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[#THREAD] - Tout comprendre à BlackRock et son ETF Bitcoin 🔎

Le géant financier #BlackRock a déposé hier une demande d’ETF #Bitcoin auprès de la SEC des États-Unis.

Cette demande pourrait avoir des conséquences majeures pour l'industrie crypto 🚨

On vous explique tout 👇 Image
1⃣ Rappel des faits

Hier après-midi, l'unité iShares du géant #BlackRock a déposé des documents auprès de la SEC des États-Unis pour la création d'un ETF Bitcoin.

La rumeur avait été partagée quelques heures plus tôt par le média @CoinDesk.

👉… Image
Pour rappel, BlackRock est le plus grand gestionnaire d'actifs au monde avec environ 10 trillions de dollars d'actifs sous gestion.

On retrouve notamment dans leur portefeuille des sociétés comme Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA et bien d'autres.

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1/ How did the SEC's lawsuit impact the prices of cryptocurrencies?

After the SEC lawsuits were announced, the prices of cryptocurrencies listed as securities fell by varying degrees. Here's a look at some notable examples. 🧵

Read the full study: Image
2/ $SAND suffered the most severe decline among the listed assets, with a -11.4% drop on June 6.

This downward trend continued, and by June 12, SAND had fallen by a substantial -35.0%.
3/ Notably, $SAND was named in both lawsuits as it is available for trading on both #Binance and #Coinbase.

This dual exposure likely contributed to the sell-off and subsequent price decline experienced by $SAND.
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Yesterday, Vega Protocol's native token $VEGA was unlocked with a amount of 4M and sent to many multiple funds. Did they sell or still holding them?

This thread will cover how we quickly discovered the VEGA allocations through our all-in-one VCs dashboard on @DuneAnalytics.

🧵, Image
1. What is Vega protocol?

In short, Vega is a decentralized infrastructure that allows anyone to create products and markets, be a market maker, or trading.

They have backed by the best funds such as #Pantera #Coinbase #Arrington #Hashed #DelphiDigital #GSR and more. Image
2. How to discover vesting signals quickly?

We've created a Dune dashboard that track all changes in balances of 500 labeled funds. Thanks to this, we can immediately detect when there have been changes in $VEGA balance of a number of VCs last 24h.

Take a look at image below ⏬
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📣Le plus grand gestionnaire d'actifs au monde est sur le point de déposer une demande de #Bitcoin ETF
#BlackRock a commencé à travailler avec #Coinbase pour rendre la cryptographie directement accessible aux investisseurs institutionnels en 2022.…
Il n'était pas clair si l'ETF serait au comptant ou à terme. #BlackRock n'a pas immédiatement répondu aux demandes de commentaires.
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#USDT depegged today!

What happened?

A thread.🧵 Image

About 12 hours ago, whale"0x3356" created a new address to deposit 52.5M $USDC and borrowed 40M $USDT on #Aave and #Compound.

Then he started depositing 40M $USDT into #Coinbase and #Kraken 6 hours ago. ImageImage

$USDT started depegging after whale"0x3356" deposited $USDT to exchanges.

And whale"0x3356" withdrew 25M $USDC from #Coinbase 4 hours after depositing $USDT.… ImageImage
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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In the past 24 hours, more than $350M has been liquidated due to the dump in Altcoins.

The whole #crypto market is taking a bloodbath!🩸

This is happening because The SEC has sued major exchanges for trading securities.

This thread contains A to Z about security tokens:🧵 Image
What are Security Tokens?🤔

They're digital assets tied to tradeable external assets.

They must follow federal regulations or face penalties.

Like bonds & equities, they can represent ownership in assets or earnings.

They are issued by STS.
How do security tokens work?👇

Security tokens are blockchain-based investments.

Token holders get dividends and company ownership.

They pass the Howey Test, meaning they're subject to federal regulations as they derive value from tradeable assets. Image
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The SEC's recent lawsuit against #binance and #Coinbase has sent shockwaves through the Web3 community

But the Spotlight shifts to the SEC's classification of tokens as securities in the lawsuit 🪙

Here's a rundown of the top 8 tokens in the spotlight 👇 Image
👉 The SEC says digital tokens are securities, following standards from the 1933 Securities Act & landmark court decisions.

👉 And Cryptocurrencies pass the Howey Test” criteria to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract, a type of security
What is a SECURITY? 🤔

👉 Generally, if an investment is made in a business, expecting profits through the efforts of someone else, it is considered a security.

👉 The SEC applies these criteria to crypto, highlighting that several tokens meet the definition of securities Image
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1/ Arthur Hayes(@CryptoHayes) deposited 75K $USDC into #Coinbase after he tweeted he was going to buy shitcoins.

Let’s take a thread at which coins Arthur Hayes currently holds. ImageImage
2/ Here are the tokens held by Arthur Hayes' 2 addresses starting with "0xA86e" and "0x534A":

- 6,943 $ETH($13M)
- 200,580 $GMX($10.72M)
- 239,628 $ENS($2.25M)
- 17M $LOOKS($1.4M)
- 1.96M $WILD($966K)
- 105,814 $FXS($655K)
- 266,393 $SUSHI($200K)
3/ Check out my previous tweets about which coins Arthur Hayes holds on Feb 8.
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With all the #SEC drama around #Coinbase, Binance, etc., many people say this is the "big opportunity" for DEXs to become mainstream.

While that is the future I envision, we're still far from that being a viable possibility. 🧵 Image
There are multiple key differences btwn a DEX vs. a CEX:


- Order matching is near-instant
- More robust order types since the exchange can execute trades for you (Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, etc.)
- Perps (futures) are more viable thanks to order-matching engines & speed
- APIs are faster (or exist at all in some cases) and make automated trading way simpler
- Finality and execution speed are near-instant
- Charts are more reliable
- Data is aggregated across multiple centralized order books

Decentralization isn't always simple.
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Short summary of the Cake DeFi Twitter Space on 6 June: 1/11 📢 In a recent @cakedefi space, @julianhosp & @andreattafab discussed the current state of the #cryptocurrency industry. Key focus: the SEC's lawsuit against Binance and its impact on the crypto community. #CryptoNews
2/11 Notably, they shed light on the difference in allegations against #Coinbase and #Binance, suggesting the latter's case might be more severe. Discussion ensued about potential regulatory actions of the US government. #CryptoRegulations
3/11 The hosts also dove into the lawsuit implications for coins like ADA, SOL, and BNB. Despite some fear in the community, they reminded listeners that being classified as a security doesn't spell the end for a coin. #CryptoInvesting
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1. What a mess these two #SEC lawsuits have created: first, the one filed yesterday against #Binance, and second, the one today against #Coinbase! What are the reasons? The SEC has deemed 12 #crypto tokens as securities, namely: Image
2. BNB, BUSD, SOL, ADA, MATIC, #FIL, ATOM, #SAND, #MANA, #ALGO, AXS, and COTI. Because of this, the SEC is accusing both crypto exchanges of running illegal exchange operations. How might this affect the broader crypto market? First of all, we have an increased risk associated Image
3. with #altcoins. Therefore, building a crypto portfolio using blue-chip coins like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum would be much more sensible under these circumstances (however, please bear in mind that ETH is not entirely outside the possible #SEC regulatory purview). Image
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🇺🇸 SEC says #Coinbase made "billions of dollars unlawfully facilitating the buying and selling of crypto asset securities."

#SEC sues Coinbase in NY federal court for offering unregistered securities”

Full disclosure I’m a shareholder… via @Cointelegraph
I’ll be reading the Filing here & I’ll do a similar analysis like I did for #Binance earlier today:…
4 key complaints from the @coinbase lawsuit:

1. Coinbase has operated as an unregistered broker since at least 2019, evading the disclosure scheme for securities markets.

2. Coinbase has deprived investors of disclosures and protections that come from registration, exposing……
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1/ Affected by the #SEC suing #Binance, there is a lot of #FUD in the market.

However, we have noticed that some institutions, whales, and SmartMoney seem to be buying from the bottom.
2/ After the news of #SEC suing #Binance, Cumberland withdrew 67.9M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 67.1M $USDC to #Coinbase.…

FalconX received 37M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 29.5M $USDC to #Binance.… ImageImage
3/ FBG Capital deposited 44M $USDT to #Binance after the #SEC sued #Binance news reported.
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🚨【#Sui 代币上线在即,你知道它与其他L1哪些地方不一样?】

3亿美元巨额融资,背靠 #a16z、Jump Crypto、#Coinbase Ventures 等一众明星资本,#Sui 作为Move双子星之一,成为了当下L1的当红炸子鸡:

1⃣Sui Move语言
4⃣Sui 给撸毛党的启示 Image
1⃣Sui Move语言

Sui Move是Mysten Labs在原有Move语言基础上进行的升级版,并以此开发出了现有的 L1 Sui,具备以下优势:



Sui 通过两种不同的方式达成网络共识:

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😲若监管不明确,#Coinbase 可能会离开美国?

伦敦金融科技周上,英国前总理George Osbourne 寻问 #Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong是否能看到Coinbase离开美国?
#Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong 回复表示

Brian Armstrong 还表示,

英国监管透明度有更高的优势——因为只有一个负责监管负责商品和证券的金融行为监管局 (#FCA)。

但美国有2个监管机构:商品期货交易委员会(#CFTC) 和证券交易委员会 (#SEC)。

英国人就不会遇到CFTC 和 SEC抢地盘这种不幸的事情。😐😐
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Miesiąc temu na YT, zrobiłem zestawienie 3 #krypto na które warto uważać w marcu i nie tylko.

Przed chwilą wyciągnąłem wkład na jednym z nich co już zrobił 150%

Jakie to są #kryptowaluty i ich wyniki?⬇️🧵
1/ $OP - pozycja zdecydowanie na #HODL, szczególnie po zapowiedzi BASE - Layer 2 zbudowany przez #coinbase na tej właśnie sieci.

Cena w dniu publikacji materiału 2.4$

Aktualna cena 2.21$

W tym czasie była przyjemna okazja na akumulacje w okolicach 1.8$

Lecimy dalej⬇️🧵
2/ $CFX - również potentat na HODL w związku z Chinami otwierającymi się coraz bardziej na #kryptowaluty

Jest to JEDYNY w pełni zgodny z tamtejszymi regulacjami #blockchain +mocne partnerstwa

Zakupy na lokalnym dołku zaliczone
+150% zysku i wkład wyjęty

Zobacz co dalej⬇️🧵
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Surely it's just a coincidence that $2 billion worth of #Tether was printed at what was probably the exact same hour on the same day the US government moved to dump $212 million in Bitcoin onto the market at #Coinbase and half of that was $USDT accepted in $COIN's market?
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1/ #CryptoCrap - CEO (Michael Stollery
aka Michael Stollaire) of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc (#TBIS)/EHI Internetwork & Systems Mgmt Inc (#EHI) sentenced to 4.25 yrs for the $21m #TitaniumBlockchain (#BAR) crypto #ICO #fraud (…).
2/ According to court documents, from 2017 Michael Stollery, touted #TBIS & the unregistered #TBIS crypto ICO (purportedly a decentralised enterprise infrastructure services platform, monetised by a native crypto token: #BAR). Investors were lured through a series of …
3/ false & misleading statements including fake client testimonials + false claims that he (#EHI) had business relationships with the Federal Reserve & dozens of prominent companies to create the false appearance of legitimacy. ‘Team Titanium’ had apparently “over 2 centuries …
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Herkese günaydın 🤗Dün açıklanan birkaç #makroekonomi verisinden bahsederek konuya giriş yapalım.Dün #ABD - Yeni konut satış verisi açıklandı ve bir önceki veriye göre artış gösterdi.
Yeni ev satışları, konut sektöründeki faaliyetlerin ve istihdamın bir göstergesi olarak ekonomiye katkı sağlar. Yeni evlerin inşası, inşaat sektörüne iş imkanı yaratır ve malzeme tedarikçileri, taşeronlar ve müteahhitler gibi diğer sektörler de bu faaliyetten faydalanır.
Yeni evlerin satışı, ayrıca tüketici harcamalarında artışa neden olabilir ve bu da ekonominin büyümesine katkıda bulunabilir.Ancak, yüksek talep, düşük arz ve sınırlı ev stoku gibi faktörler nedeniyle yeni ev fiyatları arttıkça,#enflasyon da etkileyebilirler.
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Feeling left behind in the crypto space?

Follow the big players to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the last 10 DeFi projects in which #Coinbase has invested.

A Thread🧵
1/ Below you will find a list of 10 projects, each with a brief description, the amount of funding raised, and the venture capital firms that have participated in their funding rounds along with Coinbase Ventures.
2/ If you haven't already, go back and read the first part about Binance Labs' investments.

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On November 2nd, 2018, the world of #crypto changed forever

@haydenzadams launched @uniswap, revolutionizing decentralized finance

I've spent 100+ hours researching $UNI, and learned it's much more than just a #DEX

Here’s everything you need to know about 🦄



#Uniswap is the largest decentralized crypto exchange (we’ll explain what this means below)

It has a marketcap of $4.5B and FDV of $5.9B, and is backed by the $UNI token, which trade at $5.88

During the bull market of 2021, the price exceeded $40

This thread we will cover:

• The problem with centralized exchanges
• How DEXes solve this problem
• How Uniswap works
• The $UNI ecosystem
#DEX competitive landscape and UNI’s moat
• $UNI tokenomics
• The “fee switch” debate
• The protocol’s long-term potential
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Herkese günaydın öncelikle #ramazan ayımız mübarek olsun🤗bugün #bitcoin ve piyasalar için önemli bir gün.#FED , #enflasyon ve banka krizilerinin arasında kritik bir karar vericek. (…)
+++🧵 Image
#Fed'in #faiz oranlarını 0.25 puan artıracağına ve böylece faiz oranlarının %4,75 ila %5 aralığına yükseleceğine dair yaklaşık %87 oranında bir olasılık hesaplanıyorr. Bu oran son olarak 2007 yılında küresel finansal krizin başlangıcında görülen seviyelere ulaşmıştı.
+++🧵 Image
Wall Street bankaları,#Fed'in faiz oranlarını duraklatıp artırmayacağı konusunda ikiye bölünmüş durumda.Ama çoğunluk 25 bps arttıracağı yönünde düşünüyor.
+++🧵 Image
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1/ The Fed rate decision will be released in 10 hours.

The figure below shows the price change of $BTC before and after the announcement of the Fed rate decision in the past year.

And we noticed that some institutions transferred funds into the crypto market.👇
2/ Tether has minted a total of 5B $USDT on #Tron and #Ethereum in the past 7 days.
3/ theskybomber.eth(@BastionTrading) received a total of 230.4M $USDT from Tether Treasury and transferred 230.4M $USDT to #Binance in the past 7 days.…
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