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Trying to Analyze #DEFI in the best possible way. I find gems and warn about scams. Group: https://t.co/kBDPPtC6f1 Always my opinion, not a financial advice
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Jun 20 7 tweets 3 min read
Seems like the @Root_Genesis ecosystem is evolving fast! I came across Root about a month ago and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

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By now you've probably heard of Root already.

It's an omnichain governance layer with an integrated product development house.

#Root acquires governance assets, and reinjects revenues into ve(3,3) ecosystems and goverance layers (like what #Aura is to Balancer).
Jun 18 8 tweets 4 min read
Is $BTC decoupling from stocks?

Does it means it's the end for #crypto? Or is it an opportunity to make even more MONEY?

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Historically, $BTC showed a low to moderate positive correlation with traditional financial markets.

But in Q1 2023, it began detaching, hinting at a shift in the financial landscape. What's the reason? Image
Apr 13 11 tweets 9 min read
With so much noise and new projects in #crypto, it's hard to find the high quality projects..

Luckily for you, I've spent the last few days researching for high potential upcoming launches 🕵️

IMO these projects have a potential for 10x-50x 💸 and more 📈

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$PLAY - @XcademyOfficial

A new upcoming #Watch2Earn project, enabling fans to earn creator token rewards for watching their videos, directly on YouTube 📺

With big youtube influencers and CEXs they already booked - it has a potential!

Launch on gate today, 10am UTC! Image
Apr 12 5 tweets 3 min read
With a new high potential project coming up on
@InvestDexio ( $RICHAI ) -

I've decided to cover an essential info about $INVEST and their #DEFI DEX & Platform

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$INVEST is a #crypto workstation with a focus on #DEFI tools. Some of the tools they already have:

- Pair Explorer
- Multi Blockchain support
- Multi-charts
- Portfolio manager
- Vesting scheduler
- Big wallets tracking

And more.. Image
Jan 4 23 tweets 16 min read
In 2022, #coinbase lost more than $2bn, settled for $100mil deal for breaking the AML laws and lost 85% in their stock price 📉.

Is #coinbase going bankrupt?
Are your funds SAFU?

The answer might scare you, a 🧵 2/n

Its been a horrible year for #coinbase -
-Stock lost > 85%
- > 2B$ net income loss
- Fined by regulators once again
- According to @Protos S&P Officially downgraded the #stock to “junk”
-A new #WallStreet powerhouse is tackling them head on

Let’s cover everything 1 by 1 👇
Jan 2 20 tweets 17 min read
2022 was an INSANE rollercoaster year for #DeFi -

TVL dropped by more than 150B $ and > $1T wiped out from crypto markets this year!🩸

As 2023 approaches:
Should you still be bullish on #crypto?🤔
Who is the new KING to hold onto this year?

Uncover the answers in this🧵 Image 2/n
Unlock the Future of #DEFI and Find Out Who's the KING in 2022! Here's Our Summary of What is to come:

- How Big Has DEFI Gotten?
- Which Token Rules Over All?
- Could Bankruptcies Spell the End of #Crypto?
- What's The Potential of Crypto in The Next Few Years?

Dive in👇
Dec 27, 2022 21 tweets 14 min read
Buying the Dip will no longer work?
A big recession is coming?

According to @BlackRock's latest report, 2023 will require a whole new approach to investing in #stocks and #crypto

#BlackRock released their 2023 investment playbook, and I read it all so you don’t have to👇

1/n🧵 @BlackRock 2/n

In this thread we are going to cover the following interesting claims by #BlackRock:

- A new #investment playbook is needed for this new volatile market state
- “Old Playbook” strats like “buying the dip” may no longer work
Nov 16, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
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So I've been talking lately about $MVX - but why?
Why are the going up so fast? (3x-4x since I first shared them)

Well, plenty of reasons! In this thread I will try to cover some of the key points I think worth mentioning.

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After all the shit with #FTX, #3AC, #CELIUS and their centralized people start to realize #DEX and #DEFI is the future..

@MetavaultTRADE is a perp DEX but still combines features of the traditional CEX like:
👉 0 impact trades
👉 Stop limit orders
👉 Take profits orders