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April 14 is celebrated as #MahavirJayanti. Rightly, it is #MahavirJanmaKalyanak - celebration of the birth of Mahavir swami by #Jains, who is the 24th & last Tirthankar of this Avsarpini. He was born in 599 BC on Chaitra Sud 13 at Kundalpur/Kundagram in today's #Bihar

#Thread In Jainism, Panch Kalyanaks are the 5 chief Auspicious events that occur in the life of a Tirthankar.
🔸 Garbha - Conception (when the soul enters the womb)
🔸Janma - Birth
🔸Diksha - Renunciation
🔸Kevalgyan - Omniscience
🔸Moksh - Salvation
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The famous epic #Ramayan is written by many authors, original believed to be written by Sage Valmiki. There are over 300 versions in India alone, apart from foreign versions. And there are differences in each. Lets have a look at what's in the #Jain Ramayan.
#Thread Ramayan is composed by dozens of Jain authors from all over India not just in Sanskrit, Prakrit & Apabhramsha but also in several vernacular languages such as Kannada, Gujarati & Hindi. The fascinating feature of the #Jain versions of Ramayana is the treatment of Ravan.
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Hastgiri #Jain Tirth, Palitana, Bhavnagar dt, #Gujarat

In the circulatory pilgrimage of 12 Kos (38 kms) of Mt. Shatrunjay, this temple is also one. Built in 1979 under the blessings & inspiration of Gachchaddipati Shrimad Tamachandrasurishvarji.🙏🏼
#Thread #sundayvibes #temple Hastgiri is also known as Hastisengiri. This tirth dedicated to Bhagwan Rishabhdev is believed to be originally built by his son Bharat Chakravarti in those times. Bharat Raja attained attained Moksh here. His son Hastisen muniji also attained Moksh with numerous monks.
Apr 2 9 tweets 10 min read
Daulatabad fort, near Aurangabad, #Maharashtra

We know the fort for the Bharat Mata mandir or a Masjid but how many know this is actually an old #Jain temple?? 🤔

Deogiri/Devgiri is a historic fortified citadel located in Devagiri village, later renamed to Daulatabad.

#Thread Recently, while ASI was cleaning the fort, a cave temple was re-discovered that belonged to the #Jains. This site has been occupied since 100 BCE. Around 6th century CE, Devagiri emerged as an important upland, along caravan routes going towards western & southern India.
Apr 1 8 tweets 9 min read
Sri Ranganatha Temple in Srirangapatna, #Karnataka

It is a #Hindu temple. But how many of us know it's connection with #Jainism??

Records say that it was constructed extensively using material of 101 #Jain temples demolished nearby at Kalaswadi by a Vaishnavite Timmaya.
#Thread An inscription in the temple reveals it was first consecrated in 984 CE by Tirumalaiah, a vassal of the Western Gangas. He founded 2 temples on the island - one of Ranganatha & a smaller one of Tirumala Deva enclosing them with a wall; & called the place Sri Rangapura/pattana
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Deogarh #Jain temples, Lalitpur, #UttarPradesh

There are 31 Jain temples here, situated inside the Fort of Karnali on the hills. The site was a Jain centre from the 8th to 17th century. It houses about 2000 sculptures, which is the largest such collection in the world!

#Thread The temples abound in panels depicting scenes from Jain mythology, Tirthankara images, pillars, tablets, Jain images visible from all sides and pillars carved with thousand of Jain figures. A beautiful Manastambha depicting 24 Tirthankars and Yaksh/Yakshini is noteworthy
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Impalement of #jains in Madurai & around in 7-8th Century CE

This hidden piece of history is seen in paintings & sculptures in temples & literary sources in Tamil Nadu. Annual festivals are celebrated for victory against Samanars. Impalement sticks are found in some places.
(1) ImageImage It occurred during the time of a Jain Pandya King & Shaivite monk Sambandar who converted him. His queen Mangayarkkarasiyar & minister Kulachirai Nayanar both were staunch Shaivites. Koon Pandiyan had ordered the impalement of 8000 #Jains.
(2) ImageImage
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Shri Tribhuvanbhanu #Jain Tirth, Shivpur,Matmor village,Dewas dt, #MadhyaPradesh

Also known as Shri Manibhadra Veer #Shwetamber Jain meditation & devotion center. A chariot-shaped temple was inaugurated on 19.5.91 under divine guidance of Shri Veer Ratna Vijay Maharaj saheb
(1) There are 3 temples inside this huge centre. There is a Upashray, Dharamshala, Bhojanshala, Pustakalay, Vriddhashram etc. Astrological healing methods of Tantra, Yantra & Mantra and old poetry in the form of manuscripts are found here.
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Pre-12th century Someshwara temple, Abalur, #Karnataka was a #Jain temple

Ambaluru was an important centre of #Jainism in ancient times. Its influence started waning frm 12th century when a proponent of Shaivism Ekantada Ramaiah stood up against Jains.
#Thread ImageImageImageImage Legend has it that he cut off his own head during a religious dispute with the #Jains & was brought back to life by Lord Shiva himself. The incident is narrated by an inscription of 1200 CE found here.

(2) ImageImageImage
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Most of us only know the world-famous #Bahubali or Gommateshwara statue at Shravanabelagola.But there are 5 historic Monolithic (carved from single stone) statues of Bahubali in #Karnataka - Shravanabelagola, Karkala, Dharmasthala, Venur, Gommatagiri. Let us take a look.
#Thread 1. The 57 ft tall monolithic statue of Gommateshwara at Shravanabelagola is located on Vindyagiri Hill, built in 981 CE by Chavundaraya who erected the statue for his mother.He was the Minister & Commander of the Western Ganga dynasty. It was the world's largest monolithic statue
Feb 15 9 tweets 8 min read
The story of Bahubali of Dharmasthala, #Karnataka

This 57 ft idol is a wonder of the Modern world, created nearly 400 yrs after the last Bahubali at Venur. No one had any concrete idea about how such a massive statue would be sculpted, transported or erected.
#Thread #Jainism However, Shri Rathnavarma Heggade made a bold decision to make it happen come what may & initiated the plan. Unfortunately he passed away before his vision was brought to life. His illustrious son Dr.Veerendra Heggade succeeded him at a tender age of 20 & continued work!
Feb 14 7 tweets 8 min read
Vintage photographs of Shri Girnar #Jain Tirth, Junagadh, #Gujarat from the British Library

This tirth is dedicated to 22nd Tirthankar Shri Neminath. He took Diksha here, attained Kevalgyan as well Moksh on this sacred hill. 🙏🏼
#Thread #heritage #History #India #Temple Girnar hill was known as Ujjayantigiri & Revatgiri in ancient times. In #Shwetamber Jain scriptures it is also described as Neminath Parvat & the 5th Tunk of Shatrunjay hill (Palitana). Rajulmati, Pradyumnakumar, Sambkumar, Aniruddha & many saints hv attained Moksha here.
Feb 9 5 tweets 4 min read
Palitana #Jain temples cast a spell! There’s something magical about the place! 😍🙏🏼

In 2014 Palitana became the world's first Vegetarian city!

19th century vintage photographs of Shri Shatrunjay Mahatirth in Palitana,Bhavnagar dt,#Gujarat by Edmund David Lyon & Ann Grace Lyon ImageImageImageImage Shatrunjay tirth is dedicated to the 1st Tirthankar Rushabdev. It is believed that he gave his first sermon here. Pundarikswami his grandson, also his 1st ganadhar attained Moksh here along with 5 crore monks. Construction started in 11th century during the Solanki/Chaulukya rule ImageImageImageImage
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📸 Collection of Vintage pictures of #Jain temples

1. Jain temple cluster in Khajuraho, #MadhyaPradesh in 1885. There are 31 Jain Temples here, but from architectural point of view Parsvanath, Adinath & Shantinath temples are relatively more important & noteworthy

#Thread 2. 11th century Dilwara #Jain Temple, Near Mount Abu, #Rajasthan, 1890.
Jan 25 11 tweets 12 min read
📰 #Jain News!

On her #birthday today, Acharya Shri Chandana ji will be conferred with the #PadmaShri National Award for Social Work by the Govt of India 🇮🇳 @rashtrapatibhvn

This is a great recognition of her dedication & tireless work for the society. #PadmaAwards2022
#Thread She was born on 26 January 1937 as Shakuntala, into a Kataria Bhil family in Chaskaman village of #Maharashtra. She took formal education till 3rd class. At the age of 14, she renounced the world, took #Jain diksha & became Sadhvi Chandana.
Nov 24, 2021 12 tweets 8 min read
👤 #Jain Personalities

'Vir Chakra Awardee'
IAF Group Captain #AbhinandanVarthaman was born on 21st June 1983 in a Tamil Jain #samanar family from Thirupanamoor, #Tamilnadu. His family has been serving the Nation in the Airforce for 72 years continuously.

#Thread Abhinandan did his schooling in Kendriya vidyalayas in Air Force bases around the country. He graduated from the National Defence Academy (NDA) and was commissioned into the combat stream of the IAF as a flying officer on 19 June 2004.
Nov 23, 2021 17 tweets 12 min read
In memory of the 742th Birth anniversary/Janma Mahotsav of #Jain Acharya Jinkushal Suri ji. He is one of the prominent 4 Dadagurus of Khartar Gachh of the #Shwetambar sect

He was born in VS 1337 in #Rajasthan & belonged to the Chhajer clan. He was named Karman

-Thread- Glimpse of yesterday's celebrations in Derawar, #Pakistan. A group of bards singing stavans in memory of Dada Guru Jin Kushal Suri ji's Janmotsav. These events are being organised in Pakistan by a Sadharmik #Jain from #Delhi in order to revive Jain #heritage there.
Nov 5, 2021 13 tweets 6 min read
As we enter the year Veer Nirvan Samvant 2548, wishing u all a #HappyNewYear! 💐

"Nutan Varsh Abhinandan"

We have heard of Vikram Samvat, Saka era, but how many #Indians know of one of the oldest calender system called Vir/Veer Nirvan Samvat? Vir Nirvan Samvat is a calendar era beginning on 7th Oct 527 BCE. It commemorates Nirvan of Mahavir swami, the 24th #Jain Tirthankar. It is one of the oldest system of chronological reckoning which is still used by #Jains. On 21st Oct 1974, 2500th Nirvan Mahotsav was celebrated.
Oct 4, 2021 23 tweets 15 min read

India's richest person from whom the #British & #Mughals used to borrow money. Before British rule, our country used to be 'Sone ki Chidiya' due to our rich kings & princely states whose treasuries were full. There was no poverty. There were such people in India in the 17th-18th century to whom the Mughals & British Empire kept bowing their heads for money. One such household was the 'Jagat Seth' Gharana of Murshidabad, #Bengal. They were originally from #Rajasthan
Oct 3, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
Shri Alaukik Parshwanath #Jain Mahatirth, Hasampura village, Ranabad, #MadhyaPradesh

One of the 108 temples of Parshwa Nath. Inscriptions indicate it is older than the 10th century of Vikram Samvat. The parrikar behind the 24 Tirthankar idols is very artistic. ImageImageImageImage Today’s Hasampura was previously in the well flourished 'Ujjain' city. During the reign of King Vikramaditya, this village was a street of the city of Ujjain. The king's palace was located here and beside it, was the palace of the queen which is now called Ranikot. ImageImageImageImage
Sep 3, 2021 15 tweets 9 min read

It is the holiest 8-day festival in the annual Jain calendar followed by Shwetambar Jains. Similarly, Digambars follow Das Lakshana, a 10-day spiritual festival that starts when Paryushan ends, on the Samvatsari day.

#jainism #jain #paryushan #festival This festival is important for Jains since it only comes once in a year. #Jain festivals are characterized by renunciation, austerities, study of the scriptures, repetition of holy hymns, meditation & expressing devotion for the Paramatma.