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22 Jun
1/10 How fortunate to have both @lensiseethrough & @JuliaHB1 in one place together!

Molly, Julia & @UsforThemUK - Letā€™s put the physical risks of #COVID19 & #LongCovid to individual children & adolescents to one side for a moment.
2/ And letā€™s also ignore the devastating effect on any child, of a close family member having serious #COVID19, #LongCovid or dying from #COVID.
3/ And for completeness letā€™s just forget that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US wants to ā€œget back to normalā€ & for the final restrictions to be safely easedā€¦..

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21 Jun
1/9 Dear @adilray, you & @susannareid100 are 2 of few presenters prepared fo challenge government rhetoric.

Can you ask @MattHancock why, in the face of ā¬†ļøcases & hospitalisations of the #DeltaVariant, schools have virtually no mitigations to ā¬‡ļøtransmission of an #airbornešŸ¦ ?
2/ Children account for a significant proportion of ā¬†ļøcases (10,000+ today) & can transmit #COVID19 to their families.

A worrying number of children have got #LongCovid (maybe 10%) & campaigners are trying to prevent them being vaccinated.
CV/CEV kids are a particular concern. ImageImage
3/ There are several weeks of term left & ā¬†ļønumbers of schools have outbreaks, risking not only the health of pupils, staff & families but also MORE EDUCATIONAL DISRUPTION.

WHY are the lives of CHILDREN being dismissed so callously?

WHY is NOTHING being done to protect them?
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14 Jun
1/11 Just for 1 minute, put acute #COVID & #LongCovid to one side.

How exactly do those in the #DfE, #UsForThem, #CRG & the #HartGroup intend to protect children from more educational disruption w/ a highly contagious virus whirling its way through schools across the UK?

2/The ongoing educational damage done by CHOOSING NOT to adequately & effectively mitigate for an #airborne virus w/in UK schools (English esp) was completely avoidable.

IT WAS (& CONTINUES TO BE) A CHOICE, sanctioned by Gvmt AND a mostly complicit media.
3/ Our political leaders chose to follow a THEORETICAL #HerdImmunity ā€œstrategyā€ with a novel virus which RELIED ON unmitigated spread within young, fit parts of society & FACTORED IN that sadly some of those would also become seriously ill or die.
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27 May
1/ @AndrewBowie_MP on #PoliticsLive, repeating ad nauseam, the predictable #Tory lines that EVERYTHING #DominicCummings said yesterday was only HIS OPINION, that we must focus our minds on the #VaccinationRollout & that ā€œPEOPLEā€ just donā€™t care.
2/ Like the many thousands of HCW & SCW colleagues who have worked right through the pandemic caring for ppl with #COVID19 & putting our lives (& the lives of our families) at risk on a daily basis w/ inadequate #PPE, I CARE VERY MUCH!
3/ The success of the #NHS #VaccineRollout CANNOT wipe away the trauma of all the lives lost & irrevocably damaged in the last year, much of it PREDICTED, AVOIDABLE & UNNECESSARY.

And I will not stand by letting this merry band of sycophantic @Conservatives MPs try to do so.
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27 May
1/ Like HCWs across the UK, #Teachers, school staff & those working in #earlyyears settings, have repeatedly been expected to work with inadequate #PPE, in conditions where the risk of catching #COVID19 is HIGH.
Like too many HCWs across the UK, they have been denied BASIC PROTECTIONS against an #Airborne šŸ¦ .

2/Like so many HCWs across the UK, some have lost their lives or been left with #LongCovid UNNECESSARILY!

& like the families of 1000s of HCWs in the UK, too many are grieving the loss of loved ones that were PREDICTABLE AND AVOIDABLE.
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27 May
1/ Where is @GavinWilliamson?

Whatever your opinion of #DominicCummings his testimony FITS with whatā€™s happened on the ground in our #COVID19UK experience.

Little mention of schools but school children, families & staff are STILL NOT BEING PROTECTED ADEQUATELY...NOW...TODAY!
2/ School-age children, many parents & young staff are
UNVACCINATED against an #Airborne šŸ¦ .

HOW MUCH LONGER must we wait for @GavinWilliamson @educationgovuk @NickGibbUK & @halfon4harlowMP UNDERSTAND BASIC SCIENCE?

3/ IF they CANā€™T, or WONā€™T, understand & accept that #COVIDisAirborne & that #VentilationMatters & #MasksSaveLives
then quite simply theyā€™re unfit to be in positions of such power.

Department for Education had no Covid plan, say MPs bbc.co.uk/news/educationā€¦
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26 May
1/6 The figures are indeed devastating Mr Hunt & #ventilation in healthcare settings MUST be improved.

BUT you fail to comment on the INADEQUATE LEVEL of #PPE STILL worn by so many HCWs which undoubtedly resulted in many patients becoming infected as well as HCW illness & death.
2/HCWs are justified in being angry & patients have a right to be angry too.
The failings of UK Gvmt & @PHE_uk on #PPE are significant.

#OperationCygnus results ignored.

Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs.

#VIP lane for contracts but known #PPE suppliers ignored.
3/Would you feel SAFE caring for patients w/ known or suspected #COVID19 in a FRSMšŸ˜·& plastic apron?

We know that those working in A+E, acute medical units & primary care are particularly vulnerable, seeing patients when they are likely to be highly infectious.
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25 May
1/Those of the ā€œbut thereā€™s no significant transmission in schoolsā€ persuasion must surely now accept that whether itā€™s kidsāž”ļøparents or parentsāž”ļøkids, a HUGEā¬†ļøin CASES in SCHOOL AGE KIDS & PARENTS of SCHOOL-AGE KIDS is NOT GOOD, as theyā€™re mostly UNVACCINATED!
2/ Please TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY @GavinWilliamson @NickGibbUK @halfon4harlowMP & @educationgovuk.

Failure to adequately protect so many children & young adults from AVOIDABLE INFECTION after 15Ms is a completely unacceptable abuse of your power.
You cannot claim ignorance again!
3/ I promise you #PrimeMinister , I & many like me whoā€™ve repeatedly BEGGED you to #MakeSchoolsSafe by effectively mitigating for an #Airborne šŸ¦ ,WILL NOT FORGET or FORGIVE YOU for what youā€™ve done!
Natural #HerdImmunity was always the plan,at least have the decency to admit it.
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24 May
1/ Tragically I can @carolecadwalla.

From the v start of the pandemic, #PHE have made a number of decisions that have definitely NOT been in the publicā€™s or healthcare workersā€™ interest & will have resulted in many more lives lost or irrevocably damaged than was necessary.
2/ Downgrading #COVID19 from the list of HCIDs was one such example.

Few HCWs doubt that the decision was based on supplies of #PPE available.
Anyone in doubt should try to watch this @BBCPanorama by Richard Bilton which is bizarrely no longer available?!
3/ @DrRCoull & I were 2 of many GPs who raised concerns last yr over the LEVEL of #PPE HCWs expected to wear when dealing directly w/ confirmed or suspected #COVID19 pts.
@drmeenalviz @ThePalpitations @DAUK_GP & @EveryDoctorUK @DrSimonHodes +others REPEATEDLY RAISED THE ISSUE
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21 May
1/3 You raise a V GOOD POINT!

Why are 600+ MPs STILL allowed such different conditions to millions of schoolchildren & thousands of staff? If itā€™s not safe for them to be packed in to the @HouseofCommons w/out šŸ˜·s, how & why is it safe for those in schools @BorisJohnson?
2/The claim that itā€™s safe to go to shops/bars/restaurants/gyms/cinemas/theatres/beauty salons/fly abroad/go to a rave/work in or attend school but THEY are allowed šŸ˜·s & to socially distance is as disingenuous as any theyā€™ve thrust upon us.

Either BOTH are safe or NEITHER are!
3/ So a genuine question to the #PrimeMinister & @10DowningStreet .....

Why are MPs in the @HouseofCommons & those in the @UKHouseofLords, the majority of whom will be vaccinated, still being given such health & safety privileges which protect both them & their families?
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20 May
1/5 Dear @susannareid100 & @adilray & @gmb, millions of school children, families & teachers across the country urgently need your help.
Masks are no longer required leaving pupils & 1000s of unvaccinated/partially vaccinated adults <40 vulnerable to #COVID19 & #LongCovid.
2/ W/ case numbers of the #IndianVariant ā¬†ļø sharply in many parts of the UK, Iā€™m utterly mystified that weā€™re allowing so many young ppl & children to be exposed to #coronavirus every day theyā€™re in school.

We donā€™t know enough about this #COVIDVariant yet to be so reckless.
3/ Just like the failure to put #India on the #RedList soon enough, the decision to remove the šŸ˜·mandate from schools will certainly result in more #COVID & #LongCovid cases.
It is too early to know whether hospitalisations & deaths will rise too.
We can but hope they donā€™t.
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20 May
1/10 So #UsForThem, not satisfied with removing one of the very few protections our children have from #COVID19 , want to rob them of the chance to be vaccinated against it too?

Next theyā€™ll recommend we shouldnā€™t brush their teeth without consent!
2/ Anyone with any knowledge of a world before routine childhood vaccinations will know that children suffered a great deal from diseases that we luckily rarely seen now.

Acute illness, long term morbidity & death.

Take a look at the UK childhood vaccination programmeā¬‡ļø.
3/Molly Kingsleyā€™s recent writings seek once again to misinform & confuse, to put aā“ over what is responsible parenting.

She implies that children must be able to give informed consent for #COVIDVaccination for it to have any validity.

Who consents for the IMMs above Molly?
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19 May
1/12 How anyone who claims to care about children can read this thread & look at these figures, & still think ā€œOh yes, this was a good time to remove šŸ˜·s from secondary schools!ā€

What madness is it that has lead to pupils, staff & families being so unprotected from #COVID19?
2/ #Bolton is just 1 town, every day this week more places have found ā¬†ļøcases of the #IndianVariant.

A local school has an outbreak, a whole yr groupā€™s been sent home. A min of 10 children have tested +ve, so assuming they all have a mild infection, ONE could get #LongCovid.
3/ Has the #PrimeMinister decided that this is acceptable COLLATERAL DAMAGE?

Is this what the #antimask anti-scientific groups like #UsForThem, #HartGroup & the #CRG want for the children of this country?
1000s of innocent children w/ long term symptoms we donā€™t yet understand? Image
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18 May
1/6 Can someone please ask the #PrimeMinister @ tomorrowā€™s #PMQs whether he has any idea what the answers to these questions are?

Ideally @Keir_Starmer or @kate_green?
But in the absence of @UKLabourā€™s support 4 effective mitigations in schools Iā€™m not holding me breath.
2/This ā€œhuman experimentā€ is being conducted on CHILDREN FGS!

They may have parents who are not yet vaccinated or CEV. There are large numbers of teaching staff who are <40.

How is this even remotely ethical @MattHancock?
3/ We have the #IndianVariant spreading across the country...v few mitigations left in place...households mixing freely in many indoor settings...school children no longer required to #WearAMask

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16 May
For any parent or teacher who believes that the Gvmt is being ā€œguided by the scienceā€, following ā€œdata not datesā€ & has the best interests of your children & family at heart, today is a good day to read these articles from @NafeezAhmed @BylineTimes.
Thereā€™s NOTHING ā€œwe are a grass roots parents groupā€ about the people pulling the strings of government, resulting in decisions that have directly affected the lives of pupils, staff & families of both.

#UsForThem, aka #ForMeNotYou, do not care about YOUR CHILD or ANY STAFF!
Their #NoMasksInClass campaign, the results of which begin tomorrow, has nothing to do w/ education or keeping children safe.
The vast majority of children understand that being asked to #WearAMask at school is a very small price to pay for keeping others safe & them at school.
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9 May
#TotalTriage is failing patients w/ skin cancers which are often picked up by chance, when examining someoneā€™s back, abdomen, limbs.
The normalisation of management without examination will lead to many more skin cancer diagnoses being delayed or missed.

#TotalTriage is a ā€œnon-holisticā€ form of medicine, which bares no resemblance to the job I trained to do when I did my vocational training.

@NHSEngland @DHSCgovuk & @MattHancock need to listen to what so many experienced GPs are saying before ā€œembeddingā€ this model further.
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8 May
Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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1 Apr
1) Morning @GavinWilliamson, just reading the update from @PHE_uk @GOVUK below ā¬‡ļø.
2) Wondering how this particular bit of advice ā¬‡ļø will play out in schools & early years settings after #Easter?

Crowded poorly ventilated classrooms w/ up to 30 kids from different households are the very essence of HIGH RISK spaces. Dining rooms/PE halls could even be worse!
3) If Iā€™ve understood it correctly anywhere in the RED AREAS needs extra attention?

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30 Mar
1) Yā€™day I saw a patient who wanted this story told.

The 40+ yr old X was diagnosed w/ #Covid19 on 24th Dec.
Xā€™s teenage daughter was sent home from school to isolate during the last week of term after a friend developed #Covid.
X was previously fit & well, on no medication.
2) X spent 2 weeks in January in hospital, followed by a month in bed at home.
By March X started to improve a bit but due to overwhelming symptoms of breathlessness on exertion, fatigue & ā€œbrain fogā€ was able to do very little.
3) X could not work & a referral to the #LongCovid clinic followed.

Over recent days X became more breathless & incapacitated which eventually resulted in hospital admission.
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28 Mar
1) I read w/ interest the 24/3 @hartgroup_org #Covid19 bulletin.

ā€..there is no evidence that masks significantly ā¬‡ļø transmission when worn routinely in REAL-WORLD SETTINGS.ā€

A RCT of šŸ˜·wearing during a pandemic of an #airborne šŸ¦ would surely be completely unethical? ImageImage
2)ā€...face coverings are fuelling widespread, irrational fear when the current viral threat is very low & the vulnerable have been vaccinated.ā€

The ā¬‡ļøin cases has completely flattened & the majority of vulnerable ppl have had 1 vaccine dose.
Fear of an #airborne šŸ¦ IS RATIONAL.
3) ā€œHart believes the Government should now lift the *mask* mandate & allow ppl to decide for themselves whether to wear one.ā€

A group of scientists, healthcare professionals & psychologists etc believe THIS is the right moment to ditch the wearing of šŸ˜·s?
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28 Mar
1) Cases in schools have ā¬†ļø since schools fully opened on 8th Mar.
Everyone knew they would.
#SAGE predicted it.
UK schools remain NON #CovidSecure & 1000s of kids are isolating AGAIN.
Some clinicians are turning a blind eye & have joined the #antimask campaign.
#COVIDisAirborne - #MasksSaveLives & #VentilationMatters.
Smaller classes sizes & using #blendedlearning would protect individuals AND ā¬‡ļødisruption.
Advice on how to #MakeSchoolsSafe is abundant & accessible.
Why is it being consistently ignored by @educationgovuk? ImageImageImage
The Easter holidays give us some time & space to act, but while funding & political will are lacking, the school community remains very exposed to an #airbornešŸ¦  that can cause severe illness, death & long term morbidity.

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