, drawing lines with his tongue.
Although he didn’t know the details of the conflictual relationship that Jimin seemed to have with his father, Yoongi was pleased to see that the rest of his body bore no marks or bruises.

Jimin was a living fantasy. Every part of his being was sublime. Yoongi felt lucky.
Lucky to be able to walk his hands, his mouth, his eyes on this perfect man. So he did, yielding without guilt to the temptation that Jimin had always represented for him.

There was nothing better than feeling his body arch when he nibbled his nipples.
Jimin's hand gripped Yoongi's hair, his name escaping his lips. The young man was sensitive to almost everywhere, but his nipples were his softest point.

He dreamed so many time for Yoongi to put his lips here again. The feeling was incredible.
Yoongi took the time to make Jimin shiver under him before continuing his exploration, drawing a kiss line to his belly button.

He smiled when he felt Jimin's erection against his throat. And the youngest hid his face with his arms as he tugged at his boxer.
Jimin had never been so exposed to anyone's eyes, having always had a real problem of bashfulness. But what he saw in Yoongi's gaze, what he felt at his touch, gave him needs and courage he was discovering for the first time.
Courageous, but not too much, he fidgeted a little under Yoongi's eyes, not daring to look at him.

"Yoongi ... do something .."

"What do you want me to do ?"

Jimin bit his lip, his cheeks red.

"I .. T-touch me. Touch me please.."
Yoongi slid his fingers over Jimin's inner thighs before pulling up his right hand on his hard cock, as he wished.

A moan of satisfaction left the lips of the youngest, who grabbed one of his shoulders, asking him silently to come closer.
Yoongi continued to touch and caress him while letting the high school student moaning while he gave him wet kisses again.

He took an immense pleasure to see Jimin being unable to stay calm and docile at every single touch.
Yoongi had always been particularly generous and passionate in bed. Jimin had already had the opportunity to enjoy it, and had become addicted to it since the first time.

But now that Yoongi was his boyfriend, he knew he’ll be able to moan under him a lot.

Starting now.
Having hands on his body had never made Jimin so crazy. Even if Yoongi was already there against him, he wanted him even closer, his heart being not far from the explosion.

With his arms and legs, he kept Yoongi from going away, squeezing him even harder.
This task was sometimes made difficult by the way Yoongi caressed him, made him shaking and moving his body.

When stimulations became too strong, Jimin arched his body against his lover's, planting his nails on his shoulder blades.

"Do you want me to give you more ?"

"Yes. Give me more."

"Ask nicely and I'll think about it."

Yoongi barely got up to see Jimin's face, the way his full lips opened as he whispered.

"Can you fuck me, please. I miss it so much, please please pleas-..."
Jimin didn’t have time to finish his pleading that Yoongi had pressed his mouth against his again, motivated by what he had heard. Jimin was way too hot, way too desirable.

Yoongi already knew that Jimin would always get what he wanted from him.
During the kiss, Jimin grabbed the edges of Yoongi's underwear, wanting to feel more than the shape of his desire against his groin. The older man lifted his hips to help him, getting rid of the last piece of cloth as quickly as he could.
Jimin felt incredibly alive. This embrace full of desire and passion made him feel things he had never felt before. It was stronger than the previous times, since this time his heart was free of guilt and pain. He was in his right to enjoy every second of this.
It was just two of them, somewhere in this vast world, to share what they felt for each other. Without worrying for a second about what could happen outside their bubble, the one they never wanted to leave.
Yoongi pressed his pelvis against Jimin's, the contact between their members making the smaller one yelp under Yoongi’s body.

Jimin didn’t know where to put his hands, where to kiss Yoongi. His previous experiences had always been full of timidity and limits.
Today, now that he felt comfortable in this body, now that he had found a man to whom he wasn’t afraid to show himself as he was, to indulge himself entirely, he would have wished to have more practice to know how to please him, how to act.
Yet, Yoongi loved him that way. Each line of his face expressed his desire, his needs, but his gestures, sometimes very daring, always found immediately an adorable timidity.

Jimin was a sincere being, in his emotions and his actions. How could he have resisted.
Yoongi straightened up as he searched for something under his couch, his other hand on Jimin's cheek, caressing his skin as he let him catch his breath.

Quickly, he pulled a box up, from where he pulled out what was needed for a safe and secure sexual relation.
Jimin frowned a little at the condoms. They had never used them during the two nights they had spent together in the past.

"Why? We never... "

"I know, but it's necessary."

"You slept with someone else ?"

"What? No! "
Yoongi laughed a little in front of Jimin's upset face, coming closer to stole a kiss on his lips.

"I didn’t. I swear. But it wasn’t safe on our part, the other times. We should always have done it. I should have thought about it, I want to do things right, now.”
Jimin nodded, not doubting his words. He had never had time to think about it in their previous time together, either because of the alcohol or the vivid emotion he had experienced.

Today, they had time to do things right.
Jimin was biting his lip as he watched Yoongi separate a condom from the others, and interrupted him when he wanted to open it.

"Wait! I - I wanna do it. "

Yoongi was surprised, leaving Jimin take the packet from his hands, which he tore between his thin fingers.
Jimin's cheeks were redder than ever. He felt Yoongi's gaze on him as he repeated the gestures he had in his memory but never performed himself.

Understanding his embarrassment, Yoongi was kind enough to come and kiss his neck in order to stop staring.
A hoarse groan escaped his throat as he felt Jimin’s hand on his cock, rolling the piece of latex down on his proudly member to the hilt.

"My turn..."

Yoongi whispered these words in Jimin's ear before urging him to turn under him.
Perplexed, Jimin turned his body on the couch, lying on his stomach without seeing what Yoongi was doing behind his back.

His hands gripped the armrest as he felt Yoongi's hands on his butt, soon followed by his breath, so hot on his skin.
"Yoongi, what are you.."

"Ssh... relax. I'm taking care of you, Love."

Jimin closed his eyes, letting Yoongi do what he wanted with him. He shuddered with each kiss he laid on his skin, from the birth of his cheeks to the birth of his thighs.
Yoongi enjoyed listening to him whine when he used his teeth, gripping his skin without hurting him.

And enjoying even more when he felt Jimin's butt contract under his hands as he spread his cheeks aside, taking full advantage of their firmness.
Jimin was biting his arm so as not to move too much. He understood what Yoongi was planning to do. He had imagined it many times, in guilt. His least fantasies he had never dared to explore, all satisfied by this man he wanted more than anything.
"Are you ok with this?"

"I never… you know.."

"Do you want me to?"


Jimin wasn’t able to formulate complete sentences, waiting for the sensations he had often dreamed of.
And what Yoongi's first contact with his intimacy did to him was enough to know that his imagination had never been close to reality.

Or that Yoongi was so caring and applied that it was impossible to reproduce in thought the sensations he could give by his actions.
Jimin couldn’t contain all the noises his body was producing. His reactions no longer belonged to him, he no longer had control.

Yoongi was the master, he made him his puppet, making him act according to the way he played his tongue on his body.
The young man was extremely sensitive, moaning and wriggling ceaselessly, squeezed between the couch and Yoongi's body that held his thighs in place. And the more he reacted, the more Yoongi focused on what gave him the most pleasure possible.
After minutes of rimjob, Jimin was close to breaking, Yoongi's tongue venturing further, having passed the circle of muscles he was stimulating.


Yoongi had never enjoyed hearing his name as much than from Jimin’s trembling voice.
Wanting to prepare him at the same time, Yoongi continued trying to go more slowly, not wanting Jimin to cum too fast.

It was their first time as a couple. Yoongi wanted to see his eyes and have him in his arms when he’ll be ready to have an orgasm.
The sweet torture lasted for a moment before Jimin could have a moment's relief, finding himself again facing Yoongi.

His eyes shone with the pleasure he took, a pleasure that he expressed by urging Yoongi to come closer and kiss him, almost brutal.
His body couldn’t stand any longer, while demanding their union. Responding to his need, Yoongi didn’t take longer to tune his body to his, his cock sinking into his tight wetness, his hands firmly holding Jimin’s hips against the couch.
Moaning merciless for Yoongi's neighbors, Jimin knew that he would have been able to cry if the desire hadn’t taken over his emotions as much.

After days, tears, suffering and separations, this finality had a taste of paradise.
It felt so right, and this time, it wasn’t wrong at all.
Jimin's thoughts belonged entirely to that moment, the way Yoongi went back and forth in him, to the rhythm of his thrusts, to the presence of his member in him, to what it did to him.
Their kisses were interspersed with hot breaths and moans, the two beings taking more pleasure than ever in this embrace.

The starting point of a new chapter in their relationship. The one where the only thing that mattered was them.
Jimin's legs slid a lot against Yoongi's hips, especially when the older man accelerated his movements without losing precision, even adding strength. They complemented each other so well in what was needed to bring them closer to the end.
After several minutes of passionate sex, orgasm struck them at the same time.

Jimin had one hand in Yoongi's hair and the other in his back, Yoongi had one on his cheek and the other on his thigh.

Eyes in the eyes, their lips brushing against each other.
Love had never felt so good.

For love had never been so free and sincere, for one as for the other.
💕 〰️ 💕
They spent the night making love, sleeping less than they needed, waking up and making love again. If they could only live of that, they would never have left that bed.

But Jimin's stomach was the first to growl once Sunday morning came, provoking Yoongi's laughter.
"I'm going to prepare something."

"Noooo, stay here ..."

Yoongi had wanted to get up, but Jimin wasn’t of the same opinion, having passed his arms around his waist to stick on his back. He hadn’t had enough. He would never have enough.
"You know we are humans, right? And we need to eat, if we don’t want to die."

"I’m not a normal human. I don’t need to eat."

"We all need something."

"I need something."
Yoongi raised an eyebrow, now facing a Jimin who was smiling with all his teeth.

"And what do you need, Jimin the alien?"

"I need to stay on this couch with you and I need you to kiss me again and again."
Jimin had murmured these words as he climbed to his feet to kiss Yoongi's lips after the end of his sentence.

Unable to resist the powers that Jimin had on him, Yoongi was seduced, falling on the couch with his young lover who was delighted to have what he wanted.
Jimin thought he had won the war, but after a few seconds of intense kisses, his stomach betrayed him once more. As he groaned, Yoongi laughed on his mouth before he pulled away from him.

"I don’t want to break your dreams but you’re a normal human, baby ..."
Jimin grumbled alone, lying on the unfolded couch but looking at Yoongi. He didn’t take his eyes off him, watching him cover his ass with a jog before moving away to the kitchen corner of his small studio, remaining in plain sight of the high school student.
But his dissatisfaction passed quickly, carried away by the delicious smell of pancakes prepared by Yoongi. His boyfriend.

Jimin then got up, not wanting to stay far too long, and dressed summarily, with clean underpants and t-shirt, before joining him.
He made room for himself on the worktop to climb on it, beating his feet and staring enviously at the food. He didn’t realize how hungry he was, having not eaten for nearly 24 hours now.

Yoongi really made him forget everything. For the better.
"Namjoon told you at what time you were leaving ?”


Yoongi glanced at Jimin, having thought he perceived a little annoyance in his response.

An annoyance now readable on his face.

"What's wrong?"
"I dunno."

Jimin shrugged, fleeing Yoongi's gaze. He didn’t want to think about the end of this weekend, which was approaching so fast. He hadn’t had enough time with him. Not enough time in the arms of someone who really loved him, who he loved back.
Yoongi cut the gas under the stove after another pancake, and approached Jimin, his hands sliding over his thighs.

Jimin shuddered, putting his hands on Yoongi's arms and opening his thighs for him to come in between.
"Look at me."

Biting his lip, Jimin complied, raising his still swollen face to Yoongi's.

The older man had a slight sigh when he looked at the mark, not enjoying the idea that Jimin had to endure the violence of his father.
"I- .. I don’t wanna go back. I won’t go back."

"Tell me what happened."

Jimin closed his eyes, resting his forehead against Yoongi's, who now had his hands on the youngest's cheeks, caressing his skin to comfort him.
"My father kicked me out. After slapping me."

"Why did he do that?"

"Because he uses the slightest excuse to hate me and destroy my life."

"And your mother ?"

"She doesn’t care. She's the same. But he's acting for both."
Jimin sighed, pulling his head a little to look at Yoongi, not wanting to mope and ruin the time they spent together.

"They've never been supportive, caring or loving. I'm sure they would have liked never to have me. They're making it clear now."
"I'm sorry…"

"Don’t be. I hate them. They are homophobic, racist, intolerant. All the worst things in this world. I'm glad I'm not guilty of not loving them. I didn’t think I had to leave so quickly and with only a backpack. But it was only a matter of time.”
Jimin stretched a small smile, which didn’t reassure Yoongi.

"Are you sure he really kicked you out?"

"Yes I’m sure. He told me never to come back. He must be relieved to get rid of me, finally. "

"Where are you going to live then? Do you have family members in Seoul ? "
At Yoongi's question, Jimin winced, looking at him timidly.

"I .. I thought that .. maybe I could stay with you."

But Jimin realized that Yoongi didn’t think the idea was great with the silence that followed it.

"Jimin, love, I..."

"No, ok, that's ok. I'll find something."
"It's not that I don’t want you here! But what about high school, your friends ... your life there."

"I have no friends, they're all Jungkook's friends. And you stopped school when you had enough of your life there, didn’t you ?"

"Yes, I did, and that's why you won’t."
Jimin opened his mouth, wanting to protest, but Yoongi put his fingers to his lips to stop him.

"Jungkook told me you were brilliant. And that you had dreams, ambition. Tell me what you want to do later."

"Why did he… I wanted to be a vet.."

"You don’t want it anymore?"
"I just want to live my life without hating it every second."

Yoongi felt his heart breaking in front of Jimin's deeply sad eyes.

"We're going to find a way, ok? You won’t go back to school but you won’t drop school. I won’t let you become like me."
"How. I have nowhere to go, I have no money, and I really can’t occupy Namjoon's house for the rest of the year and the following one."

"Yes, I don’t recommend it to you..."

Sighing, the oldest tried to think, to find an idea. He never saw how unhappy Jimin was.
"And for us, Yoongi. If I go back, what would happen to us. I won’t be able to buy train ticket, and I don’t want your money. You're working, you won’t have time to come often... There's no way I leave you without knowing when I’ll be able to see you again, I can't Yoongi…"
Jimin's voice began to shake, his future uncertain and jostled by recent events causing a panic in him.

Yoongi then took him in his arms, clutching Jimin against him, rubbing his back while he whispered in his ear, understanding what he was going through.
"Shh ... I won’t let you down Jimin. You'll stay here until we can find a suitable solution. I won’t let you go back to them. I'll take care of you."

Like Yoongi would have liked someone to take care of him before he had to choose between his well-being and his future.
💕 〰️ 💕
"A private high school !"


Sitting up on the couch, Jimin shut down Yoongi's computer, on which he had spent long minutes reading the worried messages that Hoseok had sent him on Facebook.

And to which he didn’t know what to answer.
It had been five days since Jimin was at Yoongi. Every time his boyfriend went to work, leaving him alone in the studio, hours seemed infinitely long.

But as soon as the front door slammed, signaling the return of Yoongi, time almost stopped.
If this first cohabitation had caused him some fears, they had quickly disappeared. Their relationship was recent, but was intense and strong.

And now that they had no reason to hold back loving each other, anger and culpability left their interactions. Only love mattered.
Yoongi didn’t remember a time when he had been that happy to come home at night. He didn’t remember spending so many nights in a row smiling and laughing with someone other than his two best friends.

Jimin was the prettiest and the sweetest drugs.
But even though he loved having his boyfriend with him, feeding him, making love to him, watching him sleep, Yoongi knew it couldn’t become an habit.

Each day, Jimin's hematoma faded a little more, and Yoongi sought a solution that would prevent him from having others.
And on Wednesday, the fifth day, it wasn’t the slamming of the door that Jimin heard first, but the exclamation of Yoongi, who seemed very cheerful.

Head over the back of the sofa, Jimin stretched his arms as Yoongi approached, pulling off his jacket.
Would he ever stop blushing whenever he thought that Yoongi was beautiful ?

"A private high school?"

"There’s one very close to here. You don’t even have to take the bus."

Yoongi leaned over the couch back to kiss Jimin, snapping his lips three times in a row.
"Hello Love.."


The same silly smile filled their faces, expressing the happiness they had to be together. How good it was to be in love ...

Yoongi couldn’t resist taking one or four more kisses before turning back to open a beer.
"So, I've heard some customers talking about it in the cafe today. I thought about it, and I think that's exactly what you need."

"But ... a private school is expensive."

"Yes. Wait, let’s see."

Yoongi came to wallow beside Jimin, pulling the computer on his lap.
Jimin put his head on his shoulder, looking at the screen where the website of the famous school was soon appearing.

And when they saw the price needed for each year, Yoongi almost choked on his beer and Jimin hissed, not really seeing the genius idea here.
"And who will pay that? You know I can’t afford and, even if it would have been out of the question, you can’t afford it either."

"You don’t have to insist on my poverty like that ... hey, don’t touch, you're too young to drink that, microbe."
Jimin squeaked like a child when Yoongi pushed the beer away from him to tease him. Although he had always hated this dreadful drink, when it belonged to Yoongi, the flavor was totally different.

"It's your parents who will pay."
Jimin was happy not to be drinking beer, finally. He would have strangled himself with what Yoongi had just said.

"Are you out of your minds? They will never pay for it."

"Of course they will. They won’t have the choice.”
Yoongi seemed optimistic, which was not the case of Jimin at all. He knew his parents better than anyone. And he thought it impossible that they could agree to pay such a sum for him to enter a private high school outside Seoul.

"Yoongi, I ..."
"Let me explain."

Yoongi put the computer on the coffee table, turning to Jimin. He reached out to run his fingers through the blonde locks of the youngest, looking at him with determination.

"You’re still a minor. So they don’t have the right to expulse you like that."
Jimin raised an eyebrow, listening intently.

"But if it's really what they want, no longer having you under their roof, then you have to present this school to them as a legal way to get rid of you."

"Boarding school, or justice."

"That's it."
"But ... if they want me to come home. They are able to get me back to not spend money for me."

"I thought about it. And you have something to play against that."

Yoongi's fingers glimpsed what was left of the mark on Jimin's face.
"Do you want me ... to threaten them to make a complaint ?"

"Yes. For mistreatment."

"I'm not sure I'll be able to face my parents to blackmail them..."

"I won’t let you face them alone. We'll make them understand that it's you who sets the rules for yourself now."
Jimin swallowed, not sure of the success of this operation. He had never really dared to stand up to his parents until a few days ago.

"You'll come with me ?"

"I won’t leave your side. I called Namjoon on my way here, and he'll come with us too."

"His father is an appeal judge for child protection cases. And his mother is a brilliant lawyer. He will make them understand that if they want to continue their lives peacefully without his family getting involved, they will be interested in letting you go."
Yoongi thought of everything. He didn’t want to leave any uncertainty, no chance for Jimin's life to continue on the wrong road. He didn’t intend to be one of those who let these intolerable things happen by closing their eyes so as not to feel guilty.

Yoongi prefered to act.
"I'm gonna live here. In Daegu."

"Yes. If that's what you want, we'll make it happen."

Jimin nodded, stretching a hopeful smile. He wanted to believe it. He wanted this new life, in this new city, so close to the person who made it accessible.
"Okay. We’ll do this as soon as possible. We will withdraw a registration file in this high school tomorrow, and we’ll go to Seoul for a few days, the time to settle everything. My boss owes me a few days. We'll go to Namjoon."

"Cool ! I missed the huge bed !"
Yoongi narrowed his eyes, grabbing Jimin's thighs for him to sit on him, making the youngest laugh and pass his arms around the older man's neck.

"Wouldn’t you be denigrating my super foldable sofa ?"

"No no, never. I wouldn’t dare."
With an angelic smile, Jimin rubbed the tip of his nose against Yoongi's, grazing his lips without really touching them.

"I really like this sofa."

"Even if it's smaller than Namjoon's bed?"

"Exactly, because it's smaller."
Yoongi raised an eyebrow, suspicious.

"And why being smaller makes it better ?"

"The smaller it is, the more you have to hug me for sleep."

"Like I have a chance to escape your grip even in a big bed..."

Opening his mouth with an outraged face, Jimin hit Yoongi's arm.
"Hey! Don’t pretend you don’t like it when you grumble every time I move back a bit."

"I can’t sleep anymore without having my hands on your ass, Jimin."

"Oh god, you're so gross .."

Their laughter ended on a kiss which, as always, led to others kisses.
Jimin still had some hard times to break free from his chains, and finally live in a healthy and caring environment.

He had been afraid all his life to take a step outside the morbid path he followed.

But today, the best of allies was holding his hand to lead him.
💥 〰️ 💥
As soon as Jimin returned to Seoul with Yoongi, the stress nagged him from the inside. Yoongi's idea was perfect, and had a good chance of success. But seeing his parents, seeing in their eyes their disappointment to have him as a son. Letting others witness it...
Namjoon didn’t tease him of all the evening, at the request of Yoongi who felt better than anybody the tension of the high school student. Because he was very close to him, with that particularly connection between them, but also because he could easily put himself in his place.
Yoongi knew well what one could feel in the face of a parent harboring so much hatred and so little love. He had experienced a similar situation, and hadn’t come out unscathed.

He refused that life for Jimin. A life of guilt and pain that he didn’t deserve.
He had cuddled Jimin all night, in this famous huge bed. If it had soothed Jimin, as soon as he opened his eyes the next morning, the knot in his throat has been bigger than ever.

He remained silent until departure, guiding the road for Namjoon to his parents' office.
Jimin's parents were bankers in a peaceful part of Seoul. They lived easily, but were of these rich stooges, spending money on themselves only.

As soon as it concerned Jimin, they were almost doing budget studies to spend as little as possible.
Jimin didn’t doubt that his parents would be happy to see him leave the house. But he had a clear suspicion that they would pay for a private school while a bag of a trendy brand was already impossible to obtain.

He was so sick of them and their materialistic values.
But he had to try it. That was why Jimin arrived at the bank, pale, framed by Namjoon on one side and Yoongi on the other.

And all he wanted at that moment was to turn around.

He even had a moment of retreat, but stopped his steps when Yoongi took his hand.

He raised his worried big eyes in Yoongi's more assured ones.

"It's normal to be scared. But you're not alone. You'll be fine. I promised."

Jimin wasn’t able to answer, but nodded, intertwining his fingers with his.
Namjoon opened the door and invited the couple to enter before him.

Jimin had never dared to set foot here since kid. He had forgotten the color of the walls, the layout of the reception.

The woman holding the reception looked at the band with suspicion.
Namjoon spoke to her as Jimin continued to scan the surroundings, his heart beating so hard it seemed about to break.

"So you want to see them together ? You have an appointment ?"

"No. Tell them that their son wants to see them, and that it’s urgent."
The young woman seemed skeptical, but called Jimin's father to convey the message. The trio could hear through the handset the dissatisfaction of the banker by learning the presence of his son and his request.

And it was only a beginning. Jimin knew it.
"Your father will receive you in a moment, you can reach the waiting room."

The switchboard operator had spoken to Namjoon, probably thinking he was the Park's son. And that wasn’t surprising. They never shared photos of their son like good parents were used to.
Jimin sighed and walked behind the counter with the others to sit in the space where the clients were waiting for their appointments.

And thinking about it, that was exactly what Jimin was today. A client. Come to get a loan from his parents.
"Are you ok?"

"I wanna die."

Yoongi shook his chin gently, pushing Jimin's shoulder to give him courage.

In front of them, Namjoon was preparing his character and his intervention, seeming very serious and concentrated.
Jimin thought that the wait would be long, but on the contrary, he quickly saw his father tumble, with his detestable look. He had come so fast only to get rid of Jimin's presence at his workplace as soon as possible.

"What are you doing here ?"
Jimin was already tensed when he saw him coming and immediately released Yoongi's hand. Hearing his father's resentful voice, he shuddered, thinking that it was a very bad idea to be here.

Namjoon stood up immediately, extending his hand with a thin smile.
Taken by surprise, the banker shook his hand, frowning.

"Who are you?"

"Kim Namjoon. Representative of Blue Kids."

"Blue Kids ..."

"Association of help, including legal help, for abused children."

Jimin's father picked up his hand and gave his son a furious look.
Jimin wanted to disappear, sticking a little more against Yoongi. Namjoon wasn’t there to laugh.

"Follow me…"

The last thing the banker wanted was to spread his problems to his employees and clients. Damn kid.
Soon, the three teenagers were in the big and smart office of the bank manager, where Jimin's mother soon went to join her husband, confused and already annoyed.

"Jimin ?! What's going on here..."

"That's what I'd like to know."
Soon, all eyes were on Jimin, who pulled out a folder from his bag and handed it to his parents with a trembling hand.

"I need you to fill that and..."

"What is this?"

"This is a registration form for a private high school in Daegu..."
Jimin's father grabbed the file, looked at it vaguely, and threw it on his desk.

"Because you really think we'll pay for that ?"

“I.. I thought that-”

"You already have a high school."

"I know but-"

"And why would you want to sleep at school ?"

"Because you kicked him out?"
Yoongi had taken a step forward, already tired of seeing how Jimin's parents refused to listen to him. They didn’t even try to save appearances and pretend to be good parents.

"That's what you told them, Jimin ? Why did you do that ?"
Jimin hesitated a second, not really understanding the meaning of the question.

"Because that's what you did..."

"Jimin Jimin... I was angry. I said things that went beyond my thinking. Is it a crime ?"

"Not really. But hitting his child, this, it’s a crime."
Namjoon released a business card to increase the meaning of his presence.

"My father is a juvenile judge, and my mother is the head of the Department of Judicial Protection for Children. If I were you, I would stop acting and think about my options."
And options, Namjoon expected to leave only one. Listening to Jimin and giving the money.

Now better understanding his position, Jimin's father gritted his teeth. He pulled out his chair and grabbed the file, starting to fill it with mumbling rage.

Jimin's always been a burden.
"Why Deagu? There are boarding schools in Seoul. With better reputation."

Jimin looked at his mother in the eyes.

"To get away from you."

"Finally a good idea."

Even though Jimin was used to it, every word of this kind enlarged the wound of his soul.
He lowered his eyes, restraining himself from showing his weakness. He was exhausted, but he also knew things were stopping here now.

That his parents would recover quickly from having spent so much money seeing the benefit of being released from his daily presence.
A few seconds of silence passed, only punctuated by the sound of the pen rubbing against the paper.

He made sure that the boarding school was open on the weekends, and hesitated a lot on matters particularly concerning Jimin. Even for his birth date.
He signed two checks, for the current year and the following one, and returned the file.

"You’ll fill in the details that concern you."


Jimin picked up the file, barely believing it. He was going to leave. Live with Yoongi. Nearly.
"I .. I'm going to pick up my things at home."

"Be quick and try to not forget anything."

It was these last words that Jimin's father decided to put an end to the appointment, getting up to go with them to the door, and especially to put Jimin out, once again.
His mother returned to his activities without a look for him, and his father closed the door of his office as soon as he could.

And in the eyes of Jimin had just died the last hope he had to have a show of affection from them.

They hadn’t retained him.
Yoongi waited to get in the back of the car with him to take his boyfriend in his arms, understanding his distress and his pain.

If Jimin made no sound, he felt the coldness of his tears against his neck.

"It's over now. I'm proud of you Jimin..."
⚡ 〰️ ⚡
"Is that you?"


Lost in thought and focused on what he was doing, Jimin looked up at Yoongi without understanding what he had just said.

After they went to the bank, Namjoon took them to Jimin's parents' house
Jimin did not bother to make them visit the place, being immediately up in his room to get his stuff as soon as possible and leave this house where he had no place anymore.

He had taken out a suitcase, the only one he had, to contain everything he wanted to bring to Daegu.
And thankfully, but sadly, there wasn’t much that was valuable to him here.

While emptying his closet, Yoongi had been watching his boyfriend's room, finding it very cold and impersonal. No sign of a happy youth. No even a poster or a radio.
After a few seconds of investigation and the opening of a drawer, he came across a picture, which he took in his hands. One could see a little boy he recognized as Jimin, aged 3-4, laughing in the arms of a rather old woman.
Jimin opened his mouth when he saw Yoongi scan the picture, and had a sad smile.

"Yes. That's me."

"You were cute. You're still cute. But, you were very cute already."

Blushing a little, Jimin moved closer to come and look at the picture with him.
"This is my grandmother. My grandfather was behind the camera. This is the only picture of me as a child in this house."

"You're close to them?"

"Yes. I was. They died abruptly when I was 9."

"I'm sorry…"

"I wish I could have grown up with them a bit longer."
Jimin took the picture and slipped it into his backpack, then returned to pack his luggage.

A few minutes later, they joined Namjoon downstairs, and Jimin closed the door of the house one last time, taking all traces of his existence on his back.
Jimin's sadness didn’t last long at the meal. The three boys had found Jin, whose exasperation with Namjoon's jokes always made the high school student smile.

He no longer regretted the first time he had set foot in this living room, where he met Yoongi.
He had trouble understanding all the kindness Namjoon and Jin gave him. They had never sighed, giving him all the help they could without hesitation.

Yoongi was well surrounded. He had found in the both of them his family, the one he could always count on.
The next step for Jimin to be free was to transfer his academic record. That was why Yoongi led him to high school.

"It's better that you stay in the car. Jungkook is supposed to be in sport, but it's better to avoid being seen with me. You never know."
"Okay. I stay there, you send me a message if necessary."

"I have no phone."

"That’s true. Since you’re too proud to accept my older one. Send me a pigeon then."

Jimin rolled his eyes and kissed Yoongi before stepping out of the car with his books in his arms.
He tried to walk as fast as he could, crossing the halls hoping he wouldn’t fall on someone he knew. He reached the administration without any problem, and spent long minutes explaining his situation and starting the unsubscription procedure.
He still couldn’t believe he was leaving this high school, this city, the only places he had ever known in his life. And the only people too.

But he knew that a better life was waiting for him elsewhere. It might seem crazy, to leave everything to blindly follow Yoongi.
But he trusted him. When he looked into his eyes, he could only see the sincerity and kindness of this man. He gave him the strength and courage he had never had.

If Yoongi was a mistake, he was the best mistake he could make.
The headmaster's secretary invited Jimin to empty his locker and return his books to the library.

And as he opened his locker, he could only have a twinge in his heart as he looked at the picture Jungkook had slipped there months before.
Never would Jimin’s guilt for Jungkook leave him, even if it was hiding behind the strong feelings he now felt for his big brother.

Jungkook was the boyfriend everyone dreamed of having. Everything in him was perfect.

But he wasn’t Yoongi.
Jimin was still staring at the photo above his pile of books as he entered the library.

Sighing, he put the whole thing on the counter, before raising his head and coming face to face with Hoseok.

He jumped, taking two steps back, placing his hand on his heart.
"Oh my god ... what are you doing here ?!"

'I can ask you the same! You disappear after you left the refectory and you left me on "seen" on facebook! "

"I .. I'm sorry Hoseok, I just didn’t know what to say, I was a bit .."


"Yeah. Something like that. "
Hoseok looked anxiously at his friend.

"Is this about your parents again?"

Jimin pursed his lips, nodding slowly. The trace on his face wasn’t quite gone yet, and he couldn’t hide all the reasons for his departure, couldn’t leave without the shadow of an explanation.
The oppression and violence of his parents had never been a secret. Some people knew his situation. Many people. Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook, Jungkook's mother, some teachers.

That among of people and yet, nothing had ever been done for him.
"I’m so sorry… Is there something I can do .. anything?"

Always the same question. This open but uncompromising proposition, to which Jimin always shook his chin, smiling softly to say thank you.

"No, it's over now. They're kicking me out."
Jimin rubbed his neck, not having much time to change the real story to remove the role of Yoongi.

"What?! But where are you going to live? "

"I found a place in a private high school in Daegu."

"Are you leaving Seoul ?"
Jimin didn’t have to answer. Hoseok realized by understanding the presence of Jimin here with his pile of school books.

"And you planned to leave without telling us anything? Seriously? "

"Hoseok .."

"No, fuck Jimin, I thought we were friends!"
Guilty, Jimin bowed his head.

"I'm sorry ... It's just .. It's hard for me. I'm not good at goodbyes."

"What goodbyes. There’s none. It's not like we're never going to see each other again, right? "

Hoseok stretched an encouraging smile, keeping no anger. Positive as always.
"When do you leave ?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"We could go out tonight with the guys. Drink a beer, celebrate your departure..."

"It's not really something I want to celebrate, and I still have a lot of things to do ..."

"Please Jimin. I can’t tell them for you."
Jimin bit his cheek. He would have liked to avoid this situation. But he loved Hoseok, as he loved Taehyung and Jungkook. He couldn’t draw a line on them at the same time as on this city.

"Okay. I still don’t have a phone but we can say 7pm at- "
Hoseok's phone vibrated in his pocket. Checking that the librarian was far away, he read the message, and winced.

"Crap. Jungkook's brother is here. Do you mind if he comes ? I know that you and him are not getting along very well, but it may be hard to get Kook without him ..."
Jimin tried not to react physically, but he froze, afraid to understand.

"Really? Yoongi is here? "

"Yes! Jungkook just told me that he won’t take the bus cause his brother made him a surprise, he was waiting for him outside, in his car! "
Jimin had a nervous laugh.

"But, was not he supposed to be at the gymnasium right now?"

"Mr.Choi wasn’t there all week, so they had re-organized the planning."

Karma was against him. He had played with fire, and was now punished for the bad things he had done.
"So, you said 7am right? As usual ? And it's good for Yoongi? "

"Yeah, yes, I don’t ... I don’t mind."

"Cool ! I'll take care of your books, you can go. Don’t forget us tonight ok? I count on you! "

"I'll be there. I promise."
Jimin jumped out of school nervously, praying that he wouldn’t fall on Taehyung right now and have to start the same discussion all over again.

Why, like an idiot, had he not accepted that Yoongi would lend an old phone with a prepaid card?
On the parking lot, no trace of Yoongi's car, which had really left with Jungkook. He had no choice but to lie, claiming to be there for him once his presence was unmasked.

And now, Jimin was there, all alone.

In what crappy situation had he still put himself.
He had started walking towards Namjoon's house for a few minutes when the latter stopped right next to him by car.

And in front of Jimin's disappointed face, Namjoon could only let out a mocking laugh.

"Have you lost your way?"
"I lost my boyfriend."

Jimin climbed into the car grunting, but slipped a small thank you to the driver, glad not to have to walk all the way.

"I wanna die Namjoon."

"You always wanna die. But I admit that there may be the right moment. "
The high school student sighed, really not helped.

He was about to open his mouth when a bell rang inside the car, signaling a call on Namjoon’s cellphone, connected in bluetooth.

The oldest motioned to Jimin not to say a word, picking up to his best friend.
"Hello hello Yoongi-san."

"Hm. // -HI NAMJOON!"

Yoongi's grunt and Jungkook's cheerful voice mingled to answer. Jimin's throat tightened.

"Did you get my package?"

"Yeah, don’t worry, it’s right next to me."
Realizing that he was the package, Jimin looked at Namjoon with his offended look.

"How is it ?"

"Ah well, it's a very nice package. I would dream to have the same one. "


"It’s fine. At least, the packaging is intact."

"I can’t wait to see it."
Jimin stretched a smile, touched by the coded message.

"Besides, when are you coming to pick it up ?"

"Later, before leaving. Moreover, Jungkook offers us to come for a drink with his friends and his boyfriend in town tonight. // -I suggested it to you only but nevermind..."
Closing his eyes, Jimin leaned his head against the seat of the car.

"Why not. I don’t want your brother to be sad cause he misses me too much ! "

"Okay. I'm not sure if I'll see you before tonight, so we'll keep up with the message. And take care of my package."
"Okay. And you take care of Jungkook the brat."

Jungkook did not have time to reply that Namjoon had hung up, then scratched his chin. The situation was complicated.

"Good. So we know that Jungkook still didn’t admit that you two were no longer together."
"Do you think he's going to ask me to pretend to be with him in front of Yoongi ?"

"It's possible. But you’ll just have to say no. "

"Do you think I have to tell him?"

“Telling him what ?"

"For Yoongi and me."

Namjoon winced, under the desperate eyes of Jimin.
"It may be a bit early? It can only end badly."

"No matter the time, it will end badly, whether today or in 6 months. Jungkook is a good guy. He doesn’t deserve to be lied to like that ... "

"There are truths that it’s better to keep quiet because they would do too much harm."
"You sound like Jin right now..."

Jimin smiled slightly before sighing. The evening was going to be long. He really didn’t know how he was going to handle announcing his departure to his friends and staying away from Yoongi like before.
"Anyway, if you want to tell him, tonight is not the right opportunity. He's going to feel like an idiot. You should wait to talk to Yoongi quietly about this, cause he’s concerned, and choose the right moment, even change the story so that he accepts without being too hurt."
Jimin nodded, rather agreeing with him. Namjoon was smart. Sometimes.

"Like, you go to your private high school, Yoongi is the only person you know in Daegu. He helps you, you sympathize. And boom. You fall in love. Without being able to control it. "

The scenario was plausible, and although it was sure that Jungkook wouldn’t be fan of the love story, it would still be better than the real story of their relationship.

"If Jin is ok we'll come tonight. That way we can serve you as a messenger. "

Jimin calmed down, reassured.
"Aah. I can not wait to be here tonight. I will come with popcorns and 3D glasses. I hope you're a good actor, I do not come to be bored in front of a bland show."

"I did theater for several years."

"Perfect. Don’t disappoint me."
Jimin rolled his eyes, then lost them on the road, already missing Yoongi.

He had only a hurry, that disastrous day ended and he could go back to Daegu to start his new life in a city where he had no one to hide the fact that Yoongi made him feel loved and alive.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
When Jimin entered the bar that night, framed by Namjoon and Jin that he was starting to take for his parents, he didn’t really know what to expect.

This little reunion had no meaning, and would necessarily be an absolute disaster. It could not be otherwise.
Between his relationship with Yoongi that he would have to hide in the eyes of his friends, and the lies of Jungkook who claimed that their relationship had not ended, Jimin didn’t know how he would survive without cracking under pressure.

He would surely end up killing someone.
He couldn’t even make a debrief with Yoongi about what to do, and Namjoon had teased him all the way to the bar.

The high school student had threatened the best friend of his boyfriend, but Namjoon didn’t care, as he always do.

He wanted a drama tonight.
From his first steps in the bar, Jimin looked directly for Yoongi with his eyes, but he barely see him that Jungkook jumped on him, taking advantage of the effect of surprise to kiss his lips, without hesitation.

And looking innocent, he smiled at Namjoon and Jin behind them.
"Namjoon! Already there ?"

"I knew you were really looking forward to see me."

"And you ... did you meet on the way?" Jungkook asked, looking at Jimin and the couple, worried that they had talked to each other and that they knew about Jimin and him.
But Namjoon, understanding very well his little game, interrupted his anxieties.

"No, we just arrived at the same time, hardly the time to say hello."

Jimin would have laughed if the situation hadn’t upset him that much. He gave Jungkook a look tinged with annoyance.
"Where is my fav fuckboy.. ah, Yoongi, hello!"

Namjoon already made fun of the situation, calling Yoongi through the bar. Jimin turned then and shivered in front of the face of his boyfriend, his features betraying all the tension that had mounted in him since he observed them.
His little brother had kissed Jimin before his eyes. And if it had been hard all the previous times, it was even worse now that Jimin was his boyfriend.

Sorry, Jimin tried to apologize silently, with a look. He barely had time to realize what Jungkook did and to be mad.
Beside his boyfriend, Taehyung, who hadn’t wasted time sitting next to Yoongi on the bench, and Hoseok, who knew about Jungkook's lie, and who had tried to get him discouraged. But who failed, apparently.

Less than 5 minutes there and nothing was ok.
Jungkook seemed on another planet. That's what Jimin said to himself when his ex took his hand in his to guide him to the table in the footsteps of Namjoon and Jin.

But Jimin squeezed his hand to restrain him, refusing to take a step without having clarified the situation.
"Jungkook, wait ..."

"Yes ?"

Jimin was shocked not to see the shadow of a doubt on the young man's face. As if the situation was perfectly normal.

"Why are you holding my hand? And ... why did you kiss me?"

Jungkook opened his mouth in surprise and seemed embarrassed.
"Uh .. Can we talk? Outside?"

Jimin held back a sigh but nodded, freeing his hand and glancing at Yoongi before going back to the bar door.

He folded his arms and looked at his ex, waiting for his explanations. Hoping he had good ones.
Jungkook finally hesitated under Jimin's uncompromising gaze.

"I .. I thought that my brother didn’t need to know you and I were having a break. Cause, you know, he's very protective, and he's going to be worried for nothing..."
Jimin blinked, not sure he had understood what he had just heard.

"We're not having a break. We’re just over. You ... you know that, right?"

He didn’t know it. Jungkook had never stopped hoping that Jimin's bad period would end and that everything would return as it was before.

"I'm sorry."

"You have to tell him. Now. "

"Jimin, please, not now, I’ll tell him as soon as I can but, I don’t want to ruin the evening, or let Yoongi be cold with you to protect me. I'll tell him tomorrow. I promise you."

"Jun, I can’t play the boyfriend..."
"Why? Do you have someone else? " Jungkook asked, his voice stuck a little in apprehension of the answer Jimin would give him.

But, unable to tell him the truth, Jimin shook his chin.

"No, no I don’t but I don’t wanna pretend to be someone I’m not."
"Jimin, we've been together for months. Do I disgust you to the point you can’t be close to me for what, two hours ? You won’t have to kiss me, or to touch me. Everybody knows that you're shy and discreet, they won’t see the difference. Please, Jimin. Just for tonight. "
Jimin closed his eyes and sighed, already tired of the situation. Tired of having to repeat.

"Jungkook. I do /not/ want to do it. I won’t do it. Yoongi will react well, if you want to tell him that we break up just now, do as you want. But tell him. Right now."
The youngest brother pursed his lips, understanding that he would have to confess the truth to Yoongi.

"Ok ... I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have started lying. I just didn’t want to .. I don’t know what I wanted. I'm upsetting you with stupidities."

"It's ok. I'm not mad."
"You should. I didn’t even ask you how you were. Hoseok told me you wanted to talk to us about something important."

"Yes, I ... We'll talk about it with Tae and Hobbi."

"Okay.. let's go back inside."

Jimin stretched a weak smile and followed him, already relieved of a weight.
Just arrived at the table, while keeping a reasonable distance from each other, Namjoon couldn’t help but add a layer, exclaiming loudly.

"Hey lovers! We were doing bad things in a dark corner ?"
From the corner of his eye, Jimin saw Yoongi clench his jaw, not really amused by what he implied.

Jungkook, who seemed to have latent hatred towards Namjoon, handed him his middle finger.

And then, with half-word, he told his brother to get up to follow him.
Jimin pulled away to let Yoongi pass, biting his lips to stay straight and not making a move towards him, frustrated at not being able to touch him.

The two brothers moved away, and Jimin took the place that had just left his secret boyfriend to greet his friends.
Although he was curious by nature, he didn’t take a single look at the discussion that took place at a few meters.

All he wanted was Jungkook to announce their breakup, and Yoongi also to admit to not having a perfect boyfriend in Daegu who wasn’t him.
With these few lies in less, he would sleep better at night.

"Why did Jungkook walk away with his brother like this?" Taehyung asked, still having a big crush on Yoongi to the point of not really hiding it.

"To announce to him our breakup."

Taehyung winced, and Namjoon chuckled quietly. Jimin had taken some of the fun out of him, but fortunately for him, the oldest of the band still had some ideas for tonight.

He winked at the blond, who looked at him threateningly.
He didn’t lose a second when the brothers came back among them, Yoongi seeming less tensed.

Taking himself for the chief of operations, he had everyone sit down to a precise plan, making Yoongi sat between Taehyung and Jimin, and Jimin between Yoongi and Jungkook.
He put a glass of vodka in front of each of the participants, and Jimin was the only one to frown.

"I don’t want to drink alcohol."

"Ah, Jimin, if you don’t drink you don’t play."

"I'm not playing then."

The whole thing smacks of trap. Namjoon was a vicious.
And if Jimin was there, stuck on a bench between his ex and his boyfriend, facing a Namjoon stretching his best smile, it was certainly not a coincidence.

"Don’t be a baby. You don’t have to drink. If you make all your wages, you will remain more sober than ever."
No more reassured, Jimin didn’t answer, clutching his hands under his thighs and let Namjoon begin to present his famous game.

But his heart lightened when on his right he felt fingers coming gently touching the tip of his.

To answer it, the high school student moved his leg slightly, sticking his foot against his boyfriend's. A simple touch was enough to satisfy him.

Jimin knew he had nothing to fear as long as Yoongi was there, close to him. Neither Namjoon, nor alcohol, nor a stupid game.
"OK, then, I got all your names in my phone, the game will give instructions or challenges to one or more people each turn."

"What kind of challenges can it be?" Asked Hoseok, obviously very cheerful.

"Singing, dancing, or kissing someone ..."
Yoongi scanned Namjoon with a threatening look. He knew him well enough to anticipate the next events. He also knew this game, which he very often refused to play, never finding much interest in it.

"And if you don’t wanna do it, you drink, is that right?"
"It’ll say how many sips to drink if we refuse."

Namjoon put his cell phone on the table, which reassured Jimin. In this way, everyone could read the screen and Namjoon would not cheat.

But Yoongi knew very well that Namjoon did not need to cheat for things to go wrong.
In general, many challenges, such as more or less intimate physical contact, involved the direct neighbors.

It was no coincidence that Namjoon had Yoongi sit between Jimin and Taehyung, and Jimin between Yoongi and Jungkook.

He had planned everything.
"The game takes into account the family ties to not create problematic situations, and I entered no couple because Jin and I like to play, and I heard that there is no other couple around this table anymore. Everyone is ok?"

Nobody protested, so Namjoon started the game.
Things started slowly. Hoseok had to drink because his feet were smaller than Jin's, Jungkook had his nipples pinched by Taehyung, Namjoon was forced to shut up for five minutes, forcing Jin to take the lead in the process.
The atmosphere was cheerful and funny, Jimin didn’t need to drink, rather satisfied when a challenge bound him to Yoongi for a few turns. Whenever Jimin wanted to say something, he had to whisper it to Yoongi who said it out loud, and vice versa.

Every word made him shudder.
But after a few rounds, questions, instructions and choices became more and more naughty. The first victim was Namjoon, who was asked to bite the ear of his boyfriend.

Jimin felt lucky not to have been concerned by this directive.
But his relief was short-lived when Namjoon read the following instruction.

"Yoongi, kiss your neighbor on the left. Jimin! "

The high school student was shivered, shared between the desire that Yoongi gives him this kiss and the fear that Jungkook react very badly to that.
"I pass."

"Ok, 3 sips."

Yoongi had not hesitated, his glass quickly to his lips to drag the alcohol into his throat. He had to keep his role and his habits if he didn’t want to endanger their secret.

And Yoongi always drank for these kinds of questions.
The game then asked Jimin to be the narrator, as if to make fun of him, and break him down a bit more for the disastrous sequel.

He clicked on the phone, and inhaled through the nose reading the following question before sharing it with everyone aloud.
"Jungkook, lick the lips of your right’ neighbor."

"Jimin is successful tonight!"
The two ex looked at each other, and Jimin wanted to tell him to drink. But he didn’t want to hurt him, or that he thought he still had feelings for him and didn’t want to risk falling back on him at the first kiss.

So he nodded very slowly, allowing.
Everyone encouraged Jungkook to take action, claiming his name by punching the table.

Everyone except Yoongi, whose hand had left that of his boyfriend to grab his glass, tense. He had felt it coming for miles. Namjoon was probably gloating internally, this son of a b..
Jimin perceived a small glimmer of excuse in Jungkook's eyes as he approached him, even if engulfed by his gladness. It had been a month since they were separated now, and he was thirsty for any contact with the one he still loved from the depths of his heart.
Yoongi pretended to answer a message on his phone so as not to have to see Jungkook's hand on Jimin's cheek, so as not to see his face so close to his boyfriend's that their noses were touching, so as not to see the tip of his tongue stroked the lips of the youngest.
Jimin felt guilty. He felt guilty that he had done nothing to prevent this from happening, and he felt guilty that he had been shivered from the moment Jungkook, his first love, put his hand on him, despite Yoongi's presence.

Stupid love triangle.
Jimin was dying to turn his head to his right to look at Yoongi and see how he reacted.

But he was afraid to read on his boyfriend's face disappointment, pain. So he just waited for everyone to finish praising Jungkook to continue the game.
Whenever Jimin pressed on the screen to move to the next round, he felt intense stress, for fear of falling on worse than before.

But the game was nice for a time. Jin had to warm up his voice a bit, standing on the bench to sing on a lion king song.
Namjoon had to massage Jungkook. Everyone was laughing at Jungkook's winces of pain under Namjoon's big hands, both of them getting along as dogs and cats get along.

Taking advantage of this moment of distraction, Jimin put his hand on Yoongi's knee.
He tried to look at him, and after a few seconds to look in his eyes, the young man was entitled to a smile from his boyfriend, but enough fast to remain discreet.

Yoongi didn’t blame him.

Jimin inhaled deeply, regaining courage.
His right hand rested on Yoongi's knee as much as he could, caressing it distractedly with his fingertips.

He didn’t see Hoseok knocking his phone off the table.

He didn’t see Hoseok leaning down to pick it up.

He didn’t see Hoseok standing up and giving him a shocked look.
"Then, next question ... Adjectives that match Jimin. The player who repeats or has no idea drinks two sips. Jungkook begins."



Jimin rolled his eyes, while Jin and Yoongi couldn’t stop laughing at what Namjoon said.


Hoseok had announced this adjective looking Jimin in the eyes, without a smile, which disturbed a second the young man. His brows furrowed a little anxiously, but his friend didn’t flinch, and it was Taehyung's turn.
"Hmm ... Shy!"

Jimin stretched a smile, unable to deny, and waited for Yoongi's answer, his hand moving away from his knee now that the attention was on him.

The secret boyfriend pretended to think, since he wasn’t supposed to know him very well.
"Go, Yoongi, it's not that complicated. What comes to your mind when you look at him? "

Pressed by Namjoon's words, Yoongi ran a hand through his hair and answered the first word that came to him, which was important in their story.

Jimin felt red rising to his cheeks. In order not to be noticed, he tried his best not to become red.

"We said adjective matching Jimin."

“Namjoon, you’re just jealous cause I’m cute and you’re not. It's up to you to play the game again."

Jimin returned him the phone, proud.
Namjoon took the phone and had his more vicious smile.

"Aaaah. Last choice! And it's the best of all. Taehyung! "


"Wood 5 sips or ...."

Namjoon put a little suspense, watching everyone in turn, looking victorious.

He wasn’t going to like it, Yoongi knew it well.
"Or make a hickey to Yoongi."

Jimin froze.

The young man concerned by the choice, Taehyung, pretended to hesitate.
As if he hadn’t been waiting for such an opportunity since the beginning of the game.

Yoongi wanted to speak to refuse, but Namjoon forbade him to say a word.

"You're not going to ruin the last round, are you?"
Jimin blanched as Yoongi sighed, allowing Taehyung to approach.

He was happy to slide on the end of the free seat next to Yoongi, and pretended to be embarrassed and shy, while inside, his heart was beating with excitement.

"Suck that neck!"
Under the whistles of Namjoon and Jungkook, who was delighted for his friend who had confess to him several times about the huge crush he had on his brother, Taehyung put a hand on Yoongi's shoulder and soon, his lips crashed against the throat he used to fantasize about.
Yoongi closed his eyes, letting himself go without moving.

Jimin didn’t take his eyes off him, watching for any reaction, for the slightest hint of pleasure.

He hated to see Taehyung’s hands, Taehyung's mouth on his boyfriend, to hear the sounds he made while marking his skin.
He hated to know that Taehyung was realizing this challenge with immense joy.

He hated this game, and most of all, he hated Namjoon.

The only person at this table who wasn’t looking at Taehyung putting all his heart to work in making this hickey on Yoongi was Hoseok.
Hoseok was watching Jimin, still shocked by what he had seen earlier in the evening.

And what he could read on the face of his friend ended up convincing him that he hadn’t dreamed.

His friend’s jaw tight, his look tense and his lips were trembling.
Jimin was devoured by jealousy.

For Yoongi.
🍷 〰️ 🍷
Hoseok kept his eyes on Jimin.

He didn’t miss anything of his tense that he kept for 20mn after the last action of the game.

Neither the several looks that Yoongi tried to establish with him, to which Jimin responded only by his dissatisfaction, his jealousy being fulgurante.
Nor the way Jimin always tried to change the conversation when Namjoon teased Taehyung and Yoongi about the hickey's story.

Something was going on between Jimin and Jungkook's brother. Hoseok was convinced of it. The evidence was there, under his nose.
He didn’t know what to think about it. Should he talk to Jimin about it? Take him aside, share with him his questions, his doubts. Ask him the truth. Try to understand.

But Jimin's relationship with the band was very fragile lately. Hoseok didn’t want to make things worse.
But something told to him that the bond between Yoongi and Jimin wasn’t dated of today, and that this was probably the cause of the recent changes in their lives.

There were too many questions in his head, to the point that Hoseok could not think of anything else.
If what he thought was true, he didn’t understand how Yoongi was able to look at his little brother in the eye, how he was able to mess with his little brother’s hair, to laugh and to huge him when Namjoon said it was time for Jin, Yoongi and himself to leave.
From the corner of his eye, Hoseok saw Jimin approaching Jin to talk to him, whispering something to his ear like he was telling his more confidencial secret.

Hoseok looked outside when the tree left, and he saw Yoongi directly approaching Jin, sharing a few words.
And he saw him left the couple, instead of going home with them as they pretended.

It was impossible for all of this to come out of his imagination.

Hoseok was immersed in his thoughts when Jimin pulled him out. Now that the four of them were alone, he was time for him to talk.
Hoseok remained observant of the conversation. He already knew what Jimin had to say.

He was sorry to see the sadness on Jungkook’s face following the announcement of his ex.

"But it's not possible ... You're not going to leave us, Jimin. You know that my home is your home."
"I know, Jun, but it's not how it works."

"But why going to Daegu, there are boarding schools here too, it's Seoul!"

"I can’t live in this city with them anymore, I want to be far from them, I want to breathe, I need to start somewhere else, alone."
Taehyung had tears in his eyes.

"But does that mean we'll never see each other again?"

"Of course we will meet again Taehyung. When the situation is less complicated or I have some money to come back..."

Jimin approached and took his friend in his arms, touched.
"Since when do you know you're leaving?" Jungkook asked, wondering hopefully that this was the reason why Jimin had left him.

Wondering if there was any chance that he would come back to him, if Jungkook could convince him that they could overcome the distance.
"For a few days, we visited the school this week, and today I unregister from our school."

"When are you leaving?"

"I'm leaving town tomorrow, I have a train very early in the morning."

Jungkook pursed his lips, realizing he couldn’t hold him back.
"Do you want to be accompanied?"

"No, it’s not necessary. My father want to be the one to push me out of here."

"How are we going to talk to each other? Will they give you your cell phone back ?"
"I’m not sure. But I would find a way. I promise you."

Hoseok was a little troubled by the sincerity of that moment.

Maybe he was wrong. With all the problems that Jimin had at home, when would he have time to flirt with Yoongi ?
But while the four friends were ready to separate their paths not far from Jimin's house, Jungkook had a sentence that ended in convincing Hoseok that he wasn’t crazy.

"If you ever have a problem, and you need help, don’t forget that my brother will be in the same city."
Yoongi lived in Daegu. In this city where Jimin suddenly left for. This city among many others.

Jimin stretched a strange smile.

"I’ll think about it. Thank you."

Jimin passed into the arms of all his friends, and went off alone to the street where his house was.
Unable to resist the urge to confirm his doubts, after a few steps, Hoseok claimed to have forgotten his keys at the bar to step back.

But it was in pursuit of Jimin that he left, not to go back in the city center.

Remaining at a distance, hiding behind trees, Hoseok observed.
He saw Jimin arrive in front of his house. But the young man didn’t come near the door, even hurrying to the other end of the street with nervous steps.

And a few yards away, he stopped in front of a car, opened the passenger door, and went inside quickly.
The ceiling light came on, and Hoseok saw him.

Yoongi was there behind the wheel.

He leaned over to Jimin, wanting to kiss him, but the youngest pushed him away, whining and pointing at the driver's neck.

Yoongi sighed and rubbed the hickey Taehyung made on him, protesting.
After a few words from the older, Jimin seemed to surrender, giving Yoongi the right to kiss his cheek.

Yoongi approached slowly, and at the last moment grabbed Jimin's chin to drop a smack on his lips.

Hoseok had never seen Jimin smile like he smile after that.
Very disturbed and shocked by what he had just seen, Hoseok almost forgot to hide when the car passed in front of him.

But the two lovers were too much absorbed by the fact of finally being together after this long evening to notice him in the night.
The car was soon out of sight of Hoseok, who kept his mouth open for a long time.

Jimin had a relationship with Jungkook's big brother.

A relationship that they hid, but Hoseok now carried the secret without anyone knowing it.
Hoseok was someone loyal. Jungkook was his friend, and to say nothing was to betray him. To be complicit in what was going on behind his back.

But Jimin was his friend too. He did not imagine betraying him by revealing what he had just discovered.

He was totally lost.
If it was to be redone, Hoseok would have preferred never to have seen Jimin's hand on Yoongi's knee. He would have preferred not to have these doubts, to have seen what he had just seen.

And whatever he chooses to do, be quiet or talk, he will betray one of his best friends.
// Helloooooo

Hoseok knows 😱

What should he do ?

Love you all and see you in a few days 💕

I see you all and i'm really sorry for the waiting but I can't find the time to continue this for now, I'll be back as soon as I can cause there's now way for this story to end like that.. please wait for me,

With love, Lucie.
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