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Sep 6 9 tweets 2 min read
Morning @NHSEngland👋🏼

Can I put in a polite request for some basic Infection Prevention & Control in hospitals?

Patient w/ cough, SOB & fever (& partner w/ ‘cold’ symptoms) sat in a heaving waiting room for 5 hours, coughing…& MASKLESS!

@AmandaPritchard @NHSEnglandNMD
1/8🧵 Despite being triaged on entry, the patient (who was quite unwell) was not asked to put on a mask or requested to do a #COVID test until being seen in our area by my NP colleague.

It took < 30secs seeing the patient to suspect they had #COVID19 …& guess what 🤔 …they did!
Jun 9 9 tweets 11 min read
Please read this👇🏼 Prime Minister,

@MatthiasMuell15 summarises brilliantly exactly how so many of us feel & why it is vital that you allow #BaronessHallett access to ALL the WhatsApp messages she has requested 🙏🏼.

@RishiSunak @10DowningStreet @covidinquiryuk
1/7 We will never forget the fear that caring for patients with #COVID in DIY PPE engendered & knowing that govt decisions over PPE contracts denied 1000s of us adequate protection is particularly disturbing.

Have you really forgotten the weekly claps of 2020?

#PPEScandal #NHS💔
May 29 9 tweets 6 min read
Hey @Guto_Harri

I’ve just listened to your interview w/ @TheNewsAgents & strongly reject your assertion that “some ppl are addicted to #Partygate”.

In fact hearing you defend the actions, inactions & RELENTLESS LIES of #BorisJohnson during his premiership is sickening.
1/8 I can only assume that you are able to block out the avoidable harm & visceral pain felt by millions of ppl in the UK, since Mar 2020, which could have been lessened by us having a decent, honest, compassionate PM who wasn’t only interested in himself & furthering his career?
May 3 9 tweets 9 min read
Well now, this is v worrying…

Part of the triage process for unwell kids presenting to secondary care includes a ‘#COVID section’.

That’s good obvs, but wait till you hear what the questions are.

@IndependentSage @RCPCHtweets @UKHSA @NHSEngland @DHSCgovuk
1 - has the child or a family member recently travelled abroad?

2 - has the child or a family member recently tested positive for #COVID?

3 - has anyone in the child’s home been asked to isolate for #COVID19 recently?

& it gets worse…much worse.
Feb 8 4 tweets 7 min read

The apathy repeatedly demonstrated by govt, certain health leaders & HCPs as our #NHS collapses around us resulting in the normalisation of ‘avoidable death/harm’, is staggering.

I never thought I’d see the day that #FirstDoNoHarm became utterly meaningless!
1/3 When we look back at this time & reflect on the thousands of lives that didn’t need to be lost & the millions more that suffered bc of unnecessary bereavement/#LongCovid/#NHS neglect/the end of public health messaging ETC…& wonder how this happened in a civilised society…
May 17, 2022 15 tweets 11 min read
1/14 I hesitated at voicing my opinion on this rather contentious issue…

But I feel that without individual testimonies, we will fail to understand why some GPs (myself included) feel mainstream primary care is no longer for them.

@HelenRSalisbury @MartinRCGP @rcgp 2/ Obvs the relentless vilification from the MSM hasn’t helped, esp the claim by some that the number of ‘part-time’ GPs is the problem.

Those on the inside know that a typical day is 11-12hrs long & a ‘half-day’ is regularly 7-8, but hey, let’s not let facts get in the way.
Mar 31, 2022 10 tweets 13 min read
The situation in the #NHS is as bad as I’ve ever known it.

Multiple HCWs in our area are off sick with #COVID - nurses, consultants, GPs…all likely to be triple vaxed so they should avoid serious illness but still a risk of #LongCovid.

The impact on ALL HEALTHCARE is HUGE!
1/9 Operations, procedures, investigations, treatments, therapies….are delayed & cancelled every single day.

Waits for urgent care in A+E/UTCs is ⬆️, pressure on the ambulance service⬆️.

Care ACROSS the #NHS is being negatively affected by staff absences & a lack of beds.
Feb 15, 2022 9 tweets 13 min read
I read this with horror…

The government’s plan for ‘Living SAFELY with Covid’ is a terrifying joke. The key to their ‘strategy’ is to conceal the truth & allow spread to continue unchecked.

@sajidjavid @wesstreeting @LaylaMoran @AppgCoronavirus
1/ “Free Covid testing to be axed as cases and deaths keep falling”

🤔…when did the need to do a confirmatory PCR end?

Do journalists just accept this spin without questioning what has changed?

@thetimes @oliver_wright @katie_gibbons1 @NickTriggle

Feb 13, 2022 4 tweets 8 min read
1/3 Who decided that when considering #CovidVaccination for 5-12yr olds, the “impact on education” wasn’t a significant consideration?

Or that transmission to family (& teachers) shouldn’t be factored in to any decision?

Why was the remit of the #JCVI so limited?
@CMO_England Image 2- If 🇬🇧school kids had been offered vaccination like their international peers, the health, wellbeing & education of 1000s would’ve been better protected & countless lives could’ve been saved!
British exceptionalism has caused so much avoidable harm & suffering!

Jan 19, 2022 8 tweets 11 min read
1/ I’ve tried to stay polite, but there comes a point in a healthcare professional’s life when ‘the gloves must come off’…

This reckless, irresponsible attempt to save the skin of your pathetic & dangerous leader by KILLING & MAIMING CHILDREN is a step too far!

@nadhimzahawi 2/You know the pain of losing a loved one to #COVID19, but are willing to subject millions of others to that pain to save @BorisJohnson, a man devoid of a moral compass or a shred of integrity & humanity!

@educationgovuk @bphillipsonMP @LaylaMoran @AppgCoronavirus @karamballes
Jan 16, 2022 10 tweets 13 min read
Every day that passes denying vaccination to 🇬🇧5-12yr olds will result in harm to a child somewhere @RCPCHPresident @Rachel_deSouza .

The #JCVI’s REFUSAL TO OFFER these children an @MHRAgovuk approved vaccine is IMO a national safeguarding concern.

1/ We have plenty of vaccines, in fact they are being wasted!

I would personally jump at the chance to give 5-12yr olds their first #CovidVaccination , I know many other HCPs who feel the same.

Parents like @Mangalang1 are desperate, some are seeking vaccination abroad.
Jan 5, 2022 9 tweets 11 min read
#PrimeMinister do you really understand the seriousness & gravity of what you’ve done?

You have today signed the unnecessary death warrants of 1000s of innocent ppl & consigned many 1000s of others to long term debilitating illness.🧵
@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @sajidjavid 2-Despite the determination to use a #RideTheWave analogy…


The lives (& avoidable deaths) of ordinary people may not bother you #PrimeMinister but they do bother my #NHS colleagues & I, & it pains us not to be able to care for people appropriately & safely.
Jan 1, 2022 12 tweets 17 min read
Mr Javid, I read your @DailyMailUK article w/ interest🧐

The word that keeps popping up in discussions on whether the #NHS is/will be overwhelmed is ‘THRESHOLD’.

As a HCW I am keen to understand what the THRESHOLD for increasing PROTECTIONS is?

@sajidjavid @BorisJohnson
1/11 Is it the number of patients in intensive care units?

We all welcome the news that #Omicron appears to be causing less severe disease but hospital admissions for #COVID19 are clearly rising & this will still affect the ability to provide safe non-COVID care.
Dec 23, 2021 13 tweets 19 min read
Good evening #PrimeMinister,

How’s that number crunching going?

Have you seen the up to date figures on #NHS staff sickness in London?

What are yours thoughts on the sustainability of healthcare in the capital over the next few weeks?

@BorisJohnson @sajidjavid
1/12 What about cases Mr Johnson..Are you pleased w/ how case numbers are rising?

119,789 is without doubt a WORLD BEATING NUMBER so I guess you must be proud?

In fact the number of ppl who’ll be forced to isolate this #Christmas is truly SPECTACULAR 👏!

#Covid19UK @DHSCgovuk
Dec 18, 2021 8 tweets 15 min read
Good afternoon @Conservatives👋

In the last week myself & countless colleagues + 1000s of wonderful volunteers have been BOMBARDED by requests to DROP EVERYTHING & help w/ the mission for all adults to #GetBoostedNow, many of us giving up much needed days off.

Volunteers are needed for everything from car park attendants, to clearer uppers, through IT/admin experts to clinicians….there is a job for literally anyone (other than Mark Francois😳), who can spare a few hours!

@10DowningStreet @SteveBakerHW @Mark_J_Harper #MiriamCates
Dec 17, 2021 8 tweets 10 min read
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg , you & fellow libertarian @Conservatives talk endlessly of our FREEDOMs & LIBERTY as if they are shared out evenly across society.

Maybe you are unaware of the realities of life for so many ordinary ppl, maybe you don’t care?
@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet
1/7 If you’re fit & well w/ no co-morbidities, live in a large home w/ a garden, have no financial worries/personal stresses, can easily WFH, do not have to care for a vulnerable adult or child & have access to private healthcare & education, I suspect you may not understand!
Dec 17, 2021 8 tweets 4 min read
I’m genuinely sorry to see what’s happening to the hospitality industry & the negative effects on so many livelihoods @ChefTomKerridge.

BUT 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿hospitality bosses must be prepared to take some responsibility for the current precarious situation.

#COVIDisAirborne #Omicron
1/8 Since #FreedomDay I’ve been to Scotland, Majorca & Berlin.

In ALL, 😷wearing in indoor public spaces is routine, accepted & no one other than the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 make a fuss!

All staff in hospitality #WearAMask & guests wear one when walking through the building/going to the loo.
Dec 15, 2021 4 tweets 6 min read
Hi headteachers in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 👋…I’ve just returned from another challenging day at work to read this👇🏼….I can’t deny it’s hard to control my fury & astonishment that you’re proceeding with such obvious super spreading events like this.

@NAHTnews @NEUnion @PatrickR_NASUWT @tes
1/3 Do some of you not understand the gravity of the current situation?

We’re on the edge of yet another avoidable catastrophe, to be frank we’ve probably gone over the top already, because ppl like @nadhimzahawi think they can outwit a virus….or maybe they simply don’t care😞?!
Dec 15, 2021 4 tweets 8 min read
At what point will @10DowningStreet & @educationgovuk take ownership of their #DeliberateMassInfection of EVERY SINGLE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿CHILD “policy”?

Just how many children need to be affected or die? @nadhimzahawi

@JolyonMaugham @NAHTnews @cyclingkev @halfon4harlowMP
1/3 How are we meant to explain to parents, families & staff the rationale for having zero mitigations, numerous super spreading events as exponential growth of the #OmicronVariant occurs, in the 10/7 before #Christmas?



@BorisJohnson @CMO_England
Dec 14, 2021 13 tweets 23 min read
Shall we play @Conservatives #COVIDIdiocy snap @AdamBienkov ?

Anyone can play….

Guess which of the 38 #Tory MPs who voted AGAINST requiring 😷s in most public spaces during a pandemic ALSO voted for schools to have NO MITIGATIONS & are indeed PRO-#COVID!
1/8 You won’t be surprised to see this lot grinning back at you.

@SirGrahamBrady & his #UsForThemUK cheer leader pal @stevebaker (of ERG/CRG fame), @DesmondSwayne (“more ppl are killed in car crashes”).
Ofcourse IDS wouldn’t be @MPIainDS if he didn’t vote against the common good.
2/ ImageImageImageImage
Dec 1, 2021 15 tweets 18 min read
It’s very concerning that #UsforThemUK are being given platforms to spread #COVIDDisinformation on @GMB & on @bbc5live .

They’re NOT a grass roots parents group & have links to many @Conservatives & to #Antivax groups.

You should know this @susannareid100 @RobbieRinder

1/13🧵 😷s are just 1 part of an array of mitigations needed in schools (+other indoor spaces) to ⬇️#COVID19 transmission.

#LivingWithCOVID is a complete misnomer, it’s a lazy, irresponsible, selfish & unscientific approach that’ll result in many AVOIDABLE deaths.
Is that ok with U?