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Blue!Au 💙

Accidentally, Jimin confessed his feelings for Yoongi and got rejected. Months after, rumor has it Jimin and Taemin are dating.
Yoongi will start to realise what he really feels for Jimin.
Everything started like this: Months before, Bts celebrate after one concert.
He can take almost everything. Yoongi is surprised Jimin isn't drunk already.
The day after and the following days...
Late that night...
Where is Jimin?
Jimin keeps Yoongi awake.
Jimin finally answer.
Yoongi is cruel
Jimin is worried.
Good morning, Yoongi.
Who is going to apologise first?
Namjoon is THAT MAN
Let Yoongi take care of you, Jimin.
You should've known, Yoongi.
Wanna figure it out?
Jimin is so sweet and nice but he doesn't want to be.
He wouldn't do it, Jimin.
Wanna join us?
Next weekend...
Drunk dance
He heard you, Jimin 🔞
Will Yoongi remember?
As soon as Yoongi opened his eyes, he ran to the bathroom and vomited everything he had eaten in the last hours.

Down on his knees beside the toilet, he held the toilet tight. He felt like shit and he knew why, he just wished he've never woke up.
When he turned around to wash his mouth, Jimin was in the in the door looking at him worried.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

Yoongi didn't say anything, he just looked at him and came back to the bedroom.

He didn't stop, just kept walking. Closed the door behind him but Jimin opened it anyway.

"Can we talk?"

"No, we can't"

"Please, I need to-"
Yoongi sighed and Jimin stopped talking. He saw the older turn around and saw his tired and sick face.


"What do you want?"

"I need to talk about last night"

"There's nothing to talk about"

"I didn't know, Yoongi, I didn't know you felt something for me"
Yoongi closed his eyes tight.

"I said there's nothing to talk about"

"I didn't know, I swear, I would never-"

"Are you even listening to me?!" Yoongi yelled. Jimin shut up, scared.

"I said I don't want to talk to you, can you understand?"
Jimin nodded quickly and dried a tear before it fall down to his cheek.

"Yes, I'm sorry"

"Leave me alone"

Jimin stood there, he didn't move. He didn't want to go because he had a bad feeling about this. He was afraid that if he'd do obey Yoongi and go, something will going
to break between they two forever.

"Did you hear?"

"I don't want to leave you alone"

"I don't care about what you want. When are you going to stop being so fucking selfish?"

"I'm sorry"


Jimin took a deep breath trying to calm himself.
I'll... I'll be in my bedroom if you need me"

"I won't need you"

'Stop' Jimin thought. 'You're hurting me so bad'. He wanted Yoongi to stop cut him with his words but at the same time he wanted to stay to carry Yoongi sadness and anger on his shoulders, 'cause it was his fault.
'Go, please' Yoongi thought. Because he couldn't face him, he didn't want to be seen, he felt ashamed and used and hurt. And he didn't know who Jimin thought he was, maybe a heartless man? He wasn't. Actually his biggest problem was that he wasn't able to control his heart.
And right now he was afraid that if Jimin stay, he would break their friendship forever, cause he knew how cruel he could be when he was hurt.
The practice days were the hardest. Yoongi and Jimin were too distant. Namjoon's new concept for this album needed them to be closer and share some looks.

Yoongi was doing his job, he was there, annoyed and in bad mood, but he wa there trying to dance and pretending to rap
to practice. But Jimin... everything was more difficult to him. Jimin couldn't stand Yoongi's indifference. Not when they have to look in the eyes and he could see Yoongi was somewhere else. He hated that the older didn't want to really look at him, to get into it.
It was frustrating him so much. So he tried a millions times to get his attention, to reach him, but it was impossible, it was like Yoongi had blocked him.

Jimin stood in his place ready to get close to him and practice his dance's steps. Jimin was nervous.
Everytime he danced he was so focused on it, he was a professional, but Yoongi's vibe was so negative and it was getting in his nerves. He knew he had to get close and walk beside him and then go back, and then Yoongi had to grab him by his arm and stop him from going
and then he had to put him close and they had to look at each other for a couple of seconds, but he didn't know if he could. Not like he never danced with someone he didn't like, but this wasn't someone, this was Yoongi and he was still pissed off and upset for everything that
happened between them and how they couldn't talk about it. To Jimin, speak his mind was very important, and he needed to tell him a lot of things, but Yoongi didn't want to hear.

Yes, probably he was too selfish to understand what 'I need space' meant, but he wasn't used to
this kind of situations. He hated, loved, or regretted his exes, but he never felt guilty. It was eating him alive and he started to think that Yoongi was enjoying it.

Whatever, he was about to walk to him, and he felt Yoongi's hand in his arm, warm and strong, he wanted to
smile but he couldn't let the others know about this, so he just turned around as soon as Yoongi put him close. They looked at each other: seriously, just a few seconds, but the older didn't look like the sad guy who asked him to go, and Jimin swallowed his pride
and dared to show Yoongi an expression of guilt, but his Hyung just looked at him and the coach yelled: "Okay, good job!"
Jimin watched Yoongi walk away from him and he wanted to follow him.

"Hey, where are you going?" Namjoon said laughing. "Your position is over there"

He didn't care where his damn position was.

"Are you alright?" The leader asked him.

He lied.

"I know exactly what you're doing" Jimin said to Namjoon one day.

"Seriously? Please tell me" he joked.

"You're trying to keep me apart from Yoongi"

Namjoon sighed.

"Look, Jimin. I don't know what the hell happened between you and him because he didn't tell
me, but I can tell that he is hurt"

"Thank you for the reminder" Jimin complained.

"Look, I don't want to know what happened, I just want you to know that I know Yoongi more than you do and he is hurting... Bad"

Jimin closed his eyes.

"Whatever you're doing I ask you to stop
He didn't ask me anything, I'm protecting him myself. I won't let you hurt him. I respect and love you, Jimin, you know that, but you need to get your shit together right now"

"I'm tryi-"

"I know you're doing it, but it isn't working. He is still hurting. It won't stop until
he starts healing. Do as he asks. Respect him."

"I'll try" Jimin said with tears in his eyes.

"I promise you I'll help you talk to him when he's ready"

"Thank you"

"Now, stop crying and go to rest" Namjoon said with a smile full of love, Jimin smiled back.

Who is going to talk to Yoongi first?
💧📜💧 Author's Note.

Hi guys. Before I continue this au, I have to make clear some things.

I received recently some messages telling me that Blue is toxic.

1. I believe that people can read, like, and have a valid opinion on literature. That's why I love literature-
-because you're totally free to keep or stop reading. So, if you really don't like something or it makes you upset to the point that you don't wan't to read anymore, it's more than okay.

2. I am aware that the characters are having a very sh*tty behavior:
• Namjoon is making Yoongi and Jimin feel bad because he doesn't have in mind how much his words mean to Yoongi and Jimin.

Let me tell you that I do believe that Nam is still a young man with insecureties and problems as everyone and even if he is the leader, that doesn't-
-mean he has all the answers. He is still a kid.
I'm trying to make Nam very realistic, this is an canon au.

• Jimin 'as the bad guy'. The plot of this au is very sad as I teased before I started it. The comunications problems always lead to misunderstandings.
I can't spoil the au, as I said, to tell you why this is happening. I never try to make you guys pick a side. Jimin can or can not be an asshole for what he did, and Yoongi can be overeacting or sick, or even right about this. We don't know bc they didn't got the chance to
really talk. We don't know a lot of this yet.

• Yoongi is an *sshole.
Like I said, there's a lot of things you don't know about him. He can be wrong or right, you'll figure it out.

3. I really want to say that I always stick my ideas, so, what you'll read -
is what it was meant to be.
I don't support or want to make you support 'toxic' relationships. I just want to make it realistic.
This things happen in real life, people misunderstand things and don't talk and get confuse. We people are a mess😂.
I just think that those dark moments have always deal us to something better.

People can change. They do, actually, for good or for bad. And sometimes we do things and we hurt the one's we love. That happens more often than you think.

Keep that in mind.
Now, you're free to stop or keep reading. Whatever you choose I want to say: tyvm😘.

End of the Author's Note💧📜💧
"Is everything okay?" Namjoon asked to Yoongi.

"Yeah," Yoongi replied. "I just need to stay 3 or 4 more hours and the song is done"

Namjoon got close to his friend and watched him with his eyes glued to the screen, with his right hand in the mouse and the other on the keys
of the piano.

"I didn't mean that. How are things going with Jimin?"

Yoongi's face expression didn't change, and Namjoon knew Yoongi was pretending he didn't hear because of his headphones.

"I noticed that you are trying to avoid him. I tried to help you because you looked
very uncomfortable near him"

There was a long silence.

"Things aren't right with Jimin, that's right" Yoongi said.

"Would you like to talk?" Namjoon asked.

"Will you listen to this part of the song? I think it needs-"

Namjoon put his headphones over the table and stood
right beside Yoongi's computer.

"Will you ever stop avoiding me when I try to help you?"

Yoongi rolled his eyes, but Namjoon's face expressed so much stress and worry. Yoongi tried to ignore it.
"There's a lot to work on. We can talk about our personal things in the break"

"I am worried, Yoongi" Namjoon said. "I need you to tell me what happened how I can help"

"I'm just tired"

"You're always tired lately," Namjoon said. "It's getting very hard to have a good practice
with this thing going on. Would you like me to call the members? We can talk about it together"

"I think I can deal with things on my own"

"No, you can't, you don't have to," Namjoon said. "Me, Jimin and the boys can help you-"

"I don't give a fuck!" Yoongi yelled and then was
when Namjoon saw Yoongi's tears on his eyes. And he saw himself in his friend's wet eyes: he was about to cry too.

Namjoon felt weak, like he was about to break in pieces. But right now he had to stick his pieces together because he needed to hold Yoongi.
Yoongi walked away from Namjoon, but he couldn't scape. The leader hugged him tight. Yoongi was trying to calm because he hated to be seen crying like that.

"What happened?" Namjoon asked softly.
"I don't care"

"You do, it's okay"

Namjoon waited for Yoongi to calm a little
bit. He brought him a glass of water.
"I'm listening"

"It's all messed up..." Yoongi said. "I ruined everything with Jimin"

"How is that posible?"


"You like him?"

"I don't know, okay?" Yoongi said "Jealousy is normal in any relationship, and I've always been
jealous... But never like this, this kind of jealousy is sick"

"Did you do anything against Jimin because of your jealousy?"

"I just said rude things that I don't really think about him" Yoongi said. "But I don't seem to know how to make it right with him. He brought the worst
of me and I don't know why"

"Do you feel angry right now?"

"Yes" Yoongi said with a broken voice.

"What happened between you two?"

Yoongi kept quiet. He didn't want to say it.

"That night we stayed late with him drinking... He told me that he liked me" Yoongi said.
Namjoon nodded.

"And what did you do?"

"I just laughed"

Namjoon didn't say anything.

"Why am I like this?" Yoongi asked. "Why do I say and do things that hurt people like that?"

"It's ok-"

"No, it's not. My reaction was impulsive, it came naturally like that, I laughed at
his face, and now... It's worse. I can't blame him for my pain, I deserve it"

"No, Yoongi, you don't deserve pain"

"You don't know me"

"Seems like you were talking about a monster"

"I feel like I'm becoming one..."
Namjoon held Yoongi's hands between his and squeezed them.

"Listen," the leader said trying to get his attention. "You're not a monster and you can't become something you aren't, okay?"

Yoongi was shaking his head trying to get some ideas out his head.

WARNING ⚠ (panic attack)
"Yoongi, breathe" Namjoon asked.

Yoongi was doing his best. But he let Namjoon's hands go, he stood up and tried to get more air.

"Yoongi, please, sit down" Namjoon begged. "Let's breathe together, okay?"

"I can't"

"Please" Namjoon cried.
Namjoon took a deep breath.

"Come on"

Yoomgi did as Namjoon said and they worked together to calm each other.

"Are you feeling better?"

Yoongi didn't answer, he was so ashamed. He was so damn scared and his hands were shaking. He felt weak and tired.
"I'll let you rest" Namjoon said.

"Whatever you need, call me, okay?"

Yoongi didn't look at him but he said "Thank you" before the leader left the room.

Namjoon left Yoongi alone in his room to sleep. He knew that probably he'll have a headache so he went for some pills.

"Hyung" Namjoon entered in Jin's bedroom. "Did you buy some- oh, I didn't know you were showering" Namjoon said as soon as he saw Jin
half naked, wearing some jeans and drying his hair with a towel.

"It's okay, what do you need?"

"Did you buy some pills? Yoongi has a headache and-"

"Is he sick?" Jin asked worried.

"No" Namjoon smiled. "He's just under so much stress"
"How are you?" Jin asked and Namjoon felt warm. It's been a long time since someone took care of him.

He sighed, hard question.

"I'm good"

"That's why you cried?"

Namjoon quickly strocked his eyes to clean any sign of tears.

"What do you say?" He said with a awkward laugh.
Jin put a shirt on and sat beside Namjoon on his bed.

"Hyung noticed you are stressed too" he said. "How is everything going?"

Namjoon sighed.

"It's hard... Like... You know, I always need to have something good to say? The members trust me more than I do... And lately I'm not
sure if I'm doing a good job. It's too much and I only have two hands" Namjoon said looking at his palms sadly. Jin put his own hands over the leader's and Namjoon looked at Jin with a soft smile.

He didn't remember Jin looking that beautiful before.
I'm always here for whatever you need" Jin smirked. "Even if I can't be a leader, I can still help in someway"

Namjoon smirked back.

"You know we couldn't do this without you, right? You're the one that always save us somehow" the leader said. "You just make it look like it
isn't a big deal, but you do so much for us... Specially for me"

The day finally came
Oh... Yoongi
Hoseok can tell yoongis humor for the way he writes
Yoongi left his phone far from him and covered his face with his hands. He really would like to go to Jimin's performance to at least show his support and love after all the shit he said and did.

But that wasn't the worst part. Being left out, knowing that the boys planed
this and didn't tell him...

Yoongi felt so damn rejected and disgusted. He wasn't going to work today, he just wanted to be alone and didn't want to be seen.

He went straight to Twitter and searched for what he thought it would make him feel better:
Yoongi search for hate to make himself feel better (can somebody tell him it wont work?) 😥
And he kinda enjoys it, even if it's mean what he reads. He kinda likes it as much as a compliment because he reads what he wants to read. Those haters out there are just saying what he thinks about himself.

Months ago he would get angry, but right now...
he just wanted to give up on his positive thoughts, they were all forced and fake anyway.

He spent all day inside his studio, trying to sleep in the couch and not having any luck.

His phone was full of notifications, he ignored them.

How is Jimin feeling about Yoongi not being there for him?
Yoongi decided he would face the world tha day, so he got up and went to eat something in the kitchen.

"Good morning" he said with a raspy voice to whoever he found there.

"Oh, shit- Sorry, I didn't know" Yoongi said as he saw Jimin and Taemin kissing and touching against the

"Oh, no. I apologise" Taemin said.

"Good morning, Yoongi" Jimin said shyly.

He just went for what he was looking for: a damn coffee and he wasn't going to run away, not today.

"I'll see you at night, let's go partying for our success" Taemin whispered to Jimin.
"Okay," Jimin said a little disappointed. "Let's not bother your friends, okay?"

Jimin smiled.


"I'll go. Good morning, Yoongi, have a good day!" Taemin said.

Yoongi gave him a thumb up because his mouth was busy drinking coffee.
As soon as Taemin left the house, Jimin wanted to go to his bedroom but he also wanted to be around Yoongi.
So, he stood beside the table and his hands grabbed some of the chairs trying to make time for Yoongi to finally invite him to stay.

They always played that game.
"Aren't you hungry?" Yoongi said with that deep voice and without looking at Jimin because he was looking at the food.

Jimin smiled.

"I am" Jimin said. "Last time I ate was 6 hours ago"

"Did you go 'partying'? Did you drink?"

"Actually, I brought the party here, Taemin
stayed the night"

"Okay, that's disgusting" Yoongi said.

"Hey, we didn't!"

"That little scene I had to watch minutes ago don't say the same"

"That's not fair! As it isn't fair that you still think me and Taemin are a thing"

"Whatever you call it," Yoongi said. "To me, that
is a behavior I would have with someone I'm in a relationship with"

"Okay, I understood. I guess you won't get use to it"

"I'm not judging you, Jimin. I'm just telling you that I'm not that kind of person. I can't fuck without love, that's all"
"So, you only make love?"

"If you want to say it like that"

"That's why you didn't come to see me and Taemin? Because you weren't feeling it? I know you're not into dance but-"

"I wanted to go, but I didn't know the date or the time"

"The guys came"

"Well, they didn't invite

"Why would they do that?"

"For the same reason that I'm here, having breakfast alone? Because I'm too much to handle?"

"What?" Jimin said sitting right beside Yoongi. "What are you saying?"

"Shit, 'get up Yoongi, you'll have a good day' I said" Yoongi whispered

"Listen, Jimin" Yoongi sighed. "I won't discuss this right now, I'm not in the mood" Yoongi said standing up to leave the room.

"No, you're not running away, I want to know, I want answers" Jimin said holding his hands. "What is going on with you? I wanna help"
What will happen in this conversation? Yoongi will
"You can't" Yoongi sentenced.


"Because you wreck me" Yoongi said but instead of making it a dramatic confession, he burst into laughter.

Jimin smirked reacting to Yoongi's nervous laugh. He never saw his hyung acting like that.

"How is that?" Jimin asked.
"Me wrecking you?" Jimin said.

Yoongi laughed again.

"I don't understand you"

"The feeling is mutual"

"It's not that..." Yoongi shook his head. "Look, I really wanted to go to see you and Taemin. I know you both worked hard on this" Yoongi said.
"I think I've been behaving like a dick and I guess the guys wanted to punish me, so they didn't invite me to your show. Also, I guess they know how shitty I treated you"

Jimin smiled.

"I'm not mad at all" Jimin said. "I just worry a lot when you didn't come"
"I'm sorry, Jimin" Yoongi said sadly. "I'm sorry for everything I did and said during the last month. I didn't mean anything. I guess work stress me and I just lost it"

Jimin smiled and Yoongi couldn't keep talking.

"I'm sorry too for making you feel uncomfortable. You told me
you weren't someone who could have sex without love and the first thing I do is have sex with Taemin while you were sleeping. I fucked up and I was stupid"

"You weren't" Yoongi said. "I promise you I don't mind, I don't judge you for that at all"
"But I offended you in some way" Jimin said knowing Yoongi knew exactly what were they talking about.

"We were both drunk. How could I judge you for something you said when you were drunk?"

"But tell me,"

"It doesn't matter how I felt" Yoongi said. "The thing is that
whatever you have with Taemin, I support it" Yoongi said, then he swallowed his pride and... "I think you should try with him, um, being boyfriends"

Jimin's smile faded into a forced one when he heard that.

"Thank you, hyung, but I don't think it's going to work.
Taemin is my friend and I don't like him like a boyfriend" Jimin said.

"Are you sure?" Yoongi asked. "Listen, Jimin. Love is rare to find. If you ever find it you have to catch it"

"I appreciate your advice" Jimin said. "But... I like someone else"
Yoongi froze. He was fighting himself, stopping his mouth to ask if it was him.

"Oh, yes? And why are you with Taemin if you like someone else?"

Jimin laughed.

"I. Am. Not. With. Taemin" Jimin said. "And I know this person knows that very well, so that isn't stopping them
from being with me"

"So, what wrong?"

"I think they're just coward" Jimin laughed like a child after doing a prank. Yoongi laughed too and accepted Jimin's game.

He wasn't even sure if this someone was him but in some way he felt like Jimin was mocking him.
"It's a he or a she?" Yoongi asked as he tried to tickle him.

"I'm not telling you!" he said trying to scape.

"Why? Aren't we friends?" Yoongi didn't stop.

"I won't- tell yo-u" Jimin laughed.

"I'm glad to see you finally being close to each other" Taehyung said
Are you sure?
Fans ship them (lets pretend wanna one's sungwoo is taemin pls, i needed to use this iconic situation for this pls and sorry)
Yoongi, you said you didn't care... (Lets pretend wanna one's sungwoo is taemin pls and sorry :/)
The power of army
Jimin raised his head from the phone and looked at Yoongi who was sat in the couch looking at his phone's screen, probably in a bad mood.

The members were around so he knew they weren't comfortable with talking right now about the rumors.

So, he just:
Yoongi looked at him from the distance and started to write at his phone. Seconds later, Jimin received a message:
These two
Jimin and Yoongi looked at each other and stood up at the same time caughing the members attention. They watched them walking together to Yoongi's room.

Jimin closed the door.

"Speak right now" Jimin asked.

"Me? You said you were going to talk first!" Yoongi complained.
"You want me to go first?" Jimin asked.

"Please!" Yoongi complained.

Jimin walked to Yoongi and kissed him. The older froze and let Jimin kiss him. After a few seconds, when Jimin noticed that Yoongi wasn't kissing him back, he opened his eyes and took a step far from him.
Jimin was breathing hard and his eyes were full of tears ready to fall. Yoongi's hands were shaking so he closed them in a fist and he did his best to get out of this shock, he really didn't want Jimin to get the wrong idea.

"Jimin" Yoongi talked with a raspy voice.
"No!" Jimin said louder. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to- You, you know I"

"Hey" Yoongi said reaching him and holding him by his wrists.

"I might look like a slut to you right now, a play boy. I'm not that, I swear I never wanted to hurt you, I swear! I just wanted you to like
me! I pretended to be drunk so I could told you but you laughed in my face and I was so ashamed!" Jimin cried.

"Jimin..." Yoongi called trying to call him down, but he was still trying to scape.

"I felt ugly and stupid, so as soon as Taemin told me I was pretty I fucked him.
And all this time I was trying to make it work but I couldn't because I still like you, even if you don't like me back! I just want to get over you and keep going but I can't because you confuse me!" Jimin confessed.

He took a few seconds to breathe.
"What do you want from me, Min Yoongi?" Jimin whispered.

Yoongi smiled. He was overwhelmed by the information but he was still happy to hear Jimin said that he liked him back.

"I'm not good with words," Yoongi said letting Jimin wrists go.
"That's why everything is so fucked up." He couldn't look him in the eyes. "I never thought someone like you could like someone like me. So, when you told me I literally thought you were kidding, even when you went serious. I got scared and I tried to show you how little I cared
about it because if you ever knew how my heart raised when you said that..." Yoongi stopped.

Jimin smiled softly.

"...Jimin" Yoongi called and held his hands avoiding the eye contact. "You have the power to break me in pieces, you have no idea what you were doing when you said
that you 'liked me a lot' "Yoongi confessed.

"And if you ask me if you ever hurt me... You did, a million times. I hated you for liking me and for making me feel like I wanted to try. I didn't understand why would you like me, and why would I like you back... I wondered if I
could do something better than just hurting you"

Jimin squeezed Yoongi's hands.

"I convinced myself that I didn't like you and that you were just playing games with me, I deleted all your pictures from my phone" Jimin looked at Yoongi surprised.
"Yes, as childish as it sounds..." Yoongi said, this time looking at Jimin and sharing a laugh.

Then, he let Jimin's hands go and looked at the floor.

"But what happened in Taemin's house... That was disgusting..." Yoongi whispered.

"I know" Jimin said.
"I've been vomiting all day not even sure if it was for the alcohol or for how humillated I felt" Jimin nodded ashamed. "You knew what you were doing right then, didn't you?"

Jimin nodded.

"I know it was fucked up. I thought you didn't like me and I was hurt so I just wanted to
prove that I was over you"

"It was stupid" Yoongi said. "But I did a lot of stupid things too"

"Will you forgive me?" Jimin asked holding Yoongi's hand shyly.

Yoongi smiled.

"Only if you forgive me too"

"Of course" Jimin said quickly.
Jimin got closer and Yoongi didn't move.

"Don't you dare run away right now" Jimin said hugging him.

"Me? You were the one scaping when things started to get interesting" Yoongi complained.

Yoongi kissed Jimin soft and slow. His arms wrapped around Jimin's waist and he
put him closer. The kiss was so slow and calm that nobody would thought they were waiting for this since they met.

When Yoongi kissed Jimin's neck he shuddered. Fingers strocking hair and they were gasping.

"You said you didn't have sex without love" Jimin said.

"I love you"
Do you want me to describe the sex scene?
"I love you too" Jimin said for third time since Yoongi said first.

Yoongi was sat on the bed, Jimin was on his lap and they were both naked. Just kissing and touching seemed to be enough: skin against skin, warm and soft. Yoongi enjoyed touching Jimin's hair and turning it in
a mess with his fingers.

Jimin loved kissing Yoongi's neck and feel him squirm and gasp below him. He liked to bite sometimes and make Yoongi laugh.

"I hate you," Yoongi said suddenly. "You're leaving marks"

"I want to be closer to you" Jimin whispered.
"We can't get closer" Yoongi smirked. "We are skin to skin"

"I still want to feel you everywhere" Jimin confessed.

Yoongi stroked Jimin's back all the way down until he touched his ass. Jimin put his arms around Yoongi's neck getting himself a little bit higher to give his
partner more access, and kissed him.

Trying not to lose control, Jimin closed his eyes and whispered:
"It's okay, go as slow as you want"

Yoongi kissed him again and squeezed Jimin's ass making him gasp.

With the condom on, Yoongi pressed inside Jimin and the younger just
burst in a soft laugh.

"Sorry," he said, but Yoongi was laughing too. "I'm nervous"

"Don't have to be" Yoongi whispered in his ear with a raspy and calm voice.

"I know" he replied. "I just want you so bad"

Yoongi smiled.

"So it's true that you never tried lovemaking"
Jimin was about to smiled but he bit his lower lip instead, he felt Yoongi getting inside of him slowly and lovely.

"Are you going to teach me?" he gasped.

"People say I'm patient" Yoongi said. "I can repeat the lesson all the times you need to learn" Yoongi moaned
and kissed Jimin's neck.

They both moaned when Yoongi bottomed out. Jimin licked his lips and took a deep breath.
"Oh, Jiminie" Yoongi gasped looking at his partner in the eyes. "You're beautiful"
Jimin was breathing hard but managed to say: "...and you're the man of my dreams"
Yoongi smirked and kissed Jimin's sweaty forehead.

"Sweet" he said.

They were both breathing hard. Their voices sounded more like moans and then they started to fuck with earnst.

Jimin moved down to meet Yoongi's hips and they started to kiss. They were biting eachother's
lips and Jimin pulled Yoongi's hair.

Sharing the same air, they were laughing and gasping at the same time. Jimin was surprise by how comfortable he was feeling, because, sex for him was about pleasing and rudeness, about desire, and now he descovered that it could be about
love too.

Looking at Yoongi's eyes the whole time felt like home. And he was smiling and laughing because he was feeling like it.

They both came in eachother's arms.

A shy knock in the door followed by a very energic second one, woke Yoongi up.

"Hello? Hyungs? Are you okay there?" Jungkook asked with a calm voice, trying not to be rude.

"Stop fucking and come out side! If you don't drink water you're going to die!" Hoseok was there too,
of course, louder and annoying as always.

Yoongi took one of his pillows and throw it against the door.

"Leave me alone" Yoongi complained.

He heard some laughs.

"Jiminie, are you alive over there? Be careful, grumpy Yoongi hyung is up!" Was that Jungkook? Hoseok was
definitly encouraging him to be disrespectful with his hyungs.

Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He looked at the time: 9:45 AM.

He couldn't help but smile even if he was annoyed by his friends. He turned around to see his partner. Jimin was sleeping between
his sheets.

"What time is it?" He asked softly with his eyes still closed. Yoongi kissed his forehead.

"It's late"

Jimin opened his eyes and smiled as soon as he saw Yoongi's face.

"Sorry that you have to see my bare face" Jimin said hidding behind the sheets.
What?" Yoongi laughed. "I saw you like this a million times"

"But not like this. I want you to like me" Jimin whispered.

"I like you like this, with make up, dressed and naked, I like you" Yoongi said. "And if I didn't like you, you'd be beautiful ass well"

Jimin kissed him
and hugged closing his eyes tight when Yoongi squeezed his back.

"Thank you" he said.

"For what?"

"For the lovely night?" Jimin said and kissed him again.

Yoongi stalks fans now that the kvmawards are coming
There they are 😁
This user is fangirling
Yoongi is stalking you 👀
Yoongi had enough of people shipping the wrong ship
They're shook
Namjoon 😍
He speaks:
They interact😄
We're all Yoongi.
I love army💓😄
The warmest 💙😄

TYSM to everybody who gave Blue a chance. You guys are amazing. Hope this Au made you feel something; at the end of the day, that's the point of writing literature.
This was a very beautiful and sad journey. 💙

02 (do you?)
Don't give up, love.
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