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Kenney and Shandro are chasing family doctors out of Alberta at the same time they’re scheming with UCP donors, lobbyists and property developers to push American style corporate healthcare.

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Its well past time for the UCP government to return to the negotiating table with the Alberta Medical Association to develop a new binding contract.
Family doctors in Alberta continue to close their practices in response to ongoing UCP hostility, and some are leaving the province altogether.
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On Sunday, Dr. Cody Thomson of Drayton Valley informed his patients he will close his practice and move to British Columbia, a choice he called “incredibly difficult.”

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“I never imagined I would be sitting here and writing this letter. I was born in the community and have lived the majority of my life here. I have spent the last seven years getting to know many thousands of patients and their loved ones,” Thomson wrote.
“The professional reasons are specifically due to the current state of affairs in Alberta between its physicians and the United Conservative Party under Premier Jason Kenney and Minister Tyler Shandro."
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1...Albertans continue to vent their concerns regarding MOH @shandro via our online poll (…).
3 days in, 1500 replies and what is the verdict so far?...2
2..98.7% or respondent Albertans say they do not trust the competency of Ty Shandro! But 97.4% of those same Albertans do trust their family doctor. Meanwhile 95.2% would prefer to see @shandro leave Alberta instead of doctors. What are those Albertans saying? Lets have a look..3
"Not only is the UCP the most deplorable Government I've seen, they are the most corrupt. When my 75 yo parents who are wildly conservative, are opposed, we, Alberta, have a BIG problem."

"They have failed and should be fired."
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Albertans: Have your say on @shandro (…). <Later we will do @jkenney>. One more round of Albertan's opinions before bed. (Again, what follows are the real words of Albertans. Not my words. Unedited)
"Healthcare guarantee"

"Stop ruining our healthcare! Stop being reckless and stop mistreating and disrespecting our incredible doctors! Alberta’s healthcare system is in danger. "

"No private healthcare."

"Go back to arbitration."

"We did not vote for this."

"Stop using the doctors as an excuse to privatize our public healthcare."

"UCP is bad for Albertans"
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A thread about the latest way the UCP is making it harder by the day to stay and fight for my patients, our health care system, and my province.

I recently sold my farm, b/c it looked like I wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep under the current circumstances. 1/
Luckily, it sold not long after COVID hit, before many of the economic effects had shown themselves (I doubt I would easily find a buyer now if I had waited). But sold for a lot less than I paid for it.

My plan was to buy a house in the town where my clinic is located, and... 2/
... where I do hospital work. Moved into a rental temporarily while looking for a suitable house.

Have just heard from the mortgage broker that I didn't get approved for the house I put an offer on. Asked him if I could get approved for a smaller amount, like $195K for a... 3/
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We need to start talking about the real problem with #AlbertaHealthcare and why @shandro and @jkenney plans will not work, will harm patients, and will cost the system more while delivering less. MDs leaving (and they are) is not the primary problem. 1/x
The biggest issue, is that we started with too few.
I have worked all over this province, and from day one there has been a massive shortage of MDs. Where I work (rural and remote AB) the problem is most apparent. Large % of people unable to get a FM doc. 2/x
Many others driving upwards of 4 hours to see one. Those that are lucky enough to have one? Wait lists are up to 7 MONTHS. The incredible rural docs serving these communities work tirelessly. Routinely > 100 hours a week. But they are human, and can only do so much. 3/x
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The difficulty with Kenney/Shandro isn't all about fees, it's not. I posted long about it yesterday, there are many examples of why it's not just about money. But, I have to tell you, 12 of my phone calls yesterday went for longer than 15 minutes. What does this mean?

If I saw them in person, I would have made an extra $18/each because of the complex modifier.

The Kenney government is *cheating* family physicians. Other provinces are allowing their physicians to be fully paid despite engaging in virtual medicine.

By insisting to patients that some concerns should be addressed by phone out of safety for them, for my other patients, for my staff, and for me and my family, I am drawing less income.

Because Kenney/Shandro refuse to allow family physicians to bill their regular fees.

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The @UCPCaucus is not interested in finding a fair solution; they refuse to go to binding arbitration w/ @Albertadoctors.

They make unasked for unneeded changes to how physicians get support.

They violate charter rights by restricting ability to leave the province. /1 #ableg
Their changes are INCREASING the involvement of the govt in administrative duties for MDs. Isn’t that antithetical to a conservative philosophy?

#ableg #abhealth #ABdocs4patients

This was never about decreasing costs and everything about breaking the #CanadaHealthAct. /3
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Further analysis and consultation by the NDP Opposition confirms the UCP’s so-called Health Statutes Amendment Act, will set the stage for profit-centered, American-style healthcare.

cc: @shandro

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The legislation currently before the House:

•Allows for-profit corporations to contract for insured health services, even at demonstrable detriment to the public health system, and at the expense of Albertans...
•Allows billing for health services directly between Government and for-profit corporations.
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That income which is earned:
-on-call (eves, weekends) at least 40 days/year in addition to my daytime work (shout out to my dear colleagues who are on call >180 d/yr with their specialized and rare skillsets)
-only after having completed 10(+) yrs post-secondary education.🔻
That gross income from which:
-30% (avg) is deducted for overhead, which includes paying my staff, rent and equipment.
-I create jobs in my community
-I support my community and invest in it, and so do my colleagues and our employees
That gross income from which:
-I save for my retirement (no pension!)
-I pay for my maternity leaves, sick leave, and holiday time.
-I pay for my extended health benefits and disability insurance.🔻
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The NDP Opposition is backing Alberta doctors as they launch full-page newspaper advertisements to correct a long record of UCP lies designed to discredit their profession and clear a path to American-style, profit-centred health care.

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #Abdocs4patients
Today’s ads call on Health Minister Tyler Shandro to return to the bargaining table after he tore up the province’s previous deal with the Alberta Medical Association.

The ads also state that doctors put forward meaningful proposals to control costs in February, March and July, even while Kenney and Shandro were smearing numerous doctors in public and he went so far as to berate one doctor outside his home in front of his wife and children.
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Your heavy handed tactics won’t play in your favour. We WANT to compensate physicians for saving our lives.

What Albertans want to see, Mr. @shandro, is the “sunshine list” of big UCP donors, accountability for your asinine War Room funding & other propaganda. #abpoli #ABhealth
What we WANT to see is the list of your salaries & the salaries of your issues manages & secretaries compared to other provinces.

Why so high?! Ya’ll aren’t saving lives here. (In fact, you’re attacking the educational & health structures that would.) #ableg #ABdocs4patients
What we’d LIKE to see, mr. @shandro, is exactly how much your family will financially benefit from increased need for health insurance when your wife runs a *checks notes* company that provides health insurance. #ableg #abpoli…
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Alberta’s NDP Opposition is calling for an emergency debate in the legislature in response to the news that almost half of the province’s doctors are considering leaving.

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“It’s truly alarming that almost half of Alberta’s doctors are seriously considering leaving due to the attacks of Premier Jason Kenney and his Health Minister Tyler Shandro.”
- @RachelNotley
Other provinces are actively recruiting Alberta doctors to move to a place where their provincial government respects their profession. Communities like Pincher Creek are staging protests in the street over doctor losses.
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GLOBAL NEWS: "Up until very recently, Alberta was a great place to practice medicine. The province’s approach is making it unsustainable for many of them."

cc: @shandro

#ableg #abpoli #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients…
Many Alberta physicians have “reached a breaking point” and are looking to practice medicine outside of the province, according to a new survey by the Alberta Medical Association.
“Physicians have reached a breaking point,” AMA president Dr. Christine Molnar said. “I’m deeply troubled by where this is going and what it’s going to mean for medical practices and patients in the coming months.
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Doctors are paid with tax-dollars. Why should their compensation be kept secret when other provincial employees' salaries are publicly disclosed? #ableg #abhealth #ABdocs4patients
And for those asking, Government contracts are also publicly disclosed. #ableg #abhealth #ABdocs4patients
What are docs paid by taxpayers in BC? That's available:… #ableg #abhealth #ABdocs4patients
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From @DShepYEG on the news that almost 1/2 of Alberta's docs are thinking about leaving the province:

"I’m deeply troubled to see thousands of doctors are preparing to resign, retire, or move out of Alberta altogether, but I can’t say I’m shocked."

THREAD #abhealth #ableg
“Premier Jason Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro are at war with Alberta doctors: tearing up their contract, cutting their pay, and imposing hundreds of pages of new paperwork in the middle of a public health emergency."

2/ #abhealth #ableg
"Kenney and Shandro have smeared Alberta doctors at every turn, suggesting they are lazy, greedy and dishonest. It’s despicable.

This week, Shandro introduced Bill 30, another attempt to weaken family doctors’ practices & replace them with corporate clinics." 3/ #abhealth #ableg
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A new survey of Alberta doctors reveals that 42% are considering leaving the province or have already made plans to do so. More than a third are considering early retirement, clinic closure or resignation from their local hospital

#ableg #abhealth #cdnhealth #abdocs4patients
“I’m deeply troubled to see thousands of doctors are preparing to resign, retire, or move out of Alberta altogether, but I can’t say I’m shocked."
- @DShepYEG
According to the survey, commissioned by the Alberta Medical Association, fully 87 per cent of doctors are planning to resign, retire, reduce their hours, lay off staff or leave Alberta.
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❇️Shandemic: Thread of Two Tiers❇️

There once was two firefighters.
Dr. Oru and Dr. Eye
They both worked for Alberta Health
But only one would go buh bye....

Tyler took away their masks 👩‍🚒
Tyler took away their hazard pay 🧯
Tyler ripped up their contract 🧨
Tyler fought their union in every way 🚒

Tyler yelled on their driveways,
Tyler called them at night;
Tyler said they got paid too
much, and that wasn't right.
Then along came Corona🦠
A deadly arsonist to fight,
Burning down hospitals,🔥
Doctors worked all through the night.

But STILL Tyler took away their masks.
Again Tyler took away their hazard pay
Tyler kept their contract ripped up,
Tyler fought their union every day

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Bill 30 is another step in Jason Kenney’s rush to bring a failed American-style model of healthcare to Alberta.

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #cdnhealth
Jason Kenney is deliberately weakening the public healthcare system that Albertans rely on … by moving ever-more surgeries, tests, and other procedures into the private sector.
Jason Kenney isn’t satisfied to give a $4.7-billion handout to corporate shareholders, now he wants those shareholders to profit off injured and sick Albertans.

It’s the wrong path for Alberta.
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8 doctors followed through on their plans to resign their privileges at the #Sundre Hospital in response to the UCP tearing up the province’s contract with Alberta’s doctors.

cc: @shandro

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“I feel like we are settling in for a siege, and between COVID and the UCP, we are just going to try to survive and wait them both out."
- Dr. Michelle Warren
The departure of the #Sundre doctors from their hospital comes the day after residents of #PincherCreek rallied in their cars to raise the alarm for their own community.
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.@shandro @jkenney @Albertadoctors


Dear Minister Shandro:

I write regarding the following theatrical and farcical exchange in the house June 02 between you and your party colleague Mr Hanson:
Mr. Hanson: I, along with my rural colleagues, have consistently heard from many of our physicians that they don’t feel properly represented by the AMA, to the minister: why is the AMA denying their own members their right to represent and speak for themselves?
It’s clear to me that physicians are willing to do their part to contain costs. It’s also clear that to this date the AMA has shown no credible commitment to meeting our priority of holding our physician spending at a current level.
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#abpoli: A thread. Imagine your boss, who has been harassing and intimidating you for months, suddenly rips up your contract. 1/#abdocs4patients
He then makes huge cuts to your pay, and when he occasionally gives back a small part of what he took away, he lies and boasts about how he is giving you the most generous incentives in the country. 2/ #abdocs4patients
He frequently decides on a whim to stop paying you for some of your work, and this happens regularly. Sometimes you don’t find out until your next paycheque. 3/ #abdocs4patients
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