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Mar 22, 2022 8 tweets 7 min read
🔴Zhanna Agalakova, a Russian journalist, has resigned from Russia’s 1st TV channel @channelone_rus in response to the invasion of #Ukraine. With RSF, she has decided to end her silence and talk about her experiences at a Kremlin propaganda outlet. #Thread Image @channelone_rus @chrisdeloire @MoscowTimes @novaya_gazeta @tikhondzyadko @zygaro @shaunwalker7 @PZhurnalist @GlasnostDefense @SvobodaRadio @clarissaward "I never lied, but I kept quiet a lot.
I hesitated a lot before talking to you. Everyone told me I was crazy. I’m doing this for Russians." Zhanna Agalakova, a Russian journalist, has resigned from Russia’s 1st TV channel
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Mar 22, 2022 8 tweets 6 min read
🔴Zhanna Agalakova, journaliste russe, a démissionné de la première chaîne russe @channelone_rus en réaction à l’offensive en #Ukraine. Avec RSF elle a décidé de briser le silence et de raconter son expérience dans l'un des médias de propagande du Kremlin. #Thread Image "Je n’ai jamais menti, je me suis beaucoup tu.
J’ai beaucoup hésité avant de vous parler. Tout le monde m’a dit que j’étais folle. Je le fais pour les Russes." Zhanna Agalakova, journaliste russe qui a démissionné de la première chaîne de #Russie.
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Dec 7, 2021 11 tweets 6 min read
🔴 Sous le règne du président Xi Jinping, le Parti communiste chinois a drastiquement accru son contrôle sur les journalistes. Lisez l''enquête RSF qui révèle l’ampleur de la répression du régime contre le droit à l'information.… #1 ▶️ Les journalistes contraints à devenir des porte-voix du parti.
Pour obtenir leur carte de presse, les journalistes doivent télécharger l’appli "Étudier Xi, renforcer le pays" et devront bientôt suivre des cours sur la "pensée Xi". Lire le rapport :
Dec 7, 2021 11 tweets 9 min read
🔴 Under President Xi Jinping’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party has drastically increased its control over journalists. Read RSF’s investigative report “The Great Leap Backwards of Journalism in #China”.… #1 ▶️ Journalists forced to be the Party’s mouthpiece.
To receive their press cards, journalists already have to download the “Study Xi, Strengthen the Country” propaganda app that can collect their data, and will soon have an annual 90-hour training on “Xi Jinping Thought”.
Dec 6, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
THREAD Trust is key when working together across borders, even more so as investigative journalists. That’s why we are launching #cijiEU today, together with @freepressunltd and @Info_Activism – supported by @MediaEu The ‘Collaborative and Investigative Journalism Initiative’ provides tools, training and funding with a value-based approach, promoting and implementing a common set of ethical codes, professional principles and guidelines in line with the #journalismtrustinitiative 2/4
May 18, 2021 6 tweets 7 min read
We have no idea what you have been doing in your home offices over the past ten months.
This is what we have done, among a few other things: #journalismtrustinitiative #NOTHINGTOHIDE 1/ JTI is a one-of-a-kind tool for journalism.
#Transparency is the way news media can get the reward they deserve.
To regain the competitive advantage over pseudo-journalism.
To detox our information space by pushing the good, to drive out the bad.
Sep 8, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
Ahead of the start of the hearing, RSF along with @StellaMoris1, attempted to deliver the petition at 10 Downing Street calling for the #UK authorities not to extradite #Assange to the #US. Unfortunately, 10 Downing Street refused to accept it.
#FreeAssange As his extradition hearing resumes, we call yet again for Julian Assange to be immediately released, the charges against him dropped, and for him to not be extradited to the #UnitedStates.

Feb 24, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read
🔴 #RSF ​is mobilised this morning in support of Julian #Assange, in front of #Woolwich court in London where his trial begins in a few hours. #FreeAssange #live In retaliation for his role facilitating major revelations in the international media about how the US conducted its wars, #Assange is facing 18 charges in the US, including 17 under the Espionage Act. If extradited to the USA he could be sentenced to up to 175
years in prison.
Aug 26, 2019 9 tweets 7 min read
🔴During #G7Summit, @EmmanuelMacron announces “Unanimous” G7 support for RSF’s #InformationDemocracy Initiative.
(Thread 👇)… The leaders of the G7 nations discussed the “Partnership on Information and Democracy” at the #G7summit. The result of the #InformationDemocracy Initiative, launched by RSF, is due to be signed by around 20 countries during the next @UN General Assembly in September.
Nov 29, 2018 14 tweets 8 min read
RSF dévoile sa nouvelle enquête : “Les journalistes, bêtes noires de la mafia”. Nous y mettons en lumière la traque incessante des groupes mafieux contre les journalistes, dès lors que ces derniers s’intéressent d’un peu trop près à leur business. En direct de la @MaisonMetallos avec :

@lmastrogiovanni, journaliste d’investigation italienne
@pafak , journalistes d’investigation tchèque
@Fred_Ploquin , journaliste d’investigation et écrivain français, spécialiste du grand banditisme
@cdeloire, secrétaire général de RSF