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23 Feb
So to recap the past 10 days in Alberta as a physician or patient ...

#AbLeg #ABdocs4patients
We started with a change in social media presence for Alberta Health ... used to be a source of great public health information
It turned into a propaganda channel against your Alberta physicians (stay tuned ... imagine the nurses are next)
See the before and after shots:
Then negotiations broke down between the @Albertadoctors and @shandro
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22 May 19
Teenager and I had some time today to consider the plot lines in #GameOfThornes and we concluded that the presence of a skilled ObGyn would have changed everything... think about it...
Had Joanna Lannister survived childbirth, maybe Tyrion would not have been so hated by his father and sister
Had Lyanna Stark had proper management of her postpartum hemorrhage, Jon Snow would have known Daenerys was his aunt
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